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Matej Cepl mcepl at
Sun Jul 24 20:50:59 UTC 2011

Dne 24.7.2011 08:29, David Boling napsal(a):
> My name is David Boling, my IRC nick is pcreader, and I've been
> tinkering with linux and Fedora off and on for 20+ years. Currently, I'm
> a college student in Oklahoma working on a BS in Computer Science. My
> other day job is a student Help Desk Support Technician at the
> University. I'm looking forward to helping make an already great
> distribution even better.

Feel free to ping me on #fedora-bugzappers anytime (I am usually around
CET business hours and in the evening).

We also maintain (well, more or less maintain) with all information we have
for budding bug zappers (particularly is meant to be a good
start page).

Welcome on board!


> "Experience is what you get when you don't get what you want."    Randy
> Pausch

Actually, I have it in my database of sigs as by Dan Stanford. Do you
have any evidence for this? :)

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