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#222: L10N Test Day
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Comment (by igor):

 Replying to [comment:6 rhe]:
 > Replying to [comment:5 noriko]:
 > > Thank you all, it is excellent idea to have a whole week event
 l10/i18n Test week.[[BR]]
 > >
 > > For the image to use, it will be composed specifically for software
 review UI and this will be used for L10N test day. The same image can be
 used for other tests? Or should we use Alpha for others?[[BR]]
 > I think so. The other two can just use Alpha install/live images.

 +1. The other two could also use a nightly compose image.

 > >
 > > For the dates, as it says l10n/i18n test week, can we open whole week
 instead setting days? In this way, testers can test them all anytime
 during the week.
 > I don't have hard opinion here as long as we indicate that the whole
 week is active for testing l10n/i18n in the announcements.

 IMHO not setting specific days could be confusing for volunteers to test.
 Actually it all depends on the way we communicate this. We can make the
 test days pages available on the beginning of the week along with a proper
 announcement. In addition, during the week we can make a couple more
 announcements as a reminder. That way people will be constantly aware of
 what we need and what we are testing. I can make those announcements, no

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