using dl instead of serverbeach1 for test matrix page download links

Kevin Fenzi kevin at
Fri Jul 29 13:55:37 UTC 2011

On Fri, 29 Jul 2011 08:16:17 -0400
James Laska <jlaska at> wrote:

> Thanks for the heads up Andre.  Is a distinct server,
> different than alt. and serverbeach1.?  Or is it some mirrormanager
> magic that routes to either alt or sb1?

It's a round robin dns that points to one of our 5 download servers in
phx. They should have all the alt/staging/whatever content (in addition
to the regular mirror content). 

I'm not sure of the history, but I think serverbeach1 was setup as a
mirror when alt was slow/didn't have very good connectivity for anyone. 
The dl boxes should be in pretty good shape now, so I think everyone
should be able to just use them.

Feedback on this is of course very appreciated. 

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