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#227: Document SOP for acceptance test event
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Comment (by jlaska):

 Perhaps linking to the rawhide acceptance test plan might help with the
 *how* part of this

 While this is mostly documented in the test plan and I see the acceptance
 test milestone primarily ...
  1. to identify and resolve compose-related issues
  2. file bugs for issues impacting the the rawhide acceptance test plan
  3. find more bugs (early pre-TC1 testing)

 We touch on #3 a bit in the F15 QA retrospective, so that's certainly an
 area worth exploring for future test plan enhancement.  Another thing I'd
 like to see in the SOP is some discussion of exploratory testing.  Using
 the RATs images, I've been trying to find and file bugs which I suspect
 will block or impact Alpha TC1 testing.  Given the fix window between TC1
 and RC1 is so short ... the earlier we can identify some of the bugs, the

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