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#159: Network Device Naming Test Day
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Comment (by narendrak):

 Replying to [comment:23 adamwill]:
 > I just did some clean-up, re-organization and stuff on the wiki page;
 hope I didn't break anything.
 > One thing that should be clarified...
 > "Single and multiport add-in network adapters with SRIOV capability"
 > is this something extra to test, but which still requires the BIOS
 capabilities mentioned? is it something extra to test, which you can test
 whether the BIOS is compatible or not? Or is it something you need to do
 any testing at all? It's not terribly clear. thanks!

 Thanks Adam for pointing that out. I have mentioned the requisites from
 the BIOS side. Steps on how to enable the virtual functions itself is
 explained in the test case setup itself. Let me know if you think any
 other detail is required.

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