oVirt Node Fedora 16 Spin

Athmane Madjoudj athmane at fedoraproject.org
Mon Jul 18 15:58:12 UTC 2011

On 07/18/2011 04:00 PM, James Laska wrote:
> On Thu, 2011-07-14 at 20:43 -0400, Joey Boggs wrote:
>> On 07/13/2011 01:19 PM, Joey Boggs wrote:
> Using that (or similar) style test matrix, we can include that wiki page
> in official Alpha/Beta/Final test run announcements.  Any
> thoughts/comments on that particular format?

OK, I'll create a test matrix based on the new information you provided 
on the wiki page, though it may not be official until it integrated into 
Fedora's Release Engineering.

Athmane Madjoudj

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