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#228: SOPs for Everything
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Comment (by adamwill):

 Looking at the F16 quality calendar:


 here's a list of tasks (minus multiple instances of the same task) and the
 SOP status:

 * Rawhide Acceptance Test Plan: SOP in draft - https://fedorahosted.org
 * Blocker Meeting: SOP available -
 * Daily Review & Notification of Open Alpha Blocker Bugs: no SOP (AFAIK)
 * Release Notes: this is a docs task in our schedule for information,
 sorta documented at
 * Test 'Test Compose', Test Candidate: SOP available -
 * Go/No-Go Meeting: SOP available -
 * Release Readiness Meeting: no SOP (AFAIK) - this is a project-wide
 meeting so we don't own it
 * NVR Update Check testing: no SOP, is a dead letter ATM and superseded by
 AutoQA upgradepath testing

 I think that's everything, so I'd say we're actually doing pretty well.
 There's only a couple of action items there.

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