pulseaudio eats almost 100% of cpu resources during hdd i/o stress by other program (Re: audio skipping/pure sound quality)

Michał Piotrowski mkkp4x4 at gmail.com
Sat Jan 22 15:27:29 UTC 2011

W dniu 19 stycznia 2011 18:44 użytkownik Michał Piotrowski
<mkkp4x4 at gmail.com> napisał:
> I doubt that this problem is related to kernel space issue. I'll try
> to track down it this week.

Something strange is happening here. I'm running yum upgrade, amarok,
firefox and after a while pulse audio goes mad.

iotop shows disc write < 1 MB/s.

Everything else works fine, only PA eats 100% of CPU (one core). When
yum upgrade finished, everything was back to normal.

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