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#227: Document SOP for acceptance test event
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Comment (by adamwill):

 Looking nicer. I've made a couple of changes: I gave the 'how to actually
 do testing' section a better name ('Perform testing'), and moved the 'When
 a new candidate build available' section to the end, where it makes more
 sense with the overall flow of the page.

 I also rejigged the 'new build available' section, taking out the word
 'candidate' as these builds aren't really candidates to be anything, and
 generally making it reflect reality a bit better.

 I also fixed the link in the example email: it shouldn't have redirect=no
 in it, as we do want people to be redirected when they arrive :)

 I'm not sure just linking to the acceptance test plan is sufficient
 instruction on how to do the testing. It's a planning document, and it has
 "TODO: Automate these test cases" written in it. :) Just reading that
 page, I have no idea of the actual steps one has to perform to complete
 the testing: run this program, click this button, etc. You could do the
 testing *manually* by following each test case linked there, but that's
 not really the point. What we really need are instructions by which
 someone who'd never done the acceptance testing before could successfully
 do the acceptance testing - automated, not manually. Thanks! (If it
 requires access to some Red Hat-only system, or something, then a) that
 sucks, but b) we should still write it down.)

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