Secondary Architecture Criteria - approach#4 - wiki templates

James Laska jlaska at
Thu Jul 21 20:04:16 UTC 2011

Greetings all,

As a follow-up to my discussion on documenting release criteria for
secondary architectures [1], I've come up with a draft which implements
approach#4 - wiki templates.  The approach doesn't seem horrible to me,
but I tend to spend a fair amount of time fiddling with wiki anyway.  

Right now, I'm not as interested in specific content for PowerPC or
s390x (or other possible platforms).  I intend to reach out to those
groups for detailed feedback on *specific* milestone requirements once
we're happy with the general approach.  For now, I'm mostly interested
in feedback on ...
     1. how the criteria pages look
     2. any thoughts on this particular implementation (wiki Templates)

You can find sample Alpha release criteria that use the templates
at ... 
      * - proposed entry point where all criteria will be anchored
      * - is the same as, and would replace, the existing Alpha criteria [2]
      * - sample demonstrating using the templates, while also providing customization
      * - same thing, but for s390x

The templates created/modified include (along with template
documentation) are ...


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