F-16 Branched report: 20110731 changes

Branched Report rawhide at fedoraproject.org
Sun Jul 31 15:20:34 UTC 2011

Compose started at Sun Jul 31 13:16:09 UTC 2011

Broken deps for x86_64
	389-ds-base- requires libnetsnmpagent.so.25()(64bit)
	389-ds-base- requires libnetsnmpmibs.so.25()(64bit)
	389-ds-base- requires libnetsnmp.so.25()(64bit)
	LuxRender-0.7.1-6.fc16.x86_64 requires libboost_serialization-mt.so.1.46.1()(64bit)
	LuxRender-0.7.1-6.fc16.x86_64 requires libboost_iostreams-mt.so.1.46.1()(64bit)
	LuxRender-0.7.1-6.fc16.x86_64 requires libboost_system-mt.so.1.46.1()(64bit)
	LuxRender-0.7.1-6.fc16.x86_64 requires libboost_thread-mt.so.1.46.1()(64bit)
	LuxRender-0.7.1-6.fc16.x86_64 requires libboost_filesystem-mt.so.1.46.1()(64bit)
	LuxRender-0.7.1-6.fc16.x86_64 requires libboost_program_options-mt.so.1.46.1()(64bit)
	LuxRender-0.7.1-6.fc16.x86_64 requires libboost_regex-mt.so.1.46.1()(64bit)
	LuxRender-core-0.7.1-6.fc16.x86_64 requires libboost_serialization-mt.so.1.46.1()(64bit)
	LuxRender-core-0.7.1-6.fc16.x86_64 requires libboost_iostreams-mt.so.1.46.1()(64bit)
	LuxRender-core-0.7.1-6.fc16.x86_64 requires libboost_system-mt.so.1.46.1()(64bit)
	LuxRender-core-0.7.1-6.fc16.x86_64 requires libboost_thread-mt.so.1.46.1()(64bit)
	LuxRender-core-0.7.1-6.fc16.x86_64 requires libboost_filesystem-mt.so.1.46.1()(64bit)
	LuxRender-core-0.7.1-6.fc16.x86_64 requires libboost_program_options-mt.so.1.46.1()(64bit)
	LuxRender-core-0.7.1-6.fc16.x86_64 requires libboost_regex-mt.so.1.46.1()(64bit)
	QuantLib-test-1.1-1.fc16.x86_64 requires libboost_unit_test_framework.so.1.46.1()(64bit)
	acheck-0.5.1-4.fc15.noarch requires perl(Text::Aspell)
	almanah-0.7.3-12.fc16.x86_64 requires libcamel-1.2.so.26()(64bit)
	almanah-0.7.3-12.fc16.x86_64 requires libedataserverui-3.0.so.0()(64bit)
	almanah-0.7.3-12.fc16.x86_64 requires libcryptui.so.0()(64bit)
	1:anerley-0.2.14-7.fc16.i686 requires libcamel-1.2.so.26
	1:anerley-0.2.14-7.fc16.x86_64 requires libcamel-1.2.so.26()(64bit)
	apvlv- requires libpoppler.so.13()(64bit)
	apvlv- requires libpoppler-glib.so.6()(64bit)
	assogiate-0.2.1-5.fc15.x86_64 requires libgnomevfsmm-2.6.so.1()(64bit)
	at-spi-python-1.32.0-5.fc16.x86_64 requires pyorbit
	bibletime-2.8.1-1.fc16.x86_64 requires libclucene.so.0()(64bit)
	1:cheese-3.0.2-1.fc16.x86_64 requires libcogl.so.1()(64bit)
	1:cheese-libs-3.0.2-1.fc16.i686 requires libcogl.so.1
	1:cheese-libs-3.0.2-1.fc16.x86_64 requires libcogl.so.1()(64bit)
	claws-mail-plugins-geolocation-3.7.9-7.fc16.x86_64 requires libcogl.so.1()(64bit)
	cluster-snmp-0.18.7-1.fc16.x86_64 requires libnetsnmp.so.25()(64bit)
	clutter-gtk-1.0.2-1.fc16.i686 requires libcogl.so.1
	clutter-gtk-1.0.2-1.fc16.x86_64 requires libcogl.so.1()(64bit)
	coda-backup-6.9.5-6.fc16.x86_64 requires libse.so.5()(64bit)
	coda-backup-6.9.5-6.fc16.x86_64 requires librpc2.so.5()(64bit)
	coda-backup-6.9.5-6.fc16.x86_64 requires liblwp.so.2()(64bit)
	coda-client-6.9.5-6.fc16.x86_64 requires libseglwp.so.1()(64bit)
	coda-client-6.9.5-6.fc16.x86_64 requires librvmlwp.so.1()(64bit)
	coda-client-6.9.5-6.fc16.x86_64 requires libse.so.5()(64bit)
	coda-client-6.9.5-6.fc16.x86_64 requires librpc2.so.5()(64bit)
	coda-client-6.9.5-6.fc16.x86_64 requires liblwp.so.2()(64bit)
	coda-client-6.9.5-6.fc16.x86_64 requires librdslwp.so.1()(64bit)
	coda-server-6.9.5-6.fc16.x86_64 requires rvm-tools
	coda-server-6.9.5-6.fc16.x86_64 requires libseglwp.so.1()(64bit)
	coda-server-6.9.5-6.fc16.x86_64 requires librvmlwp.so.1()(64bit)
	coda-server-6.9.5-6.fc16.x86_64 requires libse.so.5()(64bit)
	coda-server-6.9.5-6.fc16.x86_64 requires librpc2.so.5()(64bit)
	coda-server-6.9.5-6.fc16.x86_64 requires liblwp.so.2()(64bit)
	coda-server-6.9.5-6.fc16.x86_64 requires librdslwp.so.1()(64bit)
	collectd-snmp-4.10.3-7.fc16.x86_64 requires libnetsnmp.so.25()(64bit)
	comoonics-cdsl-py-0.2-18.noarch requires comoonics-base-py
	comoonics-cluster-py-0.1-24.noarch requires comoonics-base-py
	contextkit-0.5.15-2.fc15.i686 requires libcdb.so.1
	contextkit-0.5.15-2.fc15.x86_64 requires libcdb.so.1()(64bit)
	deskbar-applet-2.32.0-4.fc15.x86_64 requires libebook-1.2.so.10()(64bit)
	deskbar-applet-2.32.0-4.fc15.x86_64 requires gnome-python2-applet
	deskbar-applet-2.32.0-4.fc15.x86_64 requires libcamel-1.2.so.23()(64bit)
	dh-make-0.55-3.fc15.noarch requires debhelper
	ease-0.4-5.fc16.i686 requires libcogl.so.1
	ease-0.4-5.fc16.x86_64 requires libcogl.so.1()(64bit)
	easystroke-0.5.4-1.fc16.x86_64 requires libboost_serialization-mt.so.1.46.1()(64bit)
	emacs-spice-mode-1.2.25-5.fc15.noarch requires gwave
	empathy-3.1.3-4.fc16.x86_64 requires libcogl.so.1()(64bit)
	eog-plugins-3.1.2-1.fc16.x86_64 requires libcogl.so.1()(64bit)
	evolution-mapi-3.1.3-1.fc16.i686 requires libcamel-1.2.so.27
	evolution-mapi-3.1.3-1.fc16.i686 requires libcamel-provider-1.2.so.27
	evolution-mapi-3.1.3-1.fc16.x86_64 requires libcamel-provider-1.2.so.27()(64bit)
	evolution-mapi-3.1.3-1.fc16.x86_64 requires libcamel-1.2.so.27()(64bit)
	exaile- requires hal
	fatrat-1.1.3-4.fc16.x86_64 requires libboost_date_time-mt.so.1.46.1()(64bit)
	fatrat-1.1.3-4.fc16.x86_64 requires libboost_system-mt.so.1.46.1()(64bit)
	fatrat-1.1.3-4.fc16.x86_64 requires libboost_filesystem-mt.so.1.46.1()(64bit)
	fawkes-guis-0.4.2-4.fc16.i686 requires libgvc.so.5
	fawkes-guis-0.4.2-4.fc16.i686 requires libcdt.so.4
	fawkes-guis-0.4.2-4.fc16.i686 requires libgraph.so.4
	fawkes-guis-0.4.2-4.fc16.x86_64 requires libgvc.so.5()(64bit)
	fawkes-guis-0.4.2-4.fc16.x86_64 requires libcdt.so.4()(64bit)
	fawkes-guis-0.4.2-4.fc16.x86_64 requires libgraph.so.4()(64bit)
	fawkes-plugin-player-0.4.2-4.fc16.x86_64 requires libboost_signals-mt.so.1.46.1()(64bit)
	fawkes-plugin-player-0.4.2-4.fc16.x86_64 requires libboost_thread-mt.so.1.46.1()(64bit)
	fawkes-plugin-player-0.4.2-4.fc16.x86_64 requires libgeos-3.2.1.so()(64bit)
	ffgtk-plugin-evolution-0.7.94-4.fc16.x86_64 requires libcamel-1.2.so.27()(64bit)
	file-browser-applet-0.6.6-1.fc15.x86_64 requires libpanel-applet-2.so.0()(64bit)
	flaw-1.2.4-2.fc15.x86_64 requires libSDL_gfx.so.0()(64bit)
	fldigi-3.21.7-1.fc16.x86_64 requires libfltk_images.so.1.1()(64bit)
	fldigi-3.21.7-1.fc16.x86_64 requires libfltk.so.1.1()(64bit)
	flush-0.9.10-3.fc16.x86_64 requires libboost_system-mt.so.1.46.1()(64bit)
	flush-0.9.10-3.fc16.x86_64 requires libboost_signals-mt.so.1.46.1()(64bit)
	flush-0.9.10-3.fc16.x86_64 requires libboost_thread-mt.so.1.46.1()(64bit)
	flush-0.9.10-3.fc16.x86_64 requires libboost_filesystem-mt.so.1.46.1()(64bit)
	fuse-encfs-1.7.4-1.fc16.i686 requires libboost_serialization-mt.so.1.46.1
	fuse-encfs-1.7.4-1.fc16.i686 requires libboost_filesystem-mt.so.1.46.1
	fuse-encfs-1.7.4-1.fc16.i686 requires libboost_system-mt.so.1.46.1
	fuse-encfs-1.7.4-1.fc16.x86_64 requires libboost_serialization-mt.so.1.46.1()(64bit)
	fuse-encfs-1.7.4-1.fc16.x86_64 requires libboost_system-mt.so.1.46.1()(64bit)
	fuse-encfs-1.7.4-1.fc16.x86_64 requires libboost_filesystem-mt.so.1.46.1()(64bit)
	fusecompress-2.6-10.20100223git754bc0de.fc16.x86_64 requires libboost_serialization-mt.so.1.46.1()(64bit)
	fusecompress-2.6-10.20100223git754bc0de.fc16.x86_64 requires libboost_iostreams-mt.so.1.46.1()(64bit)
	fusecompress-2.6-10.20100223git754bc0de.fc16.x86_64 requires libboost_system-mt.so.1.46.1()(64bit)
	fusecompress-2.6-10.20100223git754bc0de.fc16.x86_64 requires libboost_filesystem-mt.so.1.46.1()(64bit)
	fusecompress-2.6-10.20100223git754bc0de.fc16.x86_64 requires libboost_program_options-mt.so.1.46.1()(64bit)
	gambas2-gb-pdf-2.23.1-1.fc16.x86_64 requires libpoppler.so.13()(64bit)
	garden-1.0.8-3.fc15.x86_64 requires liballeg.so.4.2()(64bit)
	gcdmaster-1.2.3-9.fc15.x86_64 requires libgnomevfsmm-2.6.so.1()(64bit)
	gcdmaster-1.2.3-9.fc15.x86_64 requires libgnomemm-2.6.so.1()(64bit)
	gcdmaster-1.2.3-9.fc15.x86_64 requires libgnomeuimm-2.6.so.1()(64bit)
	gedit-valencia-0.3.0-6.20110701git808152718e3ab.fc16.x86_64 requires libvala-0.12.so.0()(64bit)
	ghc-citeproc-hs-0.3.2-4.fc16.i686 requires libHSxml-1.3.8-ghc7.0.4.so
	ghc-citeproc-hs-0.3.2-4.fc16.i686 requires ghc(xml-1.3.8) = 0:0b6f777afa99e0a714c602326e7a6c2e
	ghc-citeproc-hs-0.3.2-4.fc16.x86_64 requires libHSxml-1.3.8-ghc7.0.4.so()(64bit)
	ghc-citeproc-hs-0.3.2-4.fc16.x86_64 requires ghc(xml-1.3.8) = 0:f68d711e0aeaecb47b69c384ed0ad21a
	ghc-citeproc-hs-devel-0.3.2-4.fc16.i686 requires ghc-prof(xml-1.3.8) = 0:0b6f777afa99e0a714c602326e7a6c2e
	ghc-citeproc-hs-devel-0.3.2-4.fc16.i686 requires ghc-devel(xml-1.3.8) = 0:0b6f777afa99e0a714c602326e7a6c2e
	ghc-citeproc-hs-devel-0.3.2-4.fc16.x86_64 requires ghc-prof(xml-1.3.8) = 0:f68d711e0aeaecb47b69c384ed0ad21a
	ghc-citeproc-hs-devel-0.3.2-4.fc16.x86_64 requires ghc-devel(xml-1.3.8) = 0:f68d711e0aeaecb47b69c384ed0ad21a
	ghc-pandoc- requires libHSxml-1.3.8-ghc7.0.4.so
	ghc-pandoc- requires ghc(xml-1.3.8) = 0:0b6f777afa99e0a714c602326e7a6c2e
	ghc-pandoc- requires libHSxml-1.3.8-ghc7.0.4.so()(64bit)
	ghc-pandoc- requires ghc(xml-1.3.8) = 0:f68d711e0aeaecb47b69c384ed0ad21a
	ghc-pandoc-devel- requires ghc-devel(xml-1.3.8) = 0:0b6f777afa99e0a714c602326e7a6c2e
	ghc-pandoc-devel- requires ghc-prof(xml-1.3.8) = 0:0b6f777afa99e0a714c602326e7a6c2e
	ghc-pandoc-devel- requires ghc-prof(xml-1.3.8) = 0:f68d711e0aeaecb47b69c384ed0ad21a
	ghc-pandoc-devel- requires ghc-devel(xml-1.3.8) = 0:f68d711e0aeaecb47b69c384ed0ad21a
	ghc-regexpr-0.5.4-1.fc16.i686 requires libHSmtlparse-0.1.1-ghc7.0.4.so
	ghc-regexpr-0.5.4-1.fc16.i686 requires ghc(mtlparse-0.1.1) = 0:53619a5711330a2ddac094ac2a8b80fa
	ghc-regexpr-0.5.4-1.fc16.x86_64 requires libHSmtlparse-0.1.1-ghc7.0.4.so()(64bit)
	ghc-regexpr-0.5.4-1.fc16.x86_64 requires ghc(mtlparse-0.1.1) = 0:2b91ecfb9a828c0f3ea4ca22e6d3c7aa
	ghc-regexpr-devel-0.5.4-1.fc16.i686 requires ghc-devel(mtlparse-0.1.1) = 0:53619a5711330a2ddac094ac2a8b80fa
	ghc-regexpr-devel-0.5.4-1.fc16.i686 requires ghc-prof(mtlparse-0.1.1) = 0:53619a5711330a2ddac094ac2a8b80fa
	ghc-regexpr-devel-0.5.4-1.fc16.x86_64 requires ghc-devel(mtlparse-0.1.1) = 0:2b91ecfb9a828c0f3ea4ca22e6d3c7aa
	ghc-regexpr-devel-0.5.4-1.fc16.x86_64 requires ghc-prof(mtlparse-0.1.1) = 0:2b91ecfb9a828c0f3ea4ca22e6d3c7aa
	ghc-texmath- requires libHSxml-1.3.8-ghc7.0.4.so
	ghc-texmath- requires ghc(xml-1.3.8) = 0:0b6f777afa99e0a714c602326e7a6c2e
	ghc-texmath- requires libHSxml-1.3.8-ghc7.0.4.so()(64bit)
	ghc-texmath- requires ghc(xml-1.3.8) = 0:f68d711e0aeaecb47b69c384ed0ad21a
	ghc-texmath-devel- requires ghc-devel(xml-1.3.8) = 0:0b6f777afa99e0a714c602326e7a6c2e
	ghc-texmath-devel- requires ghc-prof(xml-1.3.8) = 0:0b6f777afa99e0a714c602326e7a6c2e
	ghc-texmath-devel- requires ghc-prof(xml-1.3.8) = 0:f68d711e0aeaecb47b69c384ed0ad21a
	ghc-texmath-devel- requires ghc-devel(xml-1.3.8) = 0:f68d711e0aeaecb47b69c384ed0ad21a
	giggle-0.5-7.fc16.i686 requires libcamel-1.2.so.27
	giggle-0.5-7.fc16.x86_64 requires libcamel-1.2.so.27()(64bit)
	git-arch-1.7.6-3.fc16.noarch requires tla
	glom-1.18.3-1.fc16.x86_64 requires libepc-1.0.so.2()(64bit)
	glom-libs-1.18.3-1.fc16.i686 requires libepc-1.0.so.2
	glom-libs-1.18.3-1.fc16.x86_64 requires libepc-1.0.so.2()(64bit)
	gloobus-preview-0.4.1-13.fc16.x86_64 requires libpoppler.so.13()(64bit)
	gloobus-preview-0.4.1-13.fc16.x86_64 requires libpoppler-glib.so.6()(64bit)
	gmediaserver-0.13.0-7.fc15.x86_64 requires libthreadutil.so.2()(64bit)
	gmediaserver-0.13.0-7.fc15.x86_64 requires libupnp.so.3()(64bit)
	gnome-applet-grandr-0.4.1-2.fc12.x86_64 requires libpanel-applet-2.so.0()(64bit)
	gnome-applet-sensors-2.2.7-4.fc15.i686 requires libpanel-applet-2.so.0
	gnome-applet-sensors-2.2.7-4.fc15.x86_64 requires libpanel-applet-2.so.0()(64bit)
	1:gnome-games-extra-3.1.3-1.fc16.x86_64 requires libcogl.so.1()(64bit)
	gnome-phone-manager-0.66-3.fc16.x86_64 requires libcamel-1.2.so.26()(64bit)
	gnome-phone-manager-telepathy-0.66-3.fc16.x86_64 requires libcamel-1.2.so.26()(64bit)
	gnome-pilot-conduits-2.32.1-2.fc15.x86_64 requires libgpilotd.so.5()(64bit)
	gnome-pilot-conduits-2.32.1-2.fc15.x86_64 requires libgpilotdcm.so.4()(64bit)
	gnome-pilot-conduits-2.32.1-2.fc15.x86_64 requires libgpilotdconduit.so.3()(64bit)
	gnome-pilot-eds-2.91.92-1.fc16.x86_64 requires libedataserverui-3.0.so.0()(64bit)
	gnome-pilot-eds-2.91.92-1.fc16.x86_64 requires libebook-1.2.so.10()(64bit)
	gnome-pilot-eds-2.91.92-1.fc16.x86_64 requires libcamel-1.2.so.23()(64bit)
	gnome-pilot-eds-2.91.92-1.fc16.x86_64 requires libecal-1.2.so.8()(64bit)
	gnome-python2-bonobo-2.28.1-4.fc15.x86_64 requires pyorbit >= 0:2.0.1
	gnome-python2-evolution-2.32.0-4.fc16.x86_64 requires libebook-1.2.so.10()(64bit)
	gnome-python2-evolution-2.32.0-4.fc16.x86_64 requires libcamel-1.2.so.25()(64bit)
	gnome-python2-evolution-2.32.0-4.fc16.x86_64 requires libecal-1.2.so.8()(64bit)
	gnome-python2-gtkhtml2-2.25.3-31.fc16.x86_64 requires libgtkhtml-2.so.0()(64bit)
	gnome-python2-gtkhtml2-2.25.3-31.fc16.x86_64 requires gtkhtml2 >= 0:2.3.1
	gnome-shell-3.1.3-2.fc16.x86_64 requires libcogl.so.1()(64bit)
	gold- requires perl(Data::Properties)
	gphpedit-0.9.95-0.2.20090209snap.fc15.x86_64 requires libgtkhtml-2.so.0()(64bit)
	gpsdrive-2.11-6.fc16.x86_64 requires libboost_system-mt.so.1.46.1()(64bit)
	gpsdrive-2.11-6.fc16.x86_64 requires libboost_thread-mt.so.1.46.1()(64bit)
	gpsdrive-2.11-6.fc16.x86_64 requires libboost_filesystem-mt.so.1.46.1()(64bit)
	gpx-viewer-0.2.0-3.fc14.x86_64 requires libchamplain-gtk-0.6.so.0()(64bit)
	gpx-viewer-0.2.0-3.fc14.x86_64 requires libchamplain-0.6.so.0()(64bit)
	gpx-viewer-0.2.0-3.fc14.x86_64 requires libgdl-1.so.3()(64bit)
	gspiceui-0.9.98-3.fc15.x86_64 requires gwave
	gyachi-1.2.10-5.fc16.x86_64 requires libgtkhtml-2.so.0()(64bit)
	halevt- requires libhal.so.1()(64bit)
	hosts3d-1.13-2.fc15.x86_64 requires libglfw.so.2.6()(64bit)
	hosts3d-sampler-1.13-2.fc15.x86_64 requires libglfw.so.2.6()(64bit)
	intellij-idea- requires commons-collections
	kde-partitionmanager-1.0.3-2.fc15.x86_64 requires libparted.so.0()(64bit)
	9:kdevelop-libs-4.2.3-3.fc16.i686 requires okteta >= 0:4.6.95
	9:kdevelop-libs-4.2.3-3.fc16.x86_64 requires okteta >= 0:4.6.95
	1:libabiword-2.8.6-6.fc15.x86_64 requires liblink-grammar.so.4()(64bit)
	1:libabiword-2.8.6-6.fc15.x86_64 requires link-grammar >= 0:4.2.2
	libmapi-7.0.0-1.fc16.i686 requires libboost_filesystem-mt.so.1.46.1
	libmapi-7.0.0-1.fc16.i686 requires libboost_system-mt.so.1.46.1
	libmapi-7.0.0-1.fc16.x86_64 requires libboost_system-mt.so.1.46.1()(64bit)
	libmapi-7.0.0-1.fc16.x86_64 requires libboost_filesystem-mt.so.1.46.1()(64bit)
	libnodeupdown-backend-openib-1.12-3.fc16.x86_64 requires libopensm.so.2()(64bit)
	libnodeupdown-backend-openib-1.12-3.fc16.x86_64 requires libopensm.so.2(OPENSM_1.5)(64bit)
	libpst-python-0.6.53-1.fc16.x86_64 requires libboost_python.so.1.46.1()(64bit)
	libvirt-snmp-0.0.2-1.fc16.x86_64 requires libnetsnmpagent.so.25()(64bit)
	libvirt-snmp-0.0.2-1.fc16.x86_64 requires libnetsnmp.so.25()(64bit)
	libvirt-snmp-0.0.2-1.fc16.x86_64 requires libnetsnmpmibs.so.25()(64bit)
	lock-keys-applet-1.0-21.fc15.x86_64 requires libpanel-applet-2.so.0()(64bit)
	maatkit-7410-2.fc16.noarch requires perl(AdvisorRules)
	maatkit-7410-2.fc16.noarch requires perl(ProtocolParser)
	mediawiki-rss-1.5-4.fc15.noarch requires php-magpierss >= 0:0.72
	meego-panel-datetime-0.3.2-5.fc15.x86_64 requires libgweather.so.1()(64bit)
	meego-panel-datetime-0.3.2-5.fc15.x86_64 requires libecal-1.2.so.8()(64bit)
	meego-panel-people-0.2.4-6.fc16.x86_64 requires libebook-1.2.so.10()(64bit)
	meego-panel-people-0.2.4-6.fc16.x86_64 requires libcamel-1.2.so.25()(64bit)
	meego-panel-status-0.3.2-2.fc15.i686 requires libchamplain-0.8.so.1
	meego-panel-status-0.3.2-2.fc15.x86_64 requires libchamplain-0.8.so.1()(64bit)
	meshlab-1.2.2-5.fc14.1.x86_64 requires libGLEW.so.1.5()(64bit)
	minion-0.10-6.fc16.x86_64 requires libboost_iostreams-mt.so.1.46.1()(64bit)
	mozilla-firetray-sunbird-0.2.8-5.fc15.x86_64 requires sunbird
	mumble-1.2.3-3.fc15.x86_64 requires libprotobuf.so.6()(64bit)
	murmur-1.2.3-3.fc15.x86_64 requires libprotobuf.so.6()(64bit)
	mutter- requires libcogl.so.1
	mutter- requires libcogl.so.1()(64bit)
	mutter-devel- requires libcogl.so.1
	mutter-devel- requires libcogl.so.1()(64bit)
	nagios-plugins-snmp-disk-proc-1.2-8.fc15.x86_64 requires libnetsnmp.so.25()(64bit)
	netbeans-6.9-3.fc15.noarch requires netbeans-platform12 >= 0:6.9
	netbeans-apisupport-6.9-3.fc15.noarch requires netbeans-platform12 >= 0:6.9
	netbeans-ide-6.9-3.fc15.noarch requires netbeans-platform12 >= 0:6.9
	netbeans-java-6.9-3.fc15.noarch requires netbeans-platform12 >= 0:6.9
	network-manager-netbook-1.8-3.fc15.x86_64 requires libnm-glib.so.2()(64bit)
	network-manager-netbook-1.8-3.fc15.x86_64 requires libnm-util.so.1()(64bit)
	nocpulse-common-2.1.22-3.fc16.noarch requires perl(RHN::DB)
	ntop-3.4-0.6.pre3.fc16.x86_64 requires libnetsnmp.so.25()(64bit)
	odccm-0.11.1-4.fc15.x86_64 requires libhal.so.1()(64bit)
	ohm-0.1.1-10.23.20080921git.fc13.i686 requires libhal.so.1
	openscada-DAQ-SNMP-0.7.1-2.fc16.x86_64 requires libnetsnmp.so.25()(64bit)
	opensips-snmpstats-1.6.4-11.fc16.x86_64 requires libnetsnmp.so.25()(64bit)
	opensips-snmpstats-1.6.4-11.fc16.x86_64 requires libnetsnmpagent.so.25()(64bit)
	opensips-snmpstats-1.6.4-11.fc16.x86_64 requires libnetsnmpmibs.so.25()(64bit)
	openvpn-auth-ldap-2.0.3-6.fc12.x86_64 requires libobjc.so.2()(64bit)
	osmo-0.2.10-4.fc15.x86_64 requires libgtkhtml-2.so.0()(64bit)
	pandoc- requires ghc(xml-1.3.8) = 0:f68d711e0aeaecb47b69c384ed0ad21a
	pandoc- requires libHSxml-1.3.8-ghc7.0.4.so()(64bit)
	pcp-import-sheet2pcp-3.5.0-1.fc15.1.x86_64 requires perl(Spreadsheet::Read)
	pdf2djvu-0.7.4-7.fc16.x86_64 requires libpoppler.so.13()(64bit)
	perl-CGI-Application-Structured-Tools-0.013-3.fc16.noarch requires perl(<tmpl_var)
	perl-CGI-Application-Structured-Tools-0.013-3.fc16.noarch requires main_module>)
	perl-CGI-Application-Structured-Tools-0.013-3.fc16.noarch requires perl(<tmpl_var
	perl-Gtk2-MozEmbed-0.09-1.fc16.1.x86_64 requires gecko-libs(x86-64) = 0:2.0.1
	perl-MongoDB-0.41-3.fc16.x86_64 requires perl(:MODULE_COMPAT_5.12.3)
	perl-NOCpulse-Debug-1.23.16-1.fc16.noarch requires perl(:MODULE_COMPAT_5.12.3)
	perl-NOCpulse-Gritch-1.27.9-1.fc16.noarch requires perl(:MODULE_COMPAT_5.12.3)
	perl-NOCpulse-Object-1.26.12-2.fc15.noarch requires perl(:MODULE_COMPAT_5.12.3)
	perl-Perlbal-XS-HTTPHeaders-0.20-3.fc15.x86_64 requires perl(:MODULE_COMPAT_5.12.3)
	perl-Pugs-Compiler-Rule-0.37-9.fc16.noarch requires perl(:MODULE_COMPAT_5.12.3)
	perl-Shipwright-2.4.24-2.fc16.noarch requires perl(that)
	perl-Test-AutoBuild-tla-1.2.2-15.fc16.x86_64 requires tla >= 0:1.1.0
	perl-threads-tbb-0.04-1.fc16.x86_64 requires perl(:MODULE_COMPAT_5.12.3)
	php-pecl-gearman-0.7.0-4.fc16.x86_64 requires libgearman.so.4()(64bit)
	pidgin-evolution-2.9.0-2.fc16.x86_64 requires libcamel-1.2.so.27()(64bit)
	pigment-python-0.3.12-4.fc15.x86_64 requires libpigment-gtk-0.3.so.11()(64bit)
	pigment-python-0.3.12-4.fc15.x86_64 requires pigment >= 0:0.3.17
	pigment-python-0.3.12-4.fc15.x86_64 requires libpigment-imaging-0.3.so.11()(64bit)
	pigment-python-0.3.12-4.fc15.x86_64 requires libpigment-0.3.so.11()(64bit)
	player-3.0.2-11.fc16.i686 requires libboost_signals-mt.so.1.46.1
	player-3.0.2-11.fc16.i686 requires libboost_thread-mt.so.1.46.1
	player-3.0.2-11.fc16.x86_64 requires libboost_signals-mt.so.1.46.1()(64bit)
	player-3.0.2-11.fc16.x86_64 requires libboost_thread-mt.so.1.46.1()(64bit)
	plee-the-bear-0.5.1-1.fc16.x86_64 requires libboost_system-mt.so.1.46.1()(64bit)
	plee-the-bear-0.5.1-1.fc16.x86_64 requires libboost_thread-mt.so.1.46.1()(64bit)
	plee-the-bear-0.5.1-1.fc16.x86_64 requires libboost_filesystem-mt.so.1.46.1()(64bit)
	pokerth-0.8.3-7.fc16.x86_64 requires libgnutls-openssl.so.27()(64bit)
	pyactivemq-0.1.0-12.20100214svn209.fc16.x86_64 requires libboost_python.so.1.46.1()(64bit)
	pyexiv2-0.3.0-4.fc16.x86_64 requires libboost_python.so.1.46.1()(64bit)
	pymilia-0.3.0-8.fc16.x86_64 requires libboost_python.so.1.46.1()(64bit)
	python-tag-0.94.5-9.fc16.x86_64 requires libboost_python-mt.so.1.46.1()(64bit)
	python-vcpx-0.9.35-11.fc15.noarch requires tla
	python-visual-5.70-1.fc16.x86_64 requires libboost_python.so.1.46.1()(64bit)
	python-visual-5.70-1.fc16.x86_64 requires libboost_thread-mt.so.1.46.1()(64bit)
	python-visual-5.70-1.fc16.x86_64 requires libboost_signals.so.1.46.1()(64bit)
	qpid-cpp-server-xml-0.10-4.fc16.x86_64 requires xqilla
	qpid-cpp-server-xml-0.10-4.fc16.x86_64 requires libxqilla.so.5()(64bit)
	qtgpsc-0.2.3-6.fc12.x86_64 requires libgps.so.18()(64bit)
	qtparted-0.4.5-26.fc15.x86_64 requires libparted.so.0()(64bit)
	rec-applet-0.2.3-3.fc14.x86_64 requires libpanel-applet-2.so.0()(64bit)
	rec-applet-0.2.3-3.fc14.x86_64 requires libgnome-media-profiles.so.0()(64bit)
	referencer-1.1.6-17.fc16.x86_64 requires libgnomevfsmm-2.6.so.1()(64bit)
	referencer-1.1.6-17.fc16.x86_64 requires libboost_regex.so.1.46.1()(64bit)
	referencer-1.1.6-17.fc16.x86_64 requires libgnomemm-2.6.so.1()(64bit)
	referencer-1.1.6-17.fc16.x86_64 requires libgnomeuimm-2.6.so.1()(64bit)
	ruby-gtkhtml2-0.90.4-1.4.fc16.x86_64 requires libgtkhtml-2.so.0()(64bit)
	rubygem-fog-0.9.0-3.fc16.noarch requires rubygem(net-ssh) >= 0:2.1.4
	seahorse-plugins-2.91.6-0.1.git1e35fd9.fc16.x86_64 requires libcryptui.so.0()(64bit)
	spacewalk-backend-tools-1.4.39-1.fc16.noarch requires spacewalk-admin >= 0:0.1.1-0
	spring- requires libboost_system-mt.so.1.46.1()(64bit)
	spring- requires libboost_signals-mt.so.1.46.1()(64bit)
	spring- requires libboost_thread-mt.so.1.46.1()(64bit)
	spring- requires libboost_program_options-mt.so.1.46.1()(64bit)
	spring- requires libboost_regex-mt.so.1.46.1()(64bit)
	springlobby-0.131-1.fc16.x86_64 requires libboost_system-mt.so.1.46.1()(64bit)
	sugar-read-88-1.fc16.noarch requires gnome-python2-evince
	sushi-0.0.4-1.fc16.i686 requires libcogl.so.1
	sushi-0.0.4-1.fc16.x86_64 requires libcogl.so.1()(64bit)
	sword-1.6.2-3.fc16.x86_64 requires libclucene.so.0()(64bit)
	synce-hal-0.15-2.fc15.x86_64 requires libhal.so.1()(64bit)
	taoframework-glfw-2.1.0-2.fc15.x86_64 requires libglfw
	tasque-0.1.9-5.fc15.x86_64 requires mono(evolution-sharp) = 0:
	tasque-0.1.9-5.fc15.x86_64 requires evolution-sharp
	themonospot-gui-qt-0.1.3-10.fc16.x86_64 requires mono(qt-dotnet) = 0:
	tncfhh-examples-0.8.2-1.fc16.i686 requires libboost_thread-mt.so.1.46.1
	tncfhh-examples-0.8.2-1.fc16.i686 requires libboost_system-mt.so.1.46.1
	tncfhh-examples-0.8.2-1.fc16.x86_64 requires libboost_system-mt.so.1.46.1()(64bit)
	tncfhh-examples-0.8.2-1.fc16.x86_64 requires libboost_thread-mt.so.1.46.1()(64bit)
	tncfhh-libs-0.8.2-1.fc16.i686 requires libboost_thread-mt.so.1.46.1
	tncfhh-libs-0.8.2-1.fc16.i686 requires libboost_system-mt.so.1.46.1
	tncfhh-libs-0.8.2-1.fc16.x86_64 requires libboost_system-mt.so.1.46.1()(64bit)
	tncfhh-libs-0.8.2-1.fc16.x86_64 requires libboost_thread-mt.so.1.46.1()(64bit)
	tomcat5-admin-webapps-5.5.31-3.fc15.noarch requires struts
	tomcat5-admin-webapps-5.5.31-3.fc15.noarch requires struts >= 0:1.2.9
	1:totem-publish-3.1.0-2.fc16.x86_64 requires libepc-1.0.so.2()(64bit)
	1:totem-publish-3.1.0-2.fc16.x86_64 requires libepc-ui-1.0.so.2()(64bit)
	1:totem-youtube-3.1.0-2.fc16.x86_64 requires libgdata.so.11()(64bit)
	tracker-0.10.10-1.fc16.i686 requires libpoppler-glib.so.6
	tracker-0.10.10-1.fc16.i686 requires libpoppler.so.13
	tracker-0.10.10-1.fc16.x86_64 requires libpoppler.so.13()(64bit)
	tracker-0.10.10-1.fc16.x86_64 requires libpoppler-glib.so.6()(64bit)
	tracker-evolution-plugin-0.10.10-1.fc16.x86_64 requires libcamel-provider-1.2.so.23()(64bit)
	tracker-evolution-plugin-0.10.10-1.fc16.x86_64 requires libedataserverui-3.0.so.0()(64bit)
	tracker-evolution-plugin-0.10.10-1.fc16.x86_64 requires libebook-1.2.so.10()(64bit)
	tracker-evolution-plugin-0.10.10-1.fc16.x86_64 requires libcamel-1.2.so.23()(64bit)
	tracker-evolution-plugin-0.10.10-1.fc16.x86_64 requires libgnome-desktop-3.so.0()(64bit)
	transifex-0.9.1-1.fc15.noarch requires python-pygooglechart
	vigra-python-1.7.1-3.fc16.x86_64 requires libboost_python-mt.so.1.46.1()(64bit)
	vinagre-3.1.4-1.fc16.x86_64 requires libspice-client-glib-2.0.so.4()(64bit)
	vinagre-3.1.4-1.fc16.x86_64 requires libspice-client-glib-2.0.so.4(SPICEGTK_1)(64bit)
	virt-viewer-0.4.0-1.fc16.x86_64 requires libspice-client-glib-2.0.so.3(SPICEGTK_1)(64bit)
	virt-viewer-0.4.0-1.fc16.x86_64 requires libspice-client-glib-2.0.so.3()(64bit)
	wput-0.6.1-8.fc16.x86_64 requires libgnutls-openssl.so.27()(64bit)
	zarafa-server-7.0.0-1.fc16.x86_64 requires libboost_system-mt.so.1.46.1()(64bit)
	zarafa-server-7.0.0-1.fc16.x86_64 requires libboost_filesystem-mt.so.1.46.1()(64bit)
	zoneminder-1.24.3-7.20110324svn3310.fc16.x86_64 requires libgnutls-openssl.so.27()(64bit)

Broken deps for i386
	389-ds-base- requires libnetsnmpmibs.so.25
	389-ds-base- requires libnetsnmpagent.so.25
	389-ds-base- requires libnetsnmp.so.25
	LuxRender-0.7.1-6.fc16.i686 requires libboost_serialization-mt.so.1.46.1
	LuxRender-0.7.1-6.fc16.i686 requires libboost_thread-mt.so.1.46.1
	LuxRender-0.7.1-6.fc16.i686 requires libboost_regex-mt.so.1.46.1
	LuxRender-0.7.1-6.fc16.i686 requires libboost_iostreams-mt.so.1.46.1
	LuxRender-0.7.1-6.fc16.i686 requires libboost_filesystem-mt.so.1.46.1
	LuxRender-0.7.1-6.fc16.i686 requires libboost_system-mt.so.1.46.1
	LuxRender-0.7.1-6.fc16.i686 requires libboost_program_options-mt.so.1.46.1
	LuxRender-core-0.7.1-6.fc16.i686 requires libboost_regex-mt.so.1.46.1
	LuxRender-core-0.7.1-6.fc16.i686 requires libboost_serialization-mt.so.1.46.1
	LuxRender-core-0.7.1-6.fc16.i686 requires libboost_thread-mt.so.1.46.1
	LuxRender-core-0.7.1-6.fc16.i686 requires libboost_iostreams-mt.so.1.46.1
	LuxRender-core-0.7.1-6.fc16.i686 requires libboost_filesystem-mt.so.1.46.1
	LuxRender-core-0.7.1-6.fc16.i686 requires libboost_system-mt.so.1.46.1
	LuxRender-core-0.7.1-6.fc16.i686 requires libboost_program_options-mt.so.1.46.1
	QuantLib-test-1.1-1.fc16.i686 requires libboost_unit_test_framework.so.1.46.1
	acheck-0.5.1-4.fc15.noarch requires perl(Text::Aspell)
	almanah-0.7.3-12.fc16.i686 requires libedataserverui-3.0.so.0
	almanah-0.7.3-12.fc16.i686 requires libcamel-1.2.so.26
	almanah-0.7.3-12.fc16.i686 requires libcryptui.so.0
	1:anerley-0.2.14-7.fc16.i686 requires libcamel-1.2.so.26
	apvlv- requires libpoppler.so.13
	apvlv- requires libpoppler-glib.so.6
	assogiate-0.2.1-5.fc15.i686 requires libgnomevfsmm-2.6.so.1
	at-spi-python-1.32.0-5.fc16.i686 requires pyorbit
	bibletime-2.8.1-1.fc16.i686 requires libclucene.so.0
	1:cheese-3.0.2-1.fc16.i686 requires libcogl.so.1
	1:cheese-libs-3.0.2-1.fc16.i686 requires libcogl.so.1
	claws-mail-plugins-geolocation-3.7.9-7.fc16.i686 requires libcogl.so.1
	cluster-snmp-0.18.7-1.fc16.i686 requires libnetsnmp.so.25
	clutter-gtk-1.0.2-1.fc16.i686 requires libcogl.so.1
	coda-backup-6.9.5-6.fc16.i686 requires librpc2.so.5
	coda-backup-6.9.5-6.fc16.i686 requires liblwp.so.2
	coda-backup-6.9.5-6.fc16.i686 requires libse.so.5
	coda-client-6.9.5-6.fc16.i686 requires librpc2.so.5
	coda-client-6.9.5-6.fc16.i686 requires liblwp.so.2
	coda-client-6.9.5-6.fc16.i686 requires librdslwp.so.1
	coda-client-6.9.5-6.fc16.i686 requires librvmlwp.so.1
	coda-client-6.9.5-6.fc16.i686 requires libse.so.5
	coda-client-6.9.5-6.fc16.i686 requires libseglwp.so.1
	coda-server-6.9.5-6.fc16.i686 requires rvm-tools
	coda-server-6.9.5-6.fc16.i686 requires librpc2.so.5
	coda-server-6.9.5-6.fc16.i686 requires liblwp.so.2
	coda-server-6.9.5-6.fc16.i686 requires librdslwp.so.1
	coda-server-6.9.5-6.fc16.i686 requires librvmlwp.so.1
	coda-server-6.9.5-6.fc16.i686 requires libse.so.5
	coda-server-6.9.5-6.fc16.i686 requires libseglwp.so.1
	collectd-snmp-4.10.3-7.fc16.i686 requires libnetsnmp.so.25
	comoonics-cdsl-py-0.2-18.noarch requires comoonics-base-py
	comoonics-cluster-py-0.1-24.noarch requires comoonics-base-py
	contextkit-0.5.15-2.fc15.i686 requires libcdb.so.1
	deskbar-applet-2.32.0-4.fc15.i686 requires gnome-python2-applet
	deskbar-applet-2.32.0-4.fc15.i686 requires libebook-1.2.so.10
	deskbar-applet-2.32.0-4.fc15.i686 requires libcamel-1.2.so.23
	dh-make-0.55-3.fc15.noarch requires debhelper
	ease-0.4-5.fc16.i686 requires libcogl.so.1
	easystroke-0.5.4-1.fc16.i686 requires libboost_serialization-mt.so.1.46.1
	emacs-spice-mode-1.2.25-5.fc15.noarch requires gwave
	empathy-3.1.3-4.fc16.i686 requires libcogl.so.1
	eog-plugins-3.1.2-1.fc16.i686 requires libcogl.so.1
	evolution-mapi-3.1.3-1.fc16.i686 requires libcamel-1.2.so.27
	evolution-mapi-3.1.3-1.fc16.i686 requires libcamel-provider-1.2.so.27
	exaile- requires hal
	fatrat-1.1.3-4.fc16.i686 requires libboost_date_time-mt.so.1.46.1
	fatrat-1.1.3-4.fc16.i686 requires libboost_filesystem-mt.so.1.46.1
	fatrat-1.1.3-4.fc16.i686 requires libboost_system-mt.so.1.46.1
	fawkes-guis-0.4.2-4.fc16.i686 requires libgvc.so.5
	fawkes-guis-0.4.2-4.fc16.i686 requires libcdt.so.4
	fawkes-guis-0.4.2-4.fc16.i686 requires libgraph.so.4
	fawkes-plugin-player-0.4.2-4.fc16.i686 requires libgeos-3.2.1.so
	fawkes-plugin-player-0.4.2-4.fc16.i686 requires libboost_thread-mt.so.1.46.1
	fawkes-plugin-player-0.4.2-4.fc16.i686 requires libboost_signals-mt.so.1.46.1
	ffgtk-plugin-evolution-0.7.94-4.fc16.i686 requires libcamel-1.2.so.27
	file-browser-applet-0.6.6-1.fc15.i686 requires libpanel-applet-2.so.0
	flaw-1.2.4-2.fc15.i686 requires libSDL_gfx.so.0
	fldigi-3.21.7-1.fc16.i686 requires libfltk.so.1.1
	fldigi-3.21.7-1.fc16.i686 requires libfltk_images.so.1.1
	flush-0.9.10-3.fc16.i686 requires libboost_thread-mt.so.1.46.1
	flush-0.9.10-3.fc16.i686 requires libboost_signals-mt.so.1.46.1
	flush-0.9.10-3.fc16.i686 requires libboost_filesystem-mt.so.1.46.1
	flush-0.9.10-3.fc16.i686 requires libboost_system-mt.so.1.46.1
	fuse-encfs-1.7.4-1.fc16.i686 requires libboost_serialization-mt.so.1.46.1
	fuse-encfs-1.7.4-1.fc16.i686 requires libboost_filesystem-mt.so.1.46.1
	fuse-encfs-1.7.4-1.fc16.i686 requires libboost_system-mt.so.1.46.1
	fusecompress-2.6-10.20100223git754bc0de.fc16.i686 requires libboost_serialization-mt.so.1.46.1
	fusecompress-2.6-10.20100223git754bc0de.fc16.i686 requires libboost_iostreams-mt.so.1.46.1
	fusecompress-2.6-10.20100223git754bc0de.fc16.i686 requires libboost_filesystem-mt.so.1.46.1
	fusecompress-2.6-10.20100223git754bc0de.fc16.i686 requires libboost_system-mt.so.1.46.1
	fusecompress-2.6-10.20100223git754bc0de.fc16.i686 requires libboost_program_options-mt.so.1.46.1
	gambas2-gb-pdf-2.23.1-1.fc16.i686 requires libpoppler.so.13
	garden-1.0.8-3.fc15.i686 requires liballeg.so.4.2
	gcdmaster-1.2.3-9.fc15.i686 requires libgnomevfsmm-2.6.so.1
	gcdmaster-1.2.3-9.fc15.i686 requires libgnomeuimm-2.6.so.1
	gcdmaster-1.2.3-9.fc15.i686 requires libgnomemm-2.6.so.1
	gedit-valencia-0.3.0-6.20110701git808152718e3ab.fc16.i686 requires libvala-0.12.so.0
	ghc-citeproc-hs-0.3.2-4.fc16.i686 requires libHSxml-1.3.8-ghc7.0.4.so
	ghc-citeproc-hs-0.3.2-4.fc16.i686 requires ghc(xml-1.3.8) = 0:0b6f777afa99e0a714c602326e7a6c2e
	ghc-citeproc-hs-devel-0.3.2-4.fc16.i686 requires ghc-prof(xml-1.3.8) = 0:0b6f777afa99e0a714c602326e7a6c2e
	ghc-citeproc-hs-devel-0.3.2-4.fc16.i686 requires ghc-devel(xml-1.3.8) = 0:0b6f777afa99e0a714c602326e7a6c2e
	ghc-pandoc- requires libHSxml-1.3.8-ghc7.0.4.so
	ghc-pandoc- requires ghc(xml-1.3.8) = 0:0b6f777afa99e0a714c602326e7a6c2e
	ghc-pandoc-devel- requires ghc-prof(xml-1.3.8) = 0:0b6f777afa99e0a714c602326e7a6c2e
	ghc-pandoc-devel- requires ghc-devel(xml-1.3.8) = 0:0b6f777afa99e0a714c602326e7a6c2e
	ghc-regexpr-0.5.4-1.fc16.i686 requires libHSmtlparse-0.1.1-ghc7.0.4.so
	ghc-regexpr-0.5.4-1.fc16.i686 requires ghc(mtlparse-0.1.1) = 0:53619a5711330a2ddac094ac2a8b80fa
	ghc-regexpr-devel-0.5.4-1.fc16.i686 requires ghc-prof(mtlparse-0.1.1) = 0:53619a5711330a2ddac094ac2a8b80fa
	ghc-regexpr-devel-0.5.4-1.fc16.i686 requires ghc-devel(mtlparse-0.1.1) = 0:53619a5711330a2ddac094ac2a8b80fa
	ghc-texmath- requires libHSxml-1.3.8-ghc7.0.4.so
	ghc-texmath- requires ghc(xml-1.3.8) = 0:0b6f777afa99e0a714c602326e7a6c2e
	ghc-texmath-devel- requires ghc-prof(xml-1.3.8) = 0:0b6f777afa99e0a714c602326e7a6c2e
	ghc-texmath-devel- requires ghc-devel(xml-1.3.8) = 0:0b6f777afa99e0a714c602326e7a6c2e
	giggle-0.5-7.fc16.i686 requires libcamel-1.2.so.27
	git-arch-1.7.6-3.fc16.noarch requires tla
	glom-1.18.3-1.fc16.i686 requires libepc-1.0.so.2
	glom-libs-1.18.3-1.fc16.i686 requires libepc-1.0.so.2
	gloobus-preview-0.4.1-13.fc16.i686 requires libpoppler.so.13
	gloobus-preview-0.4.1-13.fc16.i686 requires libpoppler-glib.so.6
	gmediaserver-0.13.0-7.fc15.i686 requires libthreadutil.so.2
	gmediaserver-0.13.0-7.fc15.i686 requires libupnp.so.3
	gnome-applet-grandr-0.4.1-2.fc12.i686 requires libpanel-applet-2.so.0
	gnome-applet-sensors-2.2.7-4.fc15.i686 requires libpanel-applet-2.so.0
	1:gnome-games-extra-3.1.3-1.fc16.i686 requires libcogl.so.1
	gnome-phone-manager-0.66-3.fc16.i686 requires libcamel-1.2.so.26
	gnome-phone-manager-telepathy-0.66-3.fc16.i686 requires libcamel-1.2.so.26
	gnome-pilot-conduits-2.32.1-2.fc15.i686 requires libgpilotd.so.5
	gnome-pilot-conduits-2.32.1-2.fc15.i686 requires libgpilotdcm.so.4
	gnome-pilot-conduits-2.32.1-2.fc15.i686 requires libgpilotdconduit.so.3
	gnome-pilot-eds-2.91.92-1.fc16.i686 requires libcamel-1.2.so.23
	gnome-pilot-eds-2.91.92-1.fc16.i686 requires libedataserverui-3.0.so.0
	gnome-pilot-eds-2.91.92-1.fc16.i686 requires libebook-1.2.so.10
	gnome-pilot-eds-2.91.92-1.fc16.i686 requires libecal-1.2.so.8
	gnome-python2-bonobo-2.28.1-4.fc15.i686 requires pyorbit >= 0:2.0.1
	gnome-python2-evolution-2.32.0-4.fc16.i686 requires libebook-1.2.so.10
	gnome-python2-evolution-2.32.0-4.fc16.i686 requires libcamel-1.2.so.25
	gnome-python2-evolution-2.32.0-4.fc16.i686 requires libecal-1.2.so.8
	gnome-python2-gtkhtml2-2.25.3-31.fc16.i686 requires libgtkhtml-2.so.0
	gnome-python2-gtkhtml2-2.25.3-31.fc16.i686 requires gtkhtml2 >= 0:2.3.1
	gnome-shell-3.1.3-2.fc16.i686 requires libcogl.so.1
	gold- requires perl(Data::Properties)
	gphpedit-0.9.95-0.2.20090209snap.fc15.i686 requires libgtkhtml-2.so.0
	gpsdrive-2.11-6.fc16.i686 requires libboost_filesystem-mt.so.1.46.1
	gpsdrive-2.11-6.fc16.i686 requires libboost_system-mt.so.1.46.1
	gpsdrive-2.11-6.fc16.i686 requires libboost_thread-mt.so.1.46.1
	gpx-viewer-0.2.0-3.fc14.i686 requires libchamplain-gtk-0.6.so.0
	gpx-viewer-0.2.0-3.fc14.i686 requires libchamplain-0.6.so.0
	gpx-viewer-0.2.0-3.fc14.i686 requires libgdl-1.so.3
	gspiceui-0.9.98-3.fc15.i686 requires gwave
	gyachi-1.2.10-5.fc16.i686 requires libgtkhtml-2.so.0
	halevt- requires libhal.so.1
	hosts3d-1.13-2.fc15.i686 requires libglfw.so.2.6
	hosts3d-sampler-1.13-2.fc15.i686 requires libglfw.so.2.6
	intellij-idea- requires commons-collections
	kde-partitionmanager-1.0.3-2.fc15.i686 requires libparted.so.0
	9:kdevelop-libs-4.2.3-3.fc16.i686 requires okteta >= 0:4.6.95
	1:libabiword-2.8.6-6.fc15.i686 requires liblink-grammar.so.4
	1:libabiword-2.8.6-6.fc15.i686 requires link-grammar >= 0:4.2.2
	libmapi-7.0.0-1.fc16.i686 requires libboost_filesystem-mt.so.1.46.1
	libmapi-7.0.0-1.fc16.i686 requires libboost_system-mt.so.1.46.1
	libnodeupdown-backend-openib-1.12-3.fc16.i686 requires libopensm.so.2
	libnodeupdown-backend-openib-1.12-3.fc16.i686 requires libopensm.so.2(OPENSM_1.5)
	libpst-python-0.6.53-1.fc16.i686 requires libboost_python.so.1.46.1
	libvirt-snmp-0.0.2-1.fc16.i686 requires libnetsnmpmibs.so.25
	libvirt-snmp-0.0.2-1.fc16.i686 requires libnetsnmp.so.25
	libvirt-snmp-0.0.2-1.fc16.i686 requires libnetsnmpagent.so.25
	lock-keys-applet-1.0-21.fc15.i686 requires libpanel-applet-2.so.0
	maatkit-7410-2.fc16.noarch requires perl(AdvisorRules)
	maatkit-7410-2.fc16.noarch requires perl(ProtocolParser)
	mediawiki-rss-1.5-4.fc15.noarch requires php-magpierss >= 0:0.72
	meego-panel-datetime-0.3.2-5.fc15.i686 requires libecal-1.2.so.8
	meego-panel-datetime-0.3.2-5.fc15.i686 requires libgweather.so.1
	meego-panel-people-0.2.4-6.fc16.i686 requires libebook-1.2.so.10
	meego-panel-people-0.2.4-6.fc16.i686 requires libcamel-1.2.so.25
	meego-panel-status-0.3.2-2.fc15.i686 requires libchamplain-0.8.so.1
	meshlab-1.2.2-5.fc14.1.i686 requires libGLEW.so.1.5
	minion-0.10-6.fc16.i686 requires libboost_iostreams-mt.so.1.46.1
	mozilla-firetray-sunbird-0.2.8-5.fc15.i686 requires sunbird
	mumble-1.2.3-3.fc15.i686 requires libprotobuf.so.6
	murmur-1.2.3-3.fc15.i686 requires libprotobuf.so.6
	mutter- requires libcogl.so.1
	mutter-devel- requires libcogl.so.1
	nagios-plugins-snmp-disk-proc-1.2-8.fc15.i686 requires libnetsnmp.so.25
	netbeans-6.9-3.fc15.noarch requires netbeans-platform12 >= 0:6.9
	netbeans-apisupport-6.9-3.fc15.noarch requires netbeans-platform12 >= 0:6.9
	netbeans-ide-6.9-3.fc15.noarch requires netbeans-platform12 >= 0:6.9
	netbeans-java-6.9-3.fc15.noarch requires netbeans-platform12 >= 0:6.9
	network-manager-netbook-1.8-3.fc15.i686 requires libnm-util.so.1
	network-manager-netbook-1.8-3.fc15.i686 requires libnm-glib.so.2
	nocpulse-common-2.1.22-3.fc16.noarch requires perl(RHN::DB)
	ntop-3.4-0.6.pre3.fc16.i686 requires libnetsnmp.so.25
	odccm-0.11.1-4.fc15.i686 requires libhal.so.1
	ohm-0.1.1-10.23.20080921git.fc13.i686 requires libhal.so.1
	olpc-kbdshim-17-1.fc16.i686 requires hal
	olpc-kbdshim-17-1.fc16.i686 requires libhal.so.1
	openscada-DAQ-SNMP-0.7.1-2.fc16.i686 requires libnetsnmp.so.25
	opensips-snmpstats-1.6.4-11.fc16.i686 requires libnetsnmpmibs.so.25
	opensips-snmpstats-1.6.4-11.fc16.i686 requires libnetsnmp.so.25
	opensips-snmpstats-1.6.4-11.fc16.i686 requires libnetsnmpagent.so.25
	openvpn-auth-ldap-2.0.3-6.fc12.i686 requires libobjc.so.2
	osmo-0.2.10-4.fc15.i686 requires libgtkhtml-2.so.0
	pandoc- requires ghc(xml-1.3.8) = 0:0b6f777afa99e0a714c602326e7a6c2e
	pandoc- requires libHSxml-1.3.8-ghc7.0.4.so
	pcp-import-sheet2pcp-3.5.0-1.fc15.1.i686 requires perl(Spreadsheet::Read)
	pdf2djvu-0.7.4-7.fc16.i686 requires libpoppler.so.13
	perl-CGI-Application-Structured-Tools-0.013-3.fc16.noarch requires perl(<tmpl_var)
	perl-CGI-Application-Structured-Tools-0.013-3.fc16.noarch requires main_module>)
	perl-CGI-Application-Structured-Tools-0.013-3.fc16.noarch requires perl(<tmpl_var
	perl-Gtk2-MozEmbed-0.09-1.fc16.1.i686 requires gecko-libs(x86-32) = 0:2.0.1
	perl-MongoDB-0.41-3.fc16.i686 requires perl(:MODULE_COMPAT_5.12.3)
	perl-NOCpulse-Debug-1.23.16-1.fc16.noarch requires perl(:MODULE_COMPAT_5.12.3)
	perl-NOCpulse-Gritch-1.27.9-1.fc16.noarch requires perl(:MODULE_COMPAT_5.12.3)
	perl-NOCpulse-Object-1.26.12-2.fc15.noarch requires perl(:MODULE_COMPAT_5.12.3)
	perl-Perlbal-XS-HTTPHeaders-0.20-3.fc15.i686 requires perl(:MODULE_COMPAT_5.12.3)
	perl-Pugs-Compiler-Rule-0.37-9.fc16.noarch requires perl(:MODULE_COMPAT_5.12.3)
	perl-Shipwright-2.4.24-2.fc16.noarch requires perl(that)
	perl-Test-AutoBuild-tla-1.2.2-15.fc16.i686 requires tla >= 0:1.1.0
	perl-threads-tbb-0.04-1.fc16.i686 requires perl(:MODULE_COMPAT_5.12.3)
	php-pecl-gearman-0.7.0-4.fc16.i686 requires libgearman.so.4
	pidgin-evolution-2.9.0-2.fc16.i686 requires libcamel-1.2.so.27
	pigment-python-0.3.12-4.fc15.i686 requires libpigment-0.3.so.11
	pigment-python-0.3.12-4.fc15.i686 requires libpigment-imaging-0.3.so.11
	pigment-python-0.3.12-4.fc15.i686 requires pigment >= 0:0.3.17
	pigment-python-0.3.12-4.fc15.i686 requires libpigment-gtk-0.3.so.11
	player-3.0.2-11.fc16.i686 requires libboost_signals-mt.so.1.46.1
	player-3.0.2-11.fc16.i686 requires libboost_thread-mt.so.1.46.1
	plee-the-bear-0.5.1-1.fc16.i686 requires libboost_filesystem-mt.so.1.46.1
	plee-the-bear-0.5.1-1.fc16.i686 requires libboost_system-mt.so.1.46.1
	plee-the-bear-0.5.1-1.fc16.i686 requires libboost_thread-mt.so.1.46.1
	pokerth-0.8.3-7.fc16.i686 requires libgnutls-openssl.so.27
	pyactivemq-0.1.0-12.20100214svn209.fc16.i686 requires libboost_python.so.1.46.1
	pyexiv2-0.3.0-4.fc16.i686 requires libboost_python.so.1.46.1
	pymilia-0.3.0-8.fc16.i686 requires libboost_python.so.1.46.1
	python-tag-0.94.5-9.fc16.i686 requires libboost_python-mt.so.1.46.1
	python-vcpx-0.9.35-11.fc15.noarch requires tla
	python-visual-5.70-1.fc16.i686 requires libboost_signals.so.1.46.1
	python-visual-5.70-1.fc16.i686 requires libboost_thread-mt.so.1.46.1
	python-visual-5.70-1.fc16.i686 requires libboost_python.so.1.46.1
	qpid-cpp-server-xml-0.10-4.fc16.i686 requires libxqilla.so.5
	qpid-cpp-server-xml-0.10-4.fc16.i686 requires xqilla
	qtgpsc-0.2.3-6.fc12.i686 requires libgps.so.18
	qtparted-0.4.5-26.fc15.i686 requires libparted.so.0
	rec-applet-0.2.3-3.fc14.i686 requires libpanel-applet-2.so.0
	rec-applet-0.2.3-3.fc14.i686 requires libgnome-media-profiles.so.0
	referencer-1.1.6-17.fc16.i686 requires libboost_regex.so.1.46.1
	referencer-1.1.6-17.fc16.i686 requires libgnomemm-2.6.so.1
	referencer-1.1.6-17.fc16.i686 requires libgnomeuimm-2.6.so.1
	referencer-1.1.6-17.fc16.i686 requires libgnomevfsmm-2.6.so.1
	ruby-gtkhtml2-0.90.4-1.4.fc16.i686 requires libgtkhtml-2.so.0
	rubygem-fog-0.9.0-3.fc16.noarch requires rubygem(net-ssh) >= 0:2.1.4
	seahorse-plugins-2.91.6-0.1.git1e35fd9.fc16.i686 requires libcryptui.so.0
	spacewalk-backend-tools-1.4.39-1.fc16.noarch requires spacewalk-admin >= 0:0.1.1-0
	spring- requires libboost_regex-mt.so.1.46.1
	spring- requires libboost_thread-mt.so.1.46.1
	spring- requires libboost_signals-mt.so.1.46.1
	spring- requires libboost_system-mt.so.1.46.1
	spring- requires libboost_program_options-mt.so.1.46.1
	springlobby-0.131-1.fc16.i686 requires libboost_system-mt.so.1.46.1
	sugar-read-88-1.fc16.noarch requires gnome-python2-evince
	sushi-0.0.4-1.fc16.i686 requires libcogl.so.1
	sword-1.6.2-3.fc16.i686 requires libclucene.so.0
	synce-hal-0.15-2.fc15.i686 requires libhal.so.1
	taoframework-glfw-2.1.0-2.fc15.i686 requires libglfw
	tasque-0.1.9-5.fc15.i686 requires evolution-sharp
	tasque-0.1.9-5.fc15.i686 requires mono(evolution-sharp) = 0:
	themonospot-gui-qt-0.1.3-10.fc16.i686 requires mono(qt-dotnet) = 0:
	tncfhh-examples-0.8.2-1.fc16.i686 requires libboost_thread-mt.so.1.46.1
	tncfhh-examples-0.8.2-1.fc16.i686 requires libboost_system-mt.so.1.46.1
	tncfhh-libs-0.8.2-1.fc16.i686 requires libboost_thread-mt.so.1.46.1
	tncfhh-libs-0.8.2-1.fc16.i686 requires libboost_system-mt.so.1.46.1
	tomcat5-admin-webapps-5.5.31-3.fc15.noarch requires struts
	tomcat5-admin-webapps-5.5.31-3.fc15.noarch requires struts >= 0:1.2.9
	1:totem-publish-3.1.0-2.fc16.i686 requires libepc-1.0.so.2
	1:totem-publish-3.1.0-2.fc16.i686 requires libepc-ui-1.0.so.2
	1:totem-youtube-3.1.0-2.fc16.i686 requires libgdata.so.11
	tracker-0.10.10-1.fc16.i686 requires libpoppler-glib.so.6
	tracker-0.10.10-1.fc16.i686 requires libpoppler.so.13
	tracker-evolution-plugin-0.10.10-1.fc16.i686 requires libcamel-1.2.so.23
	tracker-evolution-plugin-0.10.10-1.fc16.i686 requires libcamel-provider-1.2.so.23
	tracker-evolution-plugin-0.10.10-1.fc16.i686 requires libedataserverui-3.0.so.0
	tracker-evolution-plugin-0.10.10-1.fc16.i686 requires libebook-1.2.so.10
	tracker-evolution-plugin-0.10.10-1.fc16.i686 requires libgnome-desktop-3.so.0
	transifex-0.9.1-1.fc15.noarch requires python-pygooglechart
	vigra-python-1.7.1-3.fc16.i686 requires libboost_python-mt.so.1.46.1
	vinagre-3.1.4-1.fc16.i686 requires libspice-client-glib-2.0.so.4
	vinagre-3.1.4-1.fc16.i686 requires libspice-client-glib-2.0.so.4(SPICEGTK_1)
	virt-viewer-0.4.0-1.fc16.i686 requires libspice-client-glib-2.0.so.3
	virt-viewer-0.4.0-1.fc16.i686 requires libspice-client-glib-2.0.so.3(SPICEGTK_1)
	wput-0.6.1-8.fc16.i686 requires libgnutls-openssl.so.27
	zarafa-server-7.0.0-1.fc16.i686 requires libboost_filesystem-mt.so.1.46.1
	zarafa-server-7.0.0-1.fc16.i686 requires libboost_system-mt.so.1.46.1
	zoneminder-1.24.3-7.20110324svn3310.fc16.i686 requires libgnutls-openssl.so.27

