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#221: Reduce Blocker Bug Review Meeting Length
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Comment (by tflink):

 Replying to [comment:6 adamwill]:
 > I was just about to tinker with this a bit, and I noticed we have a
 rather nice section on out-of-meeting bug investigation...in the _meeting_

 That section seems to be pretty well placed in the blocker meeting SOP
 since it isn't as much a part of the blocker process as it is suggested
 methods of poking people for information. We just need to start doing that
 more regularly.

 > I'm thinking it might make for sense for that to be in the higher-level
 blocker process SOP -
 > does that sound sensible? I think it'd make it a bit more obvious that
 part of evaluating bugs can happen (and indeed should happen) outside of
 the meetings.

 I wonder if we could achieve the same effect by going a little more step-
 by-step with the blocker process. Right now, that page is a wall of text -
 if we added step by step instructions on requesting blocker process, we
 might get better results.

 I'm thinking something along the lines of
  1. Identify the release criterion violated by the bug
  1. Modify the bug as follows
   * enter in the appropriate tracker bug
   * explain why this bug should be a blocker (quoting the release
 criteria, if possible)

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