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#151: Tests consistent with Criterion
  Reporter:  rhe          |       Owner:  adamwill     
      Type:  enhancement  |      Status:  assigned     
  Priority:  major        |   Milestone:  Fedora 16    
 Component:  Wiki         |     Version:               
Resolution:               |    Keywords:  retrospective
Comment (by adamwill):

 Here are the results of the Beta survey. Will follow up with tickets for
 the action areas soon.

 The network installation image, DVD image, and live images for release-
 blocking desktops must meet current size requirements


 The installer must boot and run on systems using EFI other than Apple Macs

 https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/QA:Testcase_Boot_Methods_efidisk.img (and
 all boot_methods tests)

 The installer must be able to use the HTTP, FTP and NFS remote package
 source options

 (others are Alpha)

 At the package installation stage, the install should show no
 uncategorized package groups

         NO TEST

 The installer must be able to use all kickstart delivery methods


 The installer must be able to create and install to software, hardware or
 BIOS RAID-0, RAID-1 or RAID-5 partitions for anything except /boot


 The installer must be able to successfully complete an upgrade
 installation from a clean, fully updated default installation (from any
 official install medium) of the previous stable Fedora release, either via
 preupgrade or by booting to the installer manually. The upgraded system
 must meet all release criteria


 Any installation method or process designed to run unattended must do so
 (there should be no prompts requiring user intervention)

         NO TEST

 The rescue mode of the installer must be able to detect and mount (read-
 write and read-only) LVM, encrypted, and RAID (BIOS, hardware, and
 software) installations


 When booting a system installed without a graphical environment, or when
 using a correct configuration setting to cause an installed system to boot
 in non-graphical mode, the system should provide a working login prompt
 without any unintended user intervention when boot is complete, and all
 virtual consoles intended to provide a working login prompt should do so


 The release must boot successfully as a virtual guest in a situation where
 the virtual host is running the same release (using Fedora's current
 preferred virtualization technology)

         NO TEST (explicit; in practice, much testing is done in virt

 The release must boot successfully as a virtual guest in a situation where
 the virtual host is running the previous stable Fedora release (using
 Fedora's current preferred virtualization technology)

         NO TEST

 The release must boot successfully as a virtual guest in a situation where
 the virtual host is running a supported Xen implementation

         NO TEST

 In most cases, the installed system must be able to play back sound with
 gstreamer-based applications (see Blocker_Bug_FAQ)


 No part of any release-blocking desktop's panel (or equivalent)
 configuration should crash or be entirely non-functional on boot of the
 installed system using default installation choices


 Automatic mounting on insertion of removable media must work in release-
 blocking desktops


 The default update manager in release-blocking desktops must not
 periodically check for updates when the system is booted live, but must
 periodically check for updates when running on an installed system


 All release-blocking desktops' offered mechanisms (if any) for shutting
 down, logging out and rebooting must work


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