New package: 0xFFFF-0.3.9-5.fc15
             The Open Free Fiasco Firmware Flasher

New package: 389-ds-1.2.2-1.fc15
             389 Directory, Administration, and Console Suite

New package: 3Depict-0.0.6-1.fc15
             Valued 3D point cloud visualization and analysis

New package: 4ti2-1.3.2-7.fc15
             A software package for problems on linear spaces

New package: 9wm-1.2-3.fc15
             Emulation of the Plan 9 window manager 8 1/2

New package: AGReader-1.2-7.fc15
             Console reader for viewing AmigaGuide files

New package: AcetoneISO-6.7-8.fc15
             CD/DVD Image Manipulator

New package: AcetoneISO2-2.3-2.fc15
             CD/DVD Image Manipulator

New package: BareBonesBrowserLaunch-3.1-2.fc15
             Simple library to launch a browser window from Java

New package: BlockOutII-2.3-8.fc15
             A free adaptation of the original BlockOut DOS game

New package: CQRlib-1.1.2-2.fc15
             ANSI C API for quaternion arithmetic and rotation

New package: CTL-1.4.1-11.fc15
             The Color Transformation Language

New package: CUnit-2.1.2-7.fc15
             A unit testing framework for C

New package: CableSwig-3.20.0-4.fc15
             Create interfaces to interpreted languages for templated code

New package: CharLS-1.0-2.fc15
             An optimized implementation of the JPEG-LS standard

New package: ClanLib-2.1.2-2.fc15
             Cross platform C++ game library

New package: Coin2-2.5.0-10.fc15
             High-level 3D visualization library

New package: ConsoleKit-0.4.5-1.fc15
             System daemon for tracking users, sessions and seats

New package: CriticalMass-1.0.2-9.fc15
             SDL/OpenGL space shoot'em up game also known as critter

New package: Cython-0.14.1-2.fc15
             A language for writing Python extension modules

New package: DivFix++-0.34-11.fc15
             Repair broken AVI file streams by rebuilding index part of file

New package: Django-south-0.7.3-2.fc15
             Intelligent schema migrations for Django apps

New package: ETL-0.04.13-2.fc15
             Extended Template Library

New package: FUR-0.4.6-4.fc15
             Mount a Windows CE based device on your Linux file system

New package: Falcon-
             The Falcon Programming Language

New package: FlightGear-Atlas-0.4.8-0.2.cvs20100719.fc15
             Flightgear map tools

New package: GLC_Player-2.2.0-2.fc15
             GLC_Player is an Open Source software used to view 3d models (OBJ Format)

New package: GMT-coastlines-2.1.1-1.fc15
             Coastline data for GMT

New package: GREYCstoration-2.8-6.fc15
             An image denoising and interpolation tool

New package: GeoIP-1.4.7-0.2.20090931cvs.fc15
             C library for country/city/organization to IP address or hostname mapping

New package: Glide3-20050815-11.fc15
             Glide3 runtime for the 3Dfx Voodoo family of cards

New package: Glide3-libGL-6.2.1-12.fc15
             Glide3 OpenGL library for use with 3Dfx Voodoo 1 & 2 cards

New package: Hermes-1.3.3-18.fc15
             Pixel format conversion library

New package: Inventor-2.1.5-40.fc15
             SGI Open Inventor (TM)

New package: JSCookMenu-2.0.4-4.fc15
             JavaScript GUI-like web menus

New package: Judy-1.0.5-2.fc15
             General purpose dynamic array

New package: KoboDeluxe-0.5.1-8.fc15
             3'rd person scrolling 2D shooter

New package: L-function-1.2-4.fc12
             L-function calculator

New package: LabPlot-
             Data Analysis and Visualization

New package: LibRaw-0.11.3-3.fc15
             Library for reading RAW files obtained from digital photo cameras

New package: LinLog-0.4-6.fc15
             A ham radio logbook for Linux

New package: MAKEDEV-3.24-9.fc15
             A program used for creating device files in /dev

New package: Maelstrom-3.0.6-20.fc15
             A space combat game

New package: MagicPoint-1.11b-11.fc15
             X based presentation software

New package: Mayavi-3.4.0-2.fc15
             Scientific data 3-dimensional visualizer

New package: MegaMek-0.30.11-7.fc15
             A portable, network-enabled BattleTech engine

New package: MiniCopier-0.5-2.fc15
             Graphical copy manager

New package: MochiKit-1.4.2-6.fc15
             Lightweight JavaScript library

New package: MyPasswordSafe-0.6.7-12.20061216.fc15
             A graphical password management tool

New package: NetPIPE-3.7.1-3.fc15
             Protocol independent performance tool

New package: ORBit-0.5.17-31.fc15
             CORBA Object Request Broker for GNOME-1 compatibility

New package: ORBit2-2.14.19-2.fc15
             A high-performance CORBA Object Request Broker

New package: OpenEXR-1.7.0-2.fc15
             A high dynamic-range (HDR) image file format

New package: OpenEXR_CTL-1.0.1-10.fc15
             A simplified OpenEXR interface to CTL

New package: Panini-0.71.103-5.fc15
             A tool for creating perspective views from panoramic and wide angle images

New package: PerceptualDiff-1.1.1-8.fc15
             An image comparison utility

New package: PersonalCopy-Lite-soundfont-4.1-7.fc15
             Lite version of the PersonalCopy General Midi soundfont

New package: PgsLookAndFeel-1.1-5.20090805cvs.fc15
             Nice looking LookAndFeel for Swing

New package: PolicyKit-olpc-1.5-2.fc15
             OLPC-specific PolicyKit overrides

New package: Pound-2.6-0.1.fc15.c
             Reverse proxy and load balancer

New package: PyKDE-3.16.6-7.fc15
             Python bindings for KDE3

New package: PyPE-2.9.1-5.fc15
             Lightweight but powerful graphical editor for developers

New package: PyQt-3.18.1-9.fc15
             Python bindings for Qt3

New package: PyQuante-1.6.4-2.fc15
             Python Quantum Chemistry

New package: PyQwt-5.2.0-12.fc15
             Python bindings for Qwt

New package: PyRTF-0.45-12.fc15
             Rich Text Format (RTF) Document Generation in Python

New package: PySBIG-0.04-7.fc15
             PySBIG can read SBIG CCD files

New package: PySolFC-2.0-4.fc15
             A collection of solitare card games

New package: PySolFC-cardsets-2.0-4.fc15
             Various cardsets for PySolFC

New package: PySolFC-music-4.40-7.fc15
             Music for PySolFC

New package: PyX-0.10-10.fc15
             Python graphics package

New package: PyXML-0.8.4-26.fc15
             XML libraries for python

New package: Pyrex-0.9.9-3.fc15
             A compiler/language for writing Python extension modules

New package: PythonCAD-0.1.36-10.fc15
             Python scriptable CAD package

New package: PythonCard-0.8.2-8.fc15
             PythonCard GUI construction toolkit

New package: QtDMM-0.8.12-2.fc15
             A digital multimeter readout software

New package: R-DBI-0.2.5-2.fc15
             Database interface module for R

New package: R-GenomicFeatures-0.0.9-3.fc15
             A transient package to store various genomic features

New package: R-RM2-0.0-7.fc15
             Revenue Management and Pricing for R

New package: R-RODBC-1.3.1-2.fc15
             An ODBC database interface for R

New package: R-RSQLite-0.9.1-2.fc15
             SQLite database interface for R

New package: R-RScaLAPACK-0.6.1-6.fc15
             An interface to perform parallel computation on linear algebra problems using ScaLAPACK

New package: R-RUnit-0.4.26-2.fc15
             R Unit test framework

New package: R-abind-1.1.0-7.fc15
             Combine multi-dimensional arrays

New package: R-acepack-
             ACE and AVAS methods for choosing regression transformations

New package: R-biglm-0.7-2.fc15
             Bounded memory linear and generalized linear models

New package: R-bitops-
             Functions for Bitwise operations

New package: R-car-2.0-9.fc15
             Companion to Applied Regression package for R

New package: R-combinat-0.0.7-6.fc15
             R routines for combinatorics

New package: R-fibroEset-1.4.4-2.fc15
             ExprSet for karaman et al. (2003) fibroblasts data

New package: R-lmtest-0.9-28.fc15
             Testing Linear Regression Models for R

New package: R-msm-0.9.5-3.fc15
             Multi-state Markov and hidden Markov models in continuous time

New package: R-mvtnorm-0.9-96.fc15
             Multivariate normal and T distribution R Package

New package: R-nws-
             R functions for NetWorkSpaces and Sleigh

New package: R-pls-2.1.0-4.fc15
             Multivariate regression by PLSR and PCR

New package: R-rlecuyer-0.3.1-2.fc15
             R interface to RNG with multiple streams

New package: R-sciplot-1.0.7-5.fc15
             Scientific Graphing Functions for Factorial Designs

New package: R-systemfit-1.1-9.fc15
             Simultaneous Equation Estimation R Package

New package: R-xtable-1.5.6-3.fc15
             Export tables to LaTeX or HTML

New package: R-zoo-1.6-5.fc15
             Z's ordered observations for irregular time series

New package: R2spec-3.0.3-2.fc15
             Python script to generate R spec file

New package: RBTools-0.3.2-1.fc15
             Tools for use with ReviewBoard

New package: RabbIT-4.1-10.fc15
             Proxy for a faster web

New package: Ri-li-2.0.1-6.fc15
             Arcade game where you drive a toy wood engine

New package: RunSnakeRun-2.0.0-0.6.b6.fc15
             GUI Viewer for Python profiling runs

New package: SAASound-3.2-8.fc15
             Phillips SAA 1099 sound chip emulator library

New package: SDL_Pango-0.1.2-12
             Rendering of internationalized text for SDL (Simple DirectMedia Layer)

New package: SDL_image-1.2.10-2.fc15
             Image loading library for SDL

New package: SDL_mixer-1.2.11-5.fc15
             Simple DirectMedia Layer - Sample Mixer Library

New package: SDL_net-1.2.7-8.fc15
             SDL portable network library

New package: SDL_sound-1.0.3-6.fc15
             Library handling decoding of several popular sound file formats

New package: SDL_ttf-2.0.10-2.fc15
             Simple DirectMedia Layer TrueType Font library

New package: SIBsim4-0.20-2.fc15
             Align expressed RNA sequences on a DNA template

New package: SILLY-0.1.0-8.fc15
             Simple and easy to use library for image loading

New package: SIMVoleon-2.0.1-11.fc15
             Volume rendering library for Coin

New package: SimplyHTML-0.13.1-5.fc15
             Application and a java component for rich text processing

New package: SoQt-1.5.0-2.fc15
             High-level 3D visualization library

New package: SolarModel-2.1-9.fc15
             Real-time 3D Solar System simulation

New package: Spawning-0.9.5-2.fc15
             A HTTP server for hosting WSGI python web applications

New package: TnL-071111-13.fc14
             Thunder & Lightning - A futuristic action flight simulator game

New package: TnL-data-071111-6.fc15
             Datafiles for Thunder and Lightning

New package: TurboGears2-2.1-2.fc15
             Next generation front-to-back web development megaframework built on Pylons

New package: UnihanDb-5.1.0-7.fc15.3
             The Unihan character database in fifth normal form

New package: Vuurmuur-0.7-8.fc15
             Firewall manager built on top of iptables

New package: WebShell-0.9.6-4.fc15
             SSL server for web-based SSH access from browsers and mobile devices

New package: WindowMaker-0.92.0-22.fc15
             A fast, feature rich Window Manager

New package: WritRecogn-0.1.9-3.fc15
             Handwriting recognizer for CJK characters

New package: Xaw3d-1.5E-20.fc15
             A version of the MIT Athena widget set for X

New package: YafaRay-0.1.1-4.fc15
             A free open-source raytracing render engine

New package: a2jmidid-7-2.fc15
             Daemon for exposing ALSA sequencer applications in JACK MIDI system

New package: a2ps-4.14-12.fc15
             Converts text and other types of files to PostScript

New package: aajohan-comfortaa-fonts-1.004-2.fc15
             Modern style true type font

New package: aalib-1.4.0-0.19.rc5.fc15
             ASCII art library

New package: abby-0.4.8-2.fc15
             Front-end for cclive and clive

New package: abcde-2.4.2-3.fc15
             A Better CD Encoder

New package: abgraph-1.1-4.fc15
             ABGraph is a simple tool to benchmark webservers

New package: abiword-2.8.6-6.fc15
             The AbiWord word processor

New package: abook-0.6.0-0.7.pre2.fc15
             Text-based addressbook program for mutt

New package: abuse-0.7.1-6.fc15
             The classic Crack-Dot-Com game

New package: accrete-1.0-6.fc15
             Accrete is a physical simulation of solar system planet formation

New package: acheck-0.5.1-4.fc15
             Check common localisation mistakes

New package: acheck-rules-0.3.1-4.fc15
             Rules for acheck

New package: acpi-1.5-2.fc15
             Command-line ACPI client

New package: acpitool-0.5.1-2.fc15
             Command line ACPI client

New package: adanaxisgpl-1.2.5-6.fc15
             Action game in four spatial dimensions

New package: adaptx-0.9.13-11.fc15
             AdaptX XSLT processor and XPath engine

New package: adf-accanthis-fonts-1.6-5.fc15
             A “modernized” garaldic serif typeface, “Galliard” alternative

New package: adf-gillius-fonts-1.008-4.fc15
             Gillius ADF sans-serif typeface family

New package: adf-tribun-fonts-1.13-3.fc15
             A newsprint-like serif typeface

New package: adjtimex-1.29-2.fc15
             A utility for adjusting kernel time variables

New package: adns-1.4-10.fc15
             Advanced, easy to use, asynchronous-capable DNS client library

New package: adplay-1.6-7.fc15
             An AdLib (OPL2) music player build on AdPlug

New package: adplug-2.1-9.fc15
             A software library for AdLib (OPL2) emulation

New package: advancecomp-1.15-13
             Recompression utilities for .PNG, .MNG and .ZIP files

New package: afraid-dyndns-1.1-2.fc15
             A dynamic DNS client for the free service afraid.org

New package: afuse-0.2-6.fc15
             An automounter implemented with FUSE

New package: agg-2.5-10.fc15
             Anti-Grain Geometry graphical rendering engine

New package: aic94xx-firmware-30-2.fc15
             Adaptec SAS 44300, 48300, 58300 Sequencer Firmware for AIC94xx driver

New package: aide-0.15.1-1.fc15
             Intrusion detection environment

New package: aiksaurus-1.2.1-22.fc15
             An English-language thesaurus library

New package: ailurus-10.10.3-2.fc15
             A simple application installer and GNOME tweaker

New package: aimage-3.2.4-2.fc15
             Advanced Disk Imager

New package: aircrack-ng-1.1-1.fc14
             802.11 (wireless) sniffer and WEP/WPA-PSK key cracker

New package: airsnort-0.2.7e-16.fc15
             Wireless LAN (WLAN) tool which recovers encryption keys

New package: aldo-0.7.6-4.fc15
             A morse tutor

New package: aldusleaf-crimson-text-fonts-0.1-0.3.20100628.fc15
             A latin font for the production of technical books and papers

New package: ale-
             Combines multiple inputs of the same scene

New package: alevt-1.6.2-16.fc15
             Teletext decoder/browser

New package: alexandria-0.6.6-2.svn1154_trunk.fc15.1
             Book collection manager

New package: alienblaster-1.1.0-7.fc15
             Action-loaded 2D arcade shooter game

New package: allgeyer-fonts-5.002-5.fc15
             Musical Notation True Type Fonts

New package: alliance-5.0-32.20090901snap.fc15
             VLSI EDA System

New package: alpine-2.02-2.fc15
             powerful, easy to use console email client

New package: alsa-firmware-
             Firmware for several ALSA-supported sound cards

New package: alsa-lib-1.0.24-2.fc15
             The Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA) library

New package: alsa-oss-1.0.17-5.fc15
             Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA) wrapper for OSS

New package: alsa-plugins-1.0.24-2.fc15
             The Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA) Plugins

New package: alsa-utils-
             Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA) utilities

New package: am-utils-6.1.5-18.fc15
             Automount utilities including an updated version of Amd

New package: amavisd-new-2.6.4-3.fc15
             Email filter with virus scanner and spamassassin support

New package: amide-0.9.2-3.fc15
             Program for viewing and analyzing medical image data sets

New package: amoebax-0.2.0-7.fc15
             Action-Puzzle Game

New package: amora-1.1-6.fc15
             A mobile remote assistant

New package: amqp-1.0.819819-2.fc15
             The AMQP specification

New package: amtu-1.0.8-8.fc15
             Abstract Machine Test Utility (AMTU)

New package: anaconda-yum-plugins-1.0-6.fc15
             Installation-related yum plugins

New package: animorph-0.3-7.fc15
             3D Animation and Morph Library

New package: ann-1.1.1-5.fc15
             Library for searching Approximate Nearest Neighbors

New package: ant-antunit-1.1-5.fc15
             Provide antunit ant task

New package: ant-contrib-1.0-0.12.b2.fc15
             Collection of tasks for Ant

New package: anthy-9100h-16.fc15
             Japanese character set input library

New package: antiword-0.37-10.fc15
             MS Word to ASCII/Postscript converter

New package: antlr3-3.2-14.fc15
             ANother Tool for Language Recognition

New package: antlrworks-1.4-5.fc15
             Grammar development environment for ANTLR v3 grammars

New package: anyremote2html-1.4-2.fc15
             WEB interface for anyRemote

New package: anyterm-1.1.29-9.fc15
             A web-based terminal emulator

New package: aoetools-30-2.fc15
             ATA over Ethernet Tools

New package: apa-new-athena-unicode-fonts-3.4-4.fc15
             New Athena Unicode is a libre/open multilingual font

New package: apache-commons-beanutils-1.8.3-4.fc15
             Java utility methods for accessing and modifying the properties of arbitrary JavaBeans

New package: apache-commons-cli-1.2-4.fc15
             Command Line Interface Library for Java

New package: apache-commons-codec-1.4-12.fc15
             Implementations of common encoders and decoders

New package: apache-commons-dbcp-1.4-6.fc15
             Apache Commons DataBase Pooling Package

New package: apache-commons-digester-1.8.1-8.fc15
             XML to Java object mapping module

New package: apache-commons-discovery-0.4-6.fc15
             Apache Commons Discovery

New package: apache-commons-el-1.0-22.fc15
             The Apache Commons Extension Language

New package: apache-commons-fileupload-1.2.2-2.fc15
             This package provides an api to work with html file upload

New package: apache-commons-jexl-2.0.1-4.fc15
             Java Expression Language (JEXL)

New package: apache-commons-jxpath-1.3-6.fc15
             Simple XPath interpreter

New package: apache-commons-launcher-1.1-7.20100521svn936225.fc15
             A cross platform Java application launcher

New package: apache-commons-modeler-2.0.1-7.fc15
             Model MBeans utility classes

New package: apache-commons-net-2.2-2.fc15
             Internet protocol suite Java library

New package: apachetop-0.12.6-8.fc15
             A top-like display of Apache logs

New package: apanov-edrip-fonts-20100430-2.fc14
             A decorative contrast sans-serif font

New package: apanov-heuristica-fonts-0.2.2-2.fc14
             A serif latin & cyrillic font

New package: apbs-1.3-2.fc15
             Adaptive Poisson Boltzmann Solver

New package: ape-1.1.0-3.fc15
             A tool for generating atomic pseudopotentials within a DFT framework

New package: apmud-1.0.0-11.fc12
             Power management daemon for Apple PowerPC laptops

New package: appframework-1.03-7.fc15
             Swing Application Framework

New package: apricots-0.2.6-6.fc15
             2D air combat game

New package: aprsd-2.2.5-15.6.fc15.1
             Internet gateway and client access to amateur radio APRS packet data

New package: aqute-bndlib-0.0.363-4.fc15
             BND Library

New package: ar9170-firmware-2009.05.28-3.fc15
             Firmware for Atheros AR9170 wireless network adapters

New package: arc-5.21o-8.fc15
             Arc archiver

New package: archimedes-0.9.1-2.fc15
             2D Quantum Monte Carlo simulator for semiconductor devices

New package: archivemount-0.6.1-5.fc15
             FUSE based filesystem for mounting compressed archives

New package: archmage-0.2.4-3.fc15
             Extensible reader/decompiler of files in CHM format

New package: argus-2.0.6.fixes.1-20.fc15
             Network transaction audit tool

New package: argyllcms-1.1.0-0.2.20100201git.fc15
             ICC compatible color management system

New package: arj-3.10.22-13.fc15
             Archiver for .arj files

New package: arm-gp2x-linux-binutils-2.16.1-10.fc15
             Cross Compiling GNU binutils targeted at arm-gp2x-linux

New package: arm-gp2x-linux-gcc-4.1.2-12.fc15
             Cross Compiling GNU GCC targeted at arm-gp2x-linux

New package: arm-gp2x-linux-glibc-2.3.6-9.fc15
             Cross Compiled GNU C Library targeted at arm-gp2x-linux

New package: arm-gp2x-linux-kernel-headers-
             Kernel headers for Cross Compiling to arm-gp2x-linux

New package: arm-gp2x-linux-zlib-1.2.3-9.fc15
             Cross Compiled zlib Library targeted at arm-gp2x-linux

New package: arm4-0.8.2-5.fc12
             Application Response Measurement V4.0

New package: armacycles-ad-
             A lightcycle game in 3D

New package: arora-0.11.0-2.fc15
             A cross platform web browser

New package: arp-scan-1.7-5.fc15
             Scanning and fingerprinting tool

New package: arpack-2.1-13.fc15
             Fortran77 subroutines for solving large scale eigenvalue problems

New package: arptools-1.0.2-3.fc15
             Collection of libnet and libpcap based ARP utilities

New package: arrows-0.6-9.fc15
             Neat little maze game

New package: arts-1.5.10-13.fc15
             aRts (analog realtime synthesizer) - the KDE sound system

New package: artwiz-aleczapka-fonts-1.3-11.fc15
             Very small futuristic font family

New package: asa-1.2-9.fc15
             Convert Fortran carriage control characters

New package: asc-music-1.0-5.fc15
             Background music for the game asc

New package: ascii-3.8-2.fc15
             Interactive ascii name and synonym chart

New package: asciidoc-8.4.5-6.fc15
             Text based document generation

New package: asio-1.4.1-4.fc15
             A cross-platform C++ library for network programming

New package: asl-1.42-0.5.bld77.fc14
             Macro Assembler AS

New package: asm2-2.2.3-7.fc15
             A code manipulation tool to implement adaptable systems

New package: aspell-af-0.50-12.fc15
             Afrikaans dictionaries for Aspell

New package: aspell-ar-1.2-7.fc15
             Arabic dictionary for Aspell

New package: aspell-bg-4.1-5.fc15
             Bulgarian dictionaries for Aspell

New package: aspell-bn-0.01.1-6.fc15
             GNU Aspell Bengali Dictionary Package

New package: aspell-br-0.50-12.fc15
             Breton dictionaries for Aspell

New package: aspell-ca-2.1.5-3.fc15
             Catalan dictionaries for Aspell

New package: aspell-cs-20040614-5.fc15
             Czech dictionaries for Aspell

New package: aspell-cy-0.50-10.fc15
             Welsh dictionaries for Aspell

New package: aspell-da-1.4.42-5.fc15
             Danish dictionaries for Aspell

New package: aspell-de-20030222-7.fc15
             German dictionaries for Aspell

New package: aspell-el-0.50-10.fc15
             Greek dictionaries for Aspell

New package: aspell-en-7.1-2.fc15
             English dictionaries for Aspell

New package: aspell-es-1.11-2.fc15
             Spanish dictionaries for Aspell

New package: aspell-fo-0.2.16-11.fc15
             Faeroese dictionaries for Aspell

New package: aspell-fr-0.50-15.fc15
             French dictionaries for Aspell

New package: aspell-ga-4.5-2.fc15
             Irish dictionaries for Aspell

New package: aspell-gd-0.1.1-6.fc15
             Gaelic dictionaries for Aspell

New package: aspell-gl-0.5a-3.fc15
             Galician dictionaries for Aspell

New package: aspell-gu-0.03-5.fc15
             GNU Aspell Gujarati Dictionary Package

New package: aspell-he-1.0-7.fc15
             Hebrew dictionary for Aspell

New package: aspell-hi-0.02-5.fc15
             GNU Aspell Hindi Dictionary Package

New package: aspell-hr-0.51-9.fc15
             Croatian dictionaries for Aspell

New package: aspell-id-1.2-5.fc15
             Indonesian dictionaries for Aspell

New package: aspell-is-0.51.1-8.fc15
             Icelandic dictionaries for Aspell

New package: aspell-it-2.2_20050523-5.fc15
             Italian dictionaries for Aspell

New package: aspell-ml-0.03-5.fc15
             GNU Aspell Malayalam Dictionary Package

New package: aspell-mr-0.10-7.fc15
             GNU Aspell Marathi Dictionary Package

New package: aspell-nl-0.1e-9.fc15
             Dutch dictionaries for Aspell

New package: aspell-no-0.50.1-16.fc15
             Norwegian dictionaries for Aspell

New package: aspell-or-0.03-6.fc15
             GNU Aspell Oriya Dictionary Package

New package: aspell-pa-0.01-6.fc15
             GNU Aspell Punjabi Dictionary Package

New package: aspell-pl-6.0_20061121-5.fc15
             Polish dictionaries for Aspell

New package: aspell-ru-0.99f7-7.fc15
             Russian dictionaries for Aspell

New package: aspell-sk-2.01-4.fc15
             Slovak dictionaries for Aspell

New package: aspell-sl-0.50-6.fc15
             Slovenian dictionaries for Aspell

New package: aspell-sr-0.02-7.fc15
             Serbian dictionaries for Aspell

New package: aspell-sv-0.51-6.fc15
             Swedish dictionaries for Aspell

New package: aspell-ta-20040424-6.fc15
             GNU Aspell Tamil Dictionary Package

New package: aspell-te-0.01-6.fc15
             GNU Aspell Telugu Dictionary Package

New package: assogiate-0.2.1-5.fc15
             Editor for the file types database

New package: astromenace-1.2-14.fc15
             Hardcore 3D space shooter with spaceship upgrade possibilities

New package: astromenace-data-1.2-4.fc15
             Hardcore 3D space shooter with spaceship upgrade possibilities

New package: astronomy-backgrounds-1.0-4.fc15
             Desktop wallpapers with Astronomy theme

New package: astronomy-bookmarks-1-7.fc15
             Fedora astronomy bookmarks

New package: astronomy-menus-1.0-4.fc15
             Astronomy menu for the Desktop

New package: astyle-2.01-2.fc15
             Source code formatter for C-like programming languages

New package: aswvdial-1.7-4.fc15
             Dockapp for wvdial

New package: asylum-0.2.4-4.fc11
             SDL port of the game Asylum, originally for the Archimedes

New package: atasm-1.07d-2.fc15
             6502 cross-assembler

New package: ath_info-0-0.3.20100708svn.fc15
             Tool to get detailed information from Atheros WLAN cards

New package: athcool-0.3.12-5.fc15
             Enables/disables Powersaving mode for AMD processors

New package: atmel-firmware-1.3-8.fc15
             Firmware for Atmel at76c50x wireless network chips

New package: atomorun-1.1-0.11.pre2.fc15
             Jump&Run game where you have to flee an exploding nuclear bomb

New package: atool-0.37.0-2.fc15
             A perl script for managing file archives of various types

New package: attica-0.2.0-1.fc15
             Implementation of the Open Collaboration Services API

New package: aubio-0.3.2-10.fc15
             An audio labelling library

New package: audex-0.72-0.9.beta1.fc15
             Audio ripper

New package: audio-convert-mod-3.46.0b-4.fc15
             A simple audio file converter that supports many formats

New package: audio-entropyd-2.0.1-3.fc15
             Generate entropy from audio output

New package: audiofile-0.2.7-2.fc15
             A library for accessing various audio file formats

New package: audtty-0.1.12-3.fc15
             A ncurses based terminal client for the Audacious

New package: auriferous-1.0.1-11.fc15
             Game inspired by the classic Loderunner

New package: authd-1.4.3-31.fc15
             A RFC 1413 ident protocol daemon

New package: auto-buildrequires-1.1-2.fc15
             Work out BuildRequires for rpmbuild automatically

New package: auto-destdir-1.11-2.fc15
             Automate DESTDIR support for "make install"

New package: auto-nng-1.5-3.fc15
             A software for analysis and classification of data, using AI NN

New package: autoarchive-0.2.0-3.fc15
             A simple backup tool that uses tar

New package: autobuild-applet-1.0.3-12.fc15
             Panel applet for indication of Test-AutoBuild status

New package: autoconf-2.68-2.fc15
             A GNU tool for automatically configuring source code

New package: autoconf213-2.13-21.fc15
             A GNU tool for automatically configuring source code

New package: autodafe-0.1-5.fc15
             Fuzzing framework

New package: autodir-0.99.9-9.fc12
             Creates user directories on demand

New package: autodownloader-0.3.0-4.fc15
             GUI-tool to automate the download of certain files

New package: autogen-5.9.4-8.fc15
             Automated text file generator

New package: automake-1.11.1-5.fc14
             A GNU tool for automatically creating Makefiles

New package: automake14-1.4p6-21.fc15
             A GNU tool for automatically creating Makefiles

New package: automake17-1.7.9-14.fc15.1
             A GNU tool for automatically creating Makefiles

New package: automoc-1.0-0.15.rc3.fc15
             Automatic moc for Qt 4

New package: autossh-1.4a-4.fc15
             Utility to autorestart SSH tunnels

New package: autotrace-0.31.1-26.fc15.1
             Utility for converting bitmaps to vector graphics

New package: autotrust-0.3.1-6.fc15
             DNSKEY trust anchor update utility that uses RFC-5011

New package: avarice-2.10-6.fc15
             Program for interfacing the Atmel JTAG ICE to GDB

New package: avr-binutils-2.21-2.fc15
             Cross Compiling GNU binutils targeted at avr

New package: avr-libc-1.7.0-1.fc14
             C library for use with GCC on Atmel AVR microcontrollers

New package: avra-1.2.3-4.fc15
             Atmel AVR assembler

New package: awesfx-0.5.1c-4.fc15
             Utility programs for the AWE32/Emu10k1 sound driver

New package: axel-2.4-5.fc15
             Accelerated download client

New package: axis-1.4-8.fc15
             SOAP implementation in Java

New package: b43-fwcutter-014-1.fc15
             Firmware extraction tool for Broadcom wireless driver

New package: b43-openfwwf-5.2-6.fc15
             Open firmware for some Broadcom 43xx series WLAN chips

New package: b43-tools-0-0.7.git20090125.fc15
             Tools for the Broadcom 43xx series WLAN chip

New package: backintime-1.0.6-4.fc15
             Simple backup tool

New package: backport-util-concurrent-3.1-6
             Backport of java.util.concurrent API, introduced in Java 5.0

New package: bacula2-2.4.4-7.fc15
             Backup client for bacula version 2 server

New package: baekmuk-bdf-fonts-2.2-9.fc15
             Korean bitmap fonts

New package: baekmuk-ttf-fonts-2.2-30.fc15
             Free Korean TrueType fonts

New package: bakefile-0.2.8-6.fc15
             A cross-platform, cross-compiler native makefiles generator

New package: bakery-2.6.3-5.fc15
             C++ framework for creating GNOME applications using gtkmm

New package: balance-3.52-2.fc15
             TCP load-balancing proxy server with round robin and failover mechanisms

New package: ballbuster-1.0-12.fc15
             Move the paddle to bounce the ball and break all the bricks

New package: bandwidthd-2.0.1-16.fc15
             Tracks network usage and builds html and graphs

New package: banner-1.3.1-9.fc15
             Prints a short string to the console in very large letters

New package: barcode-0.98-17.fc15
             generates barcodes from text strings

New package: bareftp-0.3.7-1.fc15
             File transfer client supporting the FTP, FTP over SSL/TLS (FTPS) and SSH

New package: barrage-1.0.3-2.fc15
             Kill and destroy as many targets as possible within 3 minutes

New package: bash-completion-1.3-4.fc15
             Programmable completion for Bash

New package: batti-0.3.8-2.fc15
             Simple battery monitor for the system tray

New package: bbkeys-0.9.0-14
             Completely configurable key-combo grabber for blackbox

New package: bc-1.06.95-3.fc15
             GNU's bc (a numeric processing language) and dc (a calculator)

New package: bcel-5.2-9.fc15
             Byte Code Engineering Library

New package: bchunk-1.2.0-10.fc15
             CD image format converter from .bin/.cue to .iso/.cdr

New package: bcm43xx-fwcutter-006-7.fc15
             Firmware extraction tool for Broadcom wireless driver

New package: bcrypt-1.1-5.fc15
             File encryption utility

New package: bea-stax-1.2.0-0.8.rc1.fc15
             Streaming API for XML

New package: beansbinding-1.2.1-6.fc15
             Beans Binding (JSR 295) reference implementation

New package: beecrypt-4.2.1-3.fc15
             An open source cryptography library

New package: beediff-1.9-6.fc15
             Visual tool for comparing and merging files

New package: beep-1.3-2.fc15
             Beep the PC speaker any number of ways

New package: beesu-2.7-4.fc15
             Graphical wrapper for su

New package: belier-1.2-5.fc15
             Generates scripts allowing you to chain many ssh connections

New package: beneath-a-steel-sky-1.3-2.fc15
             Beneath a Steel Sky - Adventure Game

New package: beneath-a-steel-sky-cd-0.0372-5.fc15
             Beneath a Steel Sky - Adventure Game - CD version

New package: berusky-data-1.0-8.fc15
             A datafile for Berusky

New package: bes-3.9.0-1.fc15
             Back-end server software framework for OPeNDAP

New package: beteckna-fonts-0.3-7.fc15
             Beteckna sans-serif fonts

New package: bfa-firmware-
             Brocade Fibre Channel HBA Firmware

New package: bib2html-1.2.1-7.fc15
             Converting bibTeX file to HTML

New package: bibexport-2.10-5.fc15
             Extract entries from BibTeX and .aux files

New package: bibus-1.5.1-5.fc15
             Bibliographic and reference management software

New package: bicon-0.2.0-2.fc15
             Bidirectional Console

New package: bidiv-1.5-10.fc15
             Display logical Hebrew on unidirectional terminals

New package: biloba-0.8-2.fc15
             A tactical board game

New package: binclock-0.3.2-5.fc15
             Fullscreen console binary clock

New package: bind-to-tinydns-0.4.3-7.fc15
             Convert DNS zone files in BIND format to tinydns format

New package: bindex-2.2-3.svn96.fc15
             Bundle Manifest Header Mapper

New package: bindfs-1.8.3-4.fc15
             Fuse filesystem to mirror a directory

New package: bing-1.1.3-4.fc15
             Bandwidth ping

New package: biniax-1.2-8.fc15
             A unique arcade logic game

New package: bio2jack-0.9-6.fc15
             A library for porting blocked io(OSS/ALSA) applications to jack

New package: bios_extract-0-0.7.20101207gitd65284d.fc15
             Tools to extract the different submodules of common legacy bioses

New package: bit-0.4.90-11.fc14.1
             C++ library to simplify bit stream parsing

New package: bitbake-1.8.18-3.fc15
             Build tool executing tasks and managing metadata

New package: bitmap-fonts-0.3-17.fc15
             Selected set of bitmap fonts

New package: bitstream-vera-fonts-1.10-19.fc15
             Bitstream Vera fonts

New package: bkchem-0.14.0-3.pre2.fc15
             Chemical drawing program

New package: blackbox-0.70.1-14
             Very small and fast Window Manager

New package: blam-1.8.7-3.fc14
             An RSS/RDF feed reader

New package: blitz-0.9-14.fc15
             C++ class library for matrix scientific computing

New package: blktool-4-12.fc15
             Block device settings tool

New package: blobby-0.9b-2.fc15
             Volley-ball game

New package: blogtk-2.0-4.fc15
             GNOME application for editing/maintaining blogs

New package: blt-2.4-33.z.fc15
             Widget extension to the Tcl/Tk scripting language

New package: bluecurve-classic-metacity-theme-1.0.0-4.fc15
             Bluecurve Classic metacity theme

New package: bluecurve-gnome-theme-1.0.0-4.fc15
             Bluecurve GNOME theme

New package: bluecurve-gtk-themes-1.0.0-5.fc15
             Bluecurve GTK+ theme

New package: bluecurve-icon-theme-8.0.2-6.fc15
             Bluecurve icon theme

New package: bluecurve-kde-theme-1.0.0-6.fc15
             Bluecurve KDE 3 theme

New package: bluecurve-metacity-theme-1.0.0-4.fc15
             Bluecurve metacity theme

New package: bluecurve-xmms-skin-1.0.0-5.fc15
             Bluecurve xmms skin

New package: bluemodem-0.7-6.fc15
             A bluetooth modem configuration utility

New package: blueproximity-1.2.5-8.fc15
             Detects you via your bluetooth devices and locks/unlocks the screen

New package: bmake-20090222-3.fc15
             The NetBSD make(1) tool

New package: bmpanel2-2.1-0.8.pre1.fc15
             NETWM compliant panel for X

New package: boa-0.94.14-0.16.rc21.fc15
             Single-tasking HTTP server

New package: bodr-9-2.fc15
             Blue Obelisk Data Repository

New package: bogl-0.1.18-18.fc15
             A terminal program for displaying Unicode on the console

New package: bogofilter-1.2.2-2.fc15
             Fast anti-spam filtering by Bayesian statistical analysis

New package: boinc-client-6.10.58-3.r22930svn.fc15
             The BOINC client core

New package: bombardier-
             The GNU Bombing utility

New package: bonnie++-1.96-2.fc15
             Filesystem and disk benchmark & burn-in suite

New package: bontmia-0.14-6.fc15
             Backup over network to multiple incremental archives

New package: boolstuff-0.1.13-2.fc15
             Disjunctive Normal Form boolean expression library

New package: bootconf-1.4-2.fc15
             GRUB configuration utility

New package: bootparamd-0.17-29.fc12
             A server process which provides boot information to diskless clients

New package: bouml-4.21-2.fc15
             UML2 tool box for C++, Java, IDL, PHP and Python

New package: bouml-doc-4.3.2-4
             Documentation for the BOUML tool

New package: boxes-1.1-9.fc15
             Draw any kind of box around some given text

New package: bpg-fonts-20090205-8.fc15
             Georgian Unicode fonts

New package: bpython-
             Fancy curses interface to the Python interactive interpreter

New package: brazil-2.3-7.fc15
             Extremely small footprint Java HTTP stack

New package: bristol-0.60.8-2.fc15
             Synthesizer emulator

New package: brltty-4.2-4.fc15
             Braille display driver for Linux/Unix

New package: bro-1.5.1-3.fc15
             Open-source, Unix-based Network Intrusion Detection System

New package: bsdiff-4.3-8.fc15
             Binary diff/patch utility

New package: bsf-2.4.0-9.fc15
             Bean Scripting Framework

New package: bsh-1.3.0-18.fc15
             Lightweight Scripting for Java

New package: bsp-5.2-5.fc15
             The most popular node builder for Doom

New package: btrfs-progs-0.19-13.fc15
             Userspace programs for btrfs

New package: bubblemon-1.46-11.fc15
             A system monitoring dockapp

New package: bunny-0.93-10.fc15
             Instrumented C code security fuzzer

New package: buoh-0.8.2-9.fc15
             Online comics reader

New package: bwidget-1.9.0-2.fc15
             Extended widget set for Tk

New package: bwm-ng-0.6-6.fc15
             Bandwidth Monitor NG

New package: byacc-1.9.20101229-2.fc15
             Berkeley Yacc, a parser generator

New package: byaccj-1.14-6.fc15
             Parser Generator with Java Extension

New package: bygfoot-2.3.2-3.fc15
             Bygfoot Football Manager

New package: bzip2-1.0.6-3.fc15
             A file compression utility

New package: c2050-0.3b-4.fc15
             Converts bitcmyk data to Lexmark 2050 printer language

New package: c2070-0.99-7.fc15
             Converts bitcmyk data to Lexmark 2070 printer language

New package: cachefilesd-0.10.1-3.fc15
             CacheFiles userspace management daemon

New package: cacti-0.8.7g-2.fc15
             An rrd based graphing tool

New package: cadaver-0.23.3-2.fc15
             Command-line WebDAV client

New package: cairo-clock-0.3.4-5.fc15
             Cairo-rendered on-screen clock

New package: cairo-java-1.0.8-4.fc15
             Java bindings for the Cairo library

New package: cal3d-0.11.0-10.fc15
             Skeletal based 3-D character animation library

New package: calamaris-2.59-4.fc15
             Squid native log format (NLF) analyzer and report generator

New package: calc-
             Arbitrary precision arithmetic system and calculator

New package: calf-
             Audio plugins pack

New package: callgit-2.0-6.fc15
             A tool for Ham Radio Operators to look up call-signs on the web

New package: camE-1.9-15
             Rewrite of the xawtv webcam app, which adds imlib2 support

New package: camorama-0.19-4.fc15
             Gnome webcam viewer

New package: camstream-0.26.3-19.fc12
             Set of programs to make use of your webcam

New package: canto-0.7.4-3.fc15
             Atom/RSS feed reader based on ncurses

New package: cargo-parent-4.7-1.fc15
             Parent pom file for cargo.codehaus.org project

New package: cas-1.0-1.fc14
             Tool to analyze and configure core file environment

New package: catdoc-0.94.2-7.fc15
             A program which converts Microsoft office files to plain text

New package: catfish-0.3.2-3.fc15.2
             A handy file search tool

New package: cave9-0.4-2.fc15
             3d game of cave exploration

New package: cbios-0.23-3.fc15
             A third party BIOS compatible with the MSX BIOS

New package: cbrpager-0.9.22-2.fc15
             Simple comic book pager for Linux

New package: ccd2iso-0.3-7.fc15
             CloneCD image to ISO image file converter

New package: ccgo-
             An IGS (Internet Go Server) client written in C++

New package: cciss_vol_status-1.09-2.fc15
             Show status of logical drives attached to HP Smartarray controllers

New package: ccrtp-1.7.1-2.fc12
             Common C++ class framework for RTP/RTCP

New package: ccrypt-1.9-2.fc15
             Secure encryption and decryption of files and streams

New package: ccze-0.2.1-7.fc15
             A robust log colorizer

New package: cd-discid-1.1-2.fc15
             Utility to get CDDB discid information

New package: cdargs-1.35-7.fc15
             The shell cd with bookmarks and browser

New package: cdcollect-0.6.0-12.fc15
             Simple CD/DVD catalog for GNOME

New package: cdk-5.0.20081105-4.fc15
             Curses Development Kit

New package: cdlabelgen-4.1.0-4.fc15
             Generates frontcards and traycards for inserting in CD jewelcases

New package: cdogs-data-0.4-6.fc15
             Data files for the CDogs game

New package: cdogs-sdl-0.4-7.fc15
             C-Dogs is an arcade shoot-em-up

New package: cdparanoia-10.2-10.fc15
             Compact Disc Digital Audio (CDDA) extraction tool (or ripper)

New package: cdpr-2.4-2.fc15
             Cisco Discovery Protocol Analyzer

New package: cdrdao-1.2.3-9.fc15
             Writes audio CD-Rs in disk-at-once (DAO) mode

New package: cduce-0.5.3-8.fc15
             Modern XML-oriented functional language

New package: celestia-1.6.0-2.fc15
             OpenGL real-time visual space simulation

New package: celt051-
             An audio codec for use in low-delay speech and audio communication

New package: cernlib-2006-35.fc14
             General purpose CERN library

New package: cernlib-g77-2006-33.fc12
             General purpose CERN library

New package: cf-bonveno-fonts-1.1-10.fc15
             A fun font by Barry Schwartz

New package: cf-sorts-mill-goudy-fonts-3.1-2.fc15
             Goudy Oldstyle and Italic fonts

New package: cfdg-2.2.2-2.fc15
             Context Free Design Grammar

New package: cfdg-fe-0.1-6.fc15
             A front end to cfdg

New package: cfengine-3.0.5p1-2.fc15
             A systems administration tool for networks

New package: cflow-1.3-2.fc15
             Analyzes C files charting control flow within the program

New package: cfv-1.18.3-2.fc13
             A utility to test and create data verification files

New package: cgdb-0.6.5-2.fc15
             CGDB is a curses-based interface to the GNU Debugger (GDB)

New package: cglib-2.2-8.fc15
             Code Generation Library for Java

New package: cgnslib-2.5-5.r1.fc15
             Computational Fluid Dynamics General Notation System

New package: chameleon-0.2-3.fc15
             Common schema transformation tool

New package: checkdns-0.5-10.fc15
             A Domain Name Server analysis and reporting tool

New package: checkgmail-1.13-8.20091022svn.fc15
             System Tray Application that checks a Gmail Account for New Mail

New package: chemical-mime-data-0.1.94-8.fc15
             Support for chemical/* MIME types

New package: chemtool-1.6.12-3.fc15
             A program for 2D drawing organic molecules

New package: chipmunk-5.3.4-2.fc15
             Physics engine for 2D games

New package: chisholm-letterslaughing-fonts-20030323-3.fc15
             Letters Laughing is a decorative/LED sans-serif font

New package: chisholm-to-be-continued-fonts-20090124-5.fc15
             Decorative Sans Serif Font

New package: chkrootkit-0.49-3.fc15
             Tool to locally check for signs of a rootkit

New package: chktex-1.6.4-9.fc15
             LaTex semantic checker

New package: chmlib-0.40-4.fc15
             Library for dealing with ITSS/CHM format files

New package: chntpw-0.99.6-15.fc15
             Change passwords in Windows SAM files

New package: chordii-4.3-3.fc15
             Print songsbooks (lyrics + chords)

New package: chronojump-0.8.14-1.fc12
             A measurement, management and statistics sport testing tool

New package: chrpath-0.13-7.fc15
             Modify rpath of compiled programs

New package: cjet-0.8.9-10.fc15
             Converts PCL data to Canon CaPSL III printer language

New package: cksfv-1.3.14-2.fc15
             Utility to manipulate SFV files

New package: cl-asdf-20101028-2.fc15
             Another System Definition Facility

New package: clac-005-2.fc15
             Command Line Advanced Calculator

New package: clamz-0.4-4.fc15
             Amazon Downloader

New package: classads-1.0.8-2.fc15
             Condor's classified advertisement language

New package: classworlds-1.1-5.fc15
             Classworlds Classloader Framework

New package: clawsker-0.7.2-2.fc15
             Dialog to edit Claws Mail's hidden preferences

New package: clc-0.03-3.fc15
             Command-line client for MUDs

New package: cleanfeed-20020501-5.fc15
             A spam filter for Usenet news servers

New package: clearlooks-compact-gnome-theme-1.5-4.fc15
             GNOME Desktop theme optimized for small displays

New package: clement-2.1.401-2.fc15
             An application to filter and manage E-mail traffic

New package: clide-0.9-4.fc15
             Color and style highlighting program for text

New package: climm-0.7.1-3.fc15
             Text/line based ICQ client with many features

New package: clips-6.30.0-0.3.20090722svn.fc15
             Language for developing expert systems

