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#221: Reduce Blocker Bug Review Meeting Length
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Comment (by tflink):

 Replying to [comment:4 adamwill]:
 > This proposal creates a 'gap' where bugs are not evaluated at the
 meetings until an async step has taken place. We need to ensure we have
 sufficient measures in place to make sure the async step happens...

 I'm thinking that the first step would be in addition to the current
 blocker bug meeting process. The idea is to reduce the total number of man
 hours spent on the review process and reduce the duration of the blocker
 review meetings without reducing what we already have.

 By having an easier way to differentiate between meeting-ready and not
 meeting-ready proposed blockers, we can split the prep work up such that
 individual people can ask questions and identify criteria. That way we are
 effectively parallelizing the work and you spend ($time x 1 person) to do
 the initial leg work instead of ($time x 5 people) if we did it during the
 meeting. That way each involved person would be spending less total time
 on blocker review and the meetings could be shorter.

 Hopefully, this would lend to more processing in BZ comments
 asynchronously but we would still need the review meeting to make sure
 that nothing was missed. Anything not prepared before the meeting would
 still need to be taken care of during the meeting.

 The process would be in no way ideal and would rely on the same people
 spending the time to request information and process the blockers but it
 would be a step towards something better than the potential for 4 hour

 I have some other ideas on how to streamline the process more but its a
 matter of taking the time to explore them all and learn how to interface
 with RHBZ.

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