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#213: Requesting to join the Proven Testers group
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 I'll be happy to sponsor you into the proventesters group once you have
 completed a few requirements. Please take a moment to read through the
 proventester instructions at:


 Once you have read through the instruction, can you please confirm that
 you ...:

 have read and understand the instructions, and will follow the
 instructions when testing Fedora critical path updates.

 understand how to enable the update-testing repository

 are familiar with providing test feedback using either the Bodhi web
 interface, or the fedora-easy-karma utility

 Once you confirm these three from the list above, then I will be happy to
 sponsor your membership in the proventester group, after you apply for
 membership of that group in FAS.

 Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

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