New package: clipsmm-0.1.0-4.fc14.1
             C++ interface to the CLIPS expert system C library

New package: cln-1.3.1-2.fc15
             Class Library for Numbers

New package: clonekeen-0.8.3-8.fc15
             "Commander Keen: Invasion of the Vorticons" clone

New package: cloog-0.15.9-3.fc15
             The Chunky Loop Generator

New package: cloudy-08.00-4.fc15
             Spectral synthesis code to simulate conditions in interstellar matter

New package: clpbar-1.10.9-4.fc15
             Show information about a data transfer

New package: clthreads-2.4.0-5.fc15
             POSIX threads C++ access library

New package: clusterssh-3.28-3.fc15
             Secure concurrent multiple server terminal control

New package: clutter-gesture-0.0.2-2.fc13
             Gesture Library for Clutter

New package: clutter-gtk010-0.10.8-4.fc15
             A basic GTK2 clutter widget

New package: clutter-gtkmm-0.9.6-1.fc15
             A basic gtkmm Clutter widget

New package: clutter-imcontext-0.1.6-4.fc15
             IMContext Framework Library for Clutter

New package: cluttermm-0.9.6-1.fc15
             C++ interface for Clutter

New package: cmconvert-1.9.6-1.fc15
             CacheMate import file converter

New package: cmospwd-5.0-2.fc15
             BIOS password cracker utility

New package: cmucl-20b-1.fc15
             CMU Common Lisp compiler

New package: cntlm-0.35.1-9.fc15
             Fast NTLM authentication proxy with tunneling

New package: coan-4.1-3.fc15
             A command line tool for simplifying the pre-processor conditionals in source code

New package: cobertura-1.9.3-3.fc15
             Java tool that calculates the percentage of code accessed by tests

New package: coccinella-0.96.20-2.fc15
             Chat client with whiteboard

New package: coco-coq-0.1-6.fc15
             Coco Coq in Grostesteing's base, an AGI adventure game

New package: cocot-20080315-4.fc15
             COde COnverter on Tty

New package: codeblocks-10.05-5.fc15
             An open source, cross platform, free C++ IDE

New package: color-filesystem-1-8
             Color filesystem layout

New package: colordiff-1.0.9-4.fc15
             Color terminal highlighter for diff files

New package: colorize-0.3.4-3.fc15
             Perl script to colorize logs

New package: colrdx-1.02-7.fc15
             DX-cluster client with curses color support

New package: comedilib-0.8.1-8.fc15
             Data Acquisition library for the Comedi driver

New package: comix-4.0.4-3.fc15.2
             A user-friendly, customizable image viewer

New package: common-lisp-controller-7.4-3.fc15
             Common Lisp source and compiler manager

New package: commoncpp2-1.7.3-3.fc15
             GNU Common C++ class framework

New package: comoonics-cdsl-py-0.2-18
             Comoonics cdsl utilities and library written in Python

New package: comoonics-cluster-py-0.1-24
             Comoonics cluster configuration utilities written in Python

New package: compat-db-4.7.25-19.fc15
             The Berkeley DB database compatibility library

New package: compat-expat1-1.95.8-7
             A library for parsing XML documents

New package: compat-flex-2.5.4a-6.fc12
             Legacy version of flex, a tool for creating scanners

New package: compat-gcc-296-2.96-143.1
             2.96-RH compatibility libraries

New package: compat-gcc-32-3.2.3-68.1
             The compatibility GNU Compiler Collection

New package: compat-gcc-34-3.4.6-22.fc15
             Compatibility GNU Compiler Collection

New package: compat-gdbm-1.8.0-3.fc15
             A GNU set of database routines compatibility library

New package: compat-guichan05-0.5.0-11.fc15
             Compatibility libraries for older guichan versions

New package: compat-libgda-3.1.2-5.fc15
             Library for writing gnome database programs

New package: compat-libgfortran-41-4.1.2-39
             Compatibility Fortran 95 runtime library version 4.1.2

New package: compat-readline5-5.2-18.fc15
             A library for editing typed command lines

New package: compface-1.5.2-12
             Library and tools for handling X-Face data

New package: compiz-fusion-0.8.6-1.fc14
             Collection of Compiz Fusion plugins for Compiz

New package: compiz-manager-0.6.0-13.fc15
             A wrapper script to start compiz with proper options

New package: comps-extras-20-2.fc15
             Images for components included in Fedora

New package: conakry-fonts-20070829-4.fc15
             N'Ko font by Michael Everson

New package: concordance-0.23-2.fc15
             Software to program the Logitech Harmony remote control

New package: concurrent-1.3.4-12.fc15
             Utility classes for concurrent Java programming

New package: conduit-0.3.17-3.fc15
             A synchronization solution for GNOME

New package: cone-0.84-1.fc15
             CONE mail reader

New package: conexus-0.9.1-3.fc14.1
             C++ I/O communication library

New package: conglomerate-0.9.1-9.fc15
             Extensible XML Editor

New package: congruity-15-2.fc15
             Application to program Logitech Harmony universal remote controls

New package: conky-1.8.1-2.fc15
             A system monitor for X

New package: conman-0.2.5-3.fc15
             ConMan - The Console Manager

New package: connect-proxy-1.100-5.fc15
             SSH Proxy command helper

New package: conserver-8.1.18-3.fc15
             Serial console server daemon/client

New package: constantine-backgrounds-12.1.1-4.fc15
             Constantine desktop backgrounds

New package: constantine-kde-theme-12.1.0-3.fc15
             Constantine KDE Theme

New package: contextkit-0.5.15-2.fc15
             Contextual information collection framework

New package: convmv-1.14-3.fc15
             Convert filename encodings

New package: coolkey-1.1.0-19.fc15
             CoolKey PKCS #11 module

New package: coredumper-1.2.1-10.fc12
             Library to create core dumps

New package: coriander-2.0.0-2.fc15
             Control a 1394 digital camera interactively

New package: corkscrew-2.0-11.fc15
             Tool for tunneling SSH through HTTP proxies

New package: corrida-0.96.11-6.fc15
             Application for archivation of meteor observations

New package: cortado-0.6.0-3.fc15
             Java media framework

New package: covered-0.7.7-2.fc15
             Verilog code coverage analyzer

New package: cowpatty-4.6-4.fc15
             WPA password cracker

New package: cowsay-3.03-9.fc15
             Configurable speaking/thinking cow

New package: cp2k-2.1-3.20101006.fc15
             A molecular dynamics engine capable of classical and Car-Parrinello simulations

New package: cpdup-1.17-2.fc15
             Filesystem mirroring utility

New package: cpipe-3.0.1-6.fc15
             Counting pipe

New package: cpmtools-2.13-2.fc15
             Programs for accessing CP/M disks

New package: cppad-20110101.2-4.fc15
             C++ Algorithmic Differentiation (AD), cppad-devel and cppad-doc

New package: cppi-1.15-2.fc15
             C preprocessor directive indenter

New package: cpptasks-1.0b5-6.fc15
             Compile and link task for ant

New package: cpptest-1.1.1-2.fc15
             A portable and powerful and simple unit testing framework for C++

New package: cproto-4.7j-2.fc15
             Generates function prototypes and variable declarations from C code

New package: crack-5.0a-15.fc15
             Password cracker

New package: crack-attack-1.1.14-17.fc15
             Puzzle action game

New package: cracklib-2.8.18-2.fc15
             A password-checking library

New package: crcimg-1.1-6.fc15
             Construct .crc files

New package: crda-1.1.1_2010.11.22-2.fc15
             Regulatory compliance daemon for 802.11 wireless networking

New package: crm114-0-2.14.20100106.fc15
             Controllable Regex Mutilator: multi-method content classifier and filter

New package: cronolog-1.6.2-11.fc15
             Web log rotation program for Apache

New package: crontabs-1.11-2.20101115git.fc15
             Root crontab files used to schedule the execution of programs

New package: crossfire-1.11.0-5.fc15
             Server for hosting crossfire games

New package: crossfire-client-1.11.0-4.fc15
             Client for connecting to crossfire servers

New package: crossfire-maps-1.11.0-4.fc15
             Map files for the crossfire server

New package: crossvc-1.5.2-7.fc12
             Graphical CVS Client

New package: cryptkeeper-0.9.5-2.fc15
             A Linux system tray applet  that manages EncFS encrypted folders

New package: cryptopp-5.6.1-4.fc15
             Public domain C++ class library of cryptographic schemes

New package: crystal-1.0.5-6.fc15
             KDE window decoration

New package: crystal-clear-20050622-10.fc15
             Crystal Clear KDE Icon set

New package: crystal-project-20070620-8.fc15
             Crystal Project KDE Icon set

New package: crystal-stacker-themes-1.0-6.fc15
             Themes for the Crystal Stacker game

New package: csisat-1.2-5.fc15
             Tool for LA+EUF Interpolation

New package: csmash-0.6.6-22
             3D tabletennis game

New package: cssed-0.4.0-11.fc15
             CSS editor and validator

New package: cssparser-0.9.5-4.fc15
             CSS Parser

New package: csstidy-1.4-5.fc15
             CSS parser and optimizer

New package: cstream-2.7.6-5.fc15
             General-purpose stream-handling tool

New package: ctags-5.8-3.fc15
             A C programming language indexing and/or cross-reference tool

New package: ctan-cm-lgc-fonts-0.5-18.fc15
             CM-LGC Type1 fonts

New package: ctan-kerkis-fonts-2.0-24.fc15
             Kerkis Type 1 fonts

New package: ctan-musixtex-fonts-1.13-4.fc15
             Type 1 versions of MusiXTeX fonts

New package: ctapi-common-1.1-7.fc15
             Common files and packaging infrastructure for CT-API modules

New package: ctemplate-0.97-1.fc14
             A simple but powerful template language for C++

New package: ctorrent-1.3.4-15.dnh3.3.2.fc15
             Command line BitTorrent client for unix-like environments

New package: culmus-fonts-0.120-2.fc15
             Fonts for Hebrew from Culmus project

New package: curry-0.9.11-7.fc12
             Münster Curry compiler

New package: cutecom-0.20.0-6.fc15
             A graphical serial terminal, like minicom or Hyperterminal on Windows

New package: cvc3-2.2-3.fc15
             Validity checker of many-sorted first-order formulas with theories

New package: cvs2svn-2.3.0-0.5.r5319svn.fc15
             CVS to Subversion Repository Converter

New package: cvsgraph-1.6.1-9.fc15
             CVS/RCS repository grapher

New package: cvsplot-1.7.4-8.fc15
             Collect statistics from CVS controlled files

New package: cvsutils-0.2.5-3.fc12
             CVS Utilities

New package: cvsweb-3.0.6-10.fc15
             Web interface for CVS repositories

New package: cwdaemon-0.9.4-12.fc15
             Morse daemon for the parallel or serial port

New package: cwiid-0.6.00-16.20100505gitfadf11e.fc15
             Wiimote interface library

New package: cx18-firmware-20080628-4
             Firmware for Conexant cx23418-based video capture devices

New package: cxxtest-3.10.1-4.fc15
             A JUnit-like testing framework for C++

New package: cycle-0.3.1-11.fc15
             Calendar program for women

New package: d-feet-0.1.12-1.fc15
             A powerful D-Bus Debugger

New package: daa2iso-0.1.7e-2.fc15
             Program for converting DAA files to ISO

New package: daemonize-1.5.6-3.fc15
             Run a command as a Unix daemon

New package: dansguardian-
             Content filtering web proxy

New package: dap-freeform_handler-3.8.2-2.fc15
             FreeForm data handler for Hyrax

New package: dap-hdf4_handler-3.9.1-1.fc15
             HDF4 data handler for the Hyrax OPeNDAP Data server

New package: dap-server-4.1.0-1.fc15
             Basic request handling for OPeNDAP servers

New package: dar-2.3.8-6.fc15
             Software for making/restoring incremental CD/DVD backups

New package: darkice-0.19-7.fc15
             Live audio streamer

New package: dasher-4.10.1-3.fc15
             A predictive text input system

New package: dateshift-1.1-4.fc12
             A date/time test tool

New package: davfs2-1.4.5-3.fc15
             A filesystem driver for WebDAV

New package: dayplanner-0.10-3.fc15
             An easy and clean Day Planner

New package: db4-4.8.30-3.fc15
             The Berkeley DB database library (version 4) for C

New package: dbench-4.0-5.fc15
             Filesystem load benchmarking tool

New package: dbh-1.0.24-9.fc12
             Disk based hash library

New package: dblatex-0.3-3.fc15
             DocBook to LaTeX/ConTeXt Publishing

New package: dbus-c++-0.5.0-0.12.20090203git13281b3.fc15
             Native C++ bindings for D-Bus

New package: dbus-cxx-0.7.0-2.fc14.1
             C++ bindings for the DBus library

New package: dbus-glib-0.92-2.fc15
             GLib bindings for D-Bus

New package: dbus-python-0.83.0-8.fc15
             D-Bus Python Bindings

New package: dbus-qt3-0.9-5.fc15
             Qt3 DBus Bindings

New package: dbus-sharp-0.63-17.fc15
             C# bindings for D-Bus

New package: dc3dd-6.12.3-4.fc15
             Patched version of GNU dd for use in computer forensics

New package: dcfldd-
             Improved dd, useful for forensics and security

New package: dclib-0.3.23-6.fc15
             Direct Connect file sharing library

New package: dd2-0.2.2-6.fc15
             Dodgin' Diamond 2 - Shoot'em up arcade game

New package: dd_rescue-1.23-2.fc15
             Fault tolerant "dd" utility for rescuing data from bad media

New package: ddclient-3.8.0-4.fc15
             Client to update dynamic DNS host entries

New package: ddd-3.3.12-6.fc15
             GUI for several command-line debuggers

New package: ddrescue-1.13-2.fc15
             Data recovery tool trying hard to rescue data in case of read errors

New package: deco-1.6.2-2.fc15
             Extractor for various archive file formats

New package: deco-archive-1.5.1-2.fc15
             Extraction scripts for various archive formats for use of deco

New package: demorse-0.9-5.fc15
             Command line tool for decoding Morse code signals

New package: denyhosts-2.6-23.fc15
             A script to help thwart ssh server attacks

New package: deskbar-applet-2.32.0-4.fc15
             A Gnome applet to allow easy access to various search engines

New package: detox-1.2.0-5.fc15
             Utility to replace problematic characters in file names

New package: deutex-4.4.0-9.fc15
             DOOM wad file manipulator

New package: dev86-0.16.18-1.fc15
             A real mode 80x86 assembler and linker

New package: devilspie-0.22-6.fc15
             A window-matching utility

New package: devio-1.2-3.fc15
             Read and write utility for block devices

New package: devtodo-0.1.20-5.fc15
             Manage a prioritised list of todo items organized by directory

New package: dfish-1.3-2.fc15
             A generic file selection front-end

New package: dfu-programmer-0.5.4-2.fc15
             A Device Firmware Update based USB programmer for Atmel chips

New package: dgae-1.1-7.fc15
             DG, a short AGI adventure game

New package: dgc-0.98-4.fc15
             Digital Gate Compiler

New package: dh-make-0.55-3.fc15
             Tool that converts source archives into Debian package source

New package: dhcp-forwarder-0.9-1501.fc15
             DHCP relay agent

New package: dhcp_probe-1.3.0-8.fc15
             Tool for discover DHCP and BootP servers

New package: dhcping-1.2-5.fc15
             DHCP daemon ping program

New package: dia-0.97-5.fc15
             Diagram drawing program

New package: dia-CMOS-0.1-2.fc15
             Dia CMOS Shapes

New package: dia-Digital-0.1-2.fc15
             Dia Digital IC logic shapes

New package: dia-electric2-0.1-2.fc15
             Dia Digital IC logic shapes

New package: dia-electronic-0.1-2.fc15
             Dia Digital IC logic shapes

New package: dia-optics-0.1-2.fc15
             Dia Optics shapes

New package: diction-1.11-5.fc15
             Identifies diction and style errors

New package: diffstat-1.54-2.fc15
             A utility which provides statistics based on the output of diff

New package: diffuse-0.4.3-2.fc15
             Graphical tool for comparing and merging text files

New package: digitemp-3.6.0-5.fc15
             Dallas Semiconductor 1-wire device reading console application

New package: ding-libs-0.1.2-4.fc15
             "Ding is not GLib" assorted utility libraries

New package: dinotrace-9.4b-2.fc15
             Waveform viewer for electronics

New package: dircproxy-1.2.0-0.12.RC1.fc15
             IRC proxy server

New package: directory-naming-0.8-7.fc12
             Apache Directory Naming Component

New package: dirvish-1.2.1-6.fc15
             Fast, disk based, rotating network backup system

New package: disktype-9-7.fc15
             Detect the content format of a disk or disk image

New package: dissy-8-7.fc15
             Graphical frontend to the objdump disassembler

New package: distcache-1.4.5-22
             Distributed SSL session cache

New package: distcc-3.1-2.fc15
             Distributed C/C++ compilation

New package: ditaa-0.9-5.r74.fc15
             Diagrams Through ASCII Art

New package: django-addons-0.6.3-2.fc15
             A framework to create pluggable Django add-ons

New package: django-ajax-selects-1.1.4-4.fc15
             Enables editing of ForeignKey, ManyToMany and simple text fields

New package: django-authority-0.3-4.fc15
             A Django app for generic per-object permissions and custom permission checks

New package: django-contact-form-0.3-6.fc15.hg97559a887345
             An extensible contact-form application for Django

New package: django-filter-0.5.0-3.fc15
             A Django application for allowing users to filter queryset dynamically

New package: django-flash-1.7.2-4.fc15
             A Django extension to provide support for Rails-like flash

New package: django-lint-0.13-9.fc15
             Analyzes Django code looking for bugs and signs of poor quality

New package: django-mako-0.1.4-0.3.pre.fc15
             Mako Templates Plugin for Django

New package: django-notification-0.1.2-5.fc15
             User notification management for the Django web framework

New package: django-pagination-1.0.5-6.fc15
             Django pagination tools

New package: django-piston-0.2.2-3.fc15
             A mini-framework for Django for creating RESTful APIs

New package: django-profile-0.6-0.4.20090813svnr420.fc15
             Django pluggable user profile zone

New package: django-reversion-1.3.2-3.fc15
             Version control extension for the Django web framework

New package: django-sct-0.6-1.fc15
             A collection of Django applications for building community websites

New package: django-simple-captcha-0.2.0-5.fc15
             Django application to add captcha images to any Django form

New package: django-sorting-0.1-3.fc15
             A Django application for easy sorting

New package: django-staticfiles-0.3.2-4.fc15
             A Django app that provides helpers for serving static files

New package: django-tables-0.3-0.2.20101124git02ecf61.fc15
             A Django Queryset renderer

New package: django-threadedcomments-0.5.3-3.fc15
             A simple yet flexible threaded commenting system for Django

New package: django-typepad-1.1.3-3.fc15
             A helper Django app for making TypePad applications

New package: djview4-4.6-2.fc15
             DjVu viewer

New package: djvulibre-3.5.22-1.fc14
             DjVu viewers, encoders, and utilities

New package: dkms-
             Dynamic Kernel Module Support Framework

New package: dmraid-1.0.0.rc16-15.fc15
             dmraid (Device-mapper RAID tool and library)

New package: dmz-cursor-themes-0.4-4.fc15
             X cursors themes

New package: dnrd-2.20.3-7.fc15
             A caching, forwarding DNS proxy server

New package: dnscap-1.0-0.11.20070807cvs.fc15
             DNS traffic capture utility

New package: dnsjava-2.0.6-8.fc15
             Java DNS implementation

New package: dnsmap-0.30-2.fc15
             Sub-domains bruteforcer

New package: dnsmasq-2.52-2.fc15
             A lightweight DHCP/caching DNS server

New package: dnstracer-1.9-4.fc15
             Trace a DNS record to its start of authority

New package: docbook-simple-1.1-8.fc15
             Simplified DocBook is a small subset of the DocBook XML DTD

New package: docbook-slides-3.4.0-9.fc15
             DocBook Slides document type and stylesheets

New package: docbook-style-dsssl-1.79-12.fc15
             Norman Walsh's modular stylesheets for DocBook

New package: docbook-style-xsl-1.76.1-2.fc15
             Norman Walsh's XSL stylesheets for DocBook XML

New package: docbook-utils-0.6.14-27.fc15
             Shell scripts for managing DocBook documents

New package: docbook5-schemas-5.0-5.fc15
             Norman Walsh's schemas (DTD, Relax NG, W3C schema) for Docbook 5.X

New package: docbook5-style-xsl-1.76.1-1.fc15
             Norman Walsh's XSL stylesheets for DocBook 5.X

New package: docker-1.5-6.fc15
             KDE and GNOME2 system tray replacement docking application

New package: dogtail-0.7.0-3.fc15
             GUI test tool and automation framework

New package: dom4j-1.6.1-6.fc15
             Open Source XML framework for Java

New package: doodle-0.7.0-2.fc15
             Doodle is a tool to quickly search the documents on a computer

New package: dopewars-1.5.12-10.1033svn.fc15
             A drug dealing game

New package: dot2tex-2.8.7-5.fc15
             A Graphviz to LaTeX converter

New package: dotconf-1.3-2.fc15
             Libraries to parse configuration files

New package: dpkg-
             Package maintenance system for Debian Linux

New package: drascula-1.0-7.fc15
             The Vampire Strikes Back

New package: drascula-international-1.0-4.fc15
             Subtitles for Drascula: The Vampire Strikes Back

New package: drascula-music-1.0-4.fc15
             Background music for Drascula: The Vampire Strikes Back

New package: drawtiming-0.7.1-4.fc15
             A command line tool for generating timing diagrams

New package: drehatlas-warender-bibliothek-fonts-
             A Latin typeface that is decorative, surreal, and hairy

New package: drehatlas-widelands-fonts-
             A Latin typeface inspired by feudal calligraphy

New package: drehatlas-xaporho-fonts-
             A Latin typeface that is sharp and angular

New package: drgeo-1.1.0-18.fc15
             Interactive educational geometry software

New package: drgeo-doc-1.6-12.fc15
             Html documentation for drgeo

New package: driconf-0.9.1-15.fc15
             A configuration applet for the Direct Rendering Infrastructure

New package: driftnet-0.1.6-21.20040426cvs.fc15
             Network image sniffer

New package: drobo-utils-
             Utilities for managing Drobo storage systems

New package: dropbear-0.52-2.fc15
             SSH2 server and client

New package: dropwatch-1.2-1.fc15
             Kernel dropped packet monitor

New package: drraw-2.2-0.7.b2.fc15
             Web based presentation front-end for RRDtool

New package: drupal6-admin_menu-1.8-1.fc15
             Theme-independent administration interface for Drupal 6

New package: drupal6-auto_nodetitle-1.2-6.fc15
             A small and efficient module that allows hiding of the content title

New package: drupal6-ctools-1.8-7.fc15
             This suite is primarily a set of APIs and tools

New package: drupal6-diff-2.1-2.fc15
             Show diff-type changes in Drupal 6

New package: drupal6-feeds-1.0-0.6.beta11.fc15
             An import and aggregation framework for Drupal

New package: drupal6-job_scheduler-1.0-0.6.beta3.fc15
             Simple API for scheduling tasks

New package: drupal6-mobile_tools-2.3-2.fc15
             The Mobile Tools provides some tools to assist in making a site mobile

New package: drupal6-pathauto-1.5-3.fc15
             Automatically generates path aliases

New package: drupal6-rules-1.4-4.fc15
             It allows site administrators to define conditionally executed actions

New package: dsmidiwifi-1.01a-5.fc15
             DS music interface

New package: dsniff-2.4-0.10.b1.fc15
             Tools for network auditing and penetration testing

New package: dssi-1.1.0-4.fc15
             Disposable Soft Synth Interface

New package: dstat-0.7.2-4.fc15
             Versatile resource statistics tool

New package: dtach-0.8-5.fc15
             A simple program that emulates the detach feature of screen

New package: dualscreen-mouse-utils-0.5-5.fc15
             Utilities for use with dual head setups using independent screens

New package: dumbster-1.6-10.fc15
             Fake SMTP Server

New package: dumpasn1-20101112-2.fc15
             ASN.1 object dump utility

New package: dumpet-2.1-3.fc15
             A tool to dump and debug bootable CD images

New package: dustin-domestic-manners-fonts-20030527-5.fc15
             Handwriting font by Dustin Norlander

New package: dustin-dustismo-fonts-20030318-6.fc15
             General purpose sans-serif font with bold, italic and bold-italic variations

New package: dvb-apps-1.1.1-23.fc15
             Utility, demo and test applications using the Linux DVB API

New package: dvd+rw-tools-7.1-5.fc14
             Toolchain to master DVD+RW/+R media

New package: dvdauthor-0.7.0-3.fc15
             Command line DVD authoring tool

New package: dvdbackup-0.4.1-2.fc15
             Command line tool for ripping video DVDs

New package: dvgrab-3.5-2.fc15
             Utility to capture video from a DV camera

New package: dvipdfm-0.13.2d-42.fc15
             A DVI to PDF translator

New package: dvipdfmx-0-0.32.20090708cvs.fc15
             A DVI to PDF translator

New package: dvipng-1.14-1.fc15
             Converts DVI files to PNG/GIF format

New package: dvtm-0.5.2-2.fc15
             Tiling window management for the console

New package: dwatch-0.1.1-8.fc15
             A program that watches over other programs

New package: dwscan-0.2-5.fc15
             Displays access point information

New package: dx-samples-4.4.0-7.fc15
             OpenDX Examples

New package: dxpc-3.9.1-4.fc15
             A Differential X Protocol Compressor

New package: dynamic-wallpaper-0.3.1-3.fc15
             Generates svg wallpaper based on current weather, season and others

New package: dynamite-0.1.1-5.fc15
             Extract data compressed with PKWARE Data Compression Library

New package: e16-docs-
             Documentation for Enlightenment, DR16

New package: e16-epplets-0.12-5.fc15
             Epplets for Enlightenment, DR16

New package: e16-keyedit-0.7-3.fc15
             GUI for editing keybindings in Enlightenment, DR16

New package: e16-themes-1.0.0-2.fc15
             Themes for Enlightenment, DR16

New package: e2fsprogs-1.41.14-2.fc15
             Utilities for managing ext2, ext3, and ext4 filesystems

New package: e2tools-0.0.16-17.fc15
             Manipulate files in unmounted ext2/ext3 filesystems

New package: earcandy-0.5.1-8.fc15
             Sound level manager

New package: earth-and-moon-backgrounds-0.2-2.fc15
             Earth-and-moon desktop backgrounds

New package: easymock-1.2-13.fc15
             Easy mock objects

New package: easymock2-2.5.2-4.fc15
             Easy mock objects

New package: eazykeyboard-2.0-4.fc15
             A simple onscreen keyboard

New package: eb-4.4.1-2.fc15
             Library for accessing Japanese CD-ROM electronic books

New package: eblook-1.6.1-11.fc15
             Command-line EB and EPWING dictionary search program

New package: eboard-1.1.1-7.fc15
             Chess board interface for ICS

New package: ebook-tools-0.2.0-2.fc15
             Tools for accessing and converting various ebook file formats

New package: ebview-
             EPWING CD-ROM dictionary viewer

New package: echo-artist-0.1.1-4.fc15
             Automation tools for echo-icon-theme artists

New package: echo-icon-theme-
             Echo icon theme

New package: echolinux-0.17a-8.fc15
             Linux echoLink client

New package: echoping-6.0.2-7.fc15
             TCP "echo" performance test

New package: ecj-3.4.2-9.fc15
             Eclipse Compiler for Java

New package: eclipse-anyedit-2.3.3-2.fc15
             AnyEdit plugin for eclipse

New package: eclipse-checkstyle-5.1.0-3.fc15
             Checkstyle plugin for Eclipse

New package: eclipse-cmakeed-1.1.5-2.fc15
             CMake Editor plug-in for Eclipse

New package: eclipse-collabnet-merge-2.2.1-2.fc15
             CollabNet Merge Client for Subclipse

New package: eclipse-eclox-0.8.0-6.20100810svn.fc15
             Eclipse-based doxygen plugin

New package: eclipse-emf-2.6.0-2.fc14
             Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF) Eclipse plugin

New package: eclipse-emf-query-1.4.0-2.fc15
             Specify and execute queries against EMF models

New package: eclipse-emf-transaction-1.4.0-2.fc15
             A model management layer for managing EMF resources

New package: eclipse-emf-validation-1.4.0-2.fc15
             Verify the integrity of EMF models

New package: eclipse-epic-0.6.39-1.fc15
             Perl Eclipse plug-in

New package: eclipse-findbugs-1.3.9-3.fc15
             Eclipse plugin for FindBugs

New package: eclipse-m2m-qvtoml-3.0.0-2.fc15
             Implementation of Operational QVT for Eclipse

New package: eclipse-manpage-0.0.1-0.svn24060.1.fc15.1
             Man page viewer

New package: eclipse-mdt-ocl-3.0.0-2.fc15
             Implementation of the OCL OMG metamodel for Eclipse

New package: eclipse-mdt-uml2-3.1.0-2.fc15
             Implementation of the UML2 OMG metamodel for Eclipse

New package: eclipse-nls-3.6.0.v20100814043401-5.fc15
             Babel language packs for the Eclipse platform and various plug-ins

New package: eclipse-phpeclipse-1.2.3-3.fc15
             PHP Eclipse plugin

New package: eclipse-ptp-4.0.7-1.fc15
             Eclipse Parallel Tools Platform

New package: eclipse-rse-3.2-3.fc15
             Eclipse Remote System Explorer

New package: eclipse-setools-
             Eclipse plugin wrapper for SETools Java policy analysis tools for SELinux

New package: eclipse-shelled-2.0.0-0.M3.1.fc15.1
             Eclipse Shell script editor

New package: eclipse-slide-1.3.16-2.fc15
             SELinux policy editing plugin for Eclipse

New package: eclipse-systemtapgui-1.1-2.fc15
             Eclipse plugins for SystemTap

New package: eclipse-texlipse-1.3.0-3.20090829cvs.fc15
             Eclipse plugin for editing Latex

New package: eclipse-veditor-0.7.1-1.fc15
             Eclipse-based Verilog/VHDL plugin

New package: ecolier-court-fonts-20070702-13.fc15
             Schoolchildren cursive fonts

New package: ed-1.5-2.fc15
             The GNU line editor

New package: edac-utils-0.9-12.fc15
             Userspace helper for kernel EDAC drivers

New package: editarea-0.8.2-3.fc15
             A replacement for the HTML textarea tag

New package: edsadmin-1.0-8.fc15
             An LDAP server administration tool

New package: efax-0.9a-9.001114.fc15
             A program for faxing using a Class 1, 2 or 2.0 fax modem

New package: efibootmgr-0.5.4-11.fc15
             EFI Boot Manager

New package: efont-unicode-bdf-0.4.2-11.fc15
             Unicode font by Electronic Font Open Laboratory

New package: efte-1.1-2.fc15
             A lightweight, extendable, folding text editor for X11

New package: eg-0.97-6.fc15
             Git for mere mortals

New package: egd-0.9-5.fc15
             Entropy Gathering Daemon

New package: eggdrop-1.6.20-2.fc15
             The world's most popular Open Source IRC bot

New package: egoboo-2.7.5-10.fc15
             A top down graphical (3D) RPG in the spirit of Nethack

New package: egoboo-data-2.7.5-7.fc15
             Data files for the Egoboo RPG

New package: eigen2-2.0.15-2.fc15
             A lightweight C++ template library for vector and matrix math

New package: eject-2.1.5-21.fc15
             A program that ejects removable media using software control

New package: ekg-1.8-0.8.rc1.fc15
             A client compatible with Gadu-Gadu

New package: electric-8.09-2.fc15
             Sophisticated ASIC and MEM CAD System

New package: electronics-menu-1.0-8.1.fc15
             Electronics Menu for the Desktop

New package: elfelli-0.3.1-4.fc15
             Visualisation tool for flux lines

New package: elfinfo-1.1-7.fc15
             ELF file parser a subset of eu-readelf

New package: elftoaout-2.3-15.fc15
             A utility for converting ELF binaries to a.out binaries

New package: elice-0.323-5.fc15
             PureBasic to C++ translator / compiler

New package: elilo-3.6-9
             ELILO linux boot loader for EFI-based systems

New package: elph-1.0.1-7.fc15
             Tool to find motifs in a set of DNA or protein sequences

New package: em8300-0.18.0-3.fc15
             DXR3/Hollywood Plus MPEG decoder card support tools

New package: emacs-apel-10.8-2.fc15
             A Portable Emacs Library

New package: emacs-auto-complete-1.3.1-2.fc15
             Intelligent auto-complete extension for GNU Emacs

New package: emacs-bbdb-2.35-5.fc15
             A contact management utility for use with Emacs

New package: emacs-color-theme-6.6.0-4.fc15
             Color themes for Emacs

New package: emacs-common-ebib-1.8.0-2.fc15
             A BibTeX database manager that runs in Emacs and XEmacs

New package: emacs-common-ess-5.11-3.fc15
             Emacs Speaks Statistics add-on package for Emacs

New package: emacs-common-muse-3.20-3.fc15
             Emacs Muse is an authoring and publishing environment for Emacs

New package: emacs-common-proofgeneral-3.7.1-5.fc15
             Emacs mode for standard interaction interface for proof assistants

New package: emacs-common-tuareg-1.45.6-10.fc15
             Emacs and XEmacs mode for editing ocaml

New package: emacs-haskell-mode-2.7.0-4.fc15
             Haskell editing mode for Emacs

New package: emacs-htmlize-1.34-5.fc15
             Convert buffer text and decorations to HTML

New package: emacs-ibus-0.2.1-3.fc15
             IBus client for GNU Emacs

New package: emacs-irsim-mode-0.1-7.fc15
             Irsim mode for emacs

New package: emacs-lookup-1.4.1-4.fc15
             Search Interface with Electronic Dictionaries for Emacs

New package: emacs-lua-20071122-8.fc15
             Lua major mode for GNU Emacs

New package: emacs-mew-6.3-2.fc15
             Email client for GNU Emacs

New package: emacs-mmm-0.4.8-3.fc15
             Emacs minor mode allowing different major modes in the same file

New package: emacs-rinari-2.1-5.20100815git.fc15
             Ruby on rails minor mode for Emacs

New package: emacs-slime-3.0-0.2.20101113cvs.fc15
             The superior lisp interaction mode for emacs

New package: emacs-spice-mode-1.2.25-5.fc15
             SPICE Mode for GNU Emacs

New package: emacs-verilog-mode-531-2.fc15
             Verilog mode for Emacs

New package: emacspeak-29.0-4.fc15
             Emacs Speech interface

New package: email2trac-0.13-6.fc12
             Utilities for converting emails to trac tickets

New package: emerald-themes-0.5.2-6.fc15
             Themes for Emerald, a window decorator for Compiz Fusion

New package: emesene-1.6.3-3.fc15
             Instant messaging client for Windows Live Messenger network

New package: emma-2.0.5312-7.fc15
             Code Coverage Tool

New package: enca-1.13-2.fc15
             Character set analyzer and detector

New package: enemies-of-carlotta-1.2.4-7.fc15
             A simple mailing list manager

New package: enet-1.2.1-2.fc15
             Thin, simple and robust network layer on top of UDP

New package: enscript-
             A plain ASCII to PostScript converter

New package: entertrack-1.2.6-5.fc15
             Web-based artifact tracking/management system written in PHP

New package: enum-1.0.3-1.fc15
             Seq- and jot-like enumerator

New package: environment-modules-3.2.8a-2.fc15
             Provides dynamic modification of a user's environment

New package: epic-2.10.1-2.fc15
             An ircII chat client

New package: epydoc-3.0.1-9.fc15
             Automatic API documentation generation tool for Python

New package: eqntott-9.0-3.fc15
             Generates truth tables from Boolean equations

New package: erlang-amf-0-0.4.20100908git27329144.fc15
             Erlang Action Message Format Library

New package: erlang-ebloom-1.0.2-5.fc15
             A NIF wrapper around a basic bloom filter

New package: erlang-eradius-0-0.8.20070627cvs.fc15
             RADIUS authentication/accounting for erlang apps

New package: erlang-erlsom-1.2.1-8.fc15
             Support for XML Schema in Erlang

New package: erlang-erlsyslog-0.1-6.fc15
             Syslog facility for Erlang

New package: erlang-esasl-0.1-7.fc15
             Simple Authentication and Security Layer (SASL) support for Erlang

New package: erlang-esdl-1.0.1-5.fc15
             Erlang OpenGL/SDL API and utilities

New package: erlang-etap-0.3.4-5.fc15
             Erlang testing library

New package: erlang-gen_leader-0-0.3.fc15
             A leader election behavior modeled after gen_server

New package: erlang-getopt-0.3-4.fc15
             Erlang module to parse command line arguments using the GNU getopt syntax

New package: erlang-gettext-2.1.0-0.3.20101022gitb55cb72.fc15
             Erlang internationalization library

New package: erlang-gproc-0-0.4.20100929gitf0807c9.fc15
             Extended process registry for Erlang

New package: erlang-lfe-0.6.1-6.fc15
             Lisp Flavoured Erlang

New package: erlang-log4erl-0.9.0-4.fc15
             A logger for erlang in the spirit of Log4J

New package: erlang-luke-0.2.3-3.fc15
             Dataflow / MapReduce coordination framework

New package: erlang-misultin-0.6.1-3.fc15
             Erlang library for building fast lightweight HTTP(S) servers

New package: erlang-mustache-0.1.0-2.fc15
             Mustache template engine for Erlang

New package: erlang-oauth-1.0.1-2.fc15
             An Erlang OAuth implementation

New package: erlang-pgsql-0-7.20101203svn.fc15
             Erlang PostgreSQL interface

New package: erlang-rebar-2-4.20101120git90058c7.fc15
             Erlang Build Tools

New package: erlang-rpm-macros-0.1.2-3.fc15
             Macros for simplifying building of Erlang packages

New package: erlang-webmachine-1.8.0-3.fc15
             A REST-based system for building web applications

New package: erlang-xmlrpc-1.13-3.fc15
             HTTP 1.1 compliant XML-RPC library for Erlang

New package: eruby-1.0.5-16.fc15
             An interpreter of embedded Ruby language

New package: esc-1.1.0-14.fc15
             Enterprise Security Client Smart Card Client

New package: escape-200912250-2.fc15
             Extensible block-pushing puzzle game

New package: esmtp-1.0-7.fc15
             User configurable send-only Mail Transfer Agent

New package: esound-0.2.41-4.fc15
             Allows several audio streams to play on a single audio device

New package: espeak-1.43-3.fc15
             Software speech synthesizer (text-to-speech)

New package: espresso-ab-1.0-2.fc15
             A boolean minimization tool

New package: eterm-0.9.5-8.fc15
             Enlightened terminal emulator

New package: etherbat-1.0.1-8.fc15
             Ethernet topology discovery

New package: ettercap-0.7.3-38.fc15
             Network traffic sniffer/analyser, NCURSES interface version

New package: eurephia-1.0.1-2.fc15
             An advanced and flexible OpenVPN user authentication plug-in

New package: examiner-0.5-7.fc15
             Utility to disassemble and comment foreign executable binaries

New package: exempi-2.1.1-2.fc15
             Library for easy parsing of XMP metadata

New package: exim-doc-4.73-2.fc15
             Documentation for the exim mail transfer agent

New package: exiv2-0.21.1-1.fc15
             Exif and Iptc metadata manipulation library

New package: expat-2.0.1-11.fc15
             An XML parser library

New package: expatmm-1.0.2-2.fc15
             C++ wrapper for the expat XML parser library

New package: expendable-0.0.9-4.fc15
             Home finances modeling program

New package: ext3grep-0.10.2-2.fc15
             Recovery tool for ext3 filesystems

New package: extrema-4.4.5-3.fc15
             Extrema is a powerful visualization and data analysis tool

New package: extremetuxracer-0.4-6.fc15
             3D racing game featuring Tux

New package: extundelete-0.2.0-2.fc15
             An ext3 and ext4 file system undeletion utility

New package: ez-ipupdate-3.0.11-0.23.b8.fc15
             Client for Dynamic DNS Services

New package: ez-pine-gpg-0.4h-3.fc15
             GnuPG integration scripts for Pine

New package: ezmorph-1.0.6-3.fc15
             Object transformation library for Java

New package: ezstream-0.5.6-2.fc15
             Command line source client for Icecast media streaming servers

New package: f2c-20090411-6.fc14
             A Fortran 77 to C/C++ conversion program

New package: fRaBs-2.11-4.fc15
             Free data files for abuse the game

New package: factory-3.1.1-2.fc15
             C++ class library for multivariate polynomial data

New package: faenza-icon-theme-0.6-2.fc15
             Icon theme designed for Equinox GTK theme

New package: fakechroot-2.9-25.fc15
             Gives a fake chroot environment

New package: fakeroot-1.12.4-3.fc15
             Gives a fake root environment

New package: fann-2.0.0-8.fc15
             A fast artificial neural network library

New package: fantasdic-1.0-0.8.beta7.fc15.1
             Dictionary application using Ruby

New package: fapg-0.41-3.fc15
             Fast Audio Playlist Generator

New package: fastback-0.4-2.fc15
             File uploader, configureable file uploader

New package: fatsort-0.9.10-5.fc15
             FAT sorter for FAT16 and FAT32 filesystems

New package: faust-0.9.30-2.fc15
             Compiled language for real-time audio signal processing

New package: fbdesk-1.4.1-7.fc15
             Icon Manager for Fluxbox

New package: fbg-0.9.1-6.fc15
             Falling Block Game

New package: fbida-2.07-8.fc15
             FrameBuffer Imageviewer

New package: fbpanel-6.1-2.fc15
             A lightweight X11 desktop panel

New package: fbreader-0.12.10-4.fc15
             E-book reader

New package: fbset-2.1-30.fc15
             Tools for managing a frame buffer's video mode properties

New package: fbterm-1.6-4.fc15
             A frame-buffer terminal emulator

New package: fcode-utils-1.0.2-5.fc15
             Utilities for dealing with FCode

New package: fdupes-1.50-0.3.PR2.fc15
             Finds duplicate files in a given set of directories

New package: fedora-bookmarks-15-0.1
             Fedora bookmarks

New package: fedora-business-cards-
             The Fedora business card generator

New package: fedora-easy-karma-0-0.11.20101123gitf70e9b6d.fc15
             Fedora update feedback made easy

New package: fedora-icon-theme-1.0.0-11.fc15
             Fedora icon theme

New package: fedora-idm-console-1.1.3-3.fc15
             Fedora Management Console

New package: fedora-ksplice-0.5-8.fc15
             Script Collection for Using KSplice on Fedora Linux

New package: fedora-package-config-smart-13.89-22
             Fedora configuration files for the Smart package manager

New package: fedora-remix-logos-1.0.0-3.fc15
             Fedora Remix logos

New package: fedora-screensaver-theme-1.0.0-6.fc15
             Fedora screensaver theme

New package: fedora-usermgmt-0.11-1406.fc15
             Fedora tools for user management

New package: fedorainfinity-backgrounds-0.0.5-5.fc15
             Fedora Infinity desktop backgrounds

New package: fedorainfinity-screensaver-theme-1.0.0-4.fc15
             Fedora Infinity screensaver theme

New package: fedorawaves-kdm-theme-1.1-5.fc15
             Fedora Waves KDM theme

New package: felix-framework-2.0.5-5.fc15
             Apache Felix Framework

New package: felix-main-2.0.5-6.fc15
             Apache Felix Main

New package: felix-osgi-compendium-1.4.0-6.fc15
             Felix OSGi R4 Compendium Bundle

New package: felix-osgi-foundation-1.2.0-5.fc15
             Felix OSGi Foundation EE Bundle

New package: felix-osgi-obr-1.0.2-4.fc15
             Felix OSGi OBR Service API

New package: felix-shell-1.4.2-3.fc15
             Apache Felix Shell Service

New package: festival-freebsoft-utils-0.10-2.fc15
             A collection of utilities that enhance Festival with some useful features

New package: fetchlog-1.2-4.fc15
             Utility to display new messages of a logfile since last run

New package: ffcall-1.10-5.20080704cvs.fc15.1
             Libraries for foreign function call interfaces

New package: ffsb-5.2.1-4.fc15
             The Flexible Filesystem Benchmark

New package: fftw-3.2.2-5.fc15
             A Fast Fourier Transform library

New package: fftw2-2.1.5-22.fc15
             Fast Fourier Transform library (version 2)

New package: fig2ps-1.4.1-3.fc15
             Utility for converting xfig pictures to PS/PDF

New package: figtoipe-20091205-3.fc15
             FIG to IPE conversion tool

New package: file-browser-applet-0.6.6-1.fc15
             File Browser Applet for the GNOME Panel

New package: filelight-1.9-6.rc3.fc15.1
             Graphical disk usage statistics

New package: fillets-ng-0.9.1-2.fc15
             Fish Fillets Next Generation, a puzzle game with 70 levels

New package: fillets-ng-data-0.9.0-3
             Game data files for Fish Fillets Next Generation

New package: fillmore-lombard-0.1.0-5.fc15
             Multimedia applications for GNOME

New package: findbugs-bcel-5.2-1.3.8.fc15.5
             Byte Code Engineering Library with findbugs extensions

New package: findbugs-contrib-4.2.0-3.fc15
             Extra findbugs detectors

New package: finger-0.17-43.fc15
             The finger client

New package: fipscheck-1.3.0-2.fc15
             A library for integrity verification of FIPS validated modules

New package: firecontrol-0.2-7.fc15
             A console oriented tool for Linux to access a FireWire bus

New package: firehol-1.273-6.fc15
             A powerful yet easy to use iptables frontend

New package: firewalk-5.0-6.fc15
             Active reconnaissance network security tool

New package: firmware-extract-2.0.13-3.fc15.1
             A firmware-tools plugin to add firmware extraction from vendor binaries

New package: firmware-tools-2.1.14-1.fc15.1
             Scripts and tools to manage firmware and BIOS updates

New package: flac-1.2.1-6.fc12
             An encoder/decoder for the Free Lossless Audio Codec

New package: flac123-0.0.11-10.fc15
             Command-line program for playing FLAC audio files

New package: flam3-3.0-3.20101118svn35.fc15
             Programs to generate and render cosmic recursive fractal flames

New package: flasm-1.62-8.fc15
             Flash bytecode assembler disassembler

New package: flaw-1.2.4-2.fc15
             Free top-down wizard battle game

New package: flawfinder-1.27-6.fc15
             Examines C/C++ source code for security flaws

New package: fldigi-doc-3.20-4.fc15
             Documentation for the Fldigi project

New package: flex-2.5.35-13.fc15
             A tool for creating scanners (text pattern recognizers)

New package: flickcurl-1.18-2.fc15
             C library for the Flickr API

New package: flickrnet-2.2-8.fc15
             .NET library to interact with the Flickr API

New package: flight-of-the-amazon-queen-1.0-5.fc15
             Flight of the Amazon Queen - Adventure Game

New package: flight-of-the-amazon-queen-cd-1.0-5.fc15
             Flight of the Amazon Queen - Adventure Game - CD version

New package: flim-1.14.9-2.fc15
             Basic library for handling email messages for Emacs

New package: flobopuyo-0.20-7.fc15
             2-player falling bubbles game

New package: flow-tools-
             Tool set for working with NetFlow data

New package: flterm-1.0-1.rc3.fc15
             Firmware download program

New package: fluid-soundfont-3.1-5.fc15
             Pro-quality GM/GS soundfont

New package: fluidsynth-1.1.3-2.fc15
             Real-time software synthesizer

New package: fluidsynth-dssi-1.0.0-4.fc15
             DSSI implementation of Fluidsynth

New package: flute-1.3.0-6.OOo31.fc15
             Java CSS parser using SAC

New package: fmt-ptrn-1.3.21-2.fc15
             A simple template system

New package: font-manager-0.5.7-2.fc15
             A font management application for the GNOME desktop environment

New package: fontaine-0-3.svn39.fc15
             Font file meta information utility

New package: fontbox-1.0.0-3.fc15
             Java library for working with PDF fonts

New package: fontik-0.6-4.20100901git8dd5b9fe7.fc15
             A Configuration Tool for Font-wise, User-set Fontconfig Rules

New package: fontpackages-1.44-2.fc15
             Common directory and macro definitions used by font packages

New package: fonts-KOI8-R-1.0-14.fc15
             Russian and Ukrainian language fonts for the X Window System.

New package: fonttools-2.3-3.fc15
             A tool to convert True/OpenType fonts to XML and back

New package: foobillard-3.0a-14
             OpenGL billard game

New package: foremost-1.5.7-3.fc15
             Recover files by "carving" them from a raw disk

New package: forge-parent-5-6.fc15
             Sonatype Forge Parent Pom

New package: fortune-firefly-2.1.2-9.fc15
             Quotes from the TV series "Firefly"

New package: fortune-mod-1.99.1-14.fc15
             A program which will display a fortune

New package: fotoxx-10.11.1-8.fc15
             Photo editor

New package: fpc-2.4.2-2.fc15
             Free Pascal Compiler

New package: fping-2.4b2-11.fc15
             Scriptable, parallelized ping-like utility

New package: fpm2-0.79-2.fc15
             Password manager with GTK2 GUI

New package: fprint_demo-0.4-7.fc15.1
             Demo of the fprint drivers

New package: fprintd-0.2.0-3.fc15
             D-Bus service for Fingerprint reader access

New package: fprobe-ulog-1.1-8.fc15
             NetFlow probe

New package: free42-1.4.66-2.fc15
             42S Calculator Simulator

New package: freealut-1.1.0-12.fc15
             Implementation of OpenAL's ALUT standard

New package: freecol-0.9.5-2.fc15
             Turn-based multi-player strategy game

New package: freedink-dfarc-3.8.1-2.fc15
             Frontend and .dmod installer for GNU FreeDink

New package: freedoom-0.6.4-3.fc15
             Replacement game files for doom game engines

New package: freedoom-freedm-0.6.4-3.fc15
             Deathmatch levels for Doom

New package: freedroid-1.0.2-14.fc15
             Clone of the C64 game Paradroid

New package: freedroidrpg-0.13-3.fc15
             Role playing game with Freedroid theme and Tux as the hero

New package: freeglut-2.6.0-6.fc15
             A freely licensed alternative to the GLUT library

New package: freehoo-3.5.3-4.20100314cvs.fc15
             Freehoo is a free console based messenger for Yahoo IM Service

New package: freeimage-3.10.0-5.fc15
             Multi-format image decoder library

New package: freenx-client-0.9-11.fc15
             Free client libraries and binaries for the NX protocol

New package: freerdp-0.8.2-3.fc15
             Remote Desktop Protocol client

New package: freetalk-3.2-5.fc15
             A console based Jabber client

New package: freetennis-0.4.8-18.fc12
             Tennis simulation game

New package: freeze-2.5.0-12.fc15
             freeze/melt/fcat compression utilities

New package: frescobaldi-1.2.0-2.fc15
             Edit LilyPond sheet music with ease!

