lan network mapping...

Samuel Sieb samuel at
Sat Jul 16 04:31:42 UTC 2011

Rob Healey wrote:
> I have a wireless print server in my lan, and it has a specific ip
> address, something like,, ...
> Is there any software out there that can scan my lan, and report what ip
> address and device name that is on the network?

You can scan subnets with nmap using "nmap -sP".  That will do a 
ping test.  Better is if you know there's a specific open TCP port on the 
device.  For example if port 80 is open, then you can do "nmap -sT -p 80" and look for ones that are listed as open.

It's not clear from your email if the address is one that is in your current 
subnet, so you may need to do "ifconfig eth0:0" first (substitute 
your interface name if not eth0).  You can use wider subnets to scan faster.

If you know it ends in .10 then you could use a bash script to find it even quicker.

Broadcast pings don't work so well as only some devices respond to those.

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