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Chuck Forsberg WA7KGX N2469R caf at
Sun Jul 17 22:07:15 UTC 2011

A week or so ago I started experimenting with the GNU Mailman
mailing list software.  For some reason, sendmail on Fedora 15
would not send mail from my server to the outside world.  So I
tried postfix, then exim.  Each had some sort of problem doing
their required functions under Fedora 15.  A brain damaged
system-config-services didn't help.

I was almost getting used to KDE but with important Linux parts
broken I just gave up.  I did a fresh install of Fedora 14 and
updated it.  It was a breath of fresh air to have "services" work
again.  No need to manually start sendmail and other services.

At the same time I replaced the Nvidia card onthe server with
a passively cooled ATI card.  Between the card change and the
software reversion, the console display doesn't seem to go blind

I am posting this flame bait now in the hopes that Fedora 16
will not be the bagbiter Fedora 15 is.

Gnome 2.xx banished to Centos and Scientific?  I could live with
that if "services", "add/remove software", et al. worked under KDE.
It would be nice to have KDE available with a Gnome 2 style menu

And while we're at it, please test KDE "konsole" scrolling with vi.

Before recommending to see figure.1 consider what happened
to that system.

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