New package: fribidi-0.19.2-3.fc15
             Library implementing the Unicode Bidirectional Algorithm

New package: frotz-2.43-10.fc15
             Interpreter for Infocom and other Z-machine games

New package: fs_mark-3.3-4.fc15
             Benchmark synchronous/async file creation

New package: fsarchiver-0.6.11-1.fc15
             Safe and flexible file-system backup/deployment tool

New package: fslint-2.42-2.fc15
             File System "lint" discovery and cleaning utility

New package: fsniper-1.3.1-6.fc15
             A tool that monitors directories for new files and invokes scripts on them

New package: ftgl-2.1.3-0.4.rc5.fc15
             OpenGL frontend to Freetype 2

New package: ftnchek-3.3.1-12.fc15
             Static analyzer for Fortran 77 programs

New package: ftplib-3.1-7.fc15
             Library of FTP routines

New package: func-0.27-2.fc15
             Remote management framework

New package: funionfs-0.4.3-7.fc15
             Union filesystem in userspace

New package: fuse-convmvfs-0.2.6-3.fc15
             FUSE-Filesystem to convert filesystem encodings

New package: fuse-emulator-utils-1.0.0-2.fc15
             Additional utils for the Fuse spectrum emulator

New package: fuse-gmailfs-0.8.0-6.fc15
             Gmail Filesystem

New package: fuse-python-0.2.1-3.fc15
             Python bindings for FUSE - filesystem in userspace

New package: fuse-s3fs-0.7-5.fc15
             FUSE filesystem using Amazon Simple Storage Service as storage

New package: fuse-smb-0.8.7-9.fc15
             FUSE-Filesystem to fast and easy access remote resources via SMB

New package: fuse-sshfs-2.2-7.fc15
             FUSE-Filesystem to access remote filesystems via SSH

New package: fuse-zip-0.2.12-2.fc15
             Fuse-zip is a fs to navigate, extract, create and modify ZIP archives

New package: fusecompress_offline1-1.99.19-7.fc15
             Utility to help migrate off of fusecompress-1.x

New package: fuseiso-20070708-10.fc15
             FUSE support for ISO filesystem images

New package: fusion-icon-0.1.0-0.10.5e2dc9git.fc15
             Compiz Fusion panel applet

New package: fwbackups-1.43.4-2.fc15
             A feature-rich user backup program

New package: fwbuilder-4.1.2-1.fc15
             Firewall Builder

New package: fwfstab-0.04-0.3.rc1.fc15
             A graphical file system table editor

New package: fwknop-1.9.12-2
             A Single Packet Authorization (SPA) implementation

New package: fwrestart-1.05-4.fc15
             A way to more safely re-load firewall rules remotely

New package: fxload-2002_04_11-10.fc15
             A helper program to download firmware into FX and FX2 EZ-USB devices

New package: g-wrap-1.9.11-4.fc12
             A tool for creating Scheme interfaces to C libraries

New package: g3data-1.5.3-4.fc15
             Program for extracting the data from scanned graphs

New package: gadget-0.0.3-6.fc15
             XMPP server component for tracking people and activities

New package: galculator-1.3.4-4.fc15
             GTK 2 based scientific calculator

New package: gallery2-2.3.1-3.fc15
             Customizable photo gallery web site

New package: galternatives-0.13.4-10.fc15
             Alternatives Configurator

New package: gamazons-0.83-6.fc15
             GNOME Amazons

New package: gambit-c-4.6.0-3.fc15
             Scheme programming system

New package: games-menus-0.3.2-6.fc15
             Catagorized submenus for the GNOME/KDE Games menu

New package: gant-1.8.1-5.fc15
             Groovy-based build system that uses Ant tasks

New package: ganymed-ssh2-210-10.fc15
             SSH-2 protocol implementation in pure Java

New package: garden-1.0.8-3.fc15
             An innovative old-school 2D vertical shoot-em-up

New package: gargi-fonts-1.9-3.fc15
             A Devanagari font

New package: garmindev-0.3.4-2.fc15
             Drivers for communication with Garmin GPS devices

New package: gazpacho-0.7.2-9.fc15
             Glade Interface Creator

New package: gbdfed-1.5-4.fc15
             Bitmap Font Editor

New package: gbrainy-1.52-4.1.fc15
             A brain teaser game and trainer to keep your brain trained

New package: gcolor2-0.4-3.fc13
             A simple color selector for GTK+2

New package: gcombust-0.1.55-17
             Powerful graphical front-end for mkisofs and cdrecord

New package: gcompris-9.5-4.fc15
             Educational suite for kids 2-10 years old

New package: gconf-cleaner-0.0.3-2.fc15
             A Cleaning tool for GConf

New package: gconfmm26-2.28.2-2.fc15
             C++ wrapper for GConf2

New package: gcstar-1.6.1-3.fc15
             Personal collections manager

New package: gcx-0.9.11-10.fc15
             Data-reduction tool for CCD photometry

New package: gd-2.0.35-12.fc15
             A graphics library for quick creation of PNG or JPEG images

New package: gdata-sharp-
             .NET library for the Google Data API

New package: gdbm-1.8.3-9.fc15
             A GNU set of database routines which use extensible hashing

New package: gdesklet-SlideShow-0.9-11.fc15
             A slideshow of collection for gdesklets

New package: gdesklets-0.36.3-2.fc15
             Architecture for desktop applets

New package: gdesklets-citation-1.5-11.fc15
             Display quote

New package: gdesklets-goodweather-0.31-6.fc15
             Themeable weather and condition display for gdesklet

New package: gdesklets-quote-of-the-day-1.1-4.fc15
             Quote of the day desklet for gdesklet

New package: gdk-pixbuf-0.22.0-38.fc12
             An image loading library used with GNOME

New package: gdmap-0.8.1-8.fc15
             A tool which allows to visualize disk space

New package: gdome2-0.8.1-9.fc12
             DOM level 2 library for accessing XML files

New package: gdouros-aegean-fonts-3.02-2.fc15
             A font for ancient scripts in the greater Aegean vicinity

New package: gdouros-aegyptus-fonts-3.11-2.fc15
             A font for Egyptian hieroglyphs

New package: gdouros-akkadian-fonts-2.52-2.fc15
             A font for Sumero-Akkadian cuneiform

New package: gdouros-alexander-fonts-3.01-3.fc15
             A Greek typeface inspired by Alexander Wilson

New package: gdouros-analecta-fonts-2.52-2.fc13
             An ecclesiastic scripts font

New package: gdouros-musica-fonts-2.52-3.fc15
             A font for musical symbols

New package: gdouros-symbola-fonts-2.54-2.fc15
             A symbol font

New package: gdpc-2.2.5-4.fc15
             A program for visualising molecular dynamics simulations data

New package: gds2pov-0.20080229-4.fc15
             GDS2 layout file to POV-Ray conversion

New package: geany-0.20-3.fc15
             A fast and lightweight IDE using GTK2

New package: geany-plugins-0.20-2.fc15
             Plugins for Geany

New package: gearbox-9.11-8.fc15
             A collection of usable peer-reviewed robotics-related libraries

New package: gears-backgrounds-0.0.1-6.fc15
             Gears desktop backgrounds

New package: gedit-latex-plugin-0.2-2.fc15
             Gedit plugin for composing and compiling LaTeX documents

New package: gemdropx-0.9-7.fc15
             Falling blocks puzzlegame

New package: genchemlab-1.0-12.fc15
             A general chemistry lab experiment simulator

New package: gengetopt-2.22.3-1.fc13
             Tool to write command line option parsing code for C programs

New package: genius-1.0.12-2.fc15
             An arbitrary precision integer and multiple precision floatingpoint calculator

New package: genromfs-0.5.2-6.fc15
             Utility for creating romfs file systems

New package: gentoo-0.19.6-2.fc15
             Graphical file management program in GTK+ for Linux

New package: genus2reduction-0.3-6.fc15
             Computes Reductions of Genus 2 Proper Smooth Curves

New package: geomview-1.9.4-14.fc15
             Interactive 3D viewing program

New package: geoqo-1.11-3.fc15
             GeoCaching and General Waypoint Database

New package: geronimo-annotation-1.0-4.fc15
             Java EE: Annotation API v1.1

New package: geronimo-ejb-1.0-4.fc15
             Java EE: EJB API v3.1

New package: geronimo-interceptor-1.0.1-4.fc15
             Java EE: Interceptor API v3.0

New package: geronimo-jaxrpc-2.1-2.fc15
             Java EE: Java API for XML Remote Procedure Call v1.1

New package: geronimo-jms-1.1.1-8.fc15
             J2EE JMS v1.1 API

New package: geronimo-jpa-1.1.1-5.fc15
             Java persistence API implementation

New package: geronimo-jta-1.1.1-7.fc15
             J2EE JTA v1.1 API

New package: geronimo-osgi-support-1.0-4.fc15
             OSGI spec bundle support

New package: geronimo-saaj-1.1-4.fc15
             Java EE: SOAP with Attachments API Package v1.3

New package: gestikk-0.6.1-7.fc15
             Use mouse gestures to control your PC

New package: gettext-
             GNU libraries and utilities for producing multi-lingual messages

New package: gettext-commons-0.9.6-5.fc15
             Java internationalization (i18n) library

New package: gflags-1.3-2.fc15
             Library for commandline flag processing

New package: gfs-ambrosia-fonts-20080624-7.fc15
             GFS Ambrosia majuscule Greek font

New package: gfs-artemisia-fonts-20070415-13.fc15
             GFS Artemisia fonts

New package: gfs-baskerville-fonts-20070327-14.fc15
             GFS Baskerville Greek font

New package: gfs-bodoni-classic-fonts-20070415-13.fc15
             GFS Bodoni Classic oblique Greek font

New package: gfs-bodoni-fonts-20070415-12.fc15
             GFS Bodoni fonts

New package: gfs-complutum-fonts-20070413-14.fc15
             GFS Complutum Greek font

New package: gfs-decker-fonts-20090618-4.fc15
             A 19th century Greek typeface

New package: gfs-didot-classic-fonts-20080702-8.fc15
             GFS Didot Classic Greek font

New package: gfs-didot-fonts-20070616-13.fc15
             GFS Didot fonts

New package: gfs-eustace-fonts-20080303-7.fc15
             GFS Eustace majuscule Greek font

New package: gfs-fleischman-fonts-20080303-7.fc15
             GFS Fleischman majuscule Greek font

New package: gfs-garaldus-fonts-20080707-7.fc15
             GFS Garaldus majuscule Greek font

New package: gfs-gazis-fonts-20091008-2.fc15
             An 18th century Greek typeface

New package: gfs-goschen-fonts-20100203-2.fc15
             A 19th century Greek typeface

New package: gfs-ignacio-fonts-20090923-2.fc15
             A majuscule Greek font

New package: gfs-jackson-fonts-20080303-7.fc15
             GFS Jackson majuscule Greek font

New package: gfs-neohellenic-fonts-20090918-2.fc15
             A 20th century Greek typeface

New package: gfs-nicefore-fonts-20080303-7.fc15
             GFS Nicefore majuscule Greek font

New package: gfs-olga-fonts-20060908-12.fc15
             GFS Olga experimental oblique font

New package: gfs-philostratos-fonts-20090902-2.fc15
             A revival of the “Griechische Antiqua” Greek typeface

New package: gfs-porson-fonts-20060908-14.fc15
             GFS Porson Greek font

New package: gfs-pyrsos-fonts-20090618-4.fc15
             A 20th century italic Greek typeface

New package: gfs-solomos-fonts-20071114-13.fc15
             GFS Solomos oblique Greek font

New package: gfs-theokritos-fonts-20070415-15.fc15
             GFS Theokritos decorative font

New package: gftp-2.0.19-5.fc15
             A multi-threaded FTP client for the X Window System

New package: ggobi-2.1.7-4.fc15
             Open source visualization for exploring high-dimensional data

New package: ggz-base-libs-0.99.5-8.fc15
             Base libraries for GGZ gaming zone

New package: ggz-gtk-client-0.99.5-3.fc15
             Gtk+ client libraries for GGZ gaming zone

New package: ghasher-1.2.1-10.fc15
             GUI hasher for GTK+ 2

New package: ghemical-2.99.2-18.fc15
             Molecular mechanics and quantum mechanics front end for GNOME

New package: ghex-2.24.0-5.fc13
             Binary editor for GNOME

New package: ghmm-0.7-6.svn2286.fc15
             A library with data structures and algorithms for Hidden Markov Models

New package: ghost-diagrams-0.8-6.fc15
             A program that generates patterns from tiles

New package: ghostscript-chinese-0.3.1-3.fc15
             Ghostscript Chinese fonts configuration files

New package: giblib-1.2.4-15
             Simple library and a wrapper for imlib2

New package: gif2png-2.5.4-1501.fc15
             A GIF to PNG converter

New package: giflib-4.1.6-4.fc15
             Library for manipulating GIF format image files

New package: gigolo-0.4.1-2.fc15
             GIO/GVFS management application

New package: gimmix-
             Graphical music player daemon (MPD) client

New package: gimp-data-extras-2.0.2-4.fc15
             Extra files for GIMP

New package: gimp-fourier-plugin-0.3.2-5.fc15
             A simple plug-in to do fourier transform on your image

New package: gimp-help-2.4.2-6.fc15
             Help files for GIMP

New package: gimp-lqr-plugin-0.6.1-3.fc15
             Content-aware resizing plug-in for the GIMP

New package: gimp-resynthesizer-0.16-2.fc15
             Gimp plug-in for texture synthesis

New package: gimpfx-foundry-2.6.1-4.fc15
             Additional GIMP plugins

New package: git-bugzilla-0-0.5.20091211git.fc15
             Attach patches to a bugzilla bug

New package: git2cl-2.0-0.2.git8373c9f.fc15
             Converts git logs to GNU style ChangeLog format

New package: gitosis-0.2-11.20080825git.fc15
             Git repository hosting application

New package: gitweb-caching-
             Simple web interface to git repositories w/ caching support

New package: giver-0.1.8-7.fc15
             A simple file sharing desktop application

New package: gkrellm-2.3.5-4.fc15
             Multiple stacked system monitors in one process

New package: gkrellm-aclock-0.3.4-8
             Analog clock plugin for GKrellM

New package: gkrellm-moon-0.6-9
             Moon clock plugin for GKrellM

New package: gkrellm-sun-1.0.0-9.fc14
             Sun clock plugin for GKrellM

New package: gkrellm-timestamp-0.1.4-7.fc15
             UNIX timestamp clock plugin for GKrellM

New package: gkrellm-top-2.2.13-2.fc15
             GKrellM plugin which shows 3 most CPU intensive processes

New package: gkrellm-volume-2.1.13-14.fc15
             GKrellM volume plugin

New package: gkrellm-weather-2.0.7-9.fc15
             Weather plugin for GKrellM

New package: gkrellm-wifi-0.9.12-12.fc15
             Wireless monitor plugin for the GNU Krell Monitors

New package: gl-117-1.3.2-10.fc15
             Action flight simulator

New package: gl2ps-1.3.5-2.fc15
             An OpenGL to PostScript printing library

New package: glade2-2.12.2-9.fc15
             A GTK+ GUI builder

New package: gle-4.2.2-7.fc15
             Graphics Layout Engine

New package: glest-data-3.2.1-4.fc15
             Data files for the game Glest

New package: glglobe-0.2-9.fc15
             OpenGl Globe - Earth simulation for linux

New package: glib-1.2.10-34.fc15
             A library of handy utility functions

New package: glib-java-0.4.2-5.fc15
             Base Library for the Java-GNOME libraries

New package: glimmer-3.02-7.fc15
             System for finding genes in microbial DNA

New package: glista-0.4-4.fc15
             Simple personal to-do list manager or task tracking tool

New package: glitz-0.5.6-9.fc15
             OpenGL image compositing library

New package: gliv-1.9.7-2.fc15
             Image viewing utility

New package: global-5.9.3-3.fc15
             Source code tag system

New package: globalplatform-5.0.0-10.fc15
             Library for access to OP 2.0.1 and GP 2.1.1 conforming smart cards

New package: globus-libtool-1.2-5.fc15
             Globus Toolkit - Globus libtool package

New package: globus-libxml2-1.8-2.fc15
             Globus Toolkit - LibXML2 Library

New package: globus-openssl-5.1-3.fc15
             Globus Toolkit - Openssl Library

New package: glog-0.3.0-2.fc15
             A C++ application logging library

New package: gloox-1.0-2.11.fc15
             A rock-solid, full-featured Jabber/XMPP client library

New package: glpk-4.45-2.fc15
             GNU Linear Programming Kit

New package: glue-schema-2.0.6-2.fc15
             LDAP schema files for the GLUE Schema

New package: glump-0.9.11-9.fc15
             A small web application to glue files from multiple sources

New package: glyphtracer-1.3-2.fc15
             Program for creating fonts from images

New package: gmediaserver-0.13.0-7.fc15
             UPnP compatible media server for the GNU system

New package: gmime22-2.2.25-2.fc15
             Library for creating and parsing MIME messages

New package: gmm-4.0.0-2.fc15
             A generic C++ template library for sparse, dense and skyline matrices

New package: gmpc-0.20.0-4.fc15
             GNOME frontend for the MPD

New package: gmpy-1.14-2.fc15
             A Python interface to the GNU Multiple Precision Arithmetic Library

New package: gmrun-0.9.2-23.fc15
             Lightweight "Run program" dialog box with search history and tab completion

New package: gnaughty-1.2.4-2.fc15
             Downloader for adult content

New package: gnaural-1.0.20100408-2.fc15
             A multi-platform programmable binaural-beat generator

New package: gnet2-2.0.8-5.fc15
             A simple network library built upon glib

New package: gnochm-0.9.11-6.fc15
             CHM file viewer

New package: gnofract4d-3.13-2.fc15
             Gnofract 4D is a Gnome-based program to draw fractals

New package: gnome-activity-journal-0.6.0-2.fc15
             Browse and search your Zeitgeist activities

New package: gnome-applet-grandr-0.4.1-2.fc12
             GNOME panel applet for XrandR

New package: gnome-applet-sensors-2.2.7-4.fc15
             Gnome panel applet for hardware sensors

New package: gnome-colors-icon-theme-5.5.1-2.fc15
             GNOME-Colors icon theme

New package: gnome-common-2.34.0-1.fc15
             Useful things common to building gnome packages from scratch

New package: gnome-desktop-sharp-2.26.0-13.fc15
             .NET language binding for mono

New package: gnome-do-docklets-0.8.2-4.fc15
             Docklets for GNOME Do

New package: gnome-hearts-0.3-8.fc15
             Hearts game for GNOME

New package: gnome-js-common-0.1.2-4.fc15
             Common modules for GNOME JavaScript interpreters

New package: gnome-keyring-sharp-1.0.1-0.8.133722svn.fc15
             Mono implementation of GNOME Keyring

New package: gnome-lirc-properties-0.5.1-3.fc15
             Infrared Remote Controls setup tool

New package: gnome-mag-0.16.2-2.fc15
             Screen magnifier for GNOME

New package: gnome-mime-data-2.18.0-8.fc15
             MIME type data files for GNOME desktop

New package: gnome-mud-0.11.2-7.fc15
             A MUD client for GNOME

New package: gnome-nds-thumbnailer-1.2.1-3.fc15
             Thumbnailer for Nintendo DS ROM files

New package: gnome-pilot-conduits-2.32.1-2.fc15
             Additional conduits for gnome-pilot

New package: gnome-python2-2.28.1-4.fc15
             PyGNOME Python extension module

New package: gnome-scan-0.6.2-7.fc15
             Gnome solution for scanning in the desktop on top of libsane

New package: gnome-screensaver-frogs-0.2-8
             GNOME Screensaver Slideshow of Frogs

New package: gnome-specimen-0.4-3.fc15
             A simple tool to view and compare fonts installed on your system

New package: gnome-speech-0.4.25-5.fc15
             GNOME Text to Speech

New package: gnome-subtitles-1.1-3.fc15
             Subtitle editor for Gnome

New package: gnome-translate-0.99-17.fc15
             GNOME interface to libtranslate -- Natural language translator

New package: gnome-valgrind-session-1.1-6.fc15
             Run an entire GNOME session under valgrind

New package: gnome-vfs2-monikers-2.15.3-8.fc15
             Monikers for the GNOME virtual file-system

New package: gnome-video-effects-0.3.0-1.fc15
             Collection of GStreamer video effects

New package: gnome-xcf-thumbnailer-1.0-5.fc15
             Thumbnailer for XCF files

New package: gnomebaker-0.6.4-10.fc15
             GNOME CD/DVD burner

New package: gnomint-1.2.1-2.fc15
             Graphical x509 Certification Authority management tool

New package: gnu-efi-3.0e-13.fc15
             Development Libraries and headers for EFI

New package: gnu-free-fonts-20100919-4.fc15
             Free UCS Outline Fonts

New package: gnu-getopt-1.0.13-4.1.fc15
             Java getopt implementation

New package: gnu-regexp-1.1.4-14.fc15
             Java NFA regular expression engine implementation

New package: gnubg-
             A backgammon game and analyser

New package: gnubversion-0.5-9.fc14
             Gnome Interface to Subversion

New package: gnucap-0.35-8.fc15
             The Gnu Circuit Analysis Package

New package: gnue-common-0.6.9-9.fc15
             GNU Enterprise Common Base

New package: gnugo-3.8-3.fc15
             Text based go program

New package: gnujump-1.0.6-5.fc15
             A jumping game which is a clone of xjump

New package: gnupg-1.4.11-3.fc15
             A GNU utility for secure communication and data storage

New package: gnuplot-py-1.8-10.fc15
             Python interface to Gnuplot

New package: gnurobots-1.2.0-8.fc15
             A robot programming game

New package: gob2-2.0.17-3.fc15
             The GObject Builder

New package: gocr-0.48-3.fc15
             GNU Optical Character Recognition program

New package: goddard-backgrounds-13.0.0-3.fc15
             Goddard desktop backgrounds

New package: goddard-kde-theme-13.1.0-2.fc15
             Goddard KDE Theme

New package: gok-2.30.1-1.fc15
             GNOME Onscreen Keyboard

New package: gonvert-0.2.25-2.fc15
             Units conversion utility

New package: goobook-1.3-7.fc15
             Abook-style interface for google contacts for mutt

New package: gooddata-cl-1.1.9-2.fc15
             GoodData integration toolkit

New package: google-droid-fonts-20100409-2.fc15
             General-purpose fonts released by Google as part of Android

New package: google-gadgets-0.11.2-2.fc14
             Google Gadgets for Linux

New package: google-lato-fonts-1.011-2.fc15
             A sanserif typeface family

New package: gpart-0.1h-14.fc15
             A program for recovering corrupt partition tables

New package: gperf-3.0.4-3.fc15
             A perfect hash function generator

New package: gphpedit-0.9.95-0.2.20090209snap.fc15
             A PHP source editor for GNOME 2

New package: gpicview-0.2.1-4.fc15
             Simple and fast Image Viewer for X

New package: gplcver-2.12a-2.fc15
             An interpreted Verilog HDL simulator

New package: gpp-0.7.0-5.fc15
             GNOME Photo Printer

New package: gprof2dot-1.0-0.5.20100708hg89.fc15
             Generate dot graphs from the output of several profilers

New package: gpscorrelate-1.6.1-4.fc15
             A GPS photo correlation / geotagging tool

New package: gpshell-1.4.2-8.fc15
             Manage applets on GlobalPlatform and OpenPlatform smart cards

New package: gpsman-6.4.1-2.fc15
             A GPS manager

New package: gputils-0.13.7-3.fc15
             Development utilities for Microchip (TM) PIC (TM) microcontrollers

New package: gpx-viewer-0.2.0-3.fc14
             A simple gpx viewer

New package: gq-1.3.4-10.fc15
             Graphical LDAP directory browser and editor

New package: gqradio-1.9.2-7.fc15
             Skinned radio tuner

New package: gradle-0.9-0.2.20091127git.fc15
             Groovy-based build system

New package: graphem-0.3.2-2.fc15
             Mouse Gesture based Authentication Program and Screen Locker

New package: grc-0.70-7.fc15
             GUI for Gnuradio

New package: greadelf-1.0-5.fc15
             Wrapper tool for eu-readelf

New package: gresistor-0.0.1-18.fc15
             Gnome resistor color code calculator

New package: gresolver-0.0.5-7.fc15
             Graphical DNS query tool

New package: greyhounds-0.8-0.10.prealpha.fc15
             Greyhounds is a greyhounds racing and breeding game

New package: greylistd-0.8.7-13.fc15
             Greylisting daemon

New package: grhino-0.16.0-8.fc15
             Reversi game for GNOME, supporting the Go/Game Text Protocol

New package: grib_api-1.7.0-6.fc15
             WMO FM-92 GRIB (v1,v2) interface accessible from C and FORTRAN programs

New package: gridloc-0.6-9.fc15
             A ncurses console application for the calculation of Maidenhead QRA Locators

New package: grig-0.7.2-9.fc14
             A Ham Radio Control graphical user interface

New package: grisbi-0.6.0-4.fc15
             Personal finances manager

New package: grsync-1.1.1-2.fc15
             A Gtk+ GUI for rsync

New package: gsf-sharp-0.8.1-15.fc15
             Mono bindings for libgsf

New package: gsm-1.0.13-2.fc12
             Shared libraries for GSM speech compressor

New package: gspiceui-0.9.98-3.fc15
             A frontend to Spice circuit similators

New package: gst123-0.1.3-3.fc15
             Command line multimedia player based on gstreamer

New package: gstreamer-java-1.4-5.fc15
             Java interface to the gstreamer framework

New package: gstreamer-plugins-espeak-0.3.3-3.fc15
             A simple gstreamer plugin to use espeak

New package: gstreamer-plugins-fc-0.2-2.fc15
             Future Composer input plugin for GStreamer

New package: gstreamer-python-0.10.19-2.fc15
             Python bindings for GStreamer

New package: gstreamer-rtsp-0.10.7-3.fc15
             GStreamer RTSP server library

New package: gt-0.4-12.fc15
             Modified Timidity which supportes enhanced gus format patches

New package: gt5-1.4.0-8.fc15
             A diff-capable 'du-browser'

New package: gtest-1.5.0-3.fc15
             Google C++ testing framework

New package: gtg-0.2.4-5.fc15
             Personal organizer for the GNOME desktop

New package: gtick-0.4.2-4.fc15
             Metronome application

New package: gtk+-1.2.10-71.fc15
             The GIMP ToolKit

New package: gtk-aurora-engine-1.5.1-5.fc15
             Aurora GTK+ theme engine

New package: gtk-chtheme-0.3.1-6.fc14
             Gtk+ 2.0 theme preview and selection made slick

New package: gtk-murrine-engine-
             Murrine GTK2 engine

New package: gtk-nodoka-engine-0.7.5-2.fc15
             The Nodoka Gtk2 Theme Engine

New package: gtk-sharp-beans-2.14.0-4.fc15
             C# bindings for GTK+ API not included in GTK#

New package: gtk-splitter-2.2.1-3.fc15
             A file splitter

New package: gtk-vnc-0.4.3-1.fc15
             A GTK2 widget for VNC clients

New package: gtk2-engines-2.20.2-2.fc15
             Theme engines for GTK+ 2.0

New package: gtkglarea2-2.0.1-2.fc15
             OpenGL GTK widget

New package: gtkglextmm-1.2.0-10.fc12
             C++ wrapper for GtkGlExt

New package: gtkimageview-1.6.4-3.fc15
             Simple image viewer widget

New package: gtkmathview-0.8.0-6.fc13
             A MathML rendering library

New package: gtkmm-utils-0.4.1-3.fc15
             C++ utility and widget library based on glibmm and gtkm

New package: gtkparasite-0-0.6.20090120git928494e5.fc15
             A GUI debugging tool for GTK+ applications

New package: gtkperf-0.40-10.fc15
             GTK+ performance tester

New package: gtkpod-1.0.0-3.fc15
             Graphical song management program for Apple's iPod

New package: gtksourcecompletion-0.7.0-3.fc15
             Completion support for GtkSourceView

New package: gtksourceview-1.8.5-8.fc15
             A library for viewing source files

New package: gtksourceview2-2.11.2-6.fc15
             A library for viewing source files

New package: gtksourceviewmm3-3.0.0-1.fc15
             A C++ wrapper for gtksourceview3

New package: gtkspell-2.0.16-2.fc15
             On-the-fly spell checking for GtkTextView widgets

New package: gtkterm-0.99.6-2.fc15
             Serial port terminal

New package: gtorrentviewer-0.2b-22.fc15
             A GTK2-based viewer and editor for BitTorrent meta files

New package: gtraffic-1.01-6.fc15
             Simple traffic usage counter for mobile broadband connections

New package: gtrayicon-1.1-3.fc15
             Generic tray icon for GNOME

New package: gts-0.7.6-15.fc15
             GNU Triangulated Surface Library

New package: gtweakui-0.4.0-9
             Extra configuration dialogs for GNOME

New package: gtypist-2.8.3-3.fc15
             GNU typing tutor

New package: guake-0.4.2-3.fc15
             Drop-down terminal for GNOME

New package: guava-05-5.fc15
             Google Core Libraries for Java

New package: gudev-sharp-0.1-5.fc15
             C# bindings for gudev

New package: guile-cairo-1.4.0-9.fc15
             The Cairo graphics library for Guile Scheme

New package: guile-lib-0.1.6-3.fc12
             A repository of useful code written in Guile Scheme

New package: guiloader-2.19.0-2.fc15
             GuiXml Loader Library

New package: guiloader-c++-2.19.0-2.fc15
             C++ Binding to GuiLoader Library

New package: guilt-0.34-2.fc15
             Scripts to manage quilt-like patches on top of git

New package: guimup-0.2.1-3.fc15
             A GTKmm based drag-&-drop oriented client for MPD

New package: guitone-1.0-0.2.rc5.fc15
             A frontend for Monotone

New package: gvrpcd-1.3-4.fc15
             A program for announcing VLANs using GVRP

New package: gwget-1.0.4-5.fc15
             Graphical download manager that uses wget

New package: gxemul-
             Instruction-level machine emulator

New package: gxmessage-2.12.4-2.fc15
             GTK2 based xmessage clone

New package: gxmms2-0.7.0-9.20090811git.fc15
             A graphical audio player

New package: gyp-0.1-0.5.840svn.fc15
             Generate Your Projects

New package: gzip-1.4-3.fc15
             The GNU data compression program

New package: hackedbox-0.8.5-8.fc15
             The bastard son of Blackbox, a small and fast Window Manager

New package: hail-0.8-0.3.gf9c5b967.fc15
             Project Hail core cloud services

New package: haildb-2.3.2-2.fc15
             A relational database in shared library form

New package: halevt-
             Generic handler for HAL events

New package: hamcrest-1.1-10.4.fc15
             Library of matchers for building test expressions

New package: hardinfo-0.5.1-3.fc15
             System Profiler and Benchmark

New package: hartke-aurulent-sans-fonts-20070504-4.fc15
             A sans-serif font for use as primary interface font

New package: hatari-1.4.0-5.fc15
             An Atari ST emulator suitable for playing games

New package: hatools-2.00-5.fc15
             Improved shell scripting in High Availability environment

New package: hawknl-1.68-7.fc15
             Game oriented network library

New package: hdapsd-20090401-8.fc15
             Protects hard drives by parking head when fall is detected

New package: hddtemp-0.3-0.21.beta15.fc15
             Hard disk temperature tool

New package: hdhomerun-0.0-0.14.20100213.fc15
             Silicon Dust HDHomeRun configuration utility

New package: hdparm-9.36-2.fc15
             A utility for displaying and/or setting hard disk parameters

New package: hdrprep-0.1.2-7.fc15
             Align digicam images and fix EXIF information

New package: healpix-2.13a-2.fc14
             Hierarchical Equal Area isoLatitude Pixelization of a sphere

New package: heartbeat-3.0.4-1.fc15.1
             Messaging and membership subsystem for High-Availability Linux

New package: hello-2.6-2.fc15
             Prints a Familiar, Friendly Greeting

New package: hercules-3.07-2.fc15
             Hercules S/370, ESA/390, and z/Architecture emulator

New package: hesinfo-3.1.0-9.fc15
             Command-line Hesiod client

New package: hesiod-3.1.0-20.fc15
             Shared libraries for querying the Hesiod naming service

New package: hevea-1.10-6.fc15
             LaTeX to HTML translator

New package: hexedit-1.2.12-12.fc15
             A hexadecimal file viewer and editor

New package: hexter-dssi-0.6.2-5.fc15
             DSSI software synthesizer plugin emulating DX7

New package: hfsplus-tools-332.14-12.fc15
             Tools to create/check Apple HFS+ filesystems

New package: hfsplusutils-1.0.4-15.fc15
             Tools for reading Macintosh HFS+ volumes

New package: hfsutils-3.2.6-19.fc12
             Tools for reading and writing Macintosh HFS volumes

New package: hgsvn-0.1.8-3.fc15
             A set of scripts to work locally on subversion checkouts using mercurial

New package: higlayout-1.0-6.fc15
             Easy to use and powerful layout manager for Java

New package: hippo-canvas-0.3.0-8.fc15
             A canvas widget

New package: hmaccalc-0.9.12-2.fc15
             Tools for computing and checking HMAC values for files

New package: hmmer-3.0-2.fc15
             Profile HMM software for protein sequence analysis

New package: hnb-1.9.18-8.fc15
             Hierarchical Notebook

New package: hntool-0.1.2-3.fc15
             Open source hardening tool for Unix

New package: holland-1.0.6-4.fc15
             Pluggable Backup Framework

New package: horde-3.3.11-2.fc15
             The common framework for all Horde applications

New package: hostapd-0.7.3-2.fc15
             IEEE 802.11 AP, IEEE 802.1X/WPA/WPA2/EAP/RADIUS Authenticator

New package: hosts3d-1.13-2.fc15
             3D real-time network visualiser

New package: hotssh-0.2.7-3.fc15
             Secure Shell Client

New package: hotwire-0.721-8.fc15
             Hotwire Shell

New package: hpic-0.52.2-9.fc15
             Healpix manipulation binaries and library

New package: hping3-0.0.20051105-16.fc15
             TCP/IP stack auditing and much more

New package: hspell-1.1-4.fc15
             A Hebrew spell checker

New package: hsqldb-
             HyperSQL Database Engine

New package: ht2html-2.0-12.fc15
             The www.python.org Web site generator

New package: htdig-3.2.0-0.11.b6.fc15
             ht://Dig - Web search engine

New package: html-xml-utils-5.9-2.fc15
             A number of simple utilities for manipulating HTML and XML files

New package: html2ps-1.0-0.7.b7.fc15
             HTML to PostScript converter

New package: html2text-1.3.2a-7.fc15
             HTML-to-text converter

New package: html401-dtds-4.01-19991224.11
             HTML 4.01 document type definitions

New package: htmlparser-1.6-7.fc15
             HTML Parser, a Java library used to parse HTML

New package: http-parser-0.3-6.20100911git.fc15
             HTTP request/response parser for C

New package: http_ping-20050629-12.fc15
             HTTP latency measuring utility

New package: httperf-0.9.0-8.fc15
             Tool for measuring web server performance

New package: httping-1.4.1-2.fc15
             Ping alike tool for http requests

New package: httptunnel-3.3-8.fc15
             Tunnels a data stream in HTTP requests

New package: httrack-3.43.9-3.fc15
             Website copier and offline browser

New package: hugs98-2006.09-10.fc15
             Haskell Interpreter

New package: hulahop-0.7.1-3.fc14
             A pygtk widget for embedding mozilla

New package: hunspell-af-0.20080825-4.fc15
             Afrikaans hunspell dictionary

New package: hunspell-ak-0.6-2.fc15
             Akan hunspell dictionaries

New package: hunspell-am-0.20090704-3.fc15
             Amharic hunspell dictionaries

New package: hunspell-ar-0.20080110-5.fc15
             Arabic hunspell dictionaries

New package: hunspell-as-1.0.3-4.fc15
             Assamese hunspell dictionaries

New package: hunspell-ast-0.01-2.fc15
             Asturian hunspell dictionaries

New package: hunspell-az-0.20040827-5.fc15
             Azerbaijani hunspell dictionaries

New package: hunspell-be-1.1-3.fc15
             Belarusian hunspell dictionaries

New package: hunspell-ber-0.20080210-4.fc15
             Amazigh hunspell dictionaries

New package: hunspell-bg-4.3-2.fc15
             Bulgarian hunspell dictionaries

New package: hunspell-bn-0.04-3.fc15
             Bengali hunspell dictionaries

New package: hunspell-ca-2.2.0-2.fc15
             Catalan hunspell dictionaries

New package: hunspell-csb-0.20050311-5.fc15
             Kashubian hunspell dictionaries

New package: hunspell-cv-1.02-2.fc15
             Chuvash hunspell dictionaries

New package: hunspell-cy-0.20040425-6.fc15
             Welsh hunspell dictionaries

New package: hunspell-dsb-1.4.4-2.fc15
             Lower Sorbian hunspell dictionaries

New package: hunspell-el-0.8-2.fc15
             Greek hunspell dictionaries

New package: hunspell-eo-1.0-0.3.dev.fc15
             Esperanto hunspell dictionaries

New package: hunspell-es-0.20081215-4.fc15
             Spanish hunspell dictionaries

New package: hunspell-et-0.20030606-7.fc15
             Estonian hunspell dictionaries

New package: hunspell-eu-0.20080507-4.fc15
             Basque hunspell dictionaries

New package: hunspell-fa-0.20070116-4.fc15
             Farsi hunspell dictionaries

New package: hunspell-fj-1.2-2.fc15
             Fijian hunspell dictionaries

New package: hunspell-fur-0.20050912-5.fc15
             Friulian hunspell dictionaries

New package: hunspell-fy-2.0.1-2.fc15
             Frisian hunspell dictionaries

New package: hunspell-gl-0.20080515-4.fc15
             Galician hunspell dictionaries

New package: hunspell-grc-2.1.5-2.fc15
             Ancient Greek hunspell dictionaries

New package: hunspell-gu-20061015-4.fc15
             Gujarati hunspell dictionaries

New package: hunspell-gv-0.20040505-5.fc15
             Manx hunspell dictionaries

New package: hunspell-hi-20050726-7.fc15
             Hindi hunspell dictionaries

New package: hunspell-hil-0.14-2.fc15
             Hiligaynon hunspell dictionaries

New package: hunspell-hr-0.20040608-6.fc15
             Croatian hunspell dictionaries

New package: hunspell-ht-0.06-2.fc15
             Haitian Creole hunspell dictionaries

New package: hunspell-hu-1.6.1-2.fc15
             Hungarian hunspell dictionaries

New package: hunspell-hy-0.20.0-2.fc15
             Armenian hunspell dictionaries

New package: hunspell-ia-0.20050226-5.fc15
             Interlingua hunspell dictionaries

New package: hunspell-id-0.20040812-4.fc15
             Indonesian hunspell dictionaries

New package: hunspell-is-0.20090823-2.fc15
             Icelandic hunspell dictionaries

New package: hunspell-it-2.4-0.6.20070901.fc15
             Italian hunspell dictionaries

New package: hunspell-kk-1.1-2.fc15
             Kazakh hunspell dictionaries

New package: hunspell-km-1.1-3.fc15
             Khmer hunspell dictionaries

New package: hunspell-kn-1.0.3-3.fc15
             Kannada hunspell dictionaries

New package: hunspell-ku-0.21-7.fc15
             Kurdish hunspell dictionaries

New package: hunspell-ky-0.20090415-4.fc15
             Kirghiz hunspell dictionaries

New package: hunspell-la-0.20100823-2.fc15
             Latin hunspell dictionaries

New package: hunspell-ln-0.02-3.fc15
             Lingala hunspell dictionaries

New package: hunspell-lt-1.2.1-6.fc15
             Lithuanian hunspell dictionaries

New package: hunspell-mai-1.0.1-2.fc15
             Maithili hunspell dictionaries

New package: hunspell-mg-0.20050109-6.fc15
             Malagasy hunspell dictionaries

New package: hunspell-mi-0.20080630-4.fc15
             Maori hunspell dictionaries

New package: hunspell-mk-0.20051126-4.fc15
             Macedonian hunspell dictionaries

New package: hunspell-ml-0.1-5.fc15
             Malayalam hunspell dictionaries

New package: hunspell-mn-0.20080709-3.fc15
             Mongolian hunspell dictionaries

New package: hunspell-mos-0.20101130-2.fc15
             Mossi hunspell dictionaries

New package: hunspell-mr-20060920-7.fc15
             Marathi hunspell dictionaries

New package: hunspell-ms-0.20050117-5.fc15
             Malay hunspell dictionaries

New package: hunspell-mt-0.20020708-5.fc15
             Maltese hunspell dictionaries

New package: hunspell-nds-0.1-4.fc15
             Lowlands Saxon hunspell dictionaries

New package: hunspell-ne-20080425-2.fc15
             Nepali hunspell dictionaries

New package: hunspell-no-2.0.10-9.fc15
             Norwegian hunspell dictionaries

New package: hunspell-nr-0.20091030-2.fc15
             Southern Ndebele hunspell dictionaries

New package: hunspell-nso-0.20091201-2.fc15
             Northern Sotho hunspell dictionaries

New package: hunspell-ny-0.01-2.fc15
             Chichewa hunspell dictionaries

New package: hunspell-oc-0.5-4.fc15
             Occitan hunspell dictionaries

New package: hunspell-om-0.04-2.fc15
             Oromo hunspell dictionaries

New package: hunspell-or-20050726-5.fc15
             Oriya hunspell dictionaries

New package: hunspell-pa-20050726-5.fc15
             Punjabi hunspell dictionaries

New package: hunspell-quh-0.20081017-3.fc15
             Quechua, South Bolivia hunspell dictionaries

New package: hunspell-ro-3.3.6-2.fc15
             Romanian hunspell dictionaries

New package: hunspell-rw-0.20050109-4.fc15
             Kinyarwanda hunspell dictionaries

New package: hunspell-sc-0.20081101-5.fc15
             Sardinian hunspell dictionaries

New package: hunspell-se-1.0-0.3.beta7.fc15
             Northern Saami hunspell dictionaries

New package: hunspell-shs-0.20090828-2.fc15
             Shuswap hunspell dictionaries

New package: hunspell-si-0.2.1-3.fc15
             Sinhala hunspell dictionaries

New package: hunspell-sl-0.20070127-5.fc15
             Slovenian hunspell dictionaries

New package: hunspell-smj-1.0-0.3.beta7.fc15
             Lule Saami hunspell dictionaries

New package: hunspell-sq-1.6.2-2.fc15
             Albanian hunspell dictionaries

New package: hunspell-sr-0.20100920-2.fc15
             Serbian hunspell dictionaries

New package: hunspell-ss-0.20091030-2.fc15
             Swati hunspell dictionaries

New package: hunspell-st-0.20091030-2.fc15
             Southern Sotho hunspell dictionaries

New package: hunspell-sw-0.20050819-5.fc15
             Swahili hunspell dictionaries

New package: hunspell-ta-20100226-2.fc15
             Tamil hunspell dictionaries

New package: hunspell-te-0.20050929-6.fc15
             Telugu hunspell dictionaries

New package: hunspell-tet-0.20050108-6.fc15
             Tetum hunspell dictionaries

New package: hunspell-th-0.20061212-6.fc15
             Thai hunspell dictionaries

New package: hunspell-ti-0.20090911-2.fc15
             Tigrigna hunspell dictionaries

New package: hunspell-tk-0.01-2.fc15
             Turkmen hunspell dictionaries

New package: hunspell-tl-0.20050109-5.fc15
             Tagalog hunspell dictionaries

New package: hunspell-tn-0.20091101-2.fc15
             Tswana hunspell dictionaries

New package: hunspell-ts-0.20091101-2.fc15
             Tsonga hunspell dictionaries

New package: hunspell-ur-0.64-3.fc15
             Urdu hunspell dictionaries

New package: hunspell-uz-0.6-4.fc15
             Uzbek hunspell dictionaries

New package: hunspell-ve-0.20091030-2.fc15
             Venda hunspell dictionaries

New package: hunspell-vi-0.20080604-4.fc15
             Vietnamese hunspell dictionaries

New package: hunspell-wa-0.4.15-5.fc15
             Walloon hunspell dictionaries

New package: hunspell-xh-0.20091030-2.fc15
             Xhosa hunspell dictionaries

New package: hunspell-yi-1.1-3.fc15
             Yiddish hunspell dictionaries

New package: hunspell-zu-0.20100126-3.fc15
             Zulu hunspell dictionaries

New package: hunt-1.5-12.fc15
             Tool for demonstrating well known weaknesses in the TCP/IP protocol suite

New package: hyphen-as-0.20100204-2.fc15
             Assamese hyphenation rules

New package: hyphen-bg-4.3-2.fc15
             Bulgarian hyphenation rules

New package: hyphen-bn-0.20100204-2.fc15
             Bengali hyphenation rules

New package: hyphen-ca-0.9.3-2.fc15
             Catalan hyphenation rules

New package: hyphen-cy-0.20100531-2.fc15
             Welsh hyphenation rules

New package: hyphen-da-0.20070903-4.fc15
             Danish hyphenation rules

New package: hyphen-de-0.20060120-7.fc15
             German hyphenation rules

New package: hyphen-el-0.20051018-5.fc15
             Greek hyphenation rules

New package: hyphen-es-0.20040810-4.fc15
             Spanish hyphenation rules

New package: hyphen-eu-0.20100531-2.fc15
             Basque hyphenation rules

New package: hyphen-fa-0.20081119-3.fc15
             Farsi hyphenation rules

New package: hyphen-fo-0.20040420-2.fc15
             Faroese hyphenation rules

New package: hyphen-fr-2.0-4.fc15
             French hyphenation rules

New package: hyphen-ga-0.20040220-4.fc15
             Irish hyphenation rules

New package: hyphen-gl-0.99-3.fc15
             Galician hyphenation rules

New package: hyphen-grc-0.20100531-2.fc15
             Ancient Greek hyphenation rules

New package: hyphen-gu-0.20100204-2.1.fc15
             Gujarati hyphenation rules

New package: hyphen-hi-0.20100204-2.fc15
             Hindi hyphenation rules

New package: hyphen-hsb-0.20100531-2.fc15
             Upper Sorbian hyphenation rules

New package: hyphen-hu-0.20090612-5.fc15
             Hungarian hyphenation rules

New package: hyphen-ia-0.20050628-3.fc15
             Interlingua hyphenation rules

New package: hyphen-id-0.20040812-4.fc15
             Indonesian hyphenation rules

New package: hyphen-is-0.20030920-6.fc15
             Icelandic hyphenation rules

New package: hyphen-it-0.20071127-6.fc15
             Italian hyphenation rules

New package: hyphen-kn-0.20100204-2.fc15
             Kannada hyphenation rules

New package: hyphen-ku-1.71.2-2.fc15
             Kurdish hyphenation rules

New package: hyphen-lt-0.20100531-2.fc15
             Lithuanian hyphenation rules

New package: hyphen-mi-0.20080630-4.fc15
             Maori hyphenation rules

New package: hyphen-ml-0.20100204-2.fc15
             Malayalam hyphenation rules

New package: hyphen-mn-0.20100531-2.fc15
             Mongolian hyphenation rules

New package: hyphen-mr-0.20100204-2.fc15
             Marathi hyphenation rules

New package: hyphen-nl-0.20050617-6.fc15
             Dutch hyphenation rules

New package: hyphen-or-0.20100204-2.fc15
             Oriya hyphenation rules

New package: hyphen-pa-0.20100204-2.fc15
             Punjabi hyphenation rules

New package: hyphen-pl-0.20060726-5.fc15
             Polish hyphenation rules

New package: hyphen-pt-0.20021021-4.fc15
             Portuguese hyphenation rules

New package: hyphen-ro-3.3.6-2.fc15
             Romanian hyphenation rules

New package: hyphen-ru-0.20020727-5.fc15
             Russian hyphenation rules

New package: hyphen-sa-0.20100531-2.fc15
             Sanskrit hyphenation rules

New package: hyphen-sk-0.20031227-6.fc15
             Slovak hyphenation rules

New package: hyphen-sl-0.20070127-4.fc15
             Slovenian hyphenation rules

New package: hyphen-sv-1.00.1-6.fc15
             Swedish hyphenation rules

New package: hyphen-ta-0.20100204-2.fc15
             Tamil hyphenation rules

New package: hyphen-te-0.20100204-2.fc15
             Telugu hyphenation rules

New package: hyphen-tk-0.20100531-2.fc15
             Turkmen hyphenation rules

New package: hyphen-uk-0.20030903-4.fc15
             Ukrainian hyphenation rules

New package: i3-3.e-6.bf2.fc15
             Improved tiling window manager

New package: i3-ipc-0.1.4-2.fc15
             Inter-process communication with i3

New package: i3lock-1.0-5.20100320git.fc15
             Simple X display locker

New package: i3status-2.1-2.fc15
             Generates a status line for dzen2 or wmii

New package: i8kutils-1.25-18
             Dell laptop (Inspiron 8000 and others) SMM BIOS support tools

New package: iapetal-1.1-2.fc15
             A 2D space rescue game

New package: iasl-20100528-3.fc15
             Intel ASL compiler/decompiler

New package: iax-0.2.2-5.fc15
             Implementation of Inter-Asterisk eXchange protocol

New package: iaxclient-2.1-0.8.beta3.fc15
             Library for creating telephony solutions that interoperate with Asterisk

New package: ibmasm-3.0-18.fc15
             IBM Advanced System Management Drivers

New package: ibp-0.21-5.fc15
             A tool to show which IBP beacons are transmitting

New package: ibus-fbterm-0.9.1-11.fc15
             IBus front-end for fbterm

New package: ibus-input-pad-1.4.0-4.fc15
             Input Pad for IBus

New package: ibus-rawcode-
             The Rawcode engine for IBus input platform

New package: ibus-table-
             The Table engine for IBus platform

New package: ibus-table-array30-
             The Array 30 Chinese input method for ibus-table

New package: ibus-table-cangjie-
             Cang Jie and derived tables for IBus-Table

New package: ibus-table-cantonese-
             The Cantonese language tables for Bus-Table

New package: ibus-table-chinese-
             Chinese input tables for IBus

New package: ibus-table-code-
             The code tables for IBus-Table

New package: ibus-table-cyrillic-
             The Cyrillic tables for IBus-Table

New package: ibus-table-extraphrase-
             Extra phrase for ibus-table

New package: ibus-table-latin-
             The Latin tables for IBus-Table

New package: ibus-table-others-
             Various tables for IBus-Table

New package: ibus-table-tv-
             The Thai and Viqr (Vietnamese) tables for IBus-Table

New package: ibus-table-xingma-
             The structural tables for IBus-Table

New package: ibus-table-yinma-
             The phonetic tables for IBus-Table

New package: icecast-2.3.2-5.fc15
             ShoutCast compatible streaming media server

New package: ices-2.0.1-11.fc15
             Source streaming for Icecast

New package: icewm-1.2.37-7.fc13
             Light and configurable window manager

New package: icon-naming-utils-0.8.90-5.fc15
             A script to handle icon names in desktop icon themes

New package: icon-slicer-0.3-14.fc15
             Utility for icon theme generation

New package: id3v2-0.1.12-2.fc15
             Command line ID3 tag editor

New package: iec16022-0.2.4-7.fc15
             Generate ISO/IEC 16022 2D barcodes

New package: ifm-5.1-11.fc15
             Interactive Fiction Mapper

New package: ifplugd-0.28-16.fc15
             Detect and take action when an ethernet cable is unplugged

New package: ifstatus-1.1.0-7.fc15
             Command line real time interface graphs using ncurses

New package: iftop-0.17-13.fc15
             Command line tool that displays bandwidth usage on an interface

New package: ifuse-1.1.1-2.fc15
             Mount Apple iPhone and iPod touch devices

New package: igraph-0.5.4-3.fc15
             Library for creating and manipulating graphs

New package: ikarus-0.0.3-5.fc15
             An incremental optimizing compiler for R6RS Scheme

New package: ike-scan-1.9-10.fc15
             IKE protocol tool to discover, fingerprint and test IPsec VPN servers

New package: iksemel-1.4-3.fc15
             An XML parser library designed for Jabber applications

New package: ilmbase-1.0.2-3.fc15
             Abstraction/convenience libraries

New package: imageinfo-0.05-13.fc15
             Extract attributes of digital images

New package: imagej-1.44-2.i.fc15
             Image Processing and Analysis in Java

New package: imake-1.0.4-3.fc15
             imake source code configuration and build system

New package: imapfilter-2.2.2-2.fc15
             A flexible client side mail filtering utility for IMAP servers

New package: imlib-1.9.15-15.fc15
             An image loading and rendering library for X11R6

New package: imlib2-1.4.4-2.fc15
             Image loading, saving, rendering, and manipulation library

New package: immix-1.3.2-11.fc15
             An image mixer

New package: imp-4.3.9-2.fc15
             The Internet Messaging Program: webmail access to IMAP/POP3 accounts

New package: impallari-lobster-fonts-1.4-2.fc15
             Hand written font with various ligatures for better connecting of letters

New package: inchi-1.0.3-2.fc15
             The IUPAC International Chemical Identifier library

New package: incron-0.5.9-2.fc15
             Inotify cron system

New package: indent-2.2.11-3.fc15
             A GNU program for formatting C code

New package: indi-apogee-1.0-7.fc15
             The INDI driver for Apogee Alta (U & E) line of CCDs

New package: inetvis-
             3-D scatter-plot visualization for network traffic

New package: ingo-1.2.5-1.fc15
             The Horde web-based Email Filter Rules Manager

New package: iniparser-3.0-0.3.b.fc15
             C library for parsing "INI-style" files

New package: inkboy-fonts-20070624-6.fc15
             A clean and usable latin fantasy font

New package: inksmoto-0.7.0-5.fc15
             The new xmoto level editor for Inkscape

New package: inotify-tools-3.14-2.fc15
             Command line utilities for inotify

New package: insight-6.8.1-4.fc15
             Graphical debugger based on GDB

New package: intellij-idea-
             IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition IDE

New package: international-time-0.0.2-7.fc12
             A tool for arranging times in advance with overseas colleagues

New package: intltool-0.41.1-2.fc15
             Utility for internationalizing various kinds of data files

New package: intrace-1.4.3-3.fc15
             Traceroute-like application for network reconnaisance

New package: intuitively-0.7-18.fc15
             Automatic IP detection utility

New package: iodine-0.6.0-0.rc1.6.fc15.1
             Solution to tunnel IPv4 data through a DNS server

New package: ioport-1.2-3.fc15
             Access I/O ports

New package: iotop-0.4-3.fc15
             Top like utility for I/O

New package: ip-sentinel-0.12-1301.fc15
             Tool to prevent unauthorized usage of IP addresses

New package: ipa-ex-gothic-fonts-001.02-2.fc15
             Japanese Gothic-typeface OpenType font by IPA

New package: ipa-ex-mincho-fonts-001.03-2.fc15
             Japanese Mincho-typeface OpenType font by IPA

New package: ipa-gothic-fonts-003.02-6.fc15
             Japanese Gothic-typeface OpenType font by IPA

New package: ipa-mincho-fonts-003.02-5.fc15
             Japanese Mincho-typeface OpenType font by IPA

New package: ipa-pgothic-fonts-003.02-6.fc15
             Japanese Proportional Gothic-typeface OpenType font by IPA

New package: ipa-pmincho-fonts-003.02-5.fc15
             Japanese Proportional Mincho-typeface OpenType font by IPA

New package: ipcalculator-0.41-10.fc15
             A utility for computing broadcast, network, mask, and host ranges

New package: ipe-6.0-0.32.pre32patch1.fc12
             Drawing editor for creating figures in PDF or PostScript formats

New package: iperf-2.0.5-2.fc15
             Measurement tool for TCP/UDP bandwidth performance

New package: ipmitool-1.8.11-6.fc15
             Utility for IPMI control

New package: iprutils-2.2.18-1.fc12
             Utilities for the IBM Power Linux RAID adapters

New package: iptraf-3.0.1-11.fc15
             A console-based network monitoring utility

New package: iptstate-2.2.2-5.fc15
             A top-like display of IP Tables state table entries

New package: iptux-0.5.1-6.fc15
             A software for sharing in LAN

New package: ipw2100-firmware-1.3-12.fc15
             Firmware for Intel® PRO/Wireless 2100 network adaptors

New package: ipw2200-firmware-3.1-5.fc15
             Firmware for Intel® PRO/Wireless 2200 network adaptors

New package: irc-otr-0.3-4.fc15
             Off-The-Record Messaging plugin for various irc clients

New package: ircd-ratbox-2.2.8-7.fc15
             Ircd-ratbox is an advanced, stable and fast ircd

New package: ircp-tray-0.7.4-3.fc15
             Infrared file transfer applet for GNOME panel

New package: irsim-9.7.68-4.fc15
             Switch-level simulator used even for VLSI

New package: irssi-xmpp-0.51-2.fc15
             XMPP plugin into irssi

New package: iscan-firmware-2.25.1-2.fc15
             Firmware for Epson flatbed scanners

New package: isns-utils-0.91-5.fc15
             The iSNS daemon and utility programs

New package: iso8859-2-fonts-1.0-25.fc15
             Central European language fonts for the X Window System

New package: isomaster-1.3.7-2.fc15
             An easy to use GUI CD image editor

New package: isorelax-0-0.5.release20050331.fc15
             Public interfaces for RELAX Core

New package: istanbul-0.2.2-16.fc15
             Desktop Session Recorder

New package: isync-1.0.4-7.fc15
             Tool to synchronize IMAP4 and Maildir mailboxes

New package: itaka-0.2.2-3.fc15
             On-demand screen capture server

New package: itcl-3.4-7.fc15
             Object oriented extensions to Tcl and Tk

New package: itext-2.1.7-7.fc15
             A Free Java-PDF library

New package: itk-3.4-6.fc15
             Object oriented extensions to Tk

New package: itools-1.0-7.fc15
             Command line tools for The Islamic Tools and Libraries Project

New package: itzam-core-2.1.1-4.fc15
             Library for creating and manipulating keyed-access database files

New package: ivtv-firmware-20080701-21
             Firmware for the Hauppauge PVR 250/350/150/500/USB2 model series

New package: ivtv-utils-1.4.0-10.fc15
             Tools for the iTVC15/16 and CX23415/16 driver

New package: iwak-2.5-2.fc15
             Detect the openssh keys affected by CVE-2008-0166 among authorized_keys

New package: iwidgets-4.0.2-5.fc15
             A set of useful widgets based on itcl and itk

New package: iwl100-firmware-
             Firmware for Intel(R) Wireless WiFi Link 100 Series Adapters

New package: iwl3945-firmware-
             Firmware for Intel® PRO/Wireless 3945 A/B/G network adaptors

New package: iwl4965-firmware-
             Firmware for Intel® PRO/Wireless 4965 A/G/N network adaptors

New package: iwl5150-firmware-
             Firmware for Intel® Wireless 5150 A/G/N network adaptors

New package: iwl6000-firmware-
             Firmware for Intel(R) Wireless WiFi Link 6000 Series AGN Adapter

New package: iwl6050-firmware-
             Firmware for Intel(R) Wireless WiFi Link 6050 Series Adapters

New package: jBCrypt-0.3-4.fc15
             Strong password hashing for Java

New package: jFormatString-0-0.5.20081016svn.fc15
             Java format string compile-time checker

New package: jabber-roster-0.1.0-2.fc15
             A Python tool for listing your Jabber roster contacts

New package: jabbim-0.5.1-3.svn20100612.fc15
             Jabber client for mere mortals

New package: jack-keyboard-2.5-6.fc15
             Virtual keyboard for JACK MIDI

New package: jack-rack-1.4.7-7.fc15
             Stereo LADSPA effects rack for the JACK audio API

New package: jack_capture-0.9.56-3.fc15
             Record sound files with JACK

New package: jadetex-3.13-10.fc15
             TeX macros used by Jade TeX output

New package: jai-imageio-core-1.2-0.6.20100217cvs.fc15
             Core Java Advanced Imaging Image I/O Tools API

New package: jam-2.5-11.fc15
             Program construction tool, similar to make

New package: jamin-0.95.0-10.20100210cvs.fc15
             JACK Audio Connection Kit (JACK) Audio Mastering interface

New package: japanese-bitmap-fonts-0.20080710-10.fc15
             Free Japanese Bitmap fonts

New package: jargs-1.0-7.fc15
             Java command line option parsing suite

New package: jasper-1.900.1-17.fc15
             Implementation of the JPEG-2000 standard, Part 1

New package: java-augeas-0.0.2-2.fc15
             Java bindings for the augeas library

New package: java_cup-0.11a-6.fc15
             Java source interpreter

New package: javacc-5.0-4.fc15
             A parser/scanner generator for java

New package: javacc-maven-plugin-2.6-7.fc15
             JavaCC Maven Plugin

New package: javacsv-2.0-4.fc15
             Stream-based Java library for reading and writing CSV and other delimited data

New package: javahelp2-2.0.05-9.fc15
             JavaHelp is a full-featured, platform-independent, extensible help system

New package: javamail-1.4.3-6.fc15
             Java Mail API

New package: javanotes-5.1-4.fc15
             Introduction to Programming Using Java, By David J. Eck

New package: javasqlite-20110430-2.fc15
             SQLite Java Wrapper/JDBC Driver

New package: javassist-3.14.0-2.fc15
             The Java Programming Assistant provides simple Java bytecode manipulation

New package: javatar-2.5-6.fc15
             Java tar archive io package

New package: jaxen-1.1.1-3.1.fc12
             An XPath engine written in Java

New package: jaxen-bootstrap-1.1-4.2.fc15
             A convenience package for build of dom4j

New package: jaxodraw-2.0.1-9.fc15
             A Java program for drawing Feynman diagrams

New package: jazzy-0.5.2-3.fc15
             Java-based spell checker

New package: jbig2dec-0.11-3.fc15
             A decoder implementation of the JBIG2 image compression format

New package: jcharts-0.7.5-5.fc15
             A java based charts library

New package: jcip-annotations-1-3.20060626.fc15
             Java annotations for multithreaded software

New package: jcommon-1.0.16-3.fc15
             JFree Java utility classes

New package: jcommon-serializer-0.3.0-5.fc15
             JFree Java General Serialization Framework

New package: jconvolver-0.8.7-2.fc15
             Real-time Convolution Engine

New package: jday-2.4-6.fc15
             A simple command to convert calendar dates to julian dates

New package: jdependency-0.6-4.fc15
             This project provides an API to analyse class dependencies

New package: jdom-1.1.1-5.fc15
             Java alternative to DOM and SAX

New package: jed-0.99.19-3.fc15
             Fast, compact editor based on the S-Lang screen library

New package: jemmy-
             Java UI testing library

New package: jempbox-1.0.0-3.fc15
             Java library for working with XMP metadata

New package: jeta-1.0-5.fc15
             Horde Java SSH module

New package: jflex-1.4.3-5.fc15
             Fast Scanner Generator

New package: jfsutils-1.1.13-8.fc12
             Utilities for managing the JFS filesystem

New package: jgoodies-forms-1.2.0-4.fc15
             Framework to lay out and implement elegant Swing panels in Java

New package: jgoodies-looks-2.2.1-4.fc15
             Free high-fidelity Windows and multi-platform appearance

New package: jgraph-
             Java-based Diagram Component and Editor

New package: jgrapht-0.8.1-3.fc15
             A free Java graph library that provides mathematical graph objs and algorithms

New package: jgraphx-
             Java Graph Drawing Component

New package: jgroups-
             Toolkit for reliable multicast communication

New package: jide-oss-2.7.6-4.1340svn.fc15
             Swing component library built on top of Java/Swing

New package: jigdo-0.7.3-10.fc15
             Ease distribution of large files over the Internet

New package: jilter-1.2-3.fc15
             Sendmail milter protocol for Java

New package: jisksp16-1990-fonts-0.983-6.fc15
             16x16 JIS X 0212:1990 Bitmap font

New package: jline-0.9.94-3.fc15
             Java library for reading and editing user input in console applications

New package: jna-3.2.7-12.fc15
             Pure Java access to native libraries

New package: jnettop-0.13.0-9.fc15
             Network traffic tracker

New package: jnr-constants-0.7-3.fc15
             Java Native Runtime constants

New package: jnr-x86asm-0.1-3.fc15
             Pure-java port of asmjit

New package: joe-3.7-7.fc15
             An easy to use, modeless text editor

New package: jomolhari-fonts-0.003-10.fc15
             Jomolhari a Bhutanese style font for Tibetan and Dzongkha

New package: joni-1.1.3-5.fc15
             Java port of Oniguruma regexp library

New package: jorbis-0.0.17-5.fc15
             Pure Java Ogg Vorbis Decoder

New package: joystick-1.2.15-26.fc15
             Utilities for configuring most popular joysticks.

