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#221: Reduce Blocker Bug Review Meeting Length
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  Priority:  major        |   Milestone:  Fedora 16
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Comment (by tflink):

 Yeah, I agree that the whiteboard method is not optimal but I'm not sure
 we could get much more hammered out and added to bugzilla in time for F16.
 Assuming that we start using a process like this, it would probably be
 good to start using flags or keywords instead of the whiteboard at some
 point but until we get everything streamlined, I think it would be better
 to wait. We could plan on that for the F17 timeframe, though.

 I'm not as concerned with typos right now. In general, I'm all for
 reducing possible human error but I can only remember one case of a
 mistyped keyword causing problems for F15 and I think it would be a
 manageable drawback for now.

 As far as the keywords to use are concerned, two forms come to mind:
  * !BlockerProcessed
  * !BlockerReady

 Of the two, I think that I like !BlockerReady better since it indicates
 that more work needs to be done.

 Another potential issue is the difference between blockers and NTH. While
 the process is pretty much the same for both, I can see how some human
 confusion could result from using a keyword with "blocker" in it for NTH
 bugs. I suppose that adding NTHReady might help that potential confusion
 but in all reality, how often are people unfamiliar with the process going
 to be using the keyword?

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