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#159: Network Device Naming Test Day
  Reporter:  shyamiyerdell  |       Owner:  narendra_k at dell.com
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  Priority:  major          |   Milestone:  Fedora 15          
 Component:  Test Day       |     Version:                     
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Comment (by jlaska):

 Replying to [comment:26 narendrak]:
 > * I observed that the commands 'lspci', 'ifconfig' and 'ethtool' were
 not available early, just about when the shell came up (cotrol+alt+F2) and
 users might need them to execute couple of test cases. If possible (if the
 boot.iso will be rebuilt for tomorrow), please include the same.

 During stage#1, at the text language selection prompt, I pressed <ctrl>-z
 to get a shell.  From there, the commands ifconfig, lspci and ethtool are
 available (see [http://jlaska.fedorapeople.org/screenshots/Screenshot.png

 After the graphical installation starts, if I change to tty2
 (<ctrl><alt>F2), I see that the same commands are available, but the PATH
 does not include ''/sbin/''.  I'm not sure if that's an installer bug or
 not.  For the test day, as long as you reference the commands with the
 absolute path, you should be good.

 > * As you noted, i saw the exception thrown, at the end. Though install
 did not complete, i saw the emN names in the shell prompt.

 The anaconda team is investigating.  A [https://www.redhat.com/archives
 /anaconda-devel-list/2011-January/msg00330.html patch is available], so
 we'll likely have updated boot.iso's, or an updates.img to resolve that

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