New package: jpanoramamaker-5-3.fc15
             Tool for stitching photos to panorama in linear curved space

New package: jpcap-0.7-9.fc15
             A Java library for capturing and sending network packets

New package: jpilot-1.8.0-6.fc15
             pilot desktop software

New package: jpilot-backup-0.60-7.fc15
             Enhanced backup plugin for J-Pilot

New package: jpoker-1.0.16-2.fc15
             Client for playing online poker in a Web browser

New package: jps-0.1-3.20100222git.fc14
             Gant based build framework and DSL

New package: jrefactory-2.9.19-3.fc15
             JRefactory and Pretty Print

New package: jrosetta-1.0.2-3.fc12
             A common base to build a graphical console

New package: jrtplib-3.7.1-8.fc15
             JRTPLIB is an object-oriented RTP library written in C++

New package: jsch-0.1.44-3.fc15
             Pure Java implementation of SSH2

New package: jsl-0.3.0-3.fc15
             Check JavaScript code for common mistakes

New package: jsmath-fonts-20090708-3.fc15
             A collection of Math symbol fonts

New package: json-3-6.fc15
             JavaScript Object Notation support in Java

New package: json-c-0.9-2.fc15
             A JSON implementation in C

New package: json-lib-2.3-5.fc15
             JSON library for Java

New package: json_simple-1.1-3.fc15
             Simple Java toolkit for JSON

New package: jsr-305-0-0.6.20090319svn.fc15
             Correctness annotations for Java code

New package: jthread-1.2.1-7.fc15
             JThread provides classes to make use of threads easy on different platforms

New package: jtidy-1.0-0.10.20100930svn1125.fc15
             HTML syntax checker and pretty printer

New package: jtnef-1.6.0-5.fc15
             Java TNEF package

New package: junit-3.8.2-8.fc15
             Java regression test package

New package: junit4-4.8.2-2.fc15
             Java regression test package

New package: junitperf-1.9.1-5.2.fc15
             JUnit extension for performance and scalability testing

New package: justmoon-0.3.3-8.fc15
             Just Moon is lunar observing software for Linux

New package: jvyamlb-0.2.5-5.fc15
             YAML processor for JRuby

New package: jzlib-1.0.7-9.fc15
             Re-implementation of zlib in pure Java

New package: k12linux-quick-start-guide-0.0.11-2.fc15
             Quick Start Guide for K12Linux Live LTSP Server

New package: k3guitune-1.01-7.fc15
             Musical instrument tuner

New package: kBuild-0.1.5-7.p2.fc15
             A cross-platform build environment

New package: kacst-fonts-2.0-8.fc15
             Fonts for arabic from arabeyes project

New package: kadu-
             An Gadu-Gadu client for online messaging

New package: kakasi-2.3.4-30.fc15
             A Japanese character set conversion filter

New package: kanjistrokeorders-fonts-2.015-2.fc15
             Font to view stroke order diagrams for Kanji, Kana and etc

New package: kannel-1.4.3-5.fc15
             WAP and SMS gateway

New package: kasumi-2.5-4.fc15
             An anthy dictionary management tool

New package: kaya-0.5.2-10.fc15
             A Statically typed, imperative programming-language

New package: kbilliards-0.8.7b-11.fc15
             A Fun Billiards Simulator Game

New package: kcbench-0.3-7.1
             Kernel compile benchmark

New package: kcbench-data-0.1-8.fc15
             Kernel sources to be used by kcbench

New package: kcc-2.3-31
             Kanji Code Converter

New package: kcemirror-0.1.5-7.fc15
             Remote display control for PocketPC devices

New package: kcheckers-0.8.1-5.fc15
             Checkers board game

New package: kchmviewer-5.3-2.fc15
             CHM viewer

New package: kcirbshooter-0.04-5.fc15
             A small puzzle game

New package: kcm_touchpad-0.3.1-6.fc15
             Synaptics driver based touchpads kcontrol module

New package: kcoloredit-4.4.0-3.fc15
             A color palette Editor

New package: kcometen4-1.0.7-2.fc15
             An OpenGL screensaver with exploding comets for KDE4

New package: kdbg-2.1.1-4.fc15
             A GUI for gdb, the GNU debugger, and KDE

New package: kde-colorscheme-plastik-0.1.2-2.fc15
             Plastik KDE 4 Color Scheme

New package: kde-filesystem-4-38.fc15
             KDE filesystem layout

New package: kde-i18n-3.5.10-15.fc15
             Internationalization support for KDE3

New package: kde-partitionmanager-1.0.3-2.fc15
             KDE Partition Manager

New package: kde-plasma-daisy-
             A versatile application launcher

New package: kde-plasma-ihatethecashew-0.4-3.fc15
             Removes the KDE Plasma Cashew From the Corner of the Display

New package: kde-plasma-runcommand-2.2-2.fc15
             Simple plasmoid to run commands without using terminal or KRunner

New package: kde-plasma-smooth-tasks-0.0.1-0.2.wip20101106.fc15
             KDE taskbar replacement with window peeking ability

New package: kde-plasma-translatoid-1.30-3.svn01092011.fc15
             Translator Using Google Translator

New package: kde-plasma-yawp-0.3.6-2.fc15
             Yet Another Weather Plasmoid

New package: kde-style-skulpture-0.2.4-3.fc15
             Classical three-dimensional style for KDE

New package: kdeaddons-3.5.10-5.fc15
             K Desktop Environment - Plugins

New package: kdebase3-3.5.10-18.fc15
             KDE 3 core files

New package: kdegames3-3.5.10-10.fc15
             KDE 3 Games not ported to KDE 4

New package: kdepim3-3.5.10-5.fc15
             Compatibility support for kdepim3

New package: kdesvn-1.5.5-3.fc15
             A subversion client for KDE4 with KIO integration

New package: kdiff3-0.9.95-6.fc15
             Compare + merge 2 or 3 files or directories

New package: kdirstat-2.5.3-11.fc15
             Graphical Directory Statistics for Used Disk Space

New package: kdnssd-avahi-0.1.3-0.11.20080116svn.fc15
             KDE zeroconf implementation based on avahi

New package: keepalived-1.1.20-3.fc15
             HA monitor built upon LVS, VRRP and service pollers

New package: keepassx-0.4.3-2.fc15
             Cross-platform password manager

New package: keurocalc-1.0.0-2.rc2.fc15.3
             KEurocalc is a universal currency converter and calculator

New package: keybinder-0.2.2-6.fc15
             A library for registering global keyboard shortcuts

New package: keychain-2.6.8-8.fc15
             Agent manager for OpenSSH, ssh.com, Sun SSH, and GnuPG

New package: keychecker-0.2-2.fc15
             Generate list of installed packages sorted by GPG key

New package: kfilefactory-0.1.1-2.fc15
             An application for sharing files on FileFactory

New package: kgrab-0.1.1-23.fc15
             A screen grabbing utility

New package: kguitar-0.5.1-11.926svn.fc15
             Guitar Tabulature Music Editor

New package: khmeros-fonts-5.0-11.fc15
             Khmer font set created by Danh Hong of the Cambodian Open Institute

New package: kiconedit-4.4.0-3.fc15
             An icon editor

New package: kid3-1.6-3.fc15
             Efficient KDE ID3 tag editor

New package: kio-ftps-0.2-3.fc15
             An ftps KIO slave for KDE

New package: kio_gopher-0.1.3-4.fc15
             Gopher KIO slave for Konqueror

New package: kio_sysinfo-20090930-3.fc15
             KIO slave which shows basic system information

New package: kita-0.177.5-8.fc15
             2ch client for KDE

New package: kitsune-2.0-7.fc15
             Program to solve mathematical problems

New package: kitutuki-0.9.6-2.fc15
             Shell script language

New package: klamav-0.46-5.fc15.1
             Clam Anti-Virus on the KDE Desktop

New package: klog-0.5.6-5.fc15
             A Ham radio logging program for KDE

New package: kmenu-gnome-0.8-4.fc15
             K Menu with Gnome directory

New package: kmess-
             Messaging client for MSN

New package: knetstats-1.6.2-3.fc15
             A KDE Network monitor

New package: knm-new-fixed-fonts-1.1-14.fc15
             12x12 JIS X 0208 Bitmap fonts

New package: kobo-0.3.4-1.fc15
             Python modules for tools development

New package: kodos-2.4.9-10.fc15
             Visual regular expression editor

New package: koffice-kivio-1.6.3-33.trinity.20100511svn.fc15
             A flowcharting application

New package: koffice-langpack-2.3.2-1.fc15
             Language files for koffice

New package: koji-1.6.0-2.fc15
             Build system tools

New package: komparator-0.9-5.fc15
             Kompare and merge two folders

New package: konq-plugins-4.6.1-1.fc15
             Additional plugins that interact with konqueror

New package: konversation-1.3.1-4.fc15
             A user friendly IRC client

New package: kopete-cryptography-1.3.0-18.fc15.1
             Encrypts and signs messages in Kopete using the OpenPGP

New package: koules-1.4-10.fc15
             Action game with multiplayer, network and sound support

New package: kover-4-7.fc15
             WYSIWYG CD cover printer with CDDB support

New package: koverartist-0.5-14.fc15
             Create CD/DVD covers

New package: kpackagekit-
             KDE interface for PackageKit

New package: kphotobymail-0.4.1-9.fc15
             A PyKDE based application for uploading photos to flickr account

New package: kpilot-5.3.0-5.fc15
             Sync PIM data with PalmOS devices

New package: kradio4-4.0.2-2.fc15
             V4L/V4L2-Radio Application for KDE4

New package: krecipes-1.0-0.2.beta2.fc15
             Application to manage recipes and shopping-lists

New package: kreetingkard-0.7.1-4.fc15.1
             Japanese greeting card writing software for KDE

New package: kreetingkard_templates-0.2.0-4.fc15.1
             Template files for KreetingKard

New package: kronolith-2.3.4-2.fc15
             The Horde calendar application

New package: ksensors-0.7.3-19.fc15
             KDE frontend to lm_sensors

New package: kshutdown-1.0.1-5.fc15
             KShutDown is an advanced shut down utility for KDE 3

New package: ksig-1.1-0.9.20080213.fc15
             A graphical application to manage multiple email signatures

New package: ksplice-0.9.9-2.fc15
             Patching a Linux kernel without reboot

New package: ksshaskpass-0.5.3-2.fc15
             A KDE version of ssh-askpass with KWallet support

New package: kstart-3.16-1.fc15
             Daemon version of kinit for Kerberos v5

New package: kurdit-unikurd-web-fonts-20020502-6.fc15
             A widely used Kurdish font for Arabic-like scripts and Latin

New package: kvkbd-0.6-4.fc15
             Virtual keyboard for KDE

New package: kxml-2.2.2-8.fc15
             Small XML pull parser

New package: kxstitch-
             Program to create cross stitch patterns

New package: kyotocabinet-1.2.31-3.fc15
             A lightweight database library

New package: labrea-2.5.1-6.fc15
             Tarpit (slow to a crawl) worms and port scanners

New package: ladspa-1.13-7.fc15
             Linux Audio Developer's Simple Plug-in API, examples and tools

New package: ladspa-amb-plugins-0.6.1-2.fc15
             Ambisonics LADSPA plugins

New package: ladspa-autotalent-plugins-0.2-4.fc15
             A pitch correction LADSPA plugin

New package: ladspa-blop-plugins-0.2.8-10.fc15
             Bandlimited LADSPA Oscillator Plugins

New package: ladspa-caps-plugins-0.4.2-6.fc15
             The C* Audio Plugin Suite

New package: ladspa-cmt-plugins-1.16-3.fc15
             A collection of LADSPA plugins

New package: ladspa-fil-plugins-0.3.0-3.fc15
             LADSPA Filter plugins

New package: ladspa-mcp-plugins-0.4.0-4.fc15
             A set of audio plugins for LADSPA

New package: ladspa-rev-plugins-0.3.1-7.fc15
             A reverberation plugin for LADSPA

New package: ladspa-swh-plugins-0.4.15-17.fc15
             A set of audio plugins for LADSPA

New package: ladspa-tap-plugins-0.7.0-8.fc15
             Tom's Audio Processing plugin

New package: ladspa-vco-plugins-0.3.0-9.fc15
             Anti-aliased pulse and sawtooth oscillators

New package: ladvd-0.9.2-4.fc15
             CDP/LLDP sender for unix

New package: laf-plugin-1.0-7.fc15
             Generic plugin framework for Java look-and-feels

New package: lagan-2.0-7.fc15
             Local, global, and multiple alignment of DNA sequences

New package: lash-0.5.4-13.fc15
             LASH Audio Session Handler

New package: lasi-1.1.0-7.fc15
             C++ library for creating Postscript documents

New package: lastfmlib-0.4.0-3.fc15
             Last.fm scrobbling library

New package: latencytop-0.5-4.fc15
             System latency monitor

New package: latex2emf-1.0.0-5.fc15
             Create an EMF file from LaTeX source

New package: latex2html-2008-5.fc15
             Converts LaTeX documents to HTML

New package: latex2rtf-2.1.0-2.fc15
             LaTeX to RTF converter that handles equations, figures, and cross-references

New package: latexdiff-0.5-5.fc15
             Determine and mark up significant differences between latex files

New package: latrace-0.5.10-1.fc15
             LD_AUDIT feature frontend for glibc 2.4+

New package: laughlin-backgrounds-14.1.0-3.fc15
             Laughlin desktop backgrounds

New package: laughlin-kde-theme-14.0.0-3.fc15
             Laughlin KDE Theme

New package: lbd-0.2-3.fc15
             DNS/HTTP load balancing detector

New package: lbrickbuster2-2.6-0.12.beta7.fc15
             Brickbuster arcade game

New package: lbzip2-0.23-2.fc15
             Fast, multi-threaded bzip2 utility

New package: lcdtest-1.18-5.fc15
             Displays monitor test patterns

New package: lcov-1.7-2.fc15
             LTP GCOV extension code coverage tool

New package: ldc-0.9.2-31.20110115hg1832.fc15
             A compiler for the D programming language

New package: ldd-pdf-3.0-5.fc15
             Linux Device Drivers, Third Edition Book in PDF format

New package: ldm-2.0.46-2.fc15
             LTSP Display Manager

New package: ldtp-2.0.6-4.fc15
             Desktop testing framework

New package: leafnode-1.11.8-3.fc15
             Leaf site offline NNTP server

New package: ledger-2.6.3-4.fc15
             A powerful command-line double-entry accounting system

New package: ledmon-0.1-3.fc15
             Enclosure LED Utilities

New package: lekhonee-0.7-4.fc15
             A blog client

New package: lekhonee-gnome-0.11-4.fc15
             The gnome frontend for lekhonee wordpress client

New package: lensfun-0.2.5-5.fc15
             Library to rectify defects introduced by photographic lenses

New package: leonidas-backgrounds-11.0.0-2.fc12
             Leonidas desktop backgrounds

New package: leonidas-kde-theme-11.0.3-2.fc15
             Leonidas KDE Theme

New package: lesstif-0.95.2-2.fc15
             OSF/Motif library clone

New package: levien-inconsolata-fonts-1.01-5.fc15
             Inconsolata fonts

New package: levien-museum-fonts-1.0-2.fc15
             Based on historical metal Centaur fonts

New package: levmar-2.5-5.fc15
             Levenberg-Marquardt nonlinear least squares algorithm

New package: lib3ds-1.3.0-11.fc15
             3D Studio file format library

New package: lib765-0.4.2-2.fc15
             A library for emulating the uPD765a floppy controller

New package: libAfterImage-1.20-2.fc15
             A generic image manipulation library

New package: libEMF-1.0.4-2.fc15
             A library for generating Enhanced Metafiles

New package: libFS-1.0.3-2.fc15
             X.Org X11 libFS runtime library

New package: libHX-3.6-2.fc15
             General-purpose library for typical low-level operations

New package: libIDL-0.8.14-3.fc15
             Library for parsing IDL (Interface Definition Language)

New package: libQtGTL-0.9.1-3.fc15
             Qt bindings for OpenGTL

New package: libSM-1.2.0-2.fc15
             X.Org X11 SM runtime library

New package: libUnihan-0.5.3-6.fc15
             C library for Unihan character database in fifth normal form

New package: libXNVCtrl-169.12-5.fc15
             Library providing the NV-CONTROL API

New package: libXScrnSaver-1.2.1-2.fc15
             X.Org X11 libXss runtime library

New package: libXau-1.0.6-2.fc15
             Sample Authorization Protocol for X

New package: libXaw-1.0.8-1.fc15
             X Athena Widget Set

New package: libXcomposite-0.4.3-2.fc15
             X Composite Extension library

New package: libXcursor-1.1.11-3.fc15
             Cursor management library

New package: libXdamage-1.1.3-2.fc15
             X Damage extension library

New package: libXdmcp-1.1.0-2.fc15
             X Display Manager Control Protocol library

New package: libXevie-1.0.3-2.fc15
             X Event Interceptor Library

New package: libXext-1.2.0-2.fc15
             X.Org X11 libXext runtime library

New package: libXfont-1.4.3-2.fc15
             X.Org X11 libXfont runtime library

New package: libXft-2.2.0-2.fc15
             X.Org X11 libXft runtime library

New package: libXinerama-1.1.1-2.fc15
             X.Org X11 libXinerama runtime library

New package: libXmu-1.1.0-2.fc15
             X.Org X11 libXmu/libXmuu runtime libraries

New package: libXp-1.0.0-16.fc15
             X.Org X11 libXp runtime library

New package: libXpm-3.5.8-3.fc15
             X.Org X11 libXpm runtime library

New package: libXrandr-1.3.1-2.fc15
             X.Org X11 libXrandr runtime library

New package: libXrender-0.9.6-2.fc15
             X.Org X11 libXrender runtime library

New package: libXres-1.0.5-2.fc15
             X-Resource extension client library

New package: libXtst-1.2.0-2.fc15
             X.Org X11 libXtst runtime library

New package: libXv-1.0.6-2.fc15
             X.Org X11 libXv runtime library

New package: libXvMC-1.0.6-3.fc15
             X.Org X11 libXvMC runtime library

New package: libXxf86dga-1.1.2-2.fc15
             X.Org X11 libXxf86dga runtime library

New package: libXxf86misc-1.0.3-2.fc15
             X.Org X11 libXxf86misc runtime library

New package: libXxf86vm-1.1.1-2.fc15
             X.Org X11 libXxf86vm runtime library

New package: libaccounts-glib-0.45-2.fc15
             Nokia Maemo Accounts base library

New package: libaccounts-qt-0.31-4.fc15
             Accounts framework

New package: libacpi-0.2-15.fc15
             General purpose library for ACPI

New package: libaesgm-20090429-4.fc15
             Library implementation of AES (Rijndael) cryptographic methods

New package: libannodex-0.7.3-15.fc15
             Library for annotating and indexing networked media

New package: libapogee-2.2-5.fc15
             Library for Apogee CCD Cameras

New package: libarchive-2.8.4-3.fc15
             A library for handling streaming archive formats

New package: libart_lgpl-2.3.21-2.fc15
             Library of graphics routines used by libgnomecanvas

New package: libast-0.7.1-0.9.20080502cvs.fc15
             Library of Assorted Spiffy Things

New package: libasyncns-0.8-2.fc15
             Asynchronous Name Service Library

New package: libatasmart-0.17-3.fc15
             ATA S.M.A.R.T. Disk Health Monitoring Library

New package: libavc1394-0.5.3-10.fc15
             Audio/Video Control library for IEEE-1394 devices

New package: libbase-1.1.3-2.fc15
             JFree Base Services

New package: libbeagle-0.3.9-7.fc15
             Beagle C interface

New package: libbind-6.0-3.fc15
             ISC's standard resolver library

New package: libbinio-1.4-13.fc15
             A software library for binary I/O classes in C++

New package: libbs2b-3.1.0-3.fc15
             Bauer stereophonic-to-binaural DSP library

New package: libbsd-0.2.0-4.fc15
             Library providing BSD-compatible functions for portability

New package: libbsr-0.2-4.fc12
             Barrier Synchronization Register access library

New package: libbtctl-0.11.1-8.fc15
             GObject wrapper library for the GNOME Bluetooth Subsystem

New package: libcacard-0.1.2-1.fc15
             Common Access Card (CAC) Emulation

New package: libcap-2.17-2.fc15
             Library for getting and setting POSIX.1e capabilities

New package: libcapifax-0.7.3-5.fc15
             Support for Sending/receiving faxes over CAPI capable devices

New package: libcapseo-0.3.0-0.4.20081031git431a293.fc15
             A realtime encoder/decoder library

New package: libcaptury-0.3.0-0.5.20080323gitcca4e3c.fc15
             A library for X11/OpenGL video capturing framework

New package: libccss-0.3.1-7.fc15
             A simple api for CSS Stylesheets

New package: libcdaudio-0.99.12p2-14.fc15
             Control operation of a CD-ROM when playing audio CDs

New package: libcddb-1.3.2-5.fc15
             Library (C API) for accessing CDDB servers

New package: libcgi-1.0-11.fc15
             CGI easy as C

New package: libcmml-0.9.1-9.fc15
             Library for handling Continuous Media Markup Language

New package: libconfuse-2.7-2.fc15
             A configuration file parser library

New package: libcroco-0.6.2-6.fc15
             A CSS2 parsing library

New package: libcrystalhd-3.5.1-1.fc14
             Broadcom Crystal HD device interface library

New package: libcue-1.3.0-3.fc15
             Cue sheet parser library

New package: libdaemon-0.14-2.fc15
             Library for writing UNIX daemons

New package: libdap-3.11.0-2.fc15
             The C++ DAP2 library from OPeNDAP

New package: libdbi-0.8.3-4.fc15
             Database Independent Abstraction Layer for C

New package: libdc1394-2.1.2-3.fc12
             1394-based digital camera control library

New package: libdigidoc-2.7.0-2.fc15
             Library for handling digitally signed documents

New package: libdiscid-0.2.2-5.fc15
             A Library for creating MusicBrainz DiscIDs

New package: libdmtx-0.7.2-4.fc15
             Library for working with Data Matrix 2D bar-codes

New package: libdmx-1.1.1-2.fc15
             X.Org X11 DMX runtime library

New package: libdnet-1.12-7.fc15
             Simple portable interface to lowlevel networking routines

New package: libdockapp-0.6.2-4.fc15
             DockApp Development Standard Library

New package: libdrizzle-0.8-7.fc15
             Drizzle Client & Protocol Library

New package: libdsk-1.2.1-4.fc15
             Library for accessing disk images

New package: libdstr-20080124-4.fc15
             Dave's String class

New package: libeXosip2-3.1.0-4.fc15
             A library that hides the complexity of using the SIP protocol

New package: libeio-3.65-4.fc15
             Event-based fully asynchronous I/O library

New package: libertas-sd8686-firmware-9.70.7.p0-2.fc15
             Firmware for Marvell Libertas SD 8686 Network Adapter

New package: libertas-usb8388-firmware-5.110.22.p23-5.fc15
             Firmware for Marvell Libertas USB 8388 Network Adapter

New package: libesmtp-1.0.6-2.fc15
             SMTP client library

New package: libev-4.03-2.fc15
             High-performance event loop/event model with lots of features

New package: libevent-2.0.10-2.fc15
             Abstract asynchronous event notification library

New package: libewf-20100226-3.fc15
             Library for the Expert Witness Compression Format (EWF)

New package: libexplain-0.40.D001-2.fc15
             Library functions to explain system call errors

New package: libfac-3.1.1-2.fc15
             An extension to Singular-factory

New package: libfc14audiodecoder-1.0.2-2.fc15
             C wrapper library for Future Composer audio decoding

New package: libfishsound-1.0.0-3.fc15
             Simple programming interface for Xiph.Org codecs

New package: libfli-1.7-7.fc15
             Library for FLI CCD Camera & Filter Wheels

New package: libfonts-1.1.3-2.fc15
             TrueType Font Layouting

New package: libformula-1.1.3-2.fc15
             Formula Parser

New package: libfplll-3.0.12-2.fc15
             LLL-reduces euclidian lattices

New package: libfprint-0.3.0-2.fc15
             Tool kit for fingerprint scanner

New package: libfreebob-1.0.11-8.fc15
             FreeBoB firewire audio driver library

New package: libfwbuilder-4.1.2-1.fc15
             Firewall Builder API

New package: libgarmin-0-0.8.20090212svn.fc15
             C library to parse and use Garmin image files

New package: libgconf-java-2.12.6-4.fc15
             Java bindings for GConf

New package: libgdbus-0.2-6.fc15
             Library for simple D-Bus integration with GLib

New package: libgdither-0.6-3.fc15
             Library for applying dithering to PCM audio sources

New package: libgee-0.6.1-2.fc15
             GObject collection library

New package: libgeotiff-1.2.5-6.fc15
             GeoTIFF format library

New package: libgexiv2-0.2.2-2.fc15
             Gexiv2 is a GObject-based wrapper around the Exiv2 library

New package: libghemical-2.99.1-17.fc15
             Libraries for the Ghemical chemistry package

New package: libglade-0.17-25.fc15
             Gnome-1 support library for loading user interfaces

New package: libglade-java-2.12.8-15.fc15
             Java bindings for libglade

New package: libglade2-2.6.4-5.fc15
             The libglade library for loading user interfaces

New package: libglademm24-2.6.7-4.fc15
             C++ wrapper for libglade

New package: libgle-3.1.0-5.fc15
             A Tubing and Extrusion Library for OpenGL

New package: libglpng-1.45-4.fc15
             Toolkit for loading PNG images as OpenGL textures

New package: libgnome-2.32.1-2.fc15
             GNOME base library

New package: libgnome-java-2.12.7-6.fc15
             Java bindings for libgnome

New package: libgnomecanvas-2.30.3-2.fc15
             GnomeCanvas widget

New package: libgnomecups-0.2.3-9.fc15
             GNOME library for CUPS integration

New package: libgnomeprint22-2.18.8-2.fc15
             Printing library for GNOME

New package: libgnomeprintui22-2.18.6-2.fc15
             GUI support for libgnomeprint

New package: libgnomeui-2.24.5-2.fc15
             GNOME base GUI library

New package: libgringotts-1.2.1-7.fc15
             A backend for managing encrypted data files on the disk

New package: libgssapi-0.11-9.fc15
             Generic Security Services Application Programming Interface Library

New package: libgtkhotkey-0.2.1-4.fc15
             Platform independent hotkey handling for Gtk+ applications

New package: libgtksourceviewmm-0.3.1-7.fc15
             A C++ wrapper for the gtksourceview widget library

New package: libguess-1.0-2.fc15
             High-speed character set detection library

New package: libgxim-0.3.3-4.fc15
             GObject-based XIM protocol library

New package: libhangul-0.0.12-2.fc15
             Hangul input library

New package: libharu-2.1.0-3.fc15
             C library for generating PDF files

New package: libhid-0.2.17-6.fc15
             User space USB HID access library

New package: libhocr-0.10.17-8.fc15
             A Hebrew optical character recognition library

New package: libibcommon-1.2.0-4.fc15
             OpenFabrics Alliance InfiniBand management common library

New package: libical-0.46-3.fc15
             Reference implementation of the iCalendar data type and serialization format

New package: libicns-0.7.1-2.fc15
             Library for manipulating Macintosh icns files

New package: libid3tag-0.15.1b-11.fc15
             ID3 tag manipulation library

New package: libident-0.32-5.fc15
             New LibIdent C library

New package: libiec61883-1.2.0-6.fc15
             Streaming library for IEEE1394

New package: libieee1284-0.2.11-10.fc15
             A library for interfacing IEEE 1284-compatible devices

New package: libifp-
             A general-purpose library-driver for iRiver's iFP portable audio players

New package: libinfinity-0.5.0-2.fc15
             Library implementing the infinote protocol

New package: libint-1.1.4-5.fc15
             A library for computing electron repulsion integrals efficiently

New package: libiodbc-3.52.7-2.fc15
             iODBC Driver Manager

New package: libiptcdata-1.0.4-4.fc15
             IPTC tag library

New package: libirman-0.4.5-5.fc15
             Library for IRMAN hardware

New package: libitl-0.7.0-3.fc15
             Libraries for The Islamic Tools and Libraries Project

New package: libkexif-0.2.5-8.fc15
             Allow Kipi plugins to extract EXIF information

New package: libkml-0.6.1-8.fc15
             A KML library written in C++ with bindings to other languagues

New package: libkni3-3.9.2-13.fc15
             C++ KNI library v3 for the Katana 300 robot arm

New package: liblastfm-0.3.3-3.fc15
             Libraries to integrate Last.fm services

New package: liblayout-0.2.10-2.fc15
             CSS based layouting framework

New package: liblo-0.26-2.fc15
             Open Sound Control library

New package: libloader-1.1.3-2.fc15
             Resource Loading Framework

New package: liblockfile-1.08-11.fc15
             This implements a number of functions found in -lmail on SysV systems

New package: liblqr-1-0.4.1-2.fc15
             LiquidRescale library

New package: liblrdf-0.4.0-17.fc15
             Library for manipulating RDF files describing LADSPA plugins

New package: libmatchbox-1.9-7.fc13
             Libraries for the Matchbox Desktop

New package: libmatheval-1.1.5-6.fc12
             Library for parsing and evaluating symbolic expressions input as text

New package: libmcrypt-2.5.8-10.fc15
             Encryption algorithms library

New package: libmcrypto-0.8.0-0.2.20100629svn3775.fc15
             A C++ library providing various cryptography related utilities

New package: libmcs-0.7.2-4.fc15
             Configuration file abstraction library

New package: libmetalink-0.0.3-6.fc15
             A Metalink C library

New package: libmikey-0.8.0-0.3.20100127svn3750.fc15
             A C++ library implementing the Multimedia Internet KEYing protocol

New package: libmikmod-3.2.0-12.beta2.fc15
             A MOD music file player library

New package: libmimedir-0.4-7.fc15
             Library to parse MIME Directory Profile

New package: libmirage-1.1.0-5.fc12
             A CD-ROM image access library

New package: libmnetutil-0.8.0-0.3.20100629svn3775.fc15
             Minisip library providing various C++ network classes

New package: libmng-1.0.10-5.fc15
             Library for Multiple-image Network Graphics support

New package: libmodelfile-0.1.92-8.fc15
             Library for accessing various model file formats

New package: libmodman-2.0.1-2.fc15
             A simple library for managing C++ modules (plug-ins)

New package: libmodplug-
             Modplug mod music file format library

New package: libmp4v2-
             Library for working with files using the mp4 container format

New package: libmpcdec-1.2.6-7.fc15
             Musepack audio decoding library

New package: libmpd-0.20.0-2.fc15
             Music Player Daemon Library

New package: libmsip-0.8.0-0.2.20100629svn3775.fc15
             A C++ library implementing the SIP protocol

New package: libmsn-4.1-2.fc15
             Library for connecting to the MSN Messenger service

New package: libmstun-0.8.0-0.2.20091007svn3734.fc15
             A C++ library providing STUN client utilities

New package: libmusicbrainz-2.1.5-12.fc15
             Library for accessing MusicBrainz servers

New package: libmusicbrainz3-3.0.3-3.fc15
             Library for accessing MusicBrainz servers

New package: libmutil-0.8.0-0.5.20100319svn3760.fc15.1
             Minisip library providing various C++ utility classes

New package: libnasl-2.2.11-8.fc15
             Nessus Attack Scripting Language

New package: libnet-1.1.5-2.fc15
             C library for portable packet creation and injection

New package: libnet10-1.0.2a-19.fc15
             High-level API (toolkit) to construct and inject network packets

New package: libnetdude-0.11-4.fc15
             Management framework for pcap packet traces

New package: libnetfilter_log-1.0.0-2.fc15
             Netfilter logging userspace library

New package: libnetfilter_queue-1.0.0-2.fc15
             Netfilter queue userspace library

New package: libnfnetlink-1.0.0-2.fc15
             Netfilter netlink userspace library

New package: libnids-1.24-2.fc15
             Implementation of an E-component of Network Intrusion Detection System

New package: libnih-1.0.2-4.fc15
             Lightweight application development library

New package: libnoise-1.0.0-5.fc14
             A general-purpose library that generates three-dimensional coherent noise

New package: libnova-0.13.0-3.fc15
             Libnova is a general purpose astronomy & astrodynamics library

New package: libnss-pgsql-1.5.0-0.5.beta.fc15
             Name Service Switch library that interface with PostgreSQL

New package: libntlm-1.2-2.fc15
             NTLM authentication library

New package: libnxml-0.18.3-5.fc15
             C library for parsing, writing and creating XML

New package: libnxt-0.3-3.fc15
             Utility for flashing LEGO Mindstorms NXT firmware

New package: libofa-0.9.3-17.fc15
             Open Fingerprint Architecture library

New package: libogg-1.2.2-3.fc15
             The Ogg bitstream file format library

New package: liboggz-1.1.1-2.fc15
             Simple programming interface for Ogg files and streams

New package: liboglappth-0.98-7.fc15
             An OpenGL wrapper library

New package: liboil-0.3.16-5.fc15
             Library of Optimized Inner Loops, CPU optimized functions

New package: libopendaap-0.4.0-8.fc15
             Library for connection to iTunes music shares

New package: libopenraw-0.0.8-5.fc15
             Decode camera RAW files

New package: libopensync-plugin-file-0.22-4.fc15
             File plugin for libopensync

New package: libopensync-plugin-google-calendar-0.22-5.fc15
             Google Calendar plugin for libopensync

New package: libopensync-plugin-gpe-0.22-4.fc15
             GPE plugin for libopensync

New package: libopensync-plugin-irmc-0.22-3.fc12
             Irmc plugin for libopensync

New package: libopensync-plugin-moto-0.22-5.fc15
             Plugin for syncing with Motorola phones via libopensync

New package: libopensync-plugin-opie-0.22-5.fc15
             Synchronisation with the Opie handheld environment

New package: libopensync-plugin-palm-0.22-4.fc15
             Palm plugin for libopensync

New package: libopensync-plugin-python-0.22-5.fc15
             Python plugin for libopensync

New package: libopensync-plugin-sunbird-0.22-7.fc15
             Mozilla Calendar / Sunbird Synchronization Plug-In for OpenSync

New package: libopensync-plugin-syncml-0.22-4.fc15
             SyncML plugin for libopensync

New package: libopm-0.1-10.20050731cvs.fc15
             Blitzed open proxy monitor library

New package: libosip2-3.1.0-4.fc15
             oSIP is an implementation of SIP

New package: libotf-0.9.12-2.fc15
             A Library for handling OpenType Font

New package: libotr-3.2.0-6.fc15
             Off-The-Record Messaging library and toolkit

New package: libowfat-0.28-5.fc15
             Reimplementation of libdjb

New package: libpano12-2.8.6-5.fc15
             Library for manipulating panoramic images

New package: libpar2-0.2-10.fc15
             Library for performing comman tasks related to PAR recovery sets

New package: libpcapnav-0.8-5.fc15
             Wrapper library for libpcap offering navigation inside of a tracefile

New package: libpciaccess-0.12.1-1.fc15
             PCI access library

New package: libplist-1.3-2.fc15
             Library for manipulating Apple Binary and XML Property Lists

New package: libprojectM-qt-2.0.1-3.fc15
             The Qt frontend to the projectM visualization plugin

New package: libqalculate-0.9.7-3.fc15
             Multi-purpose calculator library

New package: libqttracker-6.11.0-2.fc15
             Qt Bindings for the Tracker media indexing infrastructure

New package: libqxt-0.6.1-2.fc15
             Qt extension library

New package: libraw1394-2.0.7-1.fc15
             Library providing low-level IEEE-1394 access

New package: libreadline-java-0.8.0-28.fc15
             Java wrapper for the EditLine library

New package: librelp-1.0.0-2.fc15
             The Reliable Event Logging Protocol library

New package: librepository-1.1.3-2.fc15
             Hierarchical repository abstraction layer

New package: librfid-0.2.0-4.fc15
             The librfid is a Free Software RFID library

New package: librra-0.14-5.fc15
             Connection to Pocket PC devices, part of SynCE

New package: librsync-0.9.7-16.fc15
             Rsync libraries

New package: librtas-1.3.4-1.fc12
             Libraries to provide access to RTAS calls and RTAS events

New package: librtfcomp-1.1-8.fc15
             Library for reading of compressed RTF files

New package: librx-1.5-15.fc15
             POSIX regexp functions

New package: libsamplerate-0.1.7-3.fc15
             Sample rate conversion library for audio data

New package: libserializer-1.1.2-3.fc15
             JFreeReport General Serialization Framework

New package: libservicelog-1.0.1-3.fc12
             Servicelog Database and Library

New package: libshout-2.2.2-6.fc15
             Icecast source streaming library

New package: libsidplay-1.36.60-2.fc15
             SID chip music module playing library

New package: libsieve-2.2.7-4.fc15
             A library for parsing, sorting and filtering your mail

New package: libsilc-1.1.10-5.fc15
             SILC Client Library

New package: libsmi-0.4.8-6.fc15
             A library to access SMI MIB information

New package: libsoup22-2.2.105-9.fc15
             Soup, an HTTP library implementation

New package: libspatialite-2.4.0-0.6.RC4.fc15
             Enables SQLite to support spatial data

New package: libspe2-
             SPE Runtime Management Library

New package: libspectre-0.2.6-4.fc15
             A library for rendering PostScript(TM) documents

New package: libspectrum-1.0.0-2.fc15
             A library for reading spectrum emulator file formats

New package: libspiro-20071029-5.fc15
             Library to simplify the drawing of beautiful curves

New package: libsqlite3x-20071018-10.fc15
             A C++ Wrapper for the SQLite3 embeddable SQL database engine

New package: libsrtp-1.4.4-2.20101004cvs.fc15
             An implementation of the Secure Real-time Transport Protocol (SRTP)

New package: libss7-1.0.2-2.fc15
             SS7 protocol services to applications

New package: libssh2-1.2.7-1.fc15
             A library implementing the SSH2 protocol

New package: libstroke-0.5.1-25.fc15
             A stroke interface library

New package: libsurl-0.7.1-2.fc15
             A library for generating shortened URLs

New package: libsx-2.05-19.fc15
             Simple X library

New package: libsyncml-0.4.6-3.fc15
             SyncML protocol library

New package: libtalloc-2.0.5-8.fc15
             The talloc library

New package: libtar-1.2.11-20.fc15
             Tar file manipulation API

New package: libtasn1-2.7-2.fc15
             The ASN.1 library used in GNUTLS

New package: libtcd-2.2.5-2.fc15
             Tide Constituent Database Library

New package: libtelnet-0.20-4.fc15
             TELNET protocol parsing framework

New package: libtextcat-2.2-12.fc15
             Text Categorization Library

New package: libthai-0.1.14-4.fc15
             Thai language support routines

New package: libtheora-1.1.1-1.fc15
             Theora Video Compression Codec

New package: libtimidity-0.1.0-9.fc15
             MIDI to WAVE converter library

New package: libtomcrypt-1.17-12.fc15
             A comprehensive, portable cryptographic toolkit

New package: libtommath-0.41-12.fc15
             A portable number theoretic multiple-precision integer library

New package: libtopology-0.3-8.fc15
             CPU Topology library

New package: libtranslate-0.99-25.fc15
             Natural language translation library

New package: libtrash-3.2-9.fc15
             Libraries to move files to a trash-folder on delete

New package: libtunepimp-0.5.3-18.fc15
             A library for creating MusicBrainz enabled tagging applications

New package: libtwin-0.0.3-5.fc15
             Tiny Window System

New package: libucil-0.9.10-3.fc15
             Library to render text and graphic overlays onto video images

New package: libunicap-0.9.12-6.fc15
             Library to access different kinds of (video) capture devices

New package: libunicapgtk-0.9.8-6.fc15
             Library to build graphical widgets for the unicap library

New package: libuninameslist-20091231-2.fc15
             A library providing Unicode character names and annotations

New package: libuninum-2.7-7.fc15
             Library for converting unicode strings to numbers

New package: libunistring-0.9.3-2.fc15
             GNU Unicode string library

New package: libutempter-1.1.5-5.fc15
             A privileged helper for utmp/wtmp updates

New package: libvdpau-0.4.1-4.fc15
             Wrapper library for the Video Decode and Presentation API

New package: libvidcap-0.2.1-6.fc15
             Cross-platform video capture library

New package: libvirt-java-0.4.7-2.fc15
             Java bindings for the libvirt virtualization API

New package: libvisual-0.4.0-10.fc15
             Abstraction library for audio visualisation plugins

New package: libvncserver-0.9.7-5.fc15
             Library to make writing a vnc server easy

New package: libvorbis-1.3.2-1.fc15
             The Vorbis General Audio Compression Codec.

New package: libvpd-2.1.1-2.fc15
             VPD Database access library for lsvpd

New package: libvte-java-0.12.3-4.fc15
             Wrapper library for GNOME VTE

New package: libwbxml-0.10.9-3.fc15
             Library and tools to parse, encode and handle WBXML documents

New package: libwebcam-0.2.0-4.20100322svn.fc15
             A library for user-space configuration of the uvcvideo driver

New package: libwiimote-0.4-10.fc15
             Simple Wiimote Library for Linux

New package: libwmf-
             Windows MetaFile Library

New package: libwpg-0.2.0-2.fc15
             Library for reading WordPerfect Graphics images

New package: libwvstreams-4.6.1-3.fc15
             WvStreams is a network programming library written in C++

New package: libx86-1.1-10.fc15
             Library for making real-mode x86 calls

New package: libxdg-basedir-1.1.1-2.fc15
             Implementation of the XDG Base Directory Specifications

New package: libxfce4menu-4.6.2-2.fc15
             A freedesktop.org compliant menu implementation for Xfce

New package: libxfce4util-4.8.1-2.fc15
             Utility library for the Xfce4 desktop environment

New package: libxfcegui4-4.8.1-3.fc15
             GTK widgets for Xfce

New package: libxkbcommon-0.1.0-2.20101110.fc15
             X.Org X11 XKB parsing library

New package: libxkbfile-1.0.7-2.fc15
             X.Org X11 libxkbfile runtime library

New package: libxklavier-5.1-1.fc15
             High-level API for X Keyboard Extension

New package: libxnm-0.1.3-4.fc15
             A library for parsing the XNM format

New package: libyahoo2-1.0.1-2.fc15
             Library for the Yahoo! Messenger Protocol

New package: libytnef-1.5-6.fc15
             TNEF Stream Parser Library

New package: libyubikey-1.7-1.fc15
             C library for decrypting and parsing Yubikey One-time passwords

New package: libzip-0.9.3-3.fc15
             C library for reading, creating, and modifying zip archives

New package: libzrtpcpp-1.4.3-2.fc12
             ZRTP support library for the GNU ccRTP stack

New package: licq-1.3.5-10.fc15
             Licq - A graphical ICQ Client for Linux

New package: lifeograph-0.6.2-4.fc15
             Private digital diary

New package: liferea-1.6.5-4.fc15
             An RSS/RDF feed reader

New package: lightning-1.2-18.fc15
             Library for generating assembly code on run time

New package: lightsquid-1.8-11.fc15
             Light, small, and fast log analyzer for squid proxy

New package: limph-1.9.7-2.fc15
             A PHP5-compatible network host/service poller with web interface

New package: links-2.2-13.fc15
             Web browser running in both graphics and text mode

New package: linphone-3.2.1-2.fc14
             Phone anywhere in the whole world by using the Internet

New package: linpsk-1.1-2.fc14
             Psk31 and RTTY program for Linux

New package: linsmith-0.99.12-3.fc15
             A Smith charting program

New package: linux-atm-2.5.1-3.fc15
             Tools to support ATM networking under Linux

New package: linux_logo-5.11-2.fc15
             Show a logo with some system info on the console

New package: linuxdoc-tools-0.9.66-9.fc15
             A text formatting package based on SGML

New package: lklug-fonts-0.6-5.20090803cvs.fc15
             Fonts for Sinhala language

New package: lksctp-tools-1.0.11-3.fc15
             User-space access to Linux Kernel SCTP

New package: lmarbles-1.0.7-13
             Atomix clone where you create figures out of marbles

New package: lock-keys-applet-1.0-21.fc15
             A GNOME panel applet that shows the status of the lock keys

New package: lockfile-progs-0.1.15-3.fc15
             Command-line programs to safely lock and unlock files and mailboxes

New package: log4c-1.2.1-8.fc15
             Library for logging application messages

New package: log4cxx-0.10.0-10.fc15
             A port to C++ of the Log4j project

New package: log4j-1.2.16-7.fc15
             Java logging package

New package: logcheck-1.3.13-6.fc15
             Analyzes log files and sends noticeable events as email

New package: logiweb-0.2.8-12.fc15
             A system for electronic distribution of mathematics

New package: logserial-0.4.2-10.fc15
             Package for logging incoming bytes on asynchronous serial ports

New package: logstalgia-1.0.2-2.fc15
             Web server access log visualizer

New package: lohit-tamil-fonts-2.4.5-9.fc15
             Free Tamil font

New package: loki-lib-0.1.7-4.fc15
             Loki C++ Library of design patterns and idioms

New package: londonlaw-0.2.1-10.fc15
             Online multiplayer version of a well known detective boardgame

New package: loook-0.6.7-6.fc15
             OpenOffice.org document search tool

New package: lorem-ipsum-generator-0.3-5.fc15
             Generates random lorem ipsum text

New package: lostirc-0.4.6-10.fc15
             Simple IRC client for X11

New package: loudmouth-1.4.3-8.fc15
             XMPP/Jabber C programming library

New package: lout-3.38-4.fc15
             A document formatting system

New package: lovelock-kde-theme-14.91.0-1.fc15
             Lovelock KDE Theme

New package: lpairs-1.0.4-8.fc15
             Classical memory game with cards

New package: lpg-2.0.17-6.fc15.1
             LALR Parser Generator

New package: lpsk31-1.1-7.fc15
             A ncurses application for ham radio communications using PSK31 digital mode

New package: lpsolve-
             A Mixed Integer Linear Programming (MILP) solver

New package: lrmi-0.10-8.fc15
             Library for calling real mode BIOS routines

New package: lsdvd-0.16-14.fc15
             Small application for listing the contents of DVDs

New package: lshw-B.02.15-2.fc15
             Hardware lister

New package: lslk-1.29-25.fc15
             A lock file lister

New package: lsnipes-0.9.4-7.fc15
             A text-mode maze game

New package: lsof-4.84-4.fc15
             A utility which lists open files on a Linux/UNIX system

New package: lsvpd-1.6.8-3.fc15
             VPD/hardware inventory utilities for Linux

New package: ltl2ba-1.1-3.fc15
             Fast translation from LTL formulas to Buchi automata

New package: ltrace-0.5-19.45svn.fc15
             Tracks runtime library calls from dynamically linked executables

New package: ltspfs-0.5.13-2.fc15
             LTSP file system, daemon that runs on thin clients

New package: lua-copas-1.1.6-2.fc15
             Coroutine Oriented Portable Asynchronous Services for Lua

New package: lua-coxpcall-1.13.0-2.fc15
             Coroutine safe xpcall and pcall versions for Lua

New package: lua-filesystem-1.4.2-2.fc15
             File System Library for the Lua Programming Language

New package: lua-json-1.0-2.fc15
             JSON Parser/Constructor for Lua

New package: lua-logging-1.1.4-4.fc15
             A simple API to use logging features in Lua

New package: lua-loop-2.3-0.3.beta.fc15
             Class models for Lua

New package: lua-lpeg-0.9-4.fc15
             Parsing Expression Grammars for Lua

New package: lua-lunit-0.5-2.fc15
             Unit testing framework for Lua

New package: lua-md5-1.1.2-2.fc15
             Cryptographic Library for MD5 hashes for Lua

New package: lua-posix-5.1.7-2.fc15
             A POSIX library for Lua

New package: lua-rex-2.4.0-6.fc15
             Regular expression handling library for Lua

New package: lua-socket-2.0.2-5.fc15
             Network support for the Lua language

New package: lua-xmlrpc-1.2.1-2.fc15
             Lua package to access and provide XML-RPC services

New package: luabind-0.9.1-2.fc15
             A library that helps create bindings between C++ and Lua

New package: luadoc-3.0.1-4.fc15
             Documentation Generator Tool for the Lua language

New package: luakit-2010.09.24-2.fc15
             Micro-browser framework based on WebKit and GTK+

New package: luma-2.4-9.fc15
             A graphical tool for managing LDAP servers

New package: lure-1.1-5.fc15
             Lure of the Temptress - Adventure Game

New package: lush-1.2.1-6.fc12
             An object-oriented Lisp interpreter and compiler

New package: lv-4.51-16.fc15
             A Powerful Multilingual File Viewer

New package: lv2-EQ10Q-plugins-1.0-8.fc15
             LV2 Plugin: Parametric audio equalizer with 12 different filter types

New package: lv2-c++-tools-1.0.3-5.fc15
             Support library for writing LV2 plugins in C++

New package: lv2-fil-plugins-2.0-4.fc15
             Four-band parametric equalizers

New package: lv2-invada-plugins-1.2.0-4.fc15
             A collection of LV2 plugins from Invada Records

New package: lv2-ll-plugins-0.2.8-5.fc15
             Collection of LV2 plugins

New package: lv2-vocoder-plugins-1-3.fc15
             Add a robotic effect to vocals

New package: lv2-zynadd-plugins-1-5.fc15
             LV2 port of the ZynAddSubFX engine

New package: lv2dynparam-2-3.fc15
             LV2 dynamic parameters extension

New package: lx-20030328-6.fc15
             Converts PBM data to Lexmark 1000 printer language

New package: lxappearance-0.5.0-2.fc15
             Feature-rich GTK+ theme switcher for LXDE

New package: lxde-icon-theme-0.4.2-3.fc15
             Default icon theme for LXDE

New package: lxinput-0.3.0-2.fc15
             Keyboard and mouse settings dialog for LXDE

New package: lxlauncher-0.2.1-9.fc15
             Open source replacement for Launcher on the EeePC

New package: lxmenu-data-0.1.1-4.fc15
             Data files for the LXDE menu

New package: lxmusic-0.4.4-4.fc15
             Lightweight XMMS2 client with simple user interface

New package: lxpanel-0.5.6-2.fc15
             A lightweight X11 desktop panel

New package: lxpolkit-0.1.0-0.2.20100402git5087383.fc15
             Simple PolicyKit authentication agent

New package: lxrandr-0.1.1-4.fc15
             Simple monitor configuration tool

New package: lxsession-edit-0.1.1-5.fc15
             Simple GUI to configure what’s automatically started in LXDE

New package: lxshortcut-0.1.1-4.fc15
             Small utility to edit application shortcuts

New package: lxsplit-0.2.4-4.fc15
             File split / merge utility

New package: lxtask-0.1.3-2.fc15
             Lightweight and desktop independent task manager

New package: lxterminal-0.1.9-2.fc15
             Desktop-independent VTE-based terminal emulator

New package: lybniz-1.3.2-7.fc15
             A function graph plotter

New package: lynis-1.2.9-2.fc15
             Security and system auditing tool

New package: lzma-4.32.7-5.fc15
             LZMA utils

New package: lzo-2.03-4.fc15
             Data compression library with very fast (de)compression

New package: mISDN-1.1.5-5.fc15
             Userspace part of Modular ISDN stack

New package: mac-robber-1.02-2.fc15
             Tool to create a timeline of file activity for mounted file systems

New package: macchanger-1.5.0-10.fc15
             An utility for viewing/manipulating the MAC address of network interfaces

New package: mach-0.9.5-2.fc15
             Make a chroot

New package: madan-fonts-2.000-4.fc15
             Font for Nepali language

New package: magic-8.0.60-2.fc15
             A very capable VLSI layout tool

New package: magicor-1.1-8.fc15
             Push ice blocks around to extenguish all fires

New package: mailcap-2.1.37-1.fc15
             Helper application and MIME type associations for file types

New package: maildirproc-0.4.3-3.fc15
             Sort mail from mail boxes in the maildir format

New package: maildrop-2.5.0-14.fc15
             Mail delivery agent with filtering abilities

New package: mailx-12.5-3.fc15
             Enhanced implementation of the mailx command

New package: mairix-0.22-2.fc15
             A program for indexing and searching email messages

New package: makebootfat-1.4-12.fc15
             Utility for creation bootable FAT disk

New package: makedepf90-2.8.8-2.fc15
             Create Makefile dependency list for Fortran source files

New package: makehuman-0.9.1-0.6.rc1a.fc15
             Modeling of three-dimensional humanoid characters

New package: malaga-7.12-9.fc15
             A programming language for automatic language analysis

New package: man-pages-cs-0.18.20090209-11.fc15
             Czech man pages from the Linux Documentation Project

New package: man-pages-de-0.5-5.fc15
             German man pages from the Linux Documentation Project

New package: man-pages-es-1.55-16.fc15
             Spanish man pages from the Linux Documentation Project

New package: man-pages-fr-3.23-5.fc15
             French version of the Linux man-pages

New package: man-pages-it-2.80-8.fc15
             Italian man (manual) pages from the Linux Documentation Project

New package: man-pages-ko-20050219-19.fc15
             Korean(Hangul) Man(manual) Pages from the Korean Manpage Project

New package: man-pages-zh-CN-1.5.1-4.fc15
             Chinese Man Pages from Chinese Man Pages Project

New package: manedit-1.2.1-4.1.fc15
             UNIX Manual Page Editor

New package: maniadrive-data-1.2-6.fc15
             Data files for maniadrive, a 3D stunt driving game

New package: maniadrive-music-1.0-5.fc15
             Replacement soundtrack for the non free ManiaDrive soundtrack

New package: mantis-1.2.4-2.fc15
             Web-based issue tracking system

New package: maradns-
             Authoritative and recursive DNS server made with security in mind

New package: marave-0.7-5.fc15
             A Simple text editor

New package: mars-sim-2.84-8.fc15
             Mars Simulation Project

New package: matchbox-window-manager-1.2-7.20070628svn.fc15
             Window manager for the Matchbox Desktop

New package: mathmap-1.3.5-2.fc15
             GIMP Plug-In and Command-Line Tool

New package: matio-1.3.4-2.fc15
             Library for reading/writing Matlab MAT files

New package: mausezahn-0.34.9-2.fc15
             A fast versatile packet generator

New package: maven-doxia-tools-1.2-5.fc15
             Maven Doxia Integration Tools

New package: maven-plugin-build-helper-1.5-3.fc15
             Build Helper Maven Plugin

New package: maven-plugin-exec-1.1-2.fc15
             Exec Maven Plugin

New package: maven-skins-5-3.fc15
             Maven Skins

New package: mawk-1.3.4-6.20100625.fc15
             Interpreter for the AWK programming language

New package: maxima-5.23.2-2.fc15
             Symbolic Computation Program

New package: maxr-0.2.6-2.fc15
             A classic turn-based strategy game

New package: mb2md-3.20-6.fc15
             Mailbox to maildir converter

New package: mboxgrep-0.7.9-10.fc15
             Displays e-mail messages matching a pattern

New package: mcabber-0.10.1-2.fc15
             Console Jabber instant messaging client

New package: mcelog-1.0-0.3.pre3.fc15
             Tool to translate x86-64 CPU Machine Check Exception data.

