Any hope for system-config-services ?

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Thu Jul 21 09:58:43 UTC 2011

On 07/21/2011 11:26 AM, agraham wrote:

Replying here only once, this is not content for test@ IMHO

> I disagree with the propaganda pumped out by RH et al about Fedora being 
> a only test bed for RHEL.

I don't know who is telling that, but people at Red Hat for sure do not.
We think of Fedora as the upstream for Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

> Fedora is community driven and owned by the 
> commuinty, but sometimes I really get the feeling there is another 
> agenda at work here, namely the disrupted changes added with each new 
> Fedora release which prevents it becoming really stable, an example of 
> this is indeed systemd, (other examples are Network Manager, Pulseaudio 
> back in 2007), these "pre-alpha" where "dumped" into fedora, replacing 
> major subsystems with little or no testing whatsoever and have caused 
> huge amounts of pain and time wasting, this of course backs-up the 
> propaganda and agenda I mentioned earlier.

Well, Ubuntu isn't anything better in that regard. That's what
development is for IMHO. If you are looking for a rock-solid, stable OS
with support - Red Hat has a subscription for that ;-)

Fedora is fast moving, sometimes more experimental as others, brave to
try where others discuss, based on technical advancement.

> I don't use RHEL (unless there is a really good use case e.g. production 
> DB) because it's basically just OLDWARE, and CENTOS is even OLDEWARE.

Progress, stability, free - pick two, getting all is a real problem ...

You want progress and free? --> Fedora
You want Stability and free? --> CentOS
You want Stability and Progress? --> Red Hat Enterpise Linux

At least IMHO


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