F15: won't boot; won't give command shell

sean darcy seandarcy2 at gmail.com
Tue Jul 5 22:39:37 UTC 2011

Booting F15, updated to a week ago, everything seems to go ok, then:

gpm fails because of audit issues.
portreserve fails
iptable[46] fail, maybe because permission denied to libip[46]tc.so.0
NetworkManager fails
MCE fails
Started lm_sensors
Started D-Bus System Message Bus

and there it just hangs. Forever, or at least as long as I've waited.

Even if it dropped me to a command shell, I have no clue why it isn't 
booting. All the failed services shouldn't stop it from booting. I can 
go in on a live disk, but what am I looking for??


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