New package: mchange-commons-0.2-0.3.20110130hg.fc15
             A collection of general purpose utilities for c3p0

New package: mcpp-2.7.2-5.fc15
             Alternative C/C++ preprocessor

New package: mcrypt-2.6.8-4.fc15
             Replacement for crypt()

New package: mcstrans-0.3.2-1.fc15
             SELinux Translation Daemon

New package: mcu8051ide-1.3.11-2.fc15
             IDE for MCS-51 based microcontrollers

New package: md5deep-3.6-2.fc15
             A set of cross-platform tools to compute hashes

New package: mdbtools-0.6-0.8.cvs20051109.fc15.1
             Access data stored in Microsoft Access databases

New package: mdk-1.2.5-3.fc15
             GNU MIX Development Kit

New package: mdsplib-0.11-11.fc15
             METAR Decoder Software Package Library

New package: meanwhile-1.1.0-5.fc15
             Lotus Sametime Community Client library

New package: mecab-0.98-1.fc15
             Yet Another Part-of-Speech and Morphological Analyzer

New package: mecab-ipadic-
             IPA dictionary for MeCab

New package: mecab-jumandic-5.1.20070304-5.fc15
             JUMAN dictorionary for MeCab

New package: mediascrapper-0.1-8.fc15
             A script to scrap media files from different sites

New package: mediawiki-CategoryTree-45462-3.fc15
             Provides a dynamic view of the wiki's category structure as a tree

New package: mediawiki-Cite-0-0.7.20080901svn.fc15
             An extension to provide Citation tools for Mediawiki

New package: mediawiki-HTTP302Found-1.0-3.fc15
             Forces an external HTTP 302 redirect instead of internal redirects

New package: mediawiki-LdapAccount-0.1-2.fc15
             Use LDAP as account source for medaiwiki

New package: mediawiki-ParserFunctions-1.1.1-7.svn45003.fc15
             Enhances the Mediawiki parser with logical functions

New package: mediawiki-SpecialInterwiki-0-0.8.20080913svn.fc15
             An extension to provide an interwiki management system

New package: mediawiki-imagemap-0-0.4.r37906.fc15
             The ImageMap extension for MediaWiki

New package: mediawiki-rss-1.5-4.fc15
             Displays an RSS feed on a mediawiki page

New package: mediawiki-wikicalendar-1.16-2.fc15
             Simple calendar extension for mediawiki

New package: meego-cursor-theme-0.4-2.20101107git74495cbe.fc15
             MeeGo X cursors theme

New package: meego-panel-applications-0.2.5-3.fc15
             MeeGo Panel for launching Applications

New package: meego-panel-datetime-0.3.2-5.fc15
             MeeGo date and time panel

New package: meego-panel-devices-0.2.7-7.fc15
             Meego devices panel

New package: meego-panel-pasteboard-0.0.8-3.fc15
             MeeGo Panel for Paste Board

New package: meego-panel-status-0.3.2-2.fc15
             Meego Panel for Social Network Status

New package: meego-panel-zones-0.2.2-0.4.fc15
             Meego zones panel

New package: meego-sound-theme-0.5-2.20101107git74495cbe.fc15
             MeeGo sound theme

New package: memchan-2.2.1-8.fc15
             In-memory channels for Tcl

New package: memtester-4.2.1-2.fc15
             Utility to test for faulty memory subsystem

New package: menu-cache-0.3.2-2.fc15
             Caching mechanism for freedesktop.org compliant menus

New package: mesa-libGLw-6.5.1-9.fc15
             Xt / Motif OpenGL widgets

New package: meshlab-1.2.2-5.fc14.1
             A system for processing and editing unstructured 3D triangular meshes

New package: messiggy-0.5.0-4.fc15
             Messiggy is a database of celestial objects

New package: metadata-extractor-2.3.1-6.fc15
             JPEG metadata extraction framework

New package: metakit-
             Embeddable database

New package: metalink-0.3.6-4.fc15
             Metalink Generator

New package: metamorphose2-0.7.1-5.fc15
             A cross platform file and folder mass renamer

New package: metapixel-1.0.2-7.fc15
             A Photomosaic Generator

New package: meterbridge-0.9.2-5.fc15
             Meter Bridge for JACK

New package: methane-1.5.0-3.fc15
             Super Methane Brothers

New package: mftrace-1.2.15-6.fc15
             Utility for converting TeX bitmap fonts to Type 1 or TrueType fonts

New package: mgopen-fonts-0.20050515-17.fc15
             Truetype greek fonts

New package: mhash-
             Thread-safe hash algorithms library

New package: mhgui-0.2-9.fc15
             A simple GUI library for MakeHuman

New package: miau-0.6.5-5.fc15
             Full-featured IRC bouncer

New package: microba-
             Set of JFC (Swing) components

New package: miglayout-
             Versatile and flexible Swing and SWT layout manager

New package: migrationtools-47-8.fc15
             Migration scripts for LDAP

New package: milia-0.3.0-3.fc15
             C++ cosmology library

New package: mimetex-1.71-2.fc15
             Easily embed LaTeX math in web pages

New package: mimetic-0.9.6-2.fc15
             A full featured MIME library written in C++

New package: min12xxw-0.0.9-6.fc15
             Converts PBM stream to Minolta printer language

New package: minbar-0.2.1-11.fc15
             Athan call and prayer times notification software

New package: mine_detector-6.0-7.fc15
             Mine Detector, a mine-finding game

New package: mingw32-bzip2-1.0.5-9.fc15
             MinGW port of bzip2 file compression utility

New package: mingw32-celt051-
             An audio codec for use in low-delay speech and audio communication

New package: mingw32-crossreport-7-2.fc15
             Analysis tool to help cross-compilation to Windows

New package: mingw32-dlfcn-0-0.8.r11.fc15
             Implements a wrapper for dlfcn (dlopen dlclose dlsym dlerror)

New package: mingw32-expat-2.0.1-7.fc15
             MinGW Windows port of expat XML parser library

New package: mingw32-freeglut-2.6.0-0.2.rc1.fc15
             Fedora MinGW alternative to the OpenGL Utility Toolkit (GLUT)

New package: mingw32-freetype-2.3.11-2.fc15
             Free and portable font rendering engine

New package: mingw32-gdbm-1.8.0-6.fc15
             MinGW port of GNU database routines

New package: mingw32-iconv-1.12-13.fc15
             GNU libraries and utilities for character set conversion

New package: mingw32-libffi-3.0.9-2.fc15
             A portable foreign function interface library for MinGW

New package: mingw32-libgcrypt-1.4.4-5.fc15
             MinGW Windows gcrypt encryption library

New package: mingw32-libgeotiff-1.3.0-0.2.svn1664.fc15
             GeoTIFF format library

New package: mingw32-libgnurx-2.5.1-7.fc15
             MinGW Regex library

New package: mingw32-libgpg-error-1.6-14.fc15
             MinGW Windows GnuPGP error library

New package: mingw32-libjpeg-7-3.fc15
             MinGW Windows Libjpeg library

New package: mingw32-libogg-1.1.4-3.fc15
             The Ogg bitstream file format library

New package: mingw32-liboil-0.3.16-3.fc15
             Library of Optimized Inner Loops, CPU optimized functions

New package: mingw32-libsigsegv-2.6-2.fc15
             MinGW library for handling page faults in user mode

New package: mingw32-libssh2-1.1-6.fc15
             MinGW Windows library implementation of the SSH2 protocol

New package: mingw32-libzip-0.9-3.fc15
             C library for reading, creating, and modifying zip archives

New package: mingw32-nsis-2.46-2.fc15
             Nullsoft Scriptable Install System

New package: mingw32-openjpeg-1.3-6.fc15
             MinGW Windows openjpeg library

New package: mingw32-pdcurses-3.4-8.fc15
             Curses library for MinGW

New package: mingw32-proj-4.6.1-5.fc15
             Cartographic projection software (PROJ.4)

New package: mingw32-qt-qmake-4.7.1-3.fc15
             Qt for Windows Build Environment

New package: mingw32-readline-5.2-8.fc15
             MinGW port of readline for editing typed command lines

New package: mingw32-sigar-1.6.5-0.5.git58097d9.fc15
             MinGW Windows sigar library

New package: mingw32-srvany-1.0-5.fc15
             Utility for creating services for Windows

New package: mingw32-tcl-8.5.9-4.fc15
             MinGW Windows Tool Command Language, pronounced tickle

New package: mingw32-termcap-1.3.1-9.fc15
             MinGW terminal feature database

New package: mingw32-tk-8.5.9-2.fc15
             MinGW Windows graphical toolkit for the Tcl scripting language

New package: mingw32-wpcap-4.1.final2-2.fc15
             MinGW user-level packet capture

New package: minitunes-0.1.1-4.fc15
             A better music player

New package: mipv6-daemon-
             Mobile IPv6 (MIPv6) Daemon

New package: miredo-1.1.7-6.fc15
             Tunneling of IPv6 over UDP through NATs

New package: mirrormagic-2.0.2-8.fc15
             Puzzle game where you steer a beam of light using mirrors

New package: mirrormanager-1.3.7-2.fc15
             Fedora mirror management system

New package: mitter-0.4.5-3.fc15
             A maemo/GTK+ client for twitter

New package: mj-1.10-8.fc15
             Mah-Jong program with network option

New package: mk-files-20081111-3.fc15
             Support files for bmake, the NetBSD make(1) tool

New package: mkbootdisk-1.5.5-2.fc15
             Creates a boot floppy disk for booting a system.

New package: mkdst-0.12-2.fc15
             Source repository to tarball release tool

New package: mkelfimage-2.7-7.fc15
             Utility to create ELF boot images from Linux kernel images

New package: mksh-39c-4.fc15
             MirBSD enhanced version of the Korn Shell

New package: mktorrent-1.0-5.fc15
             Command line utility to create BitTorrent metainfo files

New package: mldonkey-3.0.3-1.fc15
             Client for several P2P networks

New package: mlmmj-
             Mailserver-independent ezmlm-like mailing list manager

New package: mm-1.4.2-7.fc15
             Shared memory allocation library

New package: mm3d-1.3.8a-2.fc15
             3D model editor

New package: mmv-1.01b-15.fc15
             Move/copy/append/link multiple files

New package: mnemosyne-1.2.2-4.fc15
             Flash-card learning tool

New package: moblin-gtk-engine-1.2.3-4.fc15
             GTK engine for Moblin

New package: moblin-icon-theme-2.2.10-3.fc15
             Moblin icon theme

New package: mod_annodex-0.2.2-13.fc14
             Apache module for server-side support of annodex media

New package: mod_auth_cas-
             Apache 2.0/2.2 compliant module that supports the CASv1 and CASv2 protocols

New package: mod_auth_kerb-5.4-7.fc15
             Kerberos authentication module for HTTP

New package: mod_auth_ntlm_winbind-0.0.0-0.11.20070129svn713.fc15
             NTLM authentication for the Apache web server using winbind daemon

New package: mod_auth_pam-1.1.1-10.fc15
             PAM authentication module for Apache

New package: mod_auth_shadow-2.2-9.fc15
             An Apache module for authentication using /etc/shadow

New package: mod_bw-0.8-4.fc15
             Bandwidth Limiter For Apache

New package: mod_cband-
             Bandwidth limiting for virtual hosts

New package: mod_dnssd-0.6-4.fc15
             An Apache HTTPD module which adds Zeroconf support

New package: mod_evasive-1.10.1-9.fc15
             Denial of Service evasion module for Apache

New package: mod_extract_forwarded-2.0.2-7.fc15
             Extract real source IP for forwarded HTTP requests

New package: mod_fcgid-2.3.6-3.fc15
             FastCGI interface module for Apache 2

New package: mod_geoip-1.2.5-5.fc15
             GeoIP module for the Apache HTTP Server

New package: mod_gnutls-0.5.5-6.fc15
             GnuTLS module for the Apache HTTP server

New package: mod_limitipconn-0.23-4.fc15
             Simultaneous connection limiting module for Apache

New package: mod_line_edit-1.0.0-7.fc15
             A general-purpose filter for text documents

New package: mod_log_post-0.1.0-3.fc15
             Module for the Apache web server to log all HTTP POST messages

New package: mod_proxy_html-3.1.2-7.fc15
             Output filter to rewrite HTML links in a proxy situation

New package: mod_pubcookie-3.3.4a-4.fc15
             A solution for single sign-on authentication to websites

New package: mod_scgi-1.13-5.fc15
             Python implementation of the SCGI protocol

New package: mod_security-2.5.12-4.fc15
             Security module for the Apache HTTP Server

New package: mod_selinux-2.2.2454-3.fc15
             Apache/SELinux plus module

New package: mod_suphp-0.6.3-6.fc15
             An apache2 module for executing PHP scripts with the permissions of their owners

New package: mod_wsgi-3.2-3.fc15
             A WSGI interface for Python web applications in Apache

New package: modello-1.4.1-2.fc15
             Modello Data Model toolkit

New package: modplugtools-0.5.3-1.fc15
             Command line mod music players

New package: moksha-0.5.0-5.fc15
             A platform for creating real-time web applications

New package: mon-1.2.0-7.fc15
             General-purpose resource monitoring system

New package: mona-1.4r13-5.fc15
             A decision procedure for the WS1S and WS2S logics

New package: mongoose-2.11-1.fc15
             An easy-to-use self-sufficient web server

New package: monitor-edid-3.0-3.fc15
             Tool for probing and parsing monitor EDID

New package: monkey-bubble-0.4.0-16.fc15
             Game in the spirit of Frozen Bubble

New package: mono-zeroconf-0.9.0-5.fc15
             Mono.Zeroconf networking library

New package: monodevelop-debugger-gdb-2.4-1.fc14
             MonoDevelop gdb Debugger Add-in

New package: monodevelop-debugger-mdb-2.4-3.fc15
             MonoDevelop Debugger Addin

New package: monodevelop-vala-2.4-1.fc14
             MonoDevelop vala Addin

New package: monosim-1.5.2-3.fc15
             Manage your SIM Card contacts

New package: monotone-viz-1.0.2-4.fc15
             GNOME application that visualizes Monotone ancestry graphs

New package: monsoon-0.21-4.fc13
             Bittorrent client based on MonoTorrent

New package: monsterz-0.7.1-7.fc15
             Puzzle game, similar to Bejeweled or Zookeeper

New package: moodbar-0.1.2-7.fc15
             Identifies the "mood" of your music files

New package: moon-buggy-1.0.51-5.fc15
             Drive and jump with some kind of car across the moon

New package: moovida-1.0.9-4.fc15
             Media center

New package: moovida-plugins-bad-1.0.9-4.fc15
             Moovida media center "bad" plugins

New package: moovida-plugins-good-1.0.9-4.fc15
             Moovida media center "good" plugins

New package: mopac7-1.15-10.fc15
             Semi-empirical quantum mechanics suite

New package: morse2txt-1.0.0-3.fc15
             Morse Code Reader

New package: moserial-2.30.0-3.fc15
             Serial terminal for the gnome desktop

New package: most-5.0.0-4.a.1.fc15
             more, less, most

New package: mot-adms-2.2.9-2.svn1186.fc15
             An electrical compact device models converter

New package: mousepad-0.2.16-4.fc15
             Mousepad - A simple text editor for Xfce

New package: moyogo-molengo-fonts-0.10-3.fc15
             A Latin typeface for documents

New package: mozilla-filesystem-1.9-6.fc15
             Mozilla filesytem layout

New package: mozilla-firetray-0.2.8-5.fc15
             A system tray addon for mozilla

New package: mozilla-googlesharing-0.18-6.fc15
             Anonymizing proxy service for Googlesharing system

New package: mozldap-6.0.5-7.fc15
             Mozilla LDAP C SDK

New package: mozplugger-1.14.2-1.fc15
             A generic mozilla plug-in

New package: mozvoikko-1.9.0-5.fc15
             Finnish Voikko spell-checker extension for Mozilla programs

New package: mpage-2.5.6-9.fc15
             A tool for printing multiple pages of text on each printed page

New package: mpc-0.19-1.fc13
             Command-line client for MPD

New package: mpdscribble-0.18.1-2.fc15
             A mpd client which submits information about tracks being played to Last.fm

New package: mpfr-3.0.0-4.fc15
             A C library for multiple-precision floating-point computations

New package: mplus-fonts-028-2.fc15
             The Mplus fonts is a superfamily of fonts designed by Coji Morishita

New package: mppenc-1.16-2.fc15
             Musepack SV7 audio file encoder

New package: mpqc-2.3.1-15.fc15
             Ab-inito chemistry program

New package: mrpt-0.9.4-0.1.20110110svn2383.fc15
             Libraries and programs for mobile robot SLAM and navigation

New package: mrxvt-0.5.3-6.fc15
             A lightweight multi-tabbed terminal emulator for X

New package: mscore-1.0-1.fc15
             Music Composition & Notation Software

New package: msimonson-anonymouspro-fonts-1.002.001-2.fc15
             A coding-friendly monospace font

New package: msp430-binutils-2.19.1-3.fc15
             Cross Compiling GNU binutils targeted at msp430

New package: msp430-gcc-3.2.3-5.20100805cvs.fc15
             Cross Compiling GNU GCC targeted at msp430

New package: msp430-libc-0-4.20090726cvs.fc15
             C library for use with GCC on Texas Instruments MSP430 microcontrollers

New package: msr-tools-1.1.2-4.fc15
             Collection of tools for reading/writing CPU model specific registers.

New package: msv-2009.1-8.fc15
             Multi-Schema Validator

New package: msynctool-0.22-3.fc15
             Calendar (and other PIM data) synchronization program

New package: mt-daapd-
             An iTunes-compatible media server

New package: mt-st-1.1-5.fc15
             Tool for controlling tape drives

New package: mtdev-1.1.0-2.20110105.fc15
             Multitouch Protocol Translation Library

New package: mtkbabel-0.8.2-2.fc15
             Program to Operate the i-Blue 747 GPS Data Logger

New package: mtpaint-3.31-5.fc15
             Painting program for creating icons and pixel-based artwork

New package: mtr-0.80-3.fc15
             A network diagnostic tool

New package: mtx-1.3.12-6.fc15
             SCSI media changer control program

New package: muParser-1.32-2.fc15
             A fast math parser library

New package: mulk-0.4.1-4.fc15
             Multi-connection network downloader with Metalink support

New package: multican-0.0.5-8.fc15
             Remote control utility for Canon cameras

New package: multimedia-menus-0.3.3-2.fc15
             Categorization for the GNOME/KDE Sound&Video/Multimedia menu

New package: multisync-0.91.1-0.4.svn384.fc15
             Calendar (and other PIM data) synchronization program

New package: multithreadedtc-1.01-10.fc15
             A framework for testing concurrent Java application

New package: mumble-1.2.3-3.fc15
             Voice chat suite aimed at gamers

New package: munipack-1.2.10-2.fc15
             An astrophotometry software package

New package: mussh-0.7-5.fc15
             Multihost SSH wrapper

New package: mutrace-0.2-2.fc15
             Mutex Tracer

New package: mutter-mbl-2.31.5_1.1-2.fc15
             Window and compositing manager based on Clutter

New package: mutter-meego-0.76.9-4.fc15
             MeeGo Netbook UX plugin for Mutter

New package: mx-3.1.1-7.fc15
             A collection of Python software tools

New package: mx4j-3.0.1-12.fc15
             Open source implementation of JMX Java API

New package: mxml-2.5-6.fc15
             Miniature XML development library

New package: myanmar3-unicode-fonts-3.00-5.fc15
             Myanmar3 unicode font

New package: mybashburn-1.0.2-6.fc15
             Burn data and create songs with interactive dialogs

New package: mysql-connector-java-5.1.15-1.fc15
             Official JDBC driver for MySQL

New package: mysql-mmm-2.2.1-3.fc15
             Multi-Master Replication Manager for MySQL

New package: mysql-proxy-0.8.1-3.fc15
             A proxy for the MySQL Client/Server protocol

New package: mysqlreport-3.5-5.fc15
             A friendly report of important MySQL status values

New package: mysqltuner-1.2.0-1.fc15
             MySQL configuration assistant

New package: mysqludf_xql-1.0.0-2.fc15
             MySQL UDF library for XML output

New package: mythes-1.2.1-3.fc15
             A thesaurus library

New package: mythes-bg-4.3-2.fc15
             Bulgarian thesaurus

New package: mythes-ca-1.5.0-5.fc15
             Catalan thesaurus

New package: mythes-cs-0.20070926-5.fc15
             Czech thesaurus

New package: mythes-da-0.20100629.15.16-2.fc15
             Danish thesaurus

New package: mythes-de-0.20090708-5.fc15
             German thesaurus

New package: mythes-el-0.20070412-7.fc15
             Greek thesaurus

New package: mythes-en-3.0-8.fc15
             English thesaurus

New package: mythes-es-0.20101002-2.fc15
             Spanish thesaurus

New package: mythes-fr-2.2.2-2.fc15
             French thesaurus

New package: mythes-ga-0.20071001-7.fc15
             Irish thesaurus

New package: mythes-hu-0.20101019-2.fc15
             Hungarian thesaurus

New package: mythes-it-2.0.9l-6.fc15
             Italian thesaurus

New package: mythes-mi-0.20080630-5.fc15
             Maori thesaurus

New package: mythes-ne-1.1-2.fc15
             Nepali thesaurus

New package: mythes-pl-1.5-6.fc15
             Polish thesaurus

New package: mythes-pt-0.20060817-6.fc15
             Portuguese thesaurus

New package: mythes-ro-3.3-3.fc15
             Romanian thesaurus

New package: mythes-ru-0.20070613-5.fc15
             Russian thesaurus

New package: mythes-sv-1.3-2.fc15
             Swedish thesaurus

New package: mytop-1.7-4.b737f60.fc15
             A top clone for MySQL

New package: nafees-web-naskh-fonts-1.2-7.fc15
             Nafees Web font for writing Urdu in the Naskh script

New package: nagi-2.06-9.fc15
             An interpreter for AGI games

New package: nagios-plugins-check_sip-1.2-8.fc15
             A Nagios plugin to check SIP servers and devices

New package: nagios-plugins-snmp-disk-proc-1.2-8.fc15
             Nagios SNMP plugins to monitor remote disk and processes

New package: nailgun-0.7.1-4.fc15
             Framework for running Java from the cli without the JVM startup overhead

New package: naim-
             An ncurses-based console AIM, ICQ, IRC, and Lily client

New package: nall-1.0-5.fc15
             A simple, non-intrusive, everything notifier in the system tray

New package: nanoxml-2.2.3-7.fc15
             Small XML parser for Java

New package: nas-1.9.2-2.fc15
             The Network Audio System (NAS)

New package: naturette-1.3-5.fc15
             An AGI adventure game

New package: natus-0.1.5-2.fc15
             A robust JavaScript shell built on the Natus meta-engine

New package: nautilus-image-converter-0.3.1-0.1.git430afce31.fc15
             Nautilus extension to mass resize images

New package: nautilus-pastebin-0.5.0-5.fc15
             Nautilus extension to send files to a pastebin

New package: nautilus-python-0.7.0-4.fc15
             Python bindings for Nautilus

New package: nautilus-search-tool-0.3.0-10.fc15
             A Nautilus extension that makes searching for files easier

New package: nautilus-sendto-trac-0.4-1.fc15
             Nautilus context menu for sending files to Trac

New package: nautilus-terminal-0.7-2.fc15
             Terminal embedded in Nautilus

New package: nawk-20110506-1.fc15
             "The one true awk" descended from UNIX V7

New package: nazghul-0.7.0-2.20100413cvs.fc15
             A computer role-playing game (CRPG) engine

New package: nbd-2.9.20-2.fc15
             Network Block Device user-space tools (TCP version)

New package: nbtscan-1.5.1-6.fc15
             Tool to gather NetBIOS info from Windows networks

New package: ncdu-1.6-2.fc15
             Text-based disk usage viewer

New package: ncftp-3.2.5-2.fc15
             Improved console FTP client

New package: ncompress-4.2.4-55.fc15
             Fast compression and decompression utilities

New package: ncpfs-2.2.6-14.fc15
             Utilities for the ncpfs filesystem, a NetWare client for Linux

New package: ncrack-0.3-0.2.ALPHA.fc15
             High-speed network auth cracking tool

New package: ndesk-dbus-0.6.1b-1.fc13
             Managed C# implementation of DBus

New package: ndesk-dbus-glib-0.4.1-10.fc15
             Provides glib mainloop integration for ndesk-dbus

New package: ne7ssh-1.3.2-11.fc15
             SSH Library is a Secure Shell client software written in C++

New package: neXtaw-0.15.1-15.fc15
             Modified version of the Athena Widgets with N*XTSTEP appearance

New package: nebula-0.2.3-3.fc12
             Intrusion signature generator

New package: nec2c-0.8-4.fc15
             Translation of NEC2 antenna modeling tool from FORTRAN to C

New package: nedit-5.5-25.fc15
             A GUI text editor for systems with X

New package: nekobee-dssi-0.1.7-5.fc15
             Acid sounds synthesizer

New package: nekohtml-1.9.14-4.fc15
             HTML scanner and tag balancer

New package: neon-backgrounds-0.0.1-6.fc15
             Neon desktop backgrounds

New package: nes_ntsc-0.2.2-4.fc15
             Provides a NES NTSC video filtering library

New package: nesc-1.3.2-4.fc15
             Compiler used by TinyOS

New package: nessus-core-2.2.11-6.fc15
             Network vulnerability scanner

New package: nessus-libraries-2.2.11-4.fc15
             Support libraries for nessus

New package: net6-1.3.12-2.fc15
             A TCP protocol abstraction for library C++

New package: netactview-0.6-2.fc15
             Graphical network connections viewer for Linux

New package: netatalk-2.1.5-2.fc15
             Daemon which provides POSIX-compliant *NIX/*BSD systems with the ability to share files and printers with Apple Macintosh

New package: netbeans-6.9-3.fc15
             Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

New package: netbeans-javaparser-6.9-2.fc15
             NetBeans Java Parser

New package: netbeans-resolver-6.7.1-3.fc15
             Resolver subproject of xml-commons patched for NetBeans

New package: netbeans-svnclientadapter-6.7.1-3.fc15
             Subversion Client Adapter

New package: netbsd-iscsi-20080207-4.fc15
             User-space implementation of iSCSI target from NetBSD project

New package: netdisco-1.0-3.fc15
             A web-based network management tool

New package: netdump-server-0.7.16-26.fc15
             Server for network kernel message logging and crash dumps

New package: netgen-1.3.7-20.fc15
             LVS netlist comparison tool for VLSI

New package: nethack-3.4.3-25.fc15
             A rogue-like single player dungeon exploration game

New package: nethack-vultures-2.1.2-3.fc15
             NetHack - Vulture's Eye and Vulture's Claw

New package: nethogs-0.7.0-9.fc15
             A tool resembling top for network traffic

New package: netlabel_tools-0.19-9.fc15
             Tools to manage the Linux NetLabel subsystem

New package: netmask-2.3.12-2.fc15
             Utility for determining network masks

New package: netmonitor-0.5-9.fc15
             The free linux network bandwidth monitor

New package: netplug-
             Daemon that responds to network cables being plugged in and out

New package: netsniff-ng-
             A high performance network sniffer for packet inspection

New package: netstat-nat-1.4.10-2.fc15
             A tool that displays NAT connections

New package: netstiff-0-0.4.20080331.fc15
             A powerful Web and FTP site update checker

New package: netty-3.2.3-3.fc15
             An asynchronous event-driven network application framework and tools for Java

New package: network-manager-netbook-1.8-3.fc15
             MeeGo Netbook GUI for NetworkManger

New package: netxen-firmware-4.0.534-4.fc15
             QLogic Linux Intelligent Ethernet (3000 and 3100 Series) Adapter Firmware

New package: neverball-1.5.4-4.fc15
             Roll a ball through an obstacle course

New package: newsx-1.6-14.fc15
             NNTP news exchange utility

New package: nexcontrol-0.2-4.fc15
             Software to control your Celestron NexStar Telescope

New package: nexuiz-2.5.2-3.fc15
             Multiplayer, deathmatch oriented first person shooter

New package: nexuiz-data-2.5.2-2.fc15
             Game data for the Nexuiz first person shooter

New package: nforenum-4.0.0-2.fc15
             A format correcter and linter for the NFO language

New package: nfs-utils-lib-1.1.5-5.fc15
             Network File System Support Library

New package: nfs4-acl-tools-0.3.3-7.fc15
             The nfs4 ACL tools

New package: nfswatch-4.99.11-2.fc15
             An NFS traffic monitoring tool

New package: ngircd-17.1-3.fc15
             Next Generation IRC Daemon

New package: ngrep-1.45-8.fc15
             Network layer grep tool

New package: ngspice-22-5.cvs20101113.fc15
             A mixed level/signal circuit simulator

New package: nightfall-1.62-9.fc15
             Nightfall is an astronomy application for emulation of eclipsing stars

New package: nightview-0.3.3-2.fc14
             A general astronomical software package to control of a CCD camera

New package: nimbus-0.1.4-3.fc15
             Desktop theme originally from Sun

New package: ninja-
             Text based Internet Relay Chat (IRC) client

New package: ninvaders-0.1.1-5.fc15
             Space Invaders clone written in ncurses for cli gaming

New package: nip2-7.22.2-4.fc15
             Interactive tool for working with large images

New package: njam-1.25-13.fc15
             Maze-game, eat all the cookies while avoiding the badguys

New package: nled-2.52-7.fc15
             Nifty Little EDitor

New package: nload-0.7.2-5.fc15
             Monitor Network Traffic and Bandwidth usage in real time

New package: nmbscan-1.2.6-2.fc15
             NMB/SMB network scanner

New package: nmh-1.3-4.fc15
             A capable mail handling system with a command line interface.

New package: node-0.3.2-8.fc15
             Simple node front end, modelled after the node shells of TheNet and G8BPQ nodes

New package: nodoka-theme-gnome-0.3.90-5.fc15
             The Nodoka Theme Pack for Gnome

New package: nogravity-2.00-12.fc15
             Space shooter in 3D

New package: nogravity-data-2.00-7.fc15
             Data files for No Gravity

New package: noip-2.1.9-9.fc15
             A dynamic DNS update client

New package: nomarch-1.4-7.fc15
             GPLed Arc de-archiver

New package: not-yet-commons-ssl-0.3.11-4.fc15
             Library to make SSL and Java Easier

New package: notification-daemon-engine-nodoka-0.1.0-12.fc15
             The Nodoka theme engine for the notification daemon

New package: notify-python-0.1.1-18.fc15
             Python bindings for libnotify

New package: notify-sharp-0.4.0-0.14.20100411svn.fc15
             A C# implementation for Desktop Notifications

New package: notmuch-0.5-4.fc15
             System for indexing, searching, and tagging email

New package: npush-0.7-5.fc15
             A logic game similar to Sokoban

New package: nqc-3.1.7-7.fc15
             Not Quite C compiler

New package: nrg2iso-0.4-7.fc15
             Convert Nero Burning Rom image files into ISO

New package: nrpe-2.12-17.fc15
             Host/service/network monitoring agent for Nagios

New package: ns-bola-fonts-20080203-3.fc15
             Chunky Geometric Fonts

New package: ns-tiza-chalk-fonts-20080210-3.fc15
             Chalky slab-serif fonts

New package: nsca-2.7.2-9.fc15
             Nagios Service Check Acceptor

New package: nss-mdns-0.10-9.fc15
             glibc plugin for .local name resolution

New package: nss_compat_ossl-0.9.6-2.fc15
             Source-level compatibility library for OpenSSL to NSS porting

New package: nss_updatedb-10-3.fc15
             Maintains a local cache of network directory user and group information

New package: nted-1.10.18-2.fc15
             Musical score editor

New package: ntfs-config-1.0.1-13.fc15
             A front-end to Enable/disable NTFS write support

New package: ntl-5.5.2-2.fc15
             High-performance algorithms for vectors, matrices, and polynomials

New package: numptyphysics-0.3-0.6.20080925svn.fc15
             A crayon-drawing based physics puzzle game

New package: nuxwdog-1.0.1-2.fc15
             Watchdog server to start and stop processes, and prompt for passwords

New package: nvclock-0.8-0.11.b4.fc15
             Utility that allows users to overclock NVIDIA based video cards

New package: nvi-1.81.6-3.fc15
             4.4BSD re-implementation of vi

New package: nwsclient-1.6.4-3.fc15
             NetWorkSpaces Client for Python

New package: nwsserver-2.0.0-3.fc15
             NetWorkSpaces Server for clustering of scripting languages

New package: nxt_python-0.7-8.fc15
             Nxt_python is a package for controlling a LEGO NXT robot using python

New package: nxtrc-2.3-4.fc15
             Program to interact with LEGO NXT via BlueTooth

New package: nxtvepg-2.8.1-6.fc15
             A nexTView EPG decoder and browser

New package: nyquist-3.04-2b.fc15
             Sound synthesis and composition language with a Lisp syntax

New package: nzbget-0.7.0-2.fc15
             Command-line based binary newsgrabber for nzb files

New package: o3read-0.0.4-5.fc15
             Standalone converter for OpenOffice.org documents

New package: obby-0.4.7-4.fc15
             A library which provides synced document buffers

New package: obexfs-0.12-3.fc15
             FUSE based filesystem using ObexFTP

New package: objectweb-anttask-1.3.2-4.5.fc15
             ObjectWeb Ant task

New package: obmenu-1.0-11.fc15
             A graphical menu editor for Openbox

New package: ocaml-SDL-0.8.0-3.fc15
             OCaml bindings for SDL

New package: ocaml-ancient-0.9.0-6.fc15
             OCaml library for large memory structures and sharing

New package: ocaml-augeas-0.4-9.fc15
             OCaml bindings for Augeas configuration API

New package: ocaml-autoconf-1.1-4.fc15
             Autoconf macros for OCaml

New package: ocaml-bin-prot-1.2.24-1.fc15
             Read and write OCaml values in a type-safe binary protocol

New package: ocaml-bisect-1.0-4.fc15
             OCaml code coverage tool

New package: ocaml-bitstring-2.0.2-3.fc15
             OCaml library for matching and constructing bitstrings

New package: ocaml-cairo-1.2.0-0.4.gita5c5ee9f.fc15
             OCaml library for accessing cairo graphics

New package: ocaml-calendar-2.03-2.fc15
             Objective Caml library for managing dates and times

New package: ocaml-camlidl-1.05-13.fc15
             Stub code generator and COM binding for Objective Caml

New package: ocaml-camlp5-6.02.1-2.fc15
             Classical version of camlp4 OCaml preprocessor

New package: ocaml-camomile-0.8.1-2.fc15
             Unicode library for OCaml

New package: ocaml-cmigrep-1.5-16.fc13
             Search OCaml compiled interface (cmi) files

New package: ocaml-cryptokit-1.4-4.fc15
             OCaml library of cryptographic and hash functions

New package: ocaml-csv-1.1.7-9.fc15
             OCaml library for reading and writing CSV files

New package: ocaml-curses-1.0.3-10.fc15
             OCaml bindings for ncurses

New package: ocaml-dbus-0.29-2.fc15
             OCaml library for using D-Bus

New package: ocaml-deriving-0.1.1a-12.fc15
             Extension to OCaml for deriving functions from types

New package: ocaml-expat-0.9.1-20.fc15
             OCaml wrapper for the Expat XML parsing library

New package: ocaml-extlib-1.5.1-10.fc15
             OCaml ExtLib additions to the standard library

New package: ocaml-facile-1.1-14.fc15
             OCaml library for constraint programming

New package: ocaml-fileutils-0.4.0-5.fc15
             OCaml library for common file and filename operations

New package: ocaml-gettext-0.3.3-6.fc15
             OCaml library for i18n

New package: ocaml-gsl-0.6.0-12.fc15
             Interface to GSL (GNU scientific library) for OCaml

New package: ocaml-json-static-0.9.8-4.fc15
             OCaml JSON validator and converter (syntax extension)

New package: ocaml-json-wheel-1.0.6-5.fc15
             OCaml library for parsing JSON

New package: ocaml-lablgl-1.04-5.fc15
             LablGL is an OpenGL interface for Objective Caml

New package: ocaml-lablgtk-2.14.2-4.fc15
             Objective Caml interface to gtk+

New package: ocaml-lacaml-5.4.8-2.fc15
             BLAS/LAPACK-interface for OCaml

New package: ocaml-libvirt-
             OCaml binding for libvirt

New package: ocaml-lwt-2.2.0-2.fc15
             OCaml lightweight thread library

New package: ocaml-mlgmpidl-1.1-7.fc15
             OCaml interface to GMP and MPFR libraries

New package: ocaml-mysql-1.0.4-14.fc15
             OCaml library for accessing MySQL databases

New package: ocaml-newt-0.9-10.fc15
             OCaml library for using newt text mode window system

New package: ocaml-ocamlnet-2.2.9-24.fc15
             Network protocols for OCaml

New package: ocaml-omake-
             Build system with automated dependency analysis

New package: ocaml-openin-20070524-12.fc15
             OCaml syntax to locally open modules

New package: ocaml-ounit-1.1.0-3.fc15
             Unit test framework for OCaml

New package: ocaml-p3l-2.03-8.fc15
             OCaml compiler for parallel programs

New package: ocaml-pa-do-0.8.12-2.fc15
             OCaml syntax extension for delimited overloading

New package: ocaml-pa-monad-6.0-6.fc15
             OCaml syntax extension for monads

New package: ocaml-pcre-6.1.1-2.fc15
             Perl compatibility regular expressions (PCRE) for OCaml

New package: ocaml-pgocaml-1.4-2.fc15
             OCaml library for type-safe access to PostgreSQL databases

New package: ocaml-postgresql-1.14.0-2.fc15
             OCaml library for accessing PostgreSQL databases

New package: ocaml-preludeml-0.1-0.17.20100314.fc15
             OCaml utility functions

New package: ocaml-pxp-1.2.1-5.fc15
             Validating XML parser

New package: ocaml-react-0.9.2-2.fc15
             OCaml framework for Functional Reactive Programming (FRP)

New package: ocaml-reins-0.1a-10.fc15
             Library of OCaml persistent data structures

New package: ocaml-res-3.2.0-6.fc15
             OCaml library for resizing arrays and strings

New package: ocaml-sexplib-6.0.4-2.fc15
             OCaml library for converting OCaml values to S-expressions

New package: ocaml-sqlite-1.5.9-2.fc15
             OCaml library for accessing SQLite3 databases

New package: ocaml-ssl-0.4.4-2.fc15
             SSL bindings for OCaml

New package: ocaml-type-conv-2.0.2-2.fc15
             OCaml base library for type conversion

New package: ocaml-ulex-1.1-11.fc15
             OCaml lexer generator for Unicode

New package: ocaml-xml-light-2.2.cvs20070817-16.fc15
             Minimal XML parser and printer for OCaml

New package: ocaml-xmlrpc-light-0.6.1-6.fc15
             OCaml library for writing XML-RPC clients and servers

New package: ocaml-zip-1.04-6.fc15
             OCaml library for reading and writing zip, jar and gzip files

New package: ocamldsort-0.14.4-8.fc15
             Dependency sorter for OCaml source files

New package: ochusha-
             A GTK+ 2ch.net BBS Browser

New package: ocsinventory-ipdiscover-1.01-7.fc15
             Open Computer and Software Inventory Next Generation client

New package: oct2spec-1.0.1-2.fc15
             Python script to generate Octave package spec file

New package: octave-image-1.0.14-1.fc15
             Image processing for Octave

New package: odccm-0.11.1-4.fc15
             Connection daemon for Pocket PC devices for Windows Mobile

New package: ode-0.11.1-6.fc15
             High performance library for simulating rigid body dynamics

New package: odfpy-0.9.2-3.fc15
             Python library for manipulating OpenDocument files

New package: odt2txt-0.4-4.fc15
             Converts an OpenDocument to plain text

New package: oflb-asana-math-fonts-0.914-9.fc15
             An OpenType font with a MATH table

New package: oflb-brett-fonts-20080506-8.fc15
             A handwriting font

New package: oflb-dignas-handwriting-fonts-20031109-3.fc15
             Handwriting font

New package: oflb-goudy-bookletter-1911-fonts-20080206-4.fc15
             Clean serif font based on Kennerly Old Style

New package: oflb-icelandic-fonts-1.001-11.fc15
             Icelandic Magical Staves

New package: oflb-notcouriersans-fonts-1.1-3.fc15
             NotCourier Sans is a re-interpretation of Nimbus Mono

New package: oflb-prociono-fonts-20090715-3.fc15
             A text roman with standard and discretionary ligatures, class-based kerning

New package: oflb-riordonfancy-fonts-4-4
             A stylized font

New package: oflb-roadstencil-fonts-1.0-10.fc15
             Roadstencil Fonts

New package: oflb-smonohand-fonts-20090423-3.fc15
             A handwritten monospace font

New package: oflb-sportrop-fonts-0.9-9.fc15
             A multiline decorative font

New package: ogdi-3.2.0-0.15.beta2.fc15
             Open Geographic Datastore Interface

New package: oggconvert-0.3.3-3.fc15
             Convert media files to Free formats

New package: oggvideotools-0.8-3.fc15
             Toolbox for manipulating Ogg video files

New package: ogmtools-1.5-8.fc15
             Tools for Ogg media streams

New package: ohm-0.1.1-10.23.20080921git.fc13
             Open Hardware Manager

New package: oidentd-2.0.8-9.fc15
             Implementation of the RFC1413 identification server

New package: ois-1.2.0-3.fc15
             Open Input System, OO gaming input library

New package: oldstandard-sfd-fonts-2.0.2-9.fc15
             Old Standard True-Type Fonts

New package: olpc-contents-2.6-3.fc15
             OLPC contents manifest tools

New package: olpc-library-2.0.4-2.fc15
             OLPC library files and scripts

New package: olpc-netutils-0.8-2.fc15
             OLPC network utilities

New package: olpc-update-2.23-2.fc15
             OLPC system update tools

New package: oneko-1.2-10.fc15
             Cat chases the cursor

New package: oniguruma-5.9.2-2.fc15
             Regular expressions library

New package: ooo2txt-0.0.6-6.fc15
             Convert OpenOffice documents to simple text

New package: oorexx-4.1.0-3.fc15
             Open Object Rexx

New package: open-cobol-1.1-0.20090208.fc15
             OpenCOBOL - COBOL compiler

New package: openais-1.1.4-2.fc15
             The openais Standards-Based Cluster Framework executive and APIs

New package: openal-soft-1.12.854-2.fc15
             Open Audio Library

New package: openarena-0.8.5-3.fc15
             Open source first person shooter

New package: opencc-0.2.0-2.fc15
             Libraries for Simplified-Traditional Chinese Conversion

New package: openclipart-0.18-4.fc15
             Open Clip Art Library

New package: openct-0.6.20-2.fc15
             Middleware framework for smart card terminals

New package: opendchub-0.8.2-3.fc15
             An Open Source Linux/Unix version of the hub software for Direct Connect

New package: openeuclide-0.5-4.fc15
             A geometry software that is intended for educational or modeling purposes

New package: opengl-games-utils-0.1-10.fc15
             Utilities to check proper 3d support before launching 3d games

New package: opengrok-0.9-2.fc15
             Source browser and indexer

New package: openlayers-2.9.1-4.fc15
             A JavaScript library for displaying map data in web browsers

New package: openlierox-0.57-0.16.beta8.fc15
             Addictive realtime multiplayer 2D shoot-em-up

New package: openocd-0.4.0-2.fc15
             Debugging, in-system programming and boundary-scan testing for embedded devices

New package: openoffice.org-diafilter-1.7.0-6.fc15
             DIA diagram shape importer and gallery extension for LibreOffice

New package: openoffice.org-dict-cs_CZ-20060303-10.fc15
             Czech spellchecker and hyphenation dictionaries for OpenOffice.org

New package: openoffice.org-ooolatex-4.0.0-0.10.beta2.fc15
             Support for embedded LaTeX in Impress/Writer documents

New package: openslide-3.2.3-4.fc15
             C library for reading virtual slides

New package: openslp-1.2.1-15.fc15
             Open implementation of Service Location Protocol V2

New package: opensp-1.5.2-13.fc15
             SGML and XML parser

New package: openssh-blacklist-1.0-2.fc14
             Downloader of the openssh keys affected by CVE-2008-0166

New package: openstack-swift-1.1.0-2.fc15
             OpenStack Object Storage (swift)

New package: openuniverse-1.0-0.4.beta3.fc15
             OpenGL space simulator focused on the Solar System

New package: openvpn-auth-ldap-2.0.3-6.fc12
             OpenVPN plugin for LDAP authentication

New package: openxcap-1.1.2-3.fc15
             Fully featured XCAP server

New package: ophcrack-3.3.0-6.fc15
             Free Windows password cracker based on rainbow tables

New package: opticalraytracer-2.7-2.fc15
             Utility that analyzes systems of lenses

New package: orafce-3.0.3-2.fc15
             Implementation of some Oracle functions into PostgreSQL

New package: orange-0.4-4.fc15
             Squeeze out installable Microsoft cabinet files

New package: orbited-0.7.10-7.fc15
             A browser(javascript)->tcp bridge

New package: ortp-0.16.1-2.fc15
             A C library implementing the RTP protocol (RFC3550)

New package: osmo-0.2.10-4.fc15
             Personal organizer

New package: osr-dracut-module-0.8-3
             Dracut modules for open sharedroot

New package: osslsigncode-1.3.1-2.fc15
             Tool for Authenticode signing of EXE/CAB files

New package: osso-gwobex-0.64-3.bef6bc21.fc15
             Obex helper library

New package: osutil-2.0.1-2.fc15
             Operating System Utilities JNI Package

New package: ots-0.5.0-4.fc15
             A text summarizer

New package: ovm-2.1.1-2.fc15
             Open Verification Methodology : IEEE 1800 SystemVerilog standard

New package: p0f-2.0.8-7.fc15
             Versatile passive OS fingerprinting tool

New package: pachi-1.0-10.fc15
             Pachi El Marciano - Platform Game

New package: packETH-1.7-2.fc15
             A GUI packet generator tool

New package: padevchooser-0.9.4-0.13.svn20070925.fc15
             Control applet for PulseAudio

New package: pads-1.2-5.fc15
             Passive Asset Detection System

New package: pakchois-0.4-4
             A wrapper library for PKCS#11

New package: paktype-ajrak-fonts-2.0-5.fc15
             Fonts for Arabic from PakType

New package: paktype-naqsh-fonts-3.0-5.fc15
             Fonts for Arabic from PakType

New package: paktype-naskh-basic-fonts-3.0-9.fc15
             Fonts for Arabic, Farsi, Urdu and Sindhi from PakType

New package: paktype-tehreer-fonts-2.0-11.fc15
             Fonts for Arabic from PakType

New package: palp-1.1-5.fc15
             A Package for Analyzing Lattice Polytopes

New package: pam_abl-0.2.3-8.fc12
             A Pluggable Authentication Module (PAM) for auto blacklisting

New package: pam_ccreds-10-3.fc15
             Pam module to cache login credentials

New package: pam_kcoda-0.5.1-4.fc12
             A Pluggable Authentication Module for coda using krb5 authentication

New package: pam_mount-2.5-2.fc15
             A PAM module that can mount volumes for a user session

New package: pam_passwdqc-1.0.5-8.fc15
             Pluggable password quality-control module

New package: pam_pkcs11-0.6.2-7.fc15
             PKCS #11/NSS PAM login module

New package: pam_radius-1.3.17-3.fc15
             PAM Module for RADIUS Authentication

New package: pam_yubico-2.4-2.fc15
             A Pluggable Authentication Module for yubikeys

New package: paman-0.9.4-5.fc15
             Management tool for PulseAudio

New package: panoglview-0.2.2-9.fc15
             Immersive viewer for spherical panoramas

New package: paperkey-1.1-4.fc15
             An OpenPGP key archiver

New package: paprefs-0.9.9-8.fc15
             Management tool for PulseAudio

New package: papyrus-0.13.3-2.fc14.1
             Cairo based C++ scenegraph library

New package: par2cmdline-0.4.tbb.20100203-1.fc14
             PAR 2.0 compatible file verification and repair tool

New package: paratype-pt-sans-fonts-20100408-2.fc15
             A pan-Cyrillic typeface

New package: parcellite-0.9.2-3.fc15
             A lightweight GTK+ clipboard manager

New package: pards-0.4-10.fc15
             A library for PARallel programs with Dataflow Synchronization

New package: pari-2.3.5-3.fc15
             Number Theory-oriented Computer Algebra System

New package: parole-
             Media player for the Xfce desktop

New package: parprouted-0.70-6.fc15
             Proxy ARP IP bridging daemon

New package: partimage-0.6.9-2.fc15
             Partition imaging utility, much like Ghost

New package: passivetex-1.25-13.fc15
             Macros to process XSL formatting objects

New package: passwd-0.78-3.fc15
             An utility for setting or changing passwords using PAM

New package: passwdqc-1.2.2-2.fc15
             A password/passphrase strength checking and policy enforcement toolset

New package: pastebinit-1.2-1.fc15
             Send anything you want directly to a pastebin from the command line

New package: patcher-0.6-4.fc15
             Quick creation of patches against a project source tree

New package: patchutils-0.3.2-1.fc15
             A collection of programs for manipulating patch files

New package: pathfinder-1.1.3-3.fc15
             X.509 Path Discovery and Validation

New package: patricia-trie-0.2-2.20091116svn.fc15
             Java prefix tree library

New package: pavucontrol-0.9.10-2.fc15
             Volume control for PulseAudio

New package: pavumeter-0.9.3-5.fc15
             Volume meter for PulseAudio

New package: pax-utils-0.2.1-2.fc15
             PaX aware and related utilities for ELF binaries

New package: pbm2l2030-1.4-6.fc15
             Converts PBM stream to Lexmark 2030 printer language

New package: pbm2l7k-990321-8.fc15
             Converts PBM stream to Lexmark 7000, 7200 and 5700 printer language

New package: pbzip2-1.1.1-2.fc15
             Parallel implementation of bzip2

New package: pcapdiff-0.1-9.fc15
             Compares packet captures, detects forged, dropped or mangled packets

New package: pcapy-0.10.5-8.fc15
             A Python interface to libpcap

New package: pcb-0.20100929-2.fc15
             An interactive printed circuit board editor

New package: pcp-3.5.0-1.fc15.1
             System-level performance monitoring and performance management

New package: pcsc-tools-1.4.17-2.fc15
             Tools to be used with smart cards and PC/SC

New package: pdfbook-20070930-6.fc15
             Rearrange pages in a PDF file into signatures

New package: pdfchain-0.123-3.fc15
             A GUI for pdftk

New package: pdfedit-0.4.5-3.fc15
             A complete pdf document editing solution

New package: pdfjam-2.08-2.fc15
             Utilities for joining, rotating and aligning PDFs

New package: pdfresurrect-0.10-2.fc15
             PDF Analysis and Scrubbing Utility

New package: pdns-recursor-3.3-3.fc15
             Modern, advanced and high performance recursing/non authoritative nameserver

New package: pekwm-0.1.12-5.fc15
             A small and flexible window manager

New package: pen-0.18.0-6.fc15
             Load balancer for "simple" tcp based protocols such as http or smtp

New package: penguin-command-1.6.11-8.fc15
             Open source arcade game

New package: pengupop-2.2.2-7.fc15
             Networked Game in the vein of Move/Puzzle Bobble

New package: pentaho-libxml-1.1.3-2.fc15
             Namespace aware SAX-Parser utility library

New package: pentaho-reporting-flow-engine-0.9.4-3.fc15
             Pentaho Flow Reporting Engine

New package: peppy-0.15.0-2.fc15
             Editor written in python

New package: perl-Mozilla-LDAP-1.5.3-5.fc15
             LDAP Perl module that wraps the OpenLDAP C SDK

New package: perl-NOCpulse-Object-1.26.12-2.fc15
             NOCpulse Object abstraction for Perl

New package: perl-Net-IPv6Addr-0.2-9.fc15
             Perl module to check validity of IPv6 addresses

New package: perl-Net-Whois-1.9-5.fc15
             Get and parse "whois" domain data from InterNIC

New package: perl-Net-Whois-IP-1.10-3.fc15
             Perl extension for looking up the whois information for ip addresses

New package: perl-Perlbal-XS-HTTPHeaders-0.20-3.fc15
             Perlbal extension for processing HTTP headers

New package: pessulus-2.30.3-2.fc15
             A lockdown editor for GNOME

New package: petitboot-0.2-6.fc15
             Graphical kexec-based bootloader, originally for PlayStation 3

New package: pexpect-2.3-6.fc15
             Pure Python Expect-like module

New package: pfHandle-1.1-4.fc15
             Postfix management wrapper utility

New package: pfqueue-0.5.6-11.fc15
             Queue manager for the Postfix/Exim Mail Transport Agents

New package: pfscalibration-1.4-8.fc15
             Scripts and programs for photometric calibration

New package: pfstmo-1.4-2.fc15
             PFS tone mapping operators

New package: pg_top-3.6.2-9.fc15
             'top' for PostgreSQL process

New package: pharosc-8.3-4.fc15
             VLSI and ASIC Technology Standard Cell Libraries

New package: phasex-0.12.0-0.3.pre1.fc15
             PHASEX -- Phase Harmonic Advanced Synthesis EXperiment

New package: php-IDNA_Convert-0.6.3-4.fc15
             Provides conversion of internationalized strings to UTF8

New package: php-LightweightPicasaAPI-3.3-3.fc15
             A lightweight API for Picasa in PHP

New package: php-Smarty-2.6.26-2.fc15
             Template/Presentation Framework for PHP

New package: php-adodb-5.11-2.fc15
             Database abstraction layer for PHP

New package: php-channel-deepend-1.3-3.fc15
             Survive The Deep End PEAR Channel

New package: php-channel-doctrine-1.3-2.fc15.1
             Adds doctrine project channel to PEAR

New package: php-channel-ezc-1-3.fc15
             Adds eZ Components channel to PEAR

New package: php-channel-htmlpurifier-1.0-3.fc15
             Adds htmlpurifier channel to PEAR

New package: php-channel-pdepend-1.3-5.fc15
             PHP Depend PEAR channel

New package: php-channel-phing-1.0.0-8.fc15
             Adds phing channel to PEAR

