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#227: Document SOP for acceptance test event
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Comment (by wutao85):

 Hi adamwill,

 Thanks for your great comments, the following is my update:

 Replying to [comment:5 adamwill]:
 > Looks pretty good, here's a few notes:
 > We should clearly explain how RATs differs from release validation
 events (the manual tests on TCs and RCs). The easiest way to do this is
 just to mention the release validation stuff explicitly in the
 introduction, like this:
 > RATs are automated test events which happen before the
 [[QA/SOP_Release_Validation_Test_Event|manual release validation test
 events]] for each release phase (Alpha, Beta, Final).

 Thanks for the nice suggestion, an explain has been added.

 is a bad page and we should probably revise it or stop referring to it
 (this is kind of a note to self, as I know the release validation SOP also
 refers to it).

 Sorry I might don't understand correctly ... but I have checked again, the
 url can be opened well and it is not the same as the which release
 validation SOP also refers to. Can you explain it more in details?

 > Some of the stuff in 'Make announcements' isn't really relevant to RATs,
 I don't think, as we don't have much possibility for people to really
 *contribute* to RATs; it's more of a case of one person owns RATs,
 announces they're about to do it, then announces the results. It's not
 like release validation when we have lots of manual input to get in from
 different people. So I think we could really lose almost all of it,
 especially the middle two bullet points - "How and where to add test
 results" and "Contact information of QA members who are available on test
 event and can help testers who encounter problems", and all the text after
 the bullets...really, the whole section should be re-written much shorter,
 and should just link to an example RATs email (the current example is a
 release validation email) and mention the things that need to be in a RATs
 > Same thing for the 'Provide help during test event' section. I think
 it's just not really necessary for RATs.
 > For the "Report and Summary" section, again, the example email link
 needs to be updated to link to a RATs email, not a release validation one.
 > Other than that, looking good! Nice. Thanks.

 Okay, it is good idea , I dropped some content not so necessary to RATs
 and redirect the example url to the new one.

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