New package: php-channel-phpmd-1.3-4.fc15
             PHP Mess Detector PEAR channel

New package: php-channel-phpunit-1.3-4.fc15
             Adds phpunit channel to PEAR

New package: php-channel-swift-1.3-3.fc15
             Adds swift mailer project channel to PEAR

New package: php-channel-symfony-1.3-2.fc15
             Adds symfony project channel to PEAR

New package: php-deepend-Mockery-0.6.3-3.fc15
             Mockery is a simple but flexible PHP mock object framework

New package: php-domxml-php4-php5-1.21.2-2.fc15
             XML transition from PHP4 domxml to PHP5 dom module

New package: php-email-address-validation-0-0.4.20090910svn.fc15
             A PHP class for validating email addresses

New package: php-ezc-Archive-1.4.1-3.fc15
             A component for create, modify, and extract archive files of various formats

New package: php-ezc-Authentication-1.3.1-2.fc15
             Support for different means of identification and authentication

New package: php-ezc-AuthenticationDatabaseTiein-1.1-2.fc15
             Provides a Database filter for the Authentication component

New package: php-ezc-Base-1.8-2.fc15
             Provides the basic infrastructure that all packages rely on

New package: php-ezc-Cache-1.5-2.fc15
             Provides a collection of lightweight classes to cache different kinds of data

New package: php-ezc-Configuration-1.3.5-2.fc15
             A component that allows you to use configuration files in different formats

New package: php-ezc-ConsoleTools-1.6.1-2.fc15
             A set of classes to do different actions with the console

New package: php-ezc-Database-1.4.7-2.fc15
             A lightweight database layer on top of PHP's PDO

New package: php-ezc-DatabaseSchema-1.4.4-2.fc15
             A set of classes that allow you to use information from a database schema

New package: php-ezc-EventLog-1.4-3.fc15
             Allows you to log events or audit trails

New package: php-ezc-EventLogDatabaseTiein-1.0.2-2.fc15
             Contains the database writer backend for the EventLog component

New package: php-ezc-Feed-1.3-2.fc15
             This component handles parsing and creating RSS1, RSS2 and ATOM feeds

New package: php-ezc-File-1.2-4.fc15
             Provides support for file operations which are not covered by PHP

New package: php-ezc-Graph-1.5-2.fc15
             A component for creating pie charts, line graphs and other kinds of diagrams

New package: php-ezc-Mail-1.7.1-2.fc15
             A component construct and/or parse Mail messages conforming to the mail standard

New package: php-ezc-PersistentObject-1.7.1-2.fc15
             A component for store an arbitrary data structures to a fixed database table

New package: php-ezc-PersistentObjectDatabaseSchemaTiein-1.3-2.fc15
             Automatic generation of PersistentObject from DatabaseSchema definitions

New package: php-ezc-SystemInformation-1.0.8-2.fc15
             Provides access to common system variables

New package: php-ezc-Template-1.4.2-2.fc15
             A fully functional Templating system

New package: php-ezc-Webdav-1.1.4-2.fc15
             Set up and run your own WebDAV server

New package: php-feedcreator-1.7.2-5.fc15
             Create RSS feeds

New package: php-fpdf-1.6-5.fc15
             PHP class to generate PDF Files

New package: php-getid3-2.0.0b5-3.fc15
             The PHP media file parser

New package: php-gettext-1.0.9-3.fc15
             Gettext emulation in PHP

New package: php-hkit-0.5-5.fc15
             Simple PHP5 API for extracting common microformats from a page

New package: php-laconica-0.5.0-6.fc15
             PHP tool for microblogging

New package: php-layers-menu-3.2.0-0.3.rc.fc15
             Hierarchical PHP based DHTML menu system

New package: php-manual-en-20100611-2.fc15
             Documentation for the PHP programming language

New package: php-markdown-1.0.1n-2.fc15
             Markdown implementation in PHP

New package: php-nusoap-0.9.5-2.fc15
             SOAP Toolkit for PHP

New package: php-oauth-1.0-0.8.svn592.fc15
             PHP Authentication library for desktop to web applications

New package: php-pdb-1.3.4-5.fc15
             PHP classes for manipulating Palm OS databases

New package: php-pear-Auth-1.6.2-2.fc15
             Authentication provider for PHP

New package: php-pear-Auth-SASL-1.0.4-2.fc15
             Abstraction of various SASL mechanism responses

New package: php-pear-Auth_HTTP-2.1.6-4.fc15
             Class providing HTTP authentication methods

New package: php-pear-CodeGen-1.0.7-4.fc15
             Framework to create code generators that operate on XML descriptions

New package: php-pear-Console-CommandLine-1.1.3-4.fc15
             A full featured command line options and arguments parser

New package: php-pear-Console-Table-1.1.4-2.fc15
             Class that makes it easy to build console style tables

New package: php-pear-Crypt-Blowfish-1.1.0-0.5.rc2.fc15
             Quick two-way blowfish encryption

New package: php-pear-Crypt-CHAP-1.5.0-2.fc15
             Class to generate CHAP packets

New package: php-pear-DB-DataObject-1.9.5-2.fc15
             An SQL Builder, Object Interface to Database Tables

New package: php-pear-DB-DataObject-FormBuilder-1.0.1-2.fc15
             Automatically build HTML_QuickForm objects

New package: php-pear-DB-QueryTool-1.1.2-5.fc15
             An OO-interface for easily retrieving and modifying data in a DB

New package: php-pear-Date-Holidays-USA-0.1.1-5.fc15
             Driver based class to calculate holidays in USA

New package: php-pear-Event-Dispatcher-1.1.0-3.fc15
             Dispatch notifications using PHP callbacks

New package: php-pear-File-1.3.0-5.fc15
             Common file and directory routines

New package: php-pear-File-Bittorrent2-1.3.1-6.fc15
             Decode and Encode data in Bittorrent format

New package: php-pear-File-Find-1.3.1-1.fc15
             Class which facilitates the search of filesystems

New package: php-pear-File-Passwd-1.1.7-3.fc15
             Manipulate many kinds of password files

New package: php-pear-HTML-Common-1.2.5-4.fc15
             Base class for other HTML classes

New package: php-pear-HTML-Template-IT-1.3.0-3.fc15
             Integrated Templates

New package: php-pear-HTML_Javascript-1.1.1-5.fc15
             Class for creating simple JS scripts

New package: php-pear-HTML_Template_PHPLIB-1.4.0-3.fc15
             PHP template system based on preg_*

New package: php-pear-HTTP-1.4.1-6.fc15
             Miscellaneous HTTP utilities

New package: php-pear-Image-Color-1.0.4-2.fc15
             Manage and handles color data and conversions

New package: php-pear-Image-GraphViz-1.3.0-2.fc15
             Interface to AT&T's GraphViz tools

New package: php-pear-MDB2-Driver-mysql-1.5.0-0.2.b3.fc15
             MySQL MDB2 driver

New package: php-pear-MDB2-Driver-mysqli-1.5.0-0.2.b3.fc15
             MySQL Improved MDB2 driver

New package: php-pear-MDB2-Driver-pgsql-1.5.0-0.2.b3.fc15
             PostgreSQL MDB2 driver

New package: php-pear-Mail-1.2.0-2.fc15
             Class that provides multiple interfaces for sending emails

New package: php-pear-Mail-mimeDecode-1.5.5-2.fc15
             Class to decode mime messages

New package: php-pear-Net-DIME-1.0.2-2.fc15
             Implements Direct Internet Message Encapsulation (DIME)

New package: php-pear-Net-DNS-1.0.5-2.fc15
             Resolver library used to communicate with a DNS server

New package: php-pear-Net-IPv4-1.3.0-5.fc15
             IPv4 network calculations and validation

New package: php-pear-Net-Sieve-1.3.0-2.fc15
             Handles talking to a sieve server

New package: php-pear-Net-Socket-1.0.10-2.fc15
             Network Socket Interface

New package: php-pear-Net-UserAgent-Detect-2.5.2-2.fc15
             Extract information from an HTTP user agent

New package: php-pear-PHP-Compat-1.5.0-6.fc15
             Provides missing functionality for older versions of PHP

New package: php-pear-PhpDocumentor-1.4.3-3.fc15
             The complete documentation solution for PHP

New package: php-pear-Services-Twitter-0.6.3-2.fc15
             PHP interface to Twitter's API

New package: php-pear-Spreadsheet-Excel-Writer-0.9.2-3.fc15
             Package for generating Excel spreadsheets

New package: php-pear-Structures-DataGrid-DataSource-Array-0.1.4-5.fc15
             DataSource driver using arrays

New package: php-pear-Structures-DataGrid-DataSource-DataObject-0.2.1-5.fc15
             DataSource driver using PEAR::DB_DataObject

New package: php-pear-Structures-DataGrid-DataSource-MDB2-0.1.11-5.fc15
             DataSource driver using PEAR::MDB2 and an SQL query

New package: php-pear-Structures-DataGrid-DataSource-RSS-0.1.1-5.fc15
             DataSource driver using RSS files

New package: php-pear-Structures-DataGrid-Renderer-Pager-0.1.3-5.fc15
             Renderer driver using PEAR::Pager

New package: php-pear-Structures-DataGrid-Renderer-Smarty-0.1.5-2.fc15
             Renderer driver using Smarty

New package: php-pear-Text-Diff-1.1.1-2.fc15
             Engine for performing and rendering text diffs

New package: php-pecl-gmagick-1.0.7b1-8.fc15
             Provides a wrapper to the GraphicsMagick library

New package: php-pecl-imagick-3.0.0-9.fc15
             Provides a wrapper to the ImageMagick library

New package: php-pecl-mailparse-2.1.5-4.fc15
             PHP PECL package for parsing and working with email messages

New package: php-pecl-mongo-1.0.10-5.fc15
             PHP MongoDB database driver

New package: php-pecl-ncurses-1.0.1-3.fc15
             Terminal screen handling and optimization package

New package: php-pecl-parsekit-1.2-6.CVS20090309.fc15
             PHP Opcode Analyser

New package: php-pecl-runkit-0.9-13.CVS20090215.fc15
             Mangle with user defined functions and classes

New package: php-pecl-selinux-0.3.1-6.fc15
             SELinux binding for PHP scripting language

New package: php-pecl-ssh2-0.11.0-7.fc15
             Bindings for the libssh2 library

New package: php-phpSmug-2.1-2.fc15
             PHP wrapper for the SmugMug API

New package: php-phpunit-PHP-CodeBrowser-1.0.0-2.fc15
             PHP_CodeBrowser for integration in Hudson and CruiseControl

New package: php-phpunit-PHP-Timer-1.0.0-3.fc15
             PHP Utility class for timing

New package: php-phpunit-PHP-TokenStream-1.0.1-2.fc15
             Wrapper around PHP tokenizer extension

New package: php-phpunit-Text-Template-1.1.0-2.fc15
             Simple template engine

New package: php-phpunit-bytekit-1.1.1-2.fc15
             A command-line tool built on the PHP Bytekit extension

New package: php-phpunit-phpcpd-1.3.2-2.fc15
             Copy/Paste Detector (CPD) for PHP code

New package: php-phpunit-phpdcd-0.9.2-2.fc15
             Dead Code Detector (DCD) for PHP code

New package: php-simplepie-1.1.3-5.fc15
             Simple RSS Library in PHP

New package: php-symfony-symfony-1.4.8-3.fc15
             Open-Source PHP Web Framework

New package: php-xmpphp-0.1-0.8.rc2_r77.fc15
             XMPPHP is the successor to Class.Jabber.PHP

New package: phpFlickr-
             PHP client for the Flickr web service

New package: phpTodo-0.8.1-0.11.beta.fc15
             PHP todo list manager

New package: phpesp-2.1.1-3.fc15
             PHP-based survey web application

New package: phplogcon-2.1.6-6.beta.fc15
             A syslog data viewer for the web

New package: phpwapmail-0.9.4-2.fc15
             WAP-based e-mail client

New package: physfs-1.0.2-3.fc15
             Library to provide abstract access to various archives

New package: pianobooster-0.6.4b-3.fc15
             A MIDI file player that teaches you how to play the piano

New package: picocom-1.6-2.fc15
             Minimal serial communications program

New package: picocontainer-1.3-7.fc15
             Dependency-injection container

New package: picosat-936-2.fc15
             A SAT solver

New package: picprog-1.9.1-2.fc15
             Microchip PIC serial programmer software

New package: picviz-0.6-5.fc15
             Parallel coordinates plotter

New package: pida-0.5.1-13.fc15
             A Python IDE written in Python and GTK

New package: pidgin-birthday-reminder-1.7-2.fc15
             Birthday Reminder plugin for Pidgin

New package: pidgin-guifications-2.16-5.fc15
             Guifications Plugin for Pidgin

New package: pidgin-latex-1.4.4-2.fc15
             Use LaTeX formulas in your pidgin conversations

New package: pidgin-libnotify-0.14-6.fc15
             Libnotify Pidgin plugin

New package: pidgin-musictracker-0.4.22-2.fc15
             Musictracker plug-in for Pidgin

New package: pidgin-otr-3.2.0-4.fc15
             Off-The-Record Messaging plugin for Pidgin

New package: pidgin-rhythmbox-2.0-6.fc15
             Rhythmbox plugin for Pidgin

New package: pidgin-sipe-1.11.2-1.fc15
             Pidgin protocol plugin to connect to MS Office Communicator

New package: pigment-python-0.3.12-4.fc15
             Python bindings to the Pigment Media Center Toolkit

New package: pigz-2.1.6-2.fc15
             Parallel implementation of gzip

New package: pikdev-0.9.2-9.fc15
             IDE for development of PICmicro based application (under Linux/KDE)

New package: piklab-0.15.10-3.fc15
             Development environment for applications based on PIC & dsPIC microcontrollers

New package: pikloops-0.2.5-6.fc15
             Code generator for PIC delays

New package: pinball-0.3.1-17.fc15
             Emilia arcade game

New package: pinfo-0.6.10-3.fc15
             An info file viewer

New package: pino-0.3-0.3.20101112hg.fc15
             A fast, easy and free Twitter and identi.ca client

New package: pioneers-0.12.3-3.fc15
             Turnbased board strategy game (colonize an island)

New package: pipenightdreams-0.10.0-12.fc15
             Connect the waterpipes to create a proper pipeline

New package: pipepanic-0.1.3-8.fc15
             A pipe connecting game

New package: pipestat-0.4.1-2.fc15
             Watches data flowing over an anonymous pipe

New package: pipviewer-0.3.9-10.fc15
             Visualizer for multiple alignments of genomic sequences

New package: piranha-0.9.0alpha-3.fc13
             Cluster administration tools

New package: pkcs11-dump-0.3.4-2.fc15
             Small utility for querying PKCS#11 modules

New package: pkgconfig-0.25-3.fc15
             A tool for determining compilation options

New package: pki-java-tools-1.3.1-1.fc14
             Dogtag Certificate System - PKI Java-Based Tools

New package: pl-5.10.2-3.fc15
             SWI-Prolog - Edinburgh compatible Prolog compiler

New package: plague-
             Distributed build system for RPMs

New package: planet-2.0-12.fc15
             Flexible RDF/RSS/Atom feed aggregator

New package: planets-0.1.13-6.fc15
             A celestial simulator

New package: planner2html-1.0.1-2.fc15
             Convert planner files to html

New package: plexus-ant-factory-1.0-0.5.a2.1.2.fc15
             Plexus Ant component factory

New package: plexus-appserver-1.0-0.7.a5.fc15
             Plexus Application Server

New package: plexus-bsh-factory-1.0-0.5.a7s.1.11.fc15
             Plexus Bsh component factory

New package: plexus-classworlds-2.4-2.fc15
             Plexus Classworlds Classloader Framework

New package: plexus-compiler-1.8-2.fc15
             Compiler call initiators for Plexus

New package: plexus-component-api-1.0-0.6.alpha15.fc15
             Plexus Component API

New package: plexus-container-default-1.0-0.4.a8.1.2.fc15
             Default Plexus Container

New package: plexus-graph-0.13.1-5.fc15
             Graph data structures manipulation library

New package: plexus-i18n-1.0-0.b10.2.fc15.1
             Plexus I18N Component

New package: plexus-interactivity-1.0-0.4.a6.7.fc15
             Plexus Interactivity Handler Component

New package: plexus-mail-sender-1.0-0.a2.18.fc15.1
             Plexus Mail Sender

New package: plexus-naming-1.0-0.6.a3.fc15
             Plexus Naming Component

New package: plexus-runtime-builder-1.0-0.6.a9.fc15
             Plexus Component Descriptor Creator

New package: plexus-velocity-1.1.8-6.fc15
             Plexus Velocity Component

New package: plexus-xmlrpc-1.0-0.5.b4.3.fc15
             Plexus XML RPC Component

New package: plib-1.8.5-4.fc15
             Set of portable libraries especially useful for games

New package: plotdrop-0.5.3-6.fc15
             A minimal GNOME front-end to Gnuplot

New package: plotmm-0.1.2-13.fc15
             GTKmm plot widget for scientific applications

New package: plpa-1.3.2-6.fc15
             Portable Linux Processor Affinity

New package: plplot-5.9.7-7.fc15
             Library of functions for making scientific plots

New package: pmars-0.9.2-5.fc15
             Portable corewar system with ICWS'94 extensions

New package: pmpu-0.2-7.fc15
             GUI for a distributed version control systems

New package: pmtools-20071116-4.fc15
             Collection of tools for processing ACPI tables.

New package: pngcrush-1.6.10-7.fc15
             Optimizer for PNG (Portable Network Graphics) files

New package: pnglite-0.1.17-1.fc15.3
             A lightweight C library for loading PNG images

New package: pnp4nagios-0.4.14-5.fc15
             Nagios performance data analysis tool

New package: podcatcher-3.1.5-3.fc15
             Armangil's podcatcher

New package: poedit-
             GUI editor for GNU gettext .po files

New package: poezio-0.6.2-4.fc15
             IRC-like jabber (XMPP) console client

New package: poky-scripts-6-7.fc15
             Poky platform builder utility scripts

New package: polipo-
             Lightweight caching web proxy

New package: polkit-kde-0.99.0-2.fc15
             PolicyKit integration for KDE Desktop

New package: polkit-qt-0.99.0-2.fc15
             Qt bindings for PolicyKit

New package: polyester-2.0.0-2.fc15
             A style for KDE 4

New package: polyester3-1.0.4-4.fc15
             A style for KDE3

New package: polyxmass-bin-0.9.8-2.fc12
             The GNU polyxmass software suite

New package: pony-0.4-2.fc15
             An image manager

New package: popfile-1.1.1-4.fc15
             Automatic Email Classification

New package: poppler-data-0.4.4-2.fc15
             Encoding files

New package: pork-
             Console based AIM client that looks like ircII

New package: portecle-1.7-2.fc15
             Multipurpose keystore and certificate tool

New package: postal-0.70-7.fc15
             Tools for benchmarking mail servers

New package: poster-20060221-8.fc15
             Scales PostScript images to span multiple pages

New package: postgresql-dbi-link-2.0.0-6.fc15
             Partial implementation of the SQL/MED portion of the SQL:2003 specification

New package: postgresql-ip4r-1.05-2.fc15
             IPv4 and IPv4 range index types for PostgreSQL

New package: postgresql-odbc-09.00.0200-2.fc15
             PostgreSQL ODBC driver

New package: postgresql-odbcng-0.99.101-0.5.test1.fc15
             PostgreSQL ODBCng driver

New package: postgresql-pgpool-II-2.3.1-2.fc15
             Pgpool is a connection pooling/replication server for PostgreSQL

New package: postgresql-pgpoolAdmin-2.2-2.fc12
             PgpoolAdmin - web-based pgpool administration

New package: postgresql-plruby-0.5.3-3.fc12
             PostgreSQL Ruby Procedural Language

New package: postgresql-table_log-0.4.4-10.fc15
             Log data changes in a PostgreSQL table

New package: postgresql_autodoc-1.40-2.fc14
             PostgreSQL AutoDoc Utility

New package: potrace-1.9-2.fc15
             Transform bitmaps into vector graphics

New package: poweradmin-2.1.5-0.3.rc1.fc15
             A friendly web-based DNS administration tool for Bert Hubert's PowerDNS server

New package: powerman-2.3.5-3.fc15
             PowerMan - Power to the Cluster

New package: powermanga-0.90-9.fc15
             Arcade 2D shoot-them-up game

New package: powerpc-utils-1.2.0-1.fc12
             Utilities for PowerPC platforms

New package: powerpc-utils-papr-1.1.6-2.fc12
             Utilities for IBM PowerPC PAPR platforms

New package: powwow-1.2.16-2.fc15
             A console MUD client

New package: pp3-1.3.3-4.fc15
             Creation of sky charts in Postscript or PDF format

New package: ppc64-utils-0.14-5.fc12
             Linux/PPC64 specific utilities

New package: pptp-1.7.2-12.fc15
             Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP) Client

New package: prboom-2.5.0-5.fc15
             Open source port of the DOOM game engine

New package: preferences-menus-1-3.fc15
             Categorized submenus for the Preferences menu

New package: preload-0.6.4-3.fc15
             Preload is an adaptive readahead daemon

New package: prelude-correlator-1.0.0-3.fc15
             Real time correlator of events received by Prelude Manager

New package: prelude-lml-1.0.0-4.fc15
             The prelude log analyzer

New package: prelude-notify-0.9-0.6.20080814svn10860.fc15
             Prelude Notification Applet

New package: premake-4.3-3.fc15
             Cross-platform build configuration tool

New package: prewikka-1.0.0-3.fc15
             Graphical front-end analysis console for the Prelude Hybrid IDS Framework

New package: primer3-2.2.3-2.fc15
             PCR primer design tool

New package: printer-filters-1.1-5.fc15
             Collection of filters for various printer drivers

New package: printoxx-2.8.1-2.fc15
             Print image files

New package: privoxy-3.0.16-3.fc14
             Privacy enhancing proxy

New package: procServ-2.5.1-5.fc15
             Process server with telnet console and log access

New package: procinfo-ng-2.0.304-3.fc15
             Console-based system monitoring utility

New package: procmail-3.22-25.fc12
             Mail processing program

New package: professor-is-missing-0.1-6.fc15
             The Professor is Missing, an AGI adventure game

New package: proj-4.7.0-4.fc15
             Cartographic projection software (PROJ.4)

New package: projectM-jack-2.0.1-3.fc15
             The projectM visualization plugin for jack

New package: projectM-libvisual-2.0.1-2.fc13
             The projectM visualization plugin for libvisual

New package: projectM-pulseaudio-2.0.1-4.fc15
             The projectM visualization plugin for pulseaudio

New package: prover9-200911a-2.fc15
             Theorem Prover and Countermodel Generator

New package: proxychains-3.1-9.fc15
             Provides proxy support to any application

New package: proxyknife-1.7-6.fc15
             Customizable multithreaded proxy hunter

New package: proxytunnel-1.9.0-5.fc15
             Tool to tunnel a connection through an standard HTTP(S) proxy

New package: prozilla-2.0.4-12.fc15
             Advanced Linux download manager

New package: ps2eps-1.68-2.fc15
             PS-to-EPS converter

New package: ps3-utils-2.3-4.fc12
             Utilities for Sony PlayStation 3

New package: psad-2.1.7-2.fc15
             Port Scan Attack Detector (psad) watches for suspect traffic

New package: pscan-1.3-5.fc15
             Limited problem scanner for C source files

New package: psgml-1.2.5-13.fc15
             GNU Emacs major mode for editing SGML documents

New package: psi-0.14-6.fc15
             Jabber client based on Qt

New package: psiconv-0.9.8-8.fc15
             A conversion utility for Psion files

New package: psmisc-22.13-8.fc15
             Utilities for managing processes on your system

New package: pspp-0.6.2-3.fc15
             A program for statistical analysis of sampled data

New package: pssh-2.2.2-2.fc15
             Parallel SSH tools

New package: pstoedit-3.45-10.fc15
             Translates PostScript and PDF graphics into other vector formats

New package: pstreams-devel-0.7.0-2.fc15
             POSIX Process Control in C++

New package: psutils-1.17-37.fc15
             PostScript Utilities

New package: pth-2.0.7-10
             The GNU Portable Threads library

New package: pthsem-2.0.7-4.fc15
             The GNU Portable Threads library extended with semaphore support

New package: ptouch-driver-1.3-7.fc15
             CUPS driver for Brother P-touch label printers

New package: ptrash-1.0-4.fc15
             Move file(s) to ~/.trash directory

New package: publican-fedora-2.0-3.fc15
             Publican documentation template files for fedora

New package: publican-ovirt-1.3-1.fc15
             Common documentation files for oVirt

New package: puritan-0.4-7.fc15
             OLPC disk image compiler

New package: purple-microblog-0.3.0-4.fc15
             Libpurple plug-in for Pidgin and others, supporting microblog services like Twitter

New package: purple-plugin_pack-2.6.3-2.fc15
             A set of plugins for libpurple, pidgin, and finch

New package: putty-0.60-7.20100910svn.fc15
             SSH, Telnet and Rlogin client

New package: puzzles-9023-2.fc15
             A collection of one-player puzzle games

New package: pv-1.2.0-2.fc15
             A tool for monitoring the progress of data through a pipeline

New package: pvm-3.4.5-15.fc15
             Libraries for distributed computing.

New package: pwgen-2.06-6.fc15
             Automatic password generation

New package: pwmd-2.18-2.fc15
             A server for storing application data at a central location

New package: pwsafe-0.2.0-10.fc15
             A unix commandline program that manages encrypted password databases

New package: pxe-kexec-0.2.3-3.fc15
             Linux boots Linux via network

New package: pxz-4.999.9-2.beta.20100608git.fc15
             Parallel LZMA compressor using XZ

New package: py-bcrypt-0.2-5.fc15
             Python bindings for OpenBSD's Blowfish password hashing code

New package: py-radix-0.5-8.fc15
             Radix tree data structure for Python

New package: pyPdf-1.13-2.fc15
             PDF toolkit

New package: pyabiword-0.8.0-6.fc15
             Python bindings for libabiword

New package: pyaudio-0.2.3-4.fc15
             Python bindings for PortAudio

New package: pybliographer-1.2.14-2.fc15
             Framework for working with bibliographic databases

New package: pybluez-0.18-3.fc15
             Python API for the BlueZ bluetooth stack

New package: pybox2d-2.0.2-5.20100110svn.fc15
             A 2D rigid body simulation library for Python

New package: pycairo-1.8.8-2.fc14
             Python bindings for the cairo library

New package: pychart-1.39-12.fc15
             Python library for generating chart images

New package: pychecker-0.8.19-2.fc15
             A python source code checking tool

New package: pyclutter-1.3.2-2.fc15
             Python modules that allow you to use the Clutter toolkit

New package: pyclutter-gst-1.0.0-3.fc15
             Python modules that allow you to use the Clutter-GST toolkit

New package: pyclutter-gtk-0.10.0-7.fc15
             Python modules that allow you to use the Clutter-GTK toolkit

New package: pycryptopp-0.5.29-1.fc15
             Python wrappers for the Crypto++ library

New package: pydb-1.26-7.fc15
             Extended Python Debugger

New package: pyephem-
             The astronomy library for Python

New package: pyfits-2.4.0-2.fc15
             Python interface to FITS

New package: pyfribidi-0.10.0-2.fc15
             A Python binding for GNU FriBidi

New package: pyfuzzy-0.1.0-3.fc15
             Python framework for fuzzy sets

New package: pygoocanvas-0.14.1-4.fc15
             GooCanvas python bindings

New package: pygrace-0.4-5.fc15
             Python bindings for grace

New package: pygtk2-2.24.0-3.fc15
             Python bindings for GTK+

New package: pygtkglext-1.1.0-10.fc15
             Python bindings for GtkGLExt

New package: pygtksourceview-2.10.1-3.fc15
             Python bindings for gtksourceview

New package: pyifp-0.2.2-4.fc15
             Python Bindings for libifp

New package: pyip-0.7-4.fc15
             Python assembling/disassembling of raw ip packets

New package: pyjamas-0.7-7.fc15
             A python to Javascript compiler, Widget set, Framework and Toolkit

New package: pyjigdo-
             Python version of Jigdo, slightly modified

New package: pylibacl-0.5.0-3.fc15
             POSIX.1e ACLs library wrapper for python

New package: pyliblo-0.9.1-2.fc15
             Python bindings for the liblo OSC library

New package: pyliblzma-0.5.3-5.fc15
             Python bindings for lzma

New package: pymetar-0.14-6.fc15
             METAR weather reports parser for Python

New package: pympdtouchgui-0.327-2.fc15
             Client for the MPD Music Player Daemon that is usable via touchscreen

New package: pymssql-1.0.2-4.fc15
             A simple database interface to MS-SQL for Python

New package: pymunk-1.0.0-2.fc15
             Python wrapper for the chipmunk 2D physics engine

New package: pynac-0.2.1-2.fc15
             Manipulation of symbolic expressions

New package: pynetsnmp-0.28.14-6.fc15
             Python ctypes bindings for NET-SNMP with Twisted integration

New package: pyodbc-2.1.5-5.fc15
             Python DB API 2.0 Module for ODBC

New package: pypar2-1.4-7.fc15
             PyPar2 is a graphical frontend for the Linux par2 command line

New package: pypop-0.7.0-7.fc15
             Python for Population Genomics

New package: pyqtrailer-0.6.2-2.fc15
             PyQt4 application to download trailers from apple.com

New package: pyroom-0.4.1-4.fc15
             PyRoom is a full screen text editor and a clone of Writeroom

New package: pyrrd-0.0.7-4.fc15
             A Pure Python Wrapper for RRDTool

New package: pyscript-0.6.1-7.fc14
             PyScript - Postscript graphics with Python

New package: pyserial-2.5-2.fc15
             Python serial port access library

New package: pysnmp-4.1.14-2.a.fc15
             SNMP engine written in Python

New package: pystatgrab-0.5-8.fc15
             Python bindings for libstatgrab

New package: python-4Suite-XML-1.0.2-12.fc15
             A collection of XML-related technologies for Python

New package: python-AppTools-3.4.0-2.fc15
             Enthough Tool Suite Application Tools

New package: python-BeautifulSoup-3.2.0-2.fc15
             HTML/XML parser for quick-turnaround applications like screen-scraping

New package: python-CDDB-1.4-8.fc15
             CDDB and FreeDB audio CD track info access in Python

New package: python-Coherence-
             Python framework to participate in digital living networks

New package: python-EnthoughtBase-3.0.6-2.fc15
             Core packages for the Enthought Tool Suite

New package: python-EnvisageCore-3.1.3-2.fc15
             Extensible Application Framework

New package: python-EnvisagePlugins-3.1.3-2.fc15
             Plug-ins for the Envisage framework

New package: python-GeoIP-1.2.5-0.4.20090931cvs.fc15
             Python bindings for the GeoIP geographical lookup libraries

New package: python-GnuPGInterface-0.3.2-8.fc15
             A Python module to interface with GnuPG

New package: python-HTMLgen-2.2.2-14.fc14
             A class library for the generation of HTML documents

New package: python-Levenshtein-0.10.1-13.fc15
             Python extension computing string distances and similarities

New package: python-Lightbox-2.1-6.fc15
             Lightbox photo display widget

New package: python-PSI-0.3-0.3.b2.fc15
             Shows real time system information in python

New package: python-Scriptaculous-1.8.2-6.fc15
             TurboGears, Scriptaculous and Prototype

New package: python-SocksiPy-1.00-5.fc15
             A Python SOCKS module

New package: python-Traits-3.5.0-2.fc15
             Explicitly typed attributes for Python

New package: python-TraitsBackendQt-3.5.0-2.fc15
             PyQt backend for Traits and TraitsGUI (Pyface)

New package: python-TraitsGUI-3.5.0-2.fc15
             Traits-capable windowing framework

New package: python-ZSI-2.0-9.fc15
             Zolera SOAP Infrastructure

New package: python-achoo-1.0-5.fc15
             A fluent interface for testing Python objects

New package: python-adns-1.2.1-8.fc15
             Python interface for the GNU adns library

New package: python-alsaaudio-0.6-3.fc15
             Python Alsa Bindings

New package: python-amara-
             A collection of Pythonic tools for XML data binding

New package: python-amqplib-0.6.1-3.fc15
             Client library for AMQP

New package: python-application-1.1.5-3.fc15
             Basic building blocks for python applications

New package: python-arm4-1.2-4.fc15
             Application Reponse Measurement (ARM) V4 Python language bindings

New package: python-assets-0.1.1-4.fc15
             Cache-friendly asset management via content-hash-naming

New package: python-babel-BabelGladeExtractor-0.2-0.3.r288.fc15
             Babel Glade XML files translatable strings extractor

New package: python-basemap-data-0.99.4-3.fc15
             Data for python-basemap

New package: python-batchhttp-1.1-3.fc15
             Parallel fetching of HTTP resources through MIME multipart

New package: python-beaker-1.5.3-8.fc15
             WSGI middleware layer to provide sessions

New package: python-bibtex-1.2.5-3.fc15
             Python extension to parse BibTeX files

New package: python-billiard-0.3.1-3.fc15
             Multiprocessing Pool Extensions

New package: python-biopython-1.55-0.2.b.fc15
             Python tools for computational molecular biology

New package: python-bitarray-0.3.5-4.fc15
             Efficient Array of Booleans --C Extensions

New package: python-boto-1.9b-7.fc15
             A simple lightweight interface to Amazon Web Services

New package: python-bunch-1.0.0-3.fc15
             Python dictionary with attribute-style access

New package: python-carrot-0.10.7-3.fc15
             AMQP Messaging Framework for Python

New package: python-catwalk-2.0.2-4.fc15
             A way to view your models using TurboGears

New package: python-cerealizer-0.7-3.fc15
             Secure pickle-like module

New package: python-chameleon-1.2.12-5.fc15
             XML-based template compiler

New package: python-chardet-2.0.1-3.fc15
             Character encoding auto-detection in Python

New package: python-cheetah-2.4.4-2.fc15
             Template engine and code generator

New package: python-cherrypy2-2.3.0-15.fc15
             A pythonic, object-oriented web development framework

New package: python-cherrytemplate-1.0.0-12.fc15
             An easy and powerful templating module for Python

New package: python-chm-0.8.4-10.fc15
             Python package for CHM files handling

New package: python-cjson-1.0.5-7.fc15
             Fast JSON encoder/decoder for Python

New package: python-clientform-0.2.10-2.fc15
             Python module for client-side HTML forms

New package: python-compositor-0.2b-4.fc15
             A simple OpenType GSUB and GPOS engine

New package: python-configobj-4.7.2-3.fc15
             Config file reading, writing, and validation

New package: python-couchdb-0.6.1-4.fc15
             A Python library for working with CouchDB

New package: python-cpio-0.1-12.fc15
             A Python module for accessing cpio archives

New package: python-cssutils-0.9.7-2.fc15
             CSS Cascading Style Sheets library for Python

New package: python-ctags-1.0.5-4.fc15
             A wrapper to read tags library

New package: python-daap-0.7.1-7.fc15
             DAAP client implemented in Python

New package: python-debian-0.1.16-5.fc15
             Modules for Debian-related data formats

New package: python-decoratortools-1.8-2.fc15
             Use class and function decorators -- even in Python 2.3

New package: python-dialog-2.7-14.fc15
             Python interface to the Unix dialog utility

New package: python-dictclient-1.0.1-6.fc14
             Python client for DICT protocol

New package: python-dirq-0.0.5-5.fc15
             Directory based queue

New package: python-dmidecode-3.10.13-3.fc15
             Python module to access DMI data

New package: python-dotconf-0.2.1-12.fc15
             Parser for the dot.conf configuration file

New package: python-dpkt-1.7-2.fc15
             Simple packet creation/parsing library

New package: python-drizzle-0.08.2-7.fc15
             Python wrappers for libdrizzle

New package: python-dtopt-0.1-8.fc15
             Add options to doctest examples while they are running

New package: python-durus-3.9-2.fc14
             A Python Object Database

New package: python-elements-0.13-4.20100110svn.fc15
             A 2D Physics API for Python

New package: python-elixir-0.7.1-5.fc15
             A declarative mapper for SQLAlchemy

New package: python-empy-3.3-7.fc15
             A powerful and robust template system for Python

New package: python-enchant-1.3.1-8.fc15
             Python bindings for Enchant spellchecking library

New package: python-enum-0.4.4-3.fc15
             Robust enumerated type support in Python

New package: python-epdb-0.11-6.fc15
             Extended Python debugger

New package: python-eventlet-0.9.12-2.fc15
             Highly concurrent networking library

New package: python-execnet-1.0.8-1.fc15.1
             Elastic Python Deployment

New package: python-exif-1.0.8-6.fc15
             Python module to extract EXIF information

New package: python-eyed3-0.6.17-5.fc15
             Python module for processing ID3 tags

New package: python-firkin-0.02-3.fc14
             A python module to convert between different measurement units

New package: python-flickrapi-1.3-4.fc15
             Python module for interfacing with the Flickr API

New package: python-flup-1.0.2-3.fc15
             Random assortment of WSGI servers for python

New package: python-fontMath-0.2-4.fc15
             A set of objects for performing math operations on font data

New package: python-foolscap-0.6.1-1.fc15
             Next-generation RPC protocol, intended to replace Perspective Broker

New package: python-formencode-1.2.2-4.fc15
             HTML form validation, generation, and convertion package

New package: python-fpconst-0.7.3-8.fc15
             Python module for handling IEEE 754 floating point special values

New package: python-gasp-0.3.2-3.fc15
             API wrapper on top of pygame

New package: python-genshi-0.6-3.fc15
             Toolkit for stream-based generation of output for the web

New package: python-geoclue-0.1.0-3.fc15
             A Geoclue python module

New package: python-gnutls-1.1.9-3.fc15
             Python wrapper for the GNUTLS library

New package: python-googlevoice-0.5-3.fc15
             Python language bindings for the Google Voice API

New package: python-greenlet-0.3.1-4.fc15
             Lightweight in-process concurrent programming

New package: python-gzipstream-1.4.3-2.fc15
             Streaming zlib (gzip) support for python

New package: python-hcs_utils-1.1.1-4.fc15
             A collection of useful python snippets for hcs's projects

New package: python-httplib2-0.6.0-5.fc15
             A comprehensive HTTP client library

New package: python-hwdata-1.2-3.fc15
             Python bindings to hwdata package

New package: python-icalendar-2.1-4.fc15
             Parser/generator of iCalendar files following the RFC 2445

New package: python-igraph-0.5.4-3.fc15
             Python bindings for igraph

New package: python-iniparse-0.4-3.fc15
             Python Module for Accessing and Modifying Configuration Data in INI files

New package: python-irclib-0.4.8-2.fc15
             A set of Python modules for IRC support

New package: python-iso8601-0.1.4-3.fc15
             Simple module to parse ISO 8601 dates

New package: python-isprelink-0.1.2-10.fc15
             Python module to determine if a file has been prelinked

New package: python-jinja-1.2-6.fc15
             Sandboxed template engine

New package: python-jsonpickle-0.3.1-3.fc15
             A module that allows any object to be serialized into JSON

New package: python-kaa-base-0.6.0-5.fc15
             The Kaa Media - base package for python

New package: python-kaa-display-0.1.0-5.fc15
             Python API providing Low level support for various displays

New package: python-kaa-imlib2-0.2.3-10.fc15
             The Kaa Media - imlib2 binding for python

New package: python-kaa-metadata-0.7.7-4.fc15
             The Kaa Media - metadata binding for python

New package: python-kerberos-1.1-7.1.fc15
             A high-level wrapper for Kerberos (GSSAPI) operations

New package: python-keyring-0.5.1-2.fc15
             Python library to access the system keyring service

New package: python-kid-0.9.6-8.fc15
             Kid - A simple and pythonic XML template language

New package: python-kinterbasdb-3.3.0-3.fc15
             A Python DB-API 2.0 compliant interface to Firebird

New package: python-kiwi-1.9.26-3.fc15
             Framework for Python GUI applications

New package: python-krbV-1.0.90-4.fc15
             Python extension module for Kerberos 5

New package: python-ldap-2.3.12-2.fc15
             An object-oriented API to access LDAP directory servers

New package: python-ldaphelper-1.0.1-5.fc15
             A python wrapper for LDAP search results

New package: python-libasyncns-0.7.1-5.fc15
             Python binding for libasyncns

New package: python-libgmail-0.1.11-5.fc15
             Library to provide access to Gmail via Python

New package: python-libgmail-docs-0.3-10.fc15
             Documents and examples for python-libgmail

New package: python-linux-procfs-0.4.4-5.fc15
             Linux /proc abstraction classes

New package: python-lirc-0.0.5-12.fc15
             Linux Infrared Remote Control python module

New package: python-louie-1.1-9.fc15
             Dispatches signals between Python objects in a wide variety of contexts

New package: python-lzo-1.08-9.fc15
             LZO bindings for Python

New package: python-mailer-0.5-2.fc15
             A module that simplifies sending email

New package: python-markdown-2.0.3-3.fc15
             Markdown implementation in Python

New package: python-markupsafe-0.11-3.fc15
             Implements a XML/HTML/XHTML Markup safe string for Python

New package: python-meh-0.11-2.fc15
             A python library for handling exceptions

New package: python-meliae-0.2.0-5.fc15
             Python memory usage statistics

New package: python-memcached-1.47-2.fc15
             A Python memcached client library

New package: python-metar-1.3.0-8.fc15
             Coded METAR weather reports parser for Python

New package: python-mglob-0.4-3.fc15
             Enhanced file name globbing module

New package: python-modjkapi-
             API for modjk management

New package: python-morbid-
             A lightweight message queue for bundled deployment

New package: python-mox-0.5.3-3.fc15
             Mock object framework

New package: python-mpd-0.2.1-3.fc15
             Python MPD client library

New package: python-mpmath-0.17-2.fc15
             A pure Python library for multiprecision floating-point arithmetic

New package: python-musicbrainz2-0.7.0-3.fc15
             Library which provides access to the MusicBrainz Database

New package: python-mutagen-1.20-2.fc15
             Mutagen is a Python module to handle audio metadata

New package: python-mwclient-0.6.3-5.fc15
             Mwclient is a client to the MediaWiki API

New package: python-myghty-1.2-2.fc15
             Python-based templating system derived from HTML::Mason

New package: python-mygpoclient-1.5-2.fc15
             Python module to connect to the my.gpodder.org webservice

New package: python-nevow-0.10.0-4.fc15
             Web application construction kit written in Python

New package: python-numarray-1.5.2-10.fc14
             Python array manipulation and computational library

New package: python-numdisplay-1.5.6-3.fc15
             Visualize numpy array objects in ds9

New package: python-numeric-24.2-16.fc15
             Numerical Extension to Python

New package: python-oasa-0.13.1-4.fc15
             Python library for manipulation of chemical formats

New package: python-oauth-1.0.1-3.fc15
             Library for OAuth version 1.0a

New package: python-offtrac-0.0.3-3.fc15
             Trac xmlrpc library

New package: python-ogg-1.3-15
             Python wrapper for the Ogg libraries

New package: python-olpcgames-1.6-5.fc15
             Utilities for developing games on the OLPC platform

New package: python-openhpi-1.2-0.4.20090109svn6930.fc15
             Python interface for OpenHPI

New package: python-openid-2.2.5-2.fc15
             Python OpenID libraries

New package: python-openoffice-0.1-0.8.20090228svn34.fc15
             Python libraries for interacting with LibreOffice

New package: python-ordereddict-1.1-3.fc15
             Implementation of Python 2.7's OrderedDict

New package: python-paida-3.2.1_2.10.1-5.fc15
             Pure Python scientific analysis package

New package: python-paste-
             Tools for using a Web Server Gateway Interface stack

New package: python-paste-script-1.7.3-7.fc15
             A pluggable command-line frontend

New package: python-paver-1.0.4-2.fc15
             Python-based build/distribution/deployment scripting tool

New package: python-pbs-4.3.0-7.fc15
             PBS/Torque python module

New package: python-peak-rules-0.5a1.dev-13.a1.dev.20100803svn2646.fc15
             Generic functions and business rules support systems

New package: python-peak-util-addons-0.7-3.fc15
             Dynamically extend other objects with AddOns

New package: python-peak-util-assembler-0.6-3.20100803svn2646.fc15
             Generate Python code objects by "assembling" bytecode

New package: python-peak-util-extremes-1.1.1-3.fc15
             Production-quality 'Min' and 'Max' objects

New package: python-peak-util-symbols-1.0-6.fc15
             Simple "symbol" type, useful for enumerations or sentinels

New package: python-pefile-1.2.10_63-4.fc15
             Python module for working with Portable Executable files

New package: python-pep8-0.6.0-3.fc15
             Python style guide checker

New package: python-pgu-0.12.3-7.fc15
             A collection of useful modules for writing games with PyGame

New package: python-ply-3.3-5.fc15
             Python Lex-Yacc

New package: python-pmw-1.3.2-11.fc15
             Python powerwidgets

New package: python-polib-0.5.1-3.fc15
             A library to parse and manage gettext catalogs

New package: python-posix_ipc-0.5.3-4.fc15
             POSIX IPC primitives (semaphores and shared memory) for Python

New package: python-pp-1.6.0-2.fc15
             Parallel execution of python on smp

New package: python-pretty-0.1-3.fc15
             Extensible pprint successor

New package: python-prioritized-methods-0.2.1-7.fc15
             An extension to PEAK-Rules to prioritize methods in order

New package: python-progressbar-2.2-9.fc15
             Text progressbar library for python

New package: python-protocols-1.0-0.14.a0dev_r2302.fc15
             Open Protocols and Component Adaptation for Python

New package: python-psycopg-1.1.21-15.fc15
             PostgreSQL database adapter for Python

New package: python-ptrace-0.6.2-3.fc15
             Debugger using ptrace written in Python

New package: python-py-1.3.4-2.fc15
             Rapid testing (py.test) and development utils (pylib)

New package: python-pyasn1-0.0.12a-2.fc15
             ASN.1 tools for Python

New package: python-pyblock-0.49-2.fc15
             Python modules for dealing with block devices

New package: python-pycha-0.6.0-2.fc15
             A library for drawing charts with Python and Cairo

New package: python-pycurl-7.19.0-9.fc15
             A Python interface to libcurl

New package: python-pydns-2.3.3-7.fc15
             Python module for DNS (Domain Name Service)

New package: python-pylons-1.0-2.fc15
             Pylons web framework

New package: python-pyrad-1.1-6.fc15
             Python RADIUS client

New package: python-pysctp-0.3.1-11.fc15
             Python sctp socket api extensions bindings

New package: python-pyspf-2.0.5-6.fc15
             Python module and programs for SPF (Sender Policy Framework)

New package: python-pytools-8-5.fc15
             A collection of tools for python

New package: python-pywt-0.2.0-3.fc15
             Python wavelet transforms module

New package: python-quixote-2.4-14.fc15
             A highly Pythonic Web application framework

New package: python-rdflib-2.4.2-3.fc15
             Python library for working with RDF

New package: python-recaptcha-client-1.0.5-5.fc15
             Python module for reCAPTCHA and reCAPTCHA Mailhide

New package: python-relatorio-0.5.5-2.fc15
             A templating library able to output odt and pdf files

New package: python-remoteobjects-1.1-3.fc15
             An Object RESTational Model

New package: python-reportlab-2.5-3.fc15
             Python PDF generation library

New package: python-repoze-what-1.0.9-2.fc15
             Authorization for WSGI applications

New package: python-repoze-what-pylons-1.0-6.fc15
             A plugin providing utilities for Pylons applications using repoze.what

New package: python-repoze-what-quickstart-1.0.8-2.fc15
             A plugin for a simple authentication system with repoze.who/what

New package: python-repoze-who-1.0.18-5.fc15
             An identification and authentication framework for WSGI

New package: python-repoze-who-friendlyform-1.0.8-2.fc15
             Collection of repoze.who friendly form plugins

New package: python-repoze-who-testutil-1.0-3.fc15
             Test utilities for repoze.who-powered applications

New package: python-robofab-1.2.0-3.svn226.fc15
             Reads and writes UFO font files

New package: python-rope-0.9.3-3.20101213hg1585.fc15
             Python Code Refactoring Library

New package: python-routes-1.12.3-2.fc15
             Rails-like routes for Python

New package: python-rpmfluff-0.3-7.fc15
             Lightweight way of building RPMs, and sabotaging them

New package: python-schedutils-0.2-7.fc15
             Linux scheduler python bindings

New package: python-scripttest-1.0.4-4.fc15
             Helper to test command-line scripts

New package: python-setupdocs-1.0.5-2.fc15
             Setuptools plugin

New package: python-sexy-0.1.9-14.fc15
             Python bindings to libsexy

New package: python-shout-0.2.1-6.fc15
             Python bindings for libshout 2

New package: python-simplegeneric-0.7-2.fc15
             Simple generic functions (similar to Python's own len(), pickle.dump(), etc.)

New package: python-simpletal-4.3-2.fc15
             An XML based template processor for TAL, TALES and METAL specifications

New package: python-simpy-2.1.0-4.fc15
             Python simulation framework

New package: python-sippy-1.0.3-4.fc15
             B2BUA (back-to-back user agent) SIP call controlling component

New package: python-sleekxmpp-1.0-0.8.beta2.fc15
             Flexible XMPP client/component/server library for Python

New package: python-smbpasswd-1.0.1-17.fc15
             Python SMB Password Hash Generator Module

New package: python-snpp-1.1.2-4.fc15
             Simple Network Paging Protocol

New package: python-sphinx-1.0.7-2.fc15
             Python documentation generator

New package: python-sqlalchemy0.5-0.5.8-7.fc15
             Modular and flexible ORM library for python

New package: python-sqlite2-2.3.5-4.fc15
             DB-API 2.0 interface for SQLite 3.x

New package: python-sqlobject-0.15.0-2.fc15
             SQLObject Object-Relational Manager, aka database wrapper

New package: python-squaremap-1.0.0-0.4.b25.fc15
             SquareMap for wxPython

New package: python-stomper-0.2.4-2.fc15
             A python client implementation of the STOMP protocol

New package: python-sybase-0.39-7.fc15
             Python interface to Sybase

New package: python-sysv_ipc-0.4.2-5.fc15
             System V IPC for Python - Semaphores, Shared Memory and Message Queues

New package: python-taboot-0.3.0-1.fc15
             Client utility for scripted multi-system administration over Func

New package: python-tempita-0.4-7.fc15
             A very small text templating language

New package: python-testosterone-0.4.1-4.fc15
             Text-based UI for running Python unit tests

New package: python-text_table-0.02-5.fc15
             Simple Eyecandy ASCII Tables

New package: python-textile-2.1.4-5.fc15
             A Humane Web Text Generator

New package: python-tgcaptcha-0.11-10.fc15
             TurboGears CAPTCHA widget for forms

New package: python-tgexpandingformwidget-0.1.3-10.fc15
             A repeating form widget for TurboGears

New package: python-tgext-admin-0.3.10-3.fc15
             Admin Controller add-on for basic TG identity model

New package: python-tgmochikit-1.4.2-3.fc15
             MochiKit JavaScript library packaged for TurboGears widgets

New package: python-tidy-0.2-9.fc15
             Python wrapper for tidy, from the HTML tidy project

New package: python-tpg-3.1.2-8.fc15
             A Python "toy parser generator"

New package: python-transaction-1.1.0-2.fc14
             Transaction management for Python

New package: python-trml2pdf-1.2-3.fc15
             Tiny RML2PDF is a tool to easily create PDF documents without programming

New package: python-turbocheetah-1.0-7.fc15
             TurboGears plugin to support use of Cheetah templates

New package: python-turbojson-1.3.1-2.fc15
             Python template plugin that supports json

New package: python-turbokid-1.0.5-3.fc15
             Python template plugin that supports Kid templates

New package: python-tw-forms-0.9.9-3.fc15
             Web Widgets for building and validating forms in ToscaWidgets

New package: python-twill-0.9-6.fc15
             Simple scripting language for Web browsing

New package: python-twisted-web2-8.1.0-9.fc15
             Experimental Twisted Web Server Framework

New package: python-typepad-1.1.2-3.fc15
             Connectivity to the TypePad API through remote objects

New package: python-ufo2fdk-0.1-4.fc15
             A bridge between UFOs and the AFKDO

New package: python-unipath-0.2.1-5.fc15
             Alternative to Python modules os, os.path and shutil

New package: python-urlgrabber-3.9.1-10.fc15
             A high-level cross-protocol url-grabber

New package: python-urwid-
             Console user interface library

New package: python-utmp-0.7-6.fc15
             Python modules for umtp records

New package: python-virtkey-0.50-9.fc15
             Python extension for emulating keypresses and getting current keyboard layout

New package: python-virtualenv-1.5.1-2.fc15
             Tool to create isolated Python environments

New package: python-vobject-0.8.1c-4.fc15
             A python library for manipulating vCard and vCalendar files

New package: python-vorbis-1.5-0.9.a
             Python wrapper for the Ogg Vorbis audio libraries

New package: python-weberror-0.10.3-2.fc15
             Web Error handling and exception catching middleware

New package: python-webflash-0.1-0.5.a9.fc15
             Portable flash messages for WSGI apps

New package: python-webpy-0.32-6.fc15
             A simple web framework for Python

New package: python-wehjit-0.2.2-4.fc15
             A Python web-widget library

New package: python-werkzeug-0.6.2-3.fc15
             The Swiss Army knife of Python web development

New package: python-which-1.1.0-8.fc15
             Small which replacement that can be used as a Python module

New package: python-wifi-0.5.0-4.fc15
             Python binding for the wireless extensions

New package: python-wikimarkup-1.01-8.005svn.fc15
             Formats text to Mediawiki syntax

New package: python-wokkel-0.6.3-5.fc15
             Enhancements to the Twisted XMPP protocol implementation

New package: python-wsgiproxy-0.2.2-2.fc15
             HTTP proxying tools for WSGI apps

New package: python-wsgiref-0.1.2-7.fc15
             WSGI (PEP 333) Reference Library

New package: python-xklavier-0.2-7.fc15
             Python bindings for libxklavier

New package: python-xlrd-0.7.1-2.fc15
             Library to extract data from Microsoft Excel (TM) spreadsheet files

New package: python-xmltramp-2.17-8.fc15
             Pythonic API for XML

New package: python-xmpp-0.5.0-0.4.rc1.fc15
             Python library for easy scripting with Jabber

New package: python-yenc-0.3-9.fc15
             yEnc Module for Python

New package: python-zc-lockfile-1.0.0-6.fc15
             Basic Inter-Process Locks

New package: python-zdaemon-2.0.4-4.fc15
             Python Daemon Process Control Library

New package: python-zope-component-3.10.0-3.fc15
             Zope Component Architecture

New package: python-zope-configuration-3.7.2-2.fc15
             Zope Configuration Markup Language (ZCML)

New package: python-zope-deprecation-3.4.0-2.fc15
             Zope 3 Deprecation Infrastructure

New package: python-zope-event-
             Zope Event Publication

New package: python-zope-exceptions-3.6.1-7.fc15
             Zope Exceptions

New package: python-zope-i18n-3.7.4-3.fc15
             Zope Internationalization Support

New package: python-zope-i18nmessageid-3.5.3-4.fc15
             Message Identifiers for internationalization

New package: python-zope-interface-3.6.1-8.fc15
             Zope 3 Interface Infrastructure

New package: python-zope-proxy-3.6.1-5.fc15
             Generic Transparent Proxies

New package: python-zope-sqlalchemy-0.6.1-2.fc15
             Minimal Zope/SQLAlchemy transaction integration

New package: python-zope-testing-3.10.2-2.fc15
             Zope Testing Framework

New package: python3-chardet-2.0.1-5.fc15
             Character encoding auto-detection in Python

New package: python3-cherrypy-3.2.0-0.rc1.r2567.1.fc15.3
             Pythonic, object-oriented web development framework

New package: python3-postgresql-1.0.0-5.fc15
             Connect to PostgreSQL with Python 3

New package: pytrailer-0.6.0-2.fc15
             Python module to simplify access to movie trailers on apple.com

New package: pytrainer-1.7.2-2.fc15
             A tool to log all your sport excursions

New package: pytz-2010h-4.fc15
             World Timezone Definitions for Python

New package: pyvnc2swf-0.9.5-10.fc15
             VNC screen recorder

New package: pywbem-0.7.0-5.fc15
             Python WBEM Client and Provider Interface

New package: pyxattr-0.5.0-3.fc15
             Extended attributes library wrapper for Python

New package: pyxdg-0.19-3.fc15
             Python library to access freedesktop.org standards

New package: pyxf86config-0.3.37-10.fc15
             Python wrappers for libxf86config

New package: pyxmlsec-0.3.0-9.fc15
             Python bindings for the XML Security Library

New package: pyzor-0.5.0-5.fc15
             Pyzor collaborative spam filtering system

New package: qalculate-gtk-0.9.7-2.fc15
             A multi-purpose desktop calculator for GNU/Linux

New package: qalculate-kde-0.9.7-3.fc15
             A multi-purpose desktop calculator for GNU/Linux

New package: qascade-0.1-13.fc15
             Classic puzzle game

New package: qbrew-0.4.1-7.fc15
             A Brewing Recipe Calculator

New package: qca-gnupg-2.0.0-0.6.beta3.fc15
             GnuPG plugin for the Qt Cryptographic Architecture v2

New package: qca-ossl-2.0.0-0.11.beta3.fc15
             OpenSSL plugin for the Qt Cryptographic Architecture v2

New package: qca2-2.0.3-2.fc15
             Qt Cryptographic Architecture

New package: qcad-
             Simple 2D CAD program

New package: qcomicbook-0.7.2-2.fc15
             A viewer for comic book archives

New package: qct-1.7-6.fc15
             Multi-vcs GUI commit tool

New package: qd-2.3.11-3.fc15
             Double-Double and Quad-Double Arithmetic

New package: qdevelop-0.28-2.fc15
             Development environment dedicated to Qt4

New package: qedje-0.4.0-9.fc15
             A library combining the benefits of Edje and Qt

New package: qelectrotech-0.22-2.fc15.1
             An electric diagrams editor

New package: qemu-launcher-1.7.4-7.fc12
             A graphical front-end to Qemu virtual machines

New package: qfaxreader-0.3.1-12.fc15.3
             A multipage monochrome/color TIFF/FAX viewer

New package: qhull-2003.1-15.fc15
             General dimension convex hull programs

New package: qimageblitz-0.0.6-2.fc15
             Graphical effect and filter library

New package: qjson-0.7.1-4.fc15
             A qt-based library that maps JSON data to QVariant objects

New package: ql2100-firmware-1.19.38-4.fc15
             Firmware for qlogic 2100 devices

New package: ql2200-firmware-2.02.08-4.fc15
             Firmware for qlogic 2200 devices

New package: ql23xx-firmware-3.03.28-2.fc15
             Firmware for qlogic 23xx devices

New package: qle-0.0.18-4.fc15
             A QSO Logger and log Editor

New package: qmforge-2.1-7.fc15
             Analysis tools for quantum mechanical calculations

New package: qmmp-0.4.3-2.fc15
             Qt-based multimedia player

New package: qmpdclient-1.2-2.fc15
             Qt4 based MPD client

New package: qmtest-2.4.1-5.fc15
             QMTest is an automated software test execution tool

New package: qoauth-1.0.1-2.fc15
             Qt-based C++ library for OAuth authorization scheme

New package: qof-0.7.5-8.fc15
             Query engine library for C objects

New package: qrencode-3.1.1-5.fc15
             Generate QR 2D barcodes

New package: qrupdate-1.1.1-2.fc15
             A Fortran library for fast updates of QR and Cholesky decompositions

New package: qsf-1.2.7-6.fc15
             Quick Spam Filter

New package: qsstv-5.3c-6.fc13
             Qt-based slow-scan TV and fax

New package: qstardict-0.13.1-4.fc15
             StarDict clone written using Qt4

New package: qstars-0.4-9.fc15
             A screensaver simulating planets and asteroids in space

New package: qstat-2.11-10.20080912svn311.fc15
             Real-time Game Server Status for FPS game servers

New package: qt-assistant-adp-4.6.3-2.fc15
             Compatibility version of Qt Assistant

New package: qt-qsa-1.1.5-8.fc15
             QT Script for Applications

New package: qt4-theme-quarticurve-0.0-0.16.beta8.fc15
             Unofficial port of the Bluecurve widget theme to Qt 4

New package: qtcurve-kde4-1.8.4-2.fc15
             This is a set of widget styles for Qt4/KDE4 based apps

New package: qtgpsc-0.2.3-6.fc12
             A client for the gpsd GPS server

New package: qtiocompressor-2.3.1-2.fc15
             QIODevice that compresses data streams

New package: qtlockedfile-2.4-3.fc15
             QFile extension with advisory locking functions

New package: qtparted-0.4.5-26.fc15
             Partition Magic clone written in C++ using the Qt toolkit

New package: qtpfsgui-1.9.3-7.fc15
             A graphical tool for creating and tone-mapping HDR images

New package: qtscriptgenerator-0.1.0-14.fc15
             A tool to generate Qt bindings for Qt Script

New package: qtsingleapplication-2.6.1-5.fc15
             Qt library to start applications only once per user

New package: quadkonsole-2.0.2-6.fc15
             Embeds Konsole kparts in a grid layout

New package: quake3-1.36-10.svn1802.fc15
             Quake 3 Arena engine (ioquake3 version)

New package: quarry-0.2.0-7.fc15
             A multi-purpose board game GUI

New package: quarticurve-kwin-theme-0.0-0.8.beta4.fc15
             Unofficial port of the Bluecurve KWin decoration to KDE 4

New package: quassel-0.7.1-2.fc15
             A modern distributed IRC system

New package: quesa-1.8-4.fc15
             Quesa QuickDraw 3D implementation

New package: quesoglc-0.7.2-2.fc15
             The OpenGL Character Renderer

New package: quicksynergy-0.8.1-4.fc15
             Share keyboard and mouse between computers

New package: quilt-0.48-2.fc15
             Scripts for working with series of patches

New package: quitcount-1.8-3.fc15
             A tool for people who quit smoking

New package: quotatool-1.4.11-9.fc15
             A utility to set filesystem quotas

New package: qutim-0.2.0-9.fc15
             Multiprotocol (ICQ, Jabber, IRC etc) instant messenger with modern Qt4 interface

New package: qwtplot3d-0.2.7-10.fc15
             Qt/OpenGL-based C++ library providing a bunch of 3D-widgets

New package: qzion-0.4.0-11.fc15
             A canvas abstraction

New package: rabbitmq-server-2.2.0-2.fc15
             The RabbitMQ server

New package: radeontool-1.5-7.fc15
             Backlight and video output configuration tool for radeon cards

New package: radial-1.0-4.fc15
             A simple program for calculating radial velocities of stars in a binary system

New package: radiotray-0.6.3-2.fc15
             Radio Tray is a streaming player for listening to online radios

New package: radius-engine-0.6-2.fc15
             A Lua based real-time 2D graphics game engine

New package: radiusclient-ng-0.5.6-6.fc15
             RADIUS protocol client library

New package: ragel-6.6-3.fc15
             Finite state machine compiler

New package: raidem-music-1.0-5.fc15
             Background music for the game raidem

New package: raidutils-0.0.6-5.fc15
             Utilities to manage Adaptec I2O compliant RAID controllers

New package: rainbow-0.8.6-3.fc15
             An isolation shell

New package: rancid-2.3.6-2.fc15
             Really Awesome New Cisco confIg Differ

New package: ranger-1.2.2-2.fc15
             A flexible console file manager

New package: rapidsvn-0.12.0-3.fc15
             Graphical interface for the Subversion revision control system

New package: raptor-1.4.21-2.fc15
             Raptor RDF Parser Toolkit for Redland

New package: rarian-0.8.1-6.fc15
             Documentation meta-data library

New package: rarpd-ss981107-30.fc12
             The RARP daemon.

New package: rasqal-0.9.21-2.fc15
             RDF Query Library

New package: ratbox-services-1.2.1-2.fc11
             Service package for ircd-ratbox

New package: ratpoison-1.4.5-3.fc15
             Minimalistic window manager

New package: ratproxy-1.58-3.fc15
             A passive web application security assessment tool

New package: rats-2.1-8.fc15
             Rough Auditing Tool for Security

New package: raul-0.8.0-2.fc15
             Real-time Audio Utility Library

New package: raw-thumbnailer-0.99.1-6.fc15
             Nautilus file manager thumbnailer for RAW images

New package: rblcheck-1.5-18.fc15
             Command-line interface to RBL-style listings

New package: rbldnsd-0.996b-4.fc15
             Small, fast daemon to serve DNSBLs

New package: rcs-5.7-37.fc15
             Revision Control System (RCS) file version management tools

New package: rdate-1.4-17.fc15
             Tool for getting the date/time from a remote machine

New package: rdiff-backup-1.2.8-6.fc15
             Convenient and transparent local/remote incremental mirror/backup

New package: rdma-1.0-9.fc15
             Infiniband/iWARP Kernel Module Initializer

New package: re2c-0.13.5-2.fc15
             Tool for generating C-based recognizers from regular expressions

New package: readahead-1.5.7-3.fc15
             Read a preset list of files into memory

New package: rear-1.11.0-1.fc15
             Relax and Recover (ReaR) is a Linux Disaster Recovery framework

New package: rec-applet-0.2.3-3.fc14
             An audio recording applet

New package: reciteword-0.8.4-7.fc15
             Recite Word Easily

New package: recode-3.6-30.fc15
             Conversion between character sets and surfaces

New package: redet-8.26-5.fc15
             Regular expression development and execution tool

New package: redet-doc-8.25-4
             Documentation for the Redet tool

New package: redhat-lsb-4.0-6.fc15
             LSB base libraries support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux

New package: redhat-menus-12.0.2-3.fc15
             Configuration and data files for the desktop menus

New package: redir-2.2.1-7.fc15
             Redirect TCP connections

New package: redmode-1.1-3.fc15
             Switch to and from night red mode

New package: regexp-1.5-6.fc15
             Simple regular expressions API

New package: regexxer-0.9-6.fc15
             A nifty GUI search/replace tool

New package: regionset-0.1-9.fc15
             Reads/sets the region code of DVD drives

New package: reinteract-0.5.0-7
             Interactive Python shell

New package: reiserfs-utils-3.6.21-4.fc15
             Tools for creating, repairing, and debugging ReiserFS filesystems

New package: rekollect-0.3.2-2.fc15
             A note taking and note management application

New package: rekonq-0.6.1-2.fc15
             KDE browser based on QtWebkit

New package: relaxngDatatype-1.0-6.3.fc15
             RELAX NG Datatype API

New package: remind-03.01.07-3.fc15
             A sophisticated calendar and alarm program

New package: remmina-plugins-0.9.2-2.fc15
             Plugins for Remmina Remote Desktop Client

New package: ren-1.0-15.fc15.2.1
             Rename multiple files

New package: renameutils-0.10.0-5.fc15
             A set of programs to make renaming and copying of files easier

New package: repoview-0.6.5-2.fc15
             Creates a set of static HTML pages in a yum repository

New package: resapplet-0.1.4-3.fc15
             Resolution Switching Applet

New package: revelation-0.4.11-14.fc15
             Password manager for GNOME 2

New package: revisor-2.2-3.fc15
             Fedora "Spin" Graphical User Interface

New package: rfdump-1.6-8.fc15
             RFID tags detector

New package: rfkill-0.4-4.fc15
             A tool for enabling and disabling wireless devices

New package: rhdb-utils-9.0.0-2.fc15
             Miscellaneous utilities for PostgreSQL - Red Hat Edition

New package: rho-0.0.20-3.fc15
             An SSH system profiler

New package: rhythmbox-equalizer-1.4-2.fc15
             An Equalizer plugin for Rhythmbox

New package: ricci-0.18.7-1.fc15
             Remote Cluster and Storage Management System

New package: rinetd-0.62-10.fc15
             TCP redirection server

New package: ripmime-
             Extract attachments out of a MIME encoded email packages

New package: ris-linux-0.4-8.fc15
             RIS for Linux - Boot winpe from the net / Ris Windows Installation

New package: rktime-0.6-3.fc15
             Multi-zone time display utility

New package: rlog-1.4-9.fc15
             Runtime Logging for C++

New package: rlwrap-0.37-2.fc15
             Wrapper for GNU readline

New package: rmanage-0.1.8-2.fc15
             Remotely monitoring machines on network

New package: rmap-1.2-8.fc15
             Rmap is a package that is able to generate images of the earth from a distance

New package: rng-tools-3-3.fc15
             Random number generator related utilities

New package: robodoc-4.99.38-2.fc15
             Extract documentation from source code

New package: roboptim-core-0.5-3.fc15
             The RobOptim core C++ library

New package: roboptim-trajectory-0.5-3.fc15
             The RobOptim trajectory C++ library

New package: robotfindskitten-1.7320508.406-4.fc15
             A game/zen simulation. You are robot. Your job is to find kitten.

New package: rogue-5.4.5-7.fc15
             The original graphical adventure game

New package: rome-0.9-7.fc15
             RSS and Atom Utilities

New package: root-tail-1.2-7.fc15
             Displays a given file anywhere on your X11 root window

New package: rootfiles-8.1-7.fc15
             The basic required files for the root user's directory

New package: rootplot-2.2.1-4.fc15
             Plots ROOT data with matplotlib

New package: rootsh-1.5.3-4.fc15
             Shell wrapper for auditing

New package: rott-1.1-4.fc15
             Rise of the Triad

New package: rpl-1.5.5-4.fc15
             Intelligent recursive search/replace utility

New package: rply-1.01-4.fc15
             A library to read and write PLY files

New package: rpmdepsize-1.0-7.fc15
             A tool for visualizing RPM dependencies

New package: rpmdevtools-8.1-1.fc15
             RPM Development Tools

New package: rpmrebuild-2.3-5.fc15
             A tool to build rpm file from rpm database

New package: rsh-0.17-65.fc15
             Clients for remote access commands (rsh, rlogin, rcp)

New package: rsibreak-0.11-4.fc15
             A small utility which bothers you at certain intervals

New package: rsnapshot-1.3.1-5.fc15
             Local and remote filesystem snapshot utility

New package: rt61pci-firmware-1.2-8.fc15
             Firmware for Ralink® RT2561/RT2661 A/B/G network adaptors

New package: rt73usb-firmware-1.8-8.fc15
             Firmware for Ralink® RT2571W/RT2671 A/B/G network adaptors

New package: rtpproxy-1.2.1-4.fc15
             A symmetric RTP proxy

New package: rubber-1.1-9.fc15
             An automated system for building LaTeX documents

New package: ruby-RRDtool-0.6.0-9.fc15
             RRDTool for Ruby

New package: ruby-aws-0.8.1-3.fc15
             Ruby interface to Amazon Web Services

New package: ruby-bsearch-1.5-5.fc15
             Binary search library for Ruby

New package: ruby-dbus-0.3.0-2.fc15
             Ruby D-Bus client

New package: ruby-fam-0.2.0-9.fc15
             Gamin/FAM bindings for Ruby

New package: ruby-icon-artist-0.1.92-2.fc15
             Supporting libraries for icon artists

New package: ruby-imagesize-0.1.1-4.fc15
             Measure image size code by Pure Ruby

New package: ruby-ldap-0.9.10-11.fc15
             Ruby LDAP libraries

New package: ruby-libvirt-0.3.0-2.fc15
             Ruby bindings for libvirt

New package: ruby-ncurses-1.2.4-2.fc15
             A module for ruby applications for using ncurses interfaces

New package: ruby-openid-2.1.7-3.fc15
             Ruby library for verifying and serving OpenID identities

New package: ruby-postgres-0.7.9-2009.01.28.2.fc15
             A Ruby interface for the PostgreSQL database engine

New package: ruby-qpid-0.8-2.fc15
             Ruby language client for AMQP

New package: ruby-racc-1.4.5-6.fc15
             LALR(1) Parser Generator

New package: ruby-romkan-0.4-5.fc15
             Romaji <-> Kana conversion library for Ruby

New package: ruby-shadow-1.4.1-14.fc15
             Ruby bindings for shadow password access

New package: ruby-taglib-1.1-4.fc15
             Ruby library wrapping the Taglib library

New package: rubygem-ParseTree-3.0.5-1.fc14
             Extracts the parse tree for a class/method and returns an s-expression

New package: rubygem-RedCloth-4.2.3-2.fc15
             Textile parser for Ruby

New package: rubygem-RubyInline-3.8.4-1.fc13
             Write foreign code within your ruby code

New package: rubygem-ZenTest-4.3.3-1.fc15
             Automated test scaffolding for Ruby

New package: rubygem-abstract-1.0.0-3.fc15
             Allows you to define an abstract method in Ruby

New package: rubygem-activeldap-1.2.2-2.fc15
             Ruby/ActiveLdap is a object-oriented API to LDAP

New package: rubygem-acts-as-list-0.1.2-4.fc14
             Sorting and reordering capabilities for ActiveRecord model

New package: rubygem-allison-2.0.3-5.fc15
             A modern, pretty RDoc template

New package: rubygem-amazon-ec2-0.9.15-4.fc15
             Amazon EC2 Ruby Gem

New package: rubygem-archive-tar-minitar-0.5.2-3.fc15
             Provides POSIX tar archive management from Ruby programs

New package: rubygem-arrayfields-4.7.4-3.fc15
             Arrayfields RubyGem

New package: rubygem-attributes-5.0.1-7.fc15
             Attributes RubyGem

New package: rubygem-bacon-1.1.0-4.fc15
             A ruby-based testing framework

New package: rubygem-bcrypt-ruby-2.1.2-2.fc15
             Wrapper around bcrypt() password hashing algorithm

New package: rubygem-builder-2.1.2-5.fc15
             Builders for MarkUp

New package: rubygem-calendar_date_select-1.15-4.fc13
             A popular date picker widget for ruby on rails and prototype.js

New package: rubygem-chronic-0.2.3-2.fc14
             A natural language date parser

New package: rubygem-columnize-0.3.1-4.fc15
             Sorts an array in column order

New package: rubygem-commander-4.0.3-4.fc15
             The complete solution for Ruby command-line executable

New package: rubygem-configuration-1.1.0-2.fc15
             Pure Ruby scoped configuration files

New package: rubygem-crack-0.1.8-1.fc15
             Really simple JSON and XML parsing, ripped from Merb and Rails

New package: rubygem-cri-1.0.1-4.fc15
             Ruby library for building easy-to-use commandline tools

New package: rubygem-daemons-1.0.10-3.fc15
             A toolkit to create and control daemons in different ways

New package: rubygem-diff-lcs-1.1.2-5.fc15
             Provide a list of changes between two sequenced collections

New package: rubygem-ditz-0.5-6.fc15
             A command-line issue tracker

New package: rubygem-echoe-4.3.1-3.fc15
             A Rubygems packaging tool that provides Rake tasks for documentation, extension compiling, testing, and deployment

New package: rubygem-eventmachine-0.12.10-3.fc13
             Ruby/EventMachine library

New package: rubygem-facade-1.0.4-4.fc13
             A module that helps implement the facade pattern

New package: rubygem-facets-2.8.0-3.fc15
             The single most extensive additions and extensions library available for Ruby

New package: rubygem-facon-0.4.1-2.fc15
             Tiny mocking library

New package: rubygem-fakeweb-1.3.0-3.fc15
             A tool for faking responses to HTTP requests

New package: rubygem-fastercsv-1.5.1-2.fc15
             Faster, smaller and cleaner replacement to standard CSV library

New package: rubygem-fastthread-1.0.7-3.fc15
             Optimized replacement for thread.rb primitives

New package: rubygem-fattr-1.0.3-4.fc15
             Fatter attribute for Ruby

New package: rubygem-ferret-0.11.6-11.fc15
             Full-featured text search engine library

New package: rubygem-gem_plugin-0.2.3-4.fc15
             A plugin system based only on rubygems that uses dependencies only

New package: rubygem-gemcutter-0.3.0-4.fc15
             The gemcutter client gem

New package: rubygem-git-1.2.5-2.fc15
             A package for using Git in Ruby code

New package: rubygem-gruff-0.3.6-2.fc15
             Beautiful graphs for one or multiple datasets

New package: rubygem-hashery-1.4.0-3.fc15
             Facets bread collection of Hash-like classes

New package: rubygem-hawler-0.3-6.fc15
             Hawler, the ruby HTTP crawler

New package: rubygem-highline-1.5.1-2.fc15
             HighLine is a high-level command-line IO library

New package: rubygem-icalendar-1.1.5-2.fc15
             A ruby implementation of the iCalendar specification (RFC-2445)

New package: rubygem-jnunemaker-matchy-0.4.0-2.fc15
             RSpec-esque matchers for use in Test::Unit

New package: rubygem-json-1.4.6-3.fc15
             A JSON implementation in Ruby

New package: rubygem-krb5-auth-0.7-4.fc15
             Kerberos binding for Ruby

New package: rubygem-linecache-0.43-4.fc15
             Caches (Ruby source) files

New package: rubygem-linode-0.6.2-1.fc15
             Ruby wrapper for the Linode API

New package: rubygem-locale-2.0.5-2.fc15.1
             Pure ruby library which provides basic APIs for localization

New package: rubygem-lockfile-1.4.3-5.fc15
             Ruby library for creating NFS safe lockfiles

New package: rubygem-main-4.0.0-2.fc15
             A class factory and dsl for generating command line programs real quick

New package: rubygem-markaby-0.5-5.fc15
             Markup as Ruby, write HTML in your native Ruby tongue

New package: rubygem-maruku-0.6.0-3.fc14
             Maruku is a Markdown-superset interpreter written in Ruby

New package: rubygem-mechanize-1.0.1-0.2.beta.20110107104205.fc15
             A handy web browsing ruby object

New package: rubygem-mime-types-1.16-3.fc15
             Return the MIME Content-Type for a given filename

New package: rubygem-mocha-0.9.8-2.fc15
             Mocking and stubbing library

New package: rubygem-mongrel-1.1.5-4.fc15
             A small fast HTTP library and server for Ruby apps

New package: rubygem-mongrel_cluster-1.0.5-6.fc15
             GemPlugin wrapper for the mongrel HTTP server

New package: rubygem-multimap-1.1.2-3.fc15
             Ruby multimap implementation

New package: rubygem-mustache-0.11.2-5.fc15
             Framework-agnostic way to render logic-free views

New package: rubygem-net-sftp-2.0.5-3.fc15
             A pure Ruby implementation of the SFTP client protocol

New package: rubygem-net-ssh-2.0.23-6.fc15
             Net::SSH: a pure-Ruby implementation of the SSH2 client protocol

New package: rubygem-newgem-1.5.3-3.fc14
             Bundle Ruby libraries into a RubyGem

New package: rubygem-oniguruma-1.1.0-4.fc15
             Bindings for the oniguruma regular expression library

New package: rubygem-open4-1.0.1-2.fc15
             Manage child processes and their IO handles easily

New package: rubygem-pam-1.5.3-8.fc15
             Ruby bindings for pam

New package: rubygem-parseconfig-0.5.2-4.fc15
             Ruby Configuration File Parser

New package: rubygem-pathname2-1.6.2-7.fc15
             An alternate implementation for the Pathname library

New package: rubygem-pervasives-1.1.0-5.fc12
             Access to pristine object state

New package: rubygem-picnic-0.8.1-3.fc15
             Easier distribution of Camping-based applications

New package: rubygem-plist-3.1.0-6.fc15
             All-purpose Property List manipulation library

New package: rubygem-pr_geohash-1.0.0-3.fc15
             GeoHash encode/decode library for pure Ruby

New package: rubygem-progressbar-0.9.0-3.fc15
             Ruby text progress bar generator library

New package: rubygem-rb-inotify-0.8.1-3.fc15
             A Ruby wrapper for Linux's inotify, using FFI

New package: rubygem-rdiscount-
             Fast Implementation of Gruber's Markdown in C

New package: rubygem-rerun-0.5.2-4.fc15
             Restarts your app when a file changes

New package: rubygem-rest-client-1.6.1-2.fc15
             Simple REST client for Ruby

New package: rubygem-restr-0.5.0-3.fc15
             Simple client for RESTful web services

New package: rubygem-reststop-0.4.0-3.fc15
             Convenient RESTfulness for all your Camping controller needs

New package: rubygem-right_aws-2.0.0-2.fc15
             Interface classes for the Amazon EC2/EBS, SQS, S3, SDB, and ACF Web Services

New package: rubygem-right_http_connection-1.2.4-3.fc15
             RightScale's robust HTTP/S connection module

New package: rubygem-rmail-1.0.0-4.fc15
             A MIME mail parsing and generation library

New package: rubygem-rubigen-1.5.4-2.fc15
             A framework to allow Ruby applications to generate file/folder stubs

New package: rubygem-ruby-debug-0.10.5-0.2.dev.fc15.1
             Command line interface (CLI) for ruby-debug-base

New package: rubygem-ruby-net-ldap-0.0.4-5.fc15
             A full-featured pure-Ruby LDAP client

New package: rubygem-ruby-ole-
             Ruby OLE library

New package: rubygem-ruby-opengl-0.60.1-5.fc15
             OpenGL Interface for Ruby

New package: rubygem-ruby2ruby-1.2.4-2.fc13
             Generate pure ruby from RubyParser compatible Sexps

New package: rubygem-ruby_parser-2.0.4-3.fc13
             A ruby parser written in pure ruby

New package: rubygem-rufus-scheduler-2.0.4-2.fc15
             Scheduler for Ruby (at, cron and every jobs)

New package: rubygem-rvm-1.0.19-2.fc15
             Ruby Version Manager (rvm)

New package: rubygem-scruffy-0.2.6-2.fc15
             A powerful, clean graphing library for Ruby

New package: rubygem-sequel-3.16.0-6.fc15
             The Database Toolkit for Ruby

New package: rubygem-sexp_processor-3.0.4-1.fc14
             A branch of ParseTree providing generic sexp processing tools

New package: rubygem-shotgun-0.8-1.fc15
             Automatic reloading version of the rackup command

New package: rubygem-shoulda-2.11.3-1.fc15
             Making tests easy on the fingers and eyes

New package: rubygem-simple-navigation-3.0.0-3.fc15
             Ruby library for creating navigation for your Rails2 or Sinatra application

New package: rubygem-simple-rss-1.2.3-2.fc15
             A simple, flexible, extensible, and liberal RSS and Atom reader for Ruby

New package: rubygem-snmp-1.0.3-1.fc14
             A Ruby implementation of SNMP (the Simple Network Management Protocol)

New package: rubygem-sup-0.10.2-6.fc15
             A console-based email client written in ruby

New package: rubygem-syntax-1.0.0-4.fc15
             Ruby library for performing simple syntax highlighting

New package: rubygem-test-spec-0.10.0-3.fc15
             Behaviour Driven Development interface for Test::Unit

New package: rubygem-text-format-1.0.0-4.fc15
             Text::Format formats fixed-width text nicely

New package: rubygem-thor-0.14.6-2.fc15
             Scripting framework that replaces rake, sake and rubigen

New package: rubygem-timecop-0.3.5-3.fc15
             Provides a unified method to mock Time.now, Date.today in a single call

New package: rubygem-tlsmail-0.0.1-10.fc15
             This library enables pop or smtp via ssl/tls

New package: rubygem-treetop-1.4.9-2.fc15
             A Ruby-based text parsing and interpretation DSL

New package: rubygem-trollop-1.16.2-1.fc15
             A command-line option parsing library for ruby

New package: rubygem-typhoeus-0.2.0-2.fc15
             A library for interacting with web services at blinding speed

New package: rubygem-uuidtools-2.1.1-1.fc14
             A simple universally unique ID generation library

New package: rubygem-whiskey_disk-0.6.2-1.fc15
             Ruby tool for embarrassingly fast deployments

New package: rubygem-xml-simple-1.0.12-4.fc15
             A simple API for XML processing

New package: rubygem-xmpp4r-0.5-4.fc15
             An XMPP/Jabber library for Ruby

New package: rubygem-xmpp4r-simple-0.8.8-3.fc15
             A simplified Jabber client library

New package: rudecgi-5.1.0-5.fc15
             Library (C++ API) for reading CGI form data

New package: rudeconfig-5.0.5-8.fc15
             Library (C++ API) for reading and writing configuration/.ini files

New package: rudesocket-1.3.0-7.fc15
             Library (C++ API) for creating client sockets

New package: rurple-1.0-0.6.rc3.fc15
             A Python Learning Environment

New package: rwall-0.17-31.fc15
             Client for sending messages to a host's logged in users.

New package: rxvt-2.7.10-20.fc15
             ouR XVT, a VT102 emulator for the X window system

New package: rzip-2.1-7.fc15
             A large-file compression program

New package: s3switch-0.0-14.20020912.fc15
             Manage the output device on S3 Savage chips

New package: sK1-0.9.1-0.4.pre_rev730.fc15
             Advanced vector graphics editor

New package: saab-fonts-0.91-5.fc15
             Free Punjabi Unicode OpenType Font

New package: sabayon-2.30.1-2.fc15
             Tool to maintain user profiles in a GNOME desktop

New package: safecopy-1.4-3.fc15
             Safe copying of files and partitions

New package: sage-0.2.0-6.fc15
             OpenGL extensions library using SDL

New package: sahana-0.6.3-2.fc15
             Sahana is a free open source disaster management application

New package: samcoupe-rom-3.0-4.fc15
             SAM Coupé (Spectrum compatible homecomputer) ROM file

New package: samefile-2.12-6.fc15
             An utility to find identical files on the file system

New package: sane-frontends-1.0.14-11.fc15
             Graphical frontend to SANE

New package: saoimage-1.35.1-8.fc15
             Utility for displaying astronomical images

New package: sap-0.5.1-3.fc15
             A small CLI audio player

New package: sarai-fonts-1.0-10.fc15
             Free Sarai Hindi Truetype Font

New package: saxpath-1.0-2.7.fc15
             Simple API for XPath

New package: sazanami-fonts-0.20040629-15.fc15
             Sazanami Japanese TrueType fonts

New package: sblim-cim-client-
             Java CIM Client library

New package: sblim-cmpi-dns-1.0-2.fc15
             SBLIM WBEM-SMT Dns

New package: sblim-cmpi-network-1.4.0-3.fc15
             SBLIM Network Instrumentation

New package: sblim-cmpi-nfsv4-1.1.0-2.fc15
             SBLIM nfsv4 instrumentation

New package: sblim-cmpi-params-1.3.0-2.fc15
             SBLIM params instrumentation

New package: sblim-cmpi-rpm-1.0.1-5.fc15
             CIM access to installed software packages (currently RPMs)

New package: sblim-cmpi-samba-1.0-2.fc15
             SBLIM WBEM-SMT Samba

New package: sblim-cmpi-sysfs-1.2.0-2.fc15
             SBLIM sysfs instrumentation

New package: sblim-cmpi-syslog-0.8.0-2.fc15
             SBLIM syslog instrumentation

New package: sblim-indication_helper-0.4.2-5.fc15
             Toolkit for CMPI indication providers

New package: sblim-smis-hba-1.0.0-2.fc15
             SBLIM SMIS HBA HDR Providers

New package: sblim-tools-libra-1.0-2.fc15
             SBLIM Common Resource Access Library for WBEM-SMT tasks

New package: scala-2.8.1-2.fc15
             A hybrid functional/object-oriented language for the JVM

New package: scanmem-0.07-6.fc15
             Simple interactive debugging utility

New package: scapy-
             Interactive packet manipulation tool and network scanner

New package: schedtool-1.3.0-4.fc15
             Tool to query or alter process scheduling policy

New package: schismtracker-20110101-1.fc15
             Sound module composer/player

New package: schroedinger-1.0.10-2.fc15
             Portable libraries for the high quality Dirac video codec

New package: scim-anthy-1.2.7-4.fc15
             SCIM IMEngine for anthy for Japanese input

New package: scim-array-1.0.1-3.fc15
             SCIM Array 30 Input Method Engine

New package: scim-bridge-0.4.16-6.fc15
             SCIM Bridge Gtk IM module

New package: scim-chewing-0.3.3-3.fc15
             Chewing Chinese input method for SCIM

New package: scim-fcitx-3.1.1-12.fc15
             FCITX Input Method Engine for SCIM

New package: scim-hangul-0.3.2-8.fc15
             Hangul Input Method Engine for SCIM

New package: scim-m17n-0.2.3-3.fc15
             SCIM IMEngine for m17n-lib

New package: scim-pinyin-0.5.91-28.fc15
             Smart Pinyin IMEngine for Smart Common Input Method platform

New package: scim-python-0.1.13rc1-8.fc15
             Python language binding for Smart Common Input Method platform

New package: scim-sayura-0.3.0-6.fc15
             Sri Lankan input method for SCIM

New package: scim-tables-0.5.9-3.fc15
             SCIM Generic Table IMEngine

New package: scim-thai-0.1.1-5.fc15
             Thai Input Method Engine for SCIM

New package: scim-tomoe-0.6.0-7.fc12
             Tomoe module for SCIM for handwritten input

New package: scite-2.22-2.fc15
             SCIntilla based GTK2 text editor

New package: scitools-0.6-5.fc15
             A Python library for scientific computing

New package: scmxx-0.9.0-5.fc15
             Exchange data with Siemens mobile phones

New package: scons-2.0.1-2.fc15
             An Open Source software construction tool

New package: scponly-4.8-6.fc15
             Restricted shell for ssh based file services

New package: screenie-1.30.0-6.fc15
             A small and lightweight screen wrapper

New package: scrot-0.8-6.fc15
             Screen-shot capture using Imlib 2

New package: scrub-2.4-2.fc15
             Disk scrubbing program

New package: scummvm-tools-1.2.0-2.fc15
             Tools for scummVM / S.C.U.M.M scripting language

New package: scythia-0.9.3-6.fc15
             Just a small ftp client

New package: seahorse-adventures-1.0-8.fc15
             Help barbie the seahorse float on bubbles to the moon

New package: sear-media-0.6-7
             Media files for the sear worldforge client

New package: secstate-0.4.1-2.fc15
             Security State Configuration Tool

New package: sectool-0.9.5-4.fc15
             A security audit system and intrusion detection system

New package: security-menus-1.0.3-2.fc15
             Menu Structure for the Security Spin

New package: seed-3.0.0-1.fc15
             GNOME JavaScript interpreter

New package: seeker-3.0-4.fc15
             Random access disk benchmark utility

New package: selenium-core-1.0.2-0.5.20100324svn.fc15
             A DHTML test execution framework

New package: selenium-remote-control-1.0.3-8.20100318svn.fc15
             Tool for remotely controlling a web browser to test a web site

New package: sems-1.3.1-5.fc15
             SIP Express Media Server, an extensible SIP media server

New package: senamirmir-washra-fonts-4.1-6.fc15
             Fonts for the Geʼez (Ethiopic) script

New package: sendxmpp-0.0.8-4.fc15
             A perl script to send xmpp messages

New package: seq24-0.8.7-18.fc15
             Real-time midi sequencer

New package: serafettin-cartoon-fonts-0.6-2.fc15
             Sans-serif Cartoon Fonts

New package: sergueis-destiny-1.1-7.fc15
             Serguei's Destiny, an AGI adventure game

New package: setroubleshoot-plugins-3.0.14-2.fc15
             Analysis plugins for use with setroubleshoot

New package: setserial-2.17-27.fc15
             A utility for configuring serial ports

New package: setuptool-1.19.11-3.fc15
             A text mode system configuration tool

New package: sextractor-2.8.6-2.fc15
             Extract catalogs of sources from astronomical images

New package: sfxr-1.1-4.fc15
             Sound effect generator

New package: sgml-common-0.6.3-34.fc15
             Common SGML catalog and DTD files

New package: sgpio-
             SGPIO captive backplane tool

New package: sh-elf-binutils-2.21-2.fc15
             Cross Compiling GNU binutils targeted at sh-elf

New package: shapelib-1.3.0b2-7.fc15
             API in "C" for Shapefile handling

New package: shared-color-targets-0.0.1-0.9.20091218git.fc15
             Shared color targets for creating color profiles

New package: shcov-5-3.fc15
             A gcov and lcov coverage test tool for bourne shell / bash scripts

New package: shed-1.15-6.fc15
             Easy to use hex editor

New package: shmpps-1.03-2.fc15
             Shared Memory driver for PPS time signals

New package: shntool-3.0.10-3.fc15
             A multi-purpose WAVE data processing and reporting utility

New package: shortrpm-1.3-2.fc15
             Short-circuit binary RPM package build

New package: shtool-2.0.8-6.fc15
             Portable shell tool

New package: siege-2.71-2.b3.fc15
             HTTP regression testing and benchmarking utility

New package: sigar-1.6.5-0.3.git58097d9.fc15
             System Information Gatherer And Reporter

New package: sigscheme-0.8.5-2.fc15
             R5RS Scheme interpreter for embedded use

New package: sil-abyssinica-fonts-1.0-10.fc15
             SIL Abyssinica fonts

New package: sil-andika-fonts-1.0-8.fc15
             A font for literacy and beginning readers

New package: sil-charis-compact-fonts-4.106-3.fc15
             A version of Charis SIL with tighter line spacing

New package: sil-charis-fonts-4.106-4.fc15
             A serif smart font similar to Bitstream Charter

New package: sil-doulos-fonts-4.104-6.fc15
             Doulos SIL fonts

New package: sil-gentium-basic-fonts-1.1-6.fc15
             Gentium Basic Font Family from SIL

New package: sil-gentium-fonts-1.02-11.fc15
             SIL Gentium fonts

New package: sil-lateef-fonts-1.001-2.fc15
             An Arabic script unicode font

New package: sil-padauk-fonts-2.4-7.fc15
             A font for Burmese and the Myanmar script

New package: sil-scheherazade-fonts-1.001-4.fc15
             An Arabic script unicode font

New package: silgraphite-2.3.1-4.fc15
             Font rendering capabilities for complex non-Roman writing systems

New package: silkscreen-fonts-1.0-5.fc15
             Silkscreen four member type family

New package: sim-0.9.5-0.25.20091129svn3078rev.fc15
             Multiprotocol Instant Messenger

New package: simcoupe-1.0-7.fc15
             SAM Coupe emulator (spectrum compatible)

New package: simdock-1.2-11.fc15
             Fast and customizable dockbar

New package: simh-3.8.1-6.fc14
             A highly portable, multi-system emulator

New package: simulavr-
             An AVR Simulator

New package: sing-1.1-3.fc15
             Sends fully customized ICMP packets from command line

New package: sinjdoc-0.5-10.fc15
             Documentation generator for Java source code

New package: sip-redirect-0.1.2-5.fc15
             Tiny IPv4 and IPv6 SIP redirect server written in Perl

New package: sipcalc-1.1.4-5.fc15
             An "advanced" console based ip subnet calculator

New package: sipp-3.2-2.fc15
             SIP test tool / traffic generator

New package: sipsak-0.9.6-9.fc15
             SIP swiss army knife

New package: siril-0.8-10.fc15
             Siril is an astronomical image processing software for Linux

New package: six-0.5.3-14.fc15
             Hex playing program

New package: sj-fonts-2.0.2-6.fc15
             Two fonts by Steve Jordi released under the GPL

New package: sjasm-0.39-0.9.g1.fc15
             A z80 cross assembler

New package: sk2py-0.1-6.fc15
             Migrates Cadence Skill based PCells to Python PyCells

New package: ski-1.3.2-10.fc15
             IA-64 user and system mode simulator

New package: skinlf-6.7-11.cvs20091205.fc15
             Skin look and feel Skinning library for java

New package: sl-3.03-10.fc15
             Joke command for when you type 'sl' instead of 'ls'

New package: slashem-0.0.8-0.6.E0F1.fc15
             Super Lotsa Added Stuff Hack - Extended Magic

New package: slib-3b3-2.fc15
             Platform independent library for scheme

New package: slingshot-0.8.1p-6.fc15
             A Newtonian strategy game

New package: sloccount-2.26-11.fc15
             Measures source lines of code (SLOC) in programs

New package: slrn-0.9.9p1-3.fc12
             A threaded Internet news reader

New package: slv2-0.6.6-7.fc15
             LV2 host library

New package: smart-1.3.1-67.fc15
             Next generation package handling tool

New package: smc-fonts-4.4-5.fc15
             Open Type Fonts for Malayalam script

New package: smem-0.9-2.fc15
             Report application memory usage in a meaningful way

New package: smokeping-2.4.2-12.fc15
             Latency Logging and Graphing System

New package: sms_ntsc-0.2.3-6.fc15
             Provides an SMS NTSC video filtering library

New package: smstools-3.1.14-2.fc15
             Tools to send and receive short messages through GSM modems or mobile phones

New package: snacc-1.3-4.fc13
             Sample Neufeld ASN.1 to C Compiler

New package: snake-0.11-2.0.20.fc15
             Smart Network Automated Kickstart Environment

New package: snes_ntsc-0.2.2-6.fc15
             Provides a SNES NTSC video filtering library

New package: snobol-4.1.2-2.fc12
             The SNOBOL programming language

New package: snownews-1.5.12-3.fc15
             A text mode RSS/RDF newsreader

New package: sobby-0.4.5-4.fc15
             Standalone obby server

New package: socat-
             Bidirectional data relay between two data channels ('netcat++')

New package: sofia-sip-1.12.10-6.fc15
             Sofia SIP User-Agent library

New package: sofsip-cli-0.16-3.fc15
             SIP VoIP/IM example client

New package: solar-backgrounds-0.92.0-5.fc15
             Solar desktop backgrounds

New package: solar-kde-theme-0.1.19-2.fc15
             Solar KDE Theme

New package: solarwolf-1.5-5.fc15
             A Python port of SolarFox

New package: sonata-
             An elegant GTK+ client for the Music Player Daemon (MPD)

New package: sonatype-oss-parent-6-2.fc15
             Sonatype OSS Parent

New package: sooperlooper-1.6.13-7.fc15
             Realtime software looping sampler

New package: sopwith-1.7.1-11.fc15
             SDL port of the sopwith game

New package: sos-2.2-2.fc15
             A set of tools to gather troubleshooting information from a system

New package: sound-juicer-2.32.0-7.fc15
             Clean and lean CD ripper

New package: sound-theme-freedesktop-0.7-3.fc15
             freedesktop.org sound theme

New package: soundmodem-0.15-2.fc15
             Soundcard Packet Radio Modem

New package: soundtouch-1.4.0-4.fc15
             Audio Processing library for changing Tempo, Pitch and Playback Rates

New package: spacechart-0.9.5-6.fc15
             A 3D star-mapping program

New package: spacewalk-proxy-docs-1.1.1-2.fc15
             Spacewalk Proxy Server Documentation

New package: spacewalk-proxy-html-1.1.1-2.fc15
             The HTML component for Spacewalk Proxy

New package: spambayes-1.1-0.3.a6.fc15
             Bayesian anti-spam filter

New package: spampd-2.30-10
             Transparent SMTP/LMTP proxy filter using spamassassin

New package: spandsp-0.0.6-0.4.pre18.fc15
             A DSP library for telephony

New package: sparcy-0.1-3.fc15
             Command line utility for Sparc Systems GPS loggers

New package: spawn-fcgi-1.6.3-2.fc15
             Simple program for spawning FastCGI processes

New package: spe-0.8.4.h-8.fc15
             Python IDE with UML,PyChecker,Debugger,GUI design,Blender & more

New package: specspo-16-4
             Fedora package descriptions, summaries, and groups.

New package: specto-0.3.1-3.fc15
             An desktop application that will watch configurable events

New package: speedcrunch-0.11-0.2.alpha.fc15
             A fast power user calculator

New package: speex-1.2-0.13.rc1.fc15
             A voice compression format (codec)

New package: spew-1.0.8-4.fc15
             I/O performance measurement and load generation tool

New package: spicctrl-1.9-10.fc15
             Sony Vaio laptop SPIC control program

New package: spice-parent-15-4.fc15
             Sonatype Spice Components

New package: spicebird-0.7.1-1.fc11
             Synovel Spicebird PIM client

New package: spill-0.8-3.fc15
             A segregated package install logical linker

New package: splat-1.3.0-4.fc15
             Analyze point-to-point terrestrial RF communication links

New package: splint-3.1.2-8.fc15
             An implementation of the lint program

New package: spor-1.0-4.fc15
             Store file modes (permission/ownership) recursively

New package: spr-3.3.2-4.fc15
             Library for categorization of data

New package: spring-installer-20090316-8.fc15
             Installer for the Spring game's maps and mods

New package: spring-maps-default-0.1-7.fc15
             Default maps for Spring

New package: spu-binutils-
             A GNU collection of binary utilities

New package: sqlgrey-1.7.6-4.fc15
             Postfix grey-listing policy service

New package: sqlite2-2.8.17-6.fc15
             Embeddable SQL engine in a C library

New package: squeak-image-
             The image files for Squeak

New package: squeak-vm-3.10.5-5.fc14
             The Squeak virtual machine

New package: squeal-0.4.1-4.fc15
             Data manipulation tool for the command line

New package: squidGuard-1.4-9.fc15
             Filter, redirector and access controller plugin for squid

New package: squirrel-2.2.4-2.fc15
             High level imperative/OO programming language

New package: srm-1.2.11-2.fc15
             Secure file deletion

New package: ssbd-0.10-6.fc15
             Voice keyer for use in hamradio

New package: sselp-0.2-4.fc15
             Prints X selection to standard out

New package: ssldump-0.9-0.3.b3.fc15
             An SSLv3/TLS network protocol analyzer

New package: sslscan-1.8.2-4.fc15
             Security assessment tool for SSL

New package: ssmtp-2.61-16.fc15
             Extremely simple MTA to get mail off the system to a Mailhub

New package: ssss-0.5-7.fc15
             Shamir's secret sharing scheme

New package: staden-io_lib-1.12.4-2.fc15
             General purpose library to handle gene sequencing machine trace files

New package: stalonetray-0.8.0-2.fc15
             A stand alone notification area

New package: star-1.5.1-7.fc15
             An archiving tool with ACL support

New package: stardict-dic-cs_CZ-20100216-2.fc15
             Czech dictionaries for StarDict

New package: stardict-dic-en-2.4.2-8.fc15
             English(en) dictionaries for StarDict

New package: stardict-dic-hi-3.0.1-7.fc15
             Hindi dictionary for stardict

New package: stardict-dic-ja-2.4.2-7.fc15
             Japanese(ja) dictionaries for StarDict

New package: stardict-dic-ru-2.4.2-8.fc15
             Russian(ru) dictionaries for StarDict

New package: stardict-dic-zh_CN-2.4.2-7.fc15
             Simplified Chinese(zh_CN) dictionaries for StarDict

New package: stardict-dic-zh_TW-2.4.2-8.fc15
             Traditional Chinese(zh_TW) dictionaries for StarDict

New package: starplot-0.95.5-5.fc15
             3-dimensional perspective star map viewer

New package: starplot-contrib-3-4.fc15
             Stellar data set for use by the StarPlot tool

New package: starplot-gliese3-0.95-5.fc15
             Stellar data set for use by the StarPlot tool

New package: starplot-yale5-0.95-5.fc15
             Stellar data set for use by the StarPlot tool

New package: statserial-1.1-44.fc15
             A tool which displays the status of serial port modem lines

New package: steghide-0.5.1-12.fc15
             A steganography program

New package: stgit-0.14.3-8.fc15
             Patch stack for Git repositories

New package: stix-fonts-1.0.0-2.fc15
             Scientific and engineering fonts

New package: stk-4.4.2-2.fc15
             Synthesis ToolKit in C++

New package: stomppy-3.0.3-2.fc15
             Python stomp client for messaging

New package: stormbaancoureur-2.1.5-7.fc15
             Simulated obstacle course for automobiles

New package: stow-1.3.3-9.fc15
             Manage the installation of software packages from source

New package: stp-0.1-6.fc15
             Constraint solver/decision procedure

New package: stratagus-2.2.4-9.fc15
             Real-time strategy gaming engine

New package: streamtuner-2.0.8-8.fc15
             An internet radio browser

New package: stress-1.0.4-5.fc15
             A tool to put given subsystems under a specified load

New package: stringtemplate-3.2.1-2.fc15
             A Java template engine

New package: stripesnoop-1.5-11.fc15.3
             Magnetic Stripe Reader

New package: stun-0.96-5.fc15
             Implements a simple Stun Client

New package: stxxl-1.2.1-10.fc15
             C++ STL drop-in replacement for extremely large datasets

New package: sub2srt-0.5.3-6.fc15
             Convert files in .sub format to .srt

New package: subcommander-2.0-0.7.fc15.7
             Graphical UI for subversion

New package: subdownloader-2.0.14-2.fc15
             Program for download/upload subtitles for video files and DVDs

New package: sudoku-savant-1.3-3.fc15
             Solve and generate sudoku puzzles through logical means

New package: sugar-abacus-19-2.fc15
             A simple abacus activity for Sugar

New package: sugar-analyze-8-8.fc15
             Analysing tool for Sugar

New package: sugar-chat-70-1.fc15
             Chat client for Sugar

New package: sugar-connect-22-8.fc15
             Connect for Sugar

New package: sugar-distance-21-2.fc15
             Distance measurement for Sugar

New package: sugar-finance-3-4.fc15
             Financial planning for Sugar

New package: sugar-flipsticks-2-3.fc15
             A keyframe animation activity for Sugar

New package: sugar-getiabooks-3-5.fc15
             Internet Archive Books receiver for Sugar

New package: sugar-help-10-4.fc15
             Help and Dokumentation for Sugar

New package: sugar-imageviewer-17-2.fc15
             Simple Image viewer for Sugar

New package: sugar-implode-9-3.20091228.fc15
             Implode for Sugar

New package: sugar-infoslicer-8-3.fc15
             Downloader for articles from Wikipedia

New package: sugar-jukebox-20-2.fc15
             Media player activity for Sugar

New package: sugar-labyrinth-11-2.fc15
             A lightweight mind-mapping activity for Sugar

New package: sugar-logos-3-4.fc15
             Boot splash imagery for Sugar on a Stick

New package: sugar-physics-8-2.fc15
             A physical world simulator and playground for Sugar

New package: sugar-playgo-5-6.fc15
             Go for Sugar

New package: sugar-presence-service-0.90.2-1.fc15
             The Sugar presence service

New package: sugar-settings-manager-0.87.2-3.fc15
             Settings manager for the Sugar environment

New package: sugar-stopwatch-0-0.5.20090126.fc15
             Simple stopwatch for Sugar

New package: sugar-tamtam-0-0.7.20100201git.fc15
             A suite of four music and sound related activities

New package: sugar-typing-turtle-26-5.fc15
             A multilingual animated touch typing trainer

New package: sugar-view-slides-8-6.fc15
             Image serie viewer for Sugar

New package: sugar-visualmatch-27-2.fc15
             A visual matching game

New package: sugar-write-72-3.fc15
             Word processor for Sugar

New package: sugar-xomail-0-0.5.20090128.fc15
             Xomail for Sugar

New package: sundials-2.3.0-10.fc15
             Suite of nonlinear solvers

New package: supertuxkart-0.7-2.fc15
             Kids 3D go-kart racing game featuring Tux

New package: surf-0.4.1-3.fc15
             Simple web browser

New package: surl-0.7.0-3.fc15
             A URL shortening command line tool

New package: svgalib-1.9.25-9.fc15
             Low-level fullscreen SVGA graphics library

New package: svnkit-1.3.4-2.fc15
             Pure Java Subversion client library

New package: svnmailer-1.0.8-11.fc15
             Tool to post subversion repository commit information

New package: svrcore-4.0.4-6.fc15
             Secure PIN handling using NSS crypto

New package: svxlink-090426-5.fc14
             Repeater controller and EchoLink (simplex or repeater)

New package: swaks-20100211.0-3.fc15
             Command-line SMTP transaction tester

New package: swami-0.9.4-7.fc15
             MIDI instrument and sound editor

New package: swarp-2.19.1-3.fc15
             Tool that resamples and co-adds together FITS images

New package: swing-layout-1.0.4-3.fc15
             Natural layout for Swing panels

New package: swingx-0.9.5-2.fc15
             A collection of Swing components

New package: sx-2.03-9.fc15
             Tool to extract reports and run plug-ins against those extracted reports

New package: syck-0.61-13.fc15
             YAML for C, Python, and PHP

New package: symkey-1.3.0-4.fc13
             Symmetric Key JNI Package

New package: symmetrica-2.0-5.fc15
             A Collection of Routines for Solving Symmetric Groups

New package: sympow-1.019-4.fc15
             Special Values of Symmetric Power Elliptic Curve L-Functions

New package: sympy-0.6.7-4.fc15
             A Python library for symbolic mathematics

New package: synaptic-0.57.2-26.fc15
             Graphical frontend for APT package manager.

New package: synce-gnome-0.11-5.fc15
             Display libnotify messages for odccm

New package: synce-gnomevfs-0.13-3.fc15
             Gnome-vfs module for synce

New package: synce-hal-0.15-2.fc15
             Connection framework and dccm-implementation

New package: synce-serial-0.11-5.fc15
             Serial connection support for Pocket PC devices

New package: synce-software-manager-0.9.0-14.fc15
             Software manager for use with synce

New package: synfig-0.62.02-1.fc15
             Vector-based 2D animation rendering backend

New package: synfigstudio-0.62.02-1.fc15
             Vector-based 2D animation studio

New package: synopsis-0.12-5.fc15
             Source-code Introspection Tool

New package: sys_basher-1.1.23-3.fc15
             A multithreaded hardware exerciser

New package: sysfsutils-2.1.0-9.fc15
             Utilities for interfacing with sysfs

New package: sysklogd-1.5-10.fc15
             System logging and kernel message trapping daemons

New package: syslinux-4.02-4.fc15
             Simple kernel loader which boots from a FAT filesystem

New package: system-autodeath-0.3-2.fc15
             Automatically disable system default route on a specific date

New package: system-config-bind-4.0.15-4.fc15
             BIND DNS Configuration Tool

New package: system-config-date-docs-1.0.10-2.fc15
             Documentation for setting the system date and time

New package: system-config-httpd-1.5.5-2.fc15
             Apache configuration tool

New package: system-config-kdump-2.0.5-4.fc15
             A graphical interface for configuring kernel crash dumping

New package: system-config-netboot-
             Network booting/install configuration utility (GUI)

New package: system-config-nfs-1.3.51-2.fc15
             NFS server configuration tool

New package: system-config-nfs-docs-1.0.9-2.fc15
             Documentation for configuring an NFS server

New package: system-config-rootpassword-1.99.6-3.fc15
             A graphical interface for modifying the rootpassword

New package: system-config-samba-docs-1.0.9-2.fc15
             Documentation for configuring a Samba server

New package: system-config-services-docs-1.1.9-2.fc15
             Documentation for configuring system services

New package: system-config-users-1.2.107-2.fc15
             A graphical interface for administering users and groups

New package: system-config-users-docs-1.0.9-2.fc15
             Documentation for administering users and groups

New package: system-config-vsftpd-0.5.1-7.fc15
             A graphical interface for administering vsftpd server

New package: system-setup-keyboard-0.8.6-5.fc15
             xorg.conf keyboard layout callout

New package: system-switch-displaymanager-1.2-7.fc15
             A display manager switcher for GDM, KDM, XDM and WDM

New package: system-switch-java-1.1.5-3.fc15
             A tool for changing the default Java toolset

New package: system-switch-mail-1.0.1-2.fc15
             The Mail Transport Agent Switcher

New package: systemtapguiserver-1.0-10.fc15
             Server for the eclipse-systemtapgui Client

New package: sysvinit-2.88-3.dsf.fc15
             Programs which control basic system processes

New package: t1lib-5.1.2-7.fc15
             PostScript Type 1 font rasterizer

New package: t1utils-1.36-2.fc15
             Collection of Type 1 and 2 font manipulation utilities

New package: taarich-1.20051120-13.fc15
             Tells the Hebrew date, Torah readings, and generates calendars

New package: tabbed-0.2-3.fc15
             Simple Xembed container manager

New package: tabled-0.5.1-0.3.g33595340.fc15
             Distributed key/value table service

New package: tack-1.07-2.fc15
             Terminfo action checker

New package: taggle-1.0-2.fc15
             An online french word game

New package: taginfo-1.2-5.fc15
             Printer of Tag Information from Media Files

New package: taglib-extras-1.0.1-2.fc15
             Taglib support for other formats

New package: tagsoup-1.0.1-8.fc15
             A SAX-compliant HTML parser written in Java

New package: tailor-0.9.35-11.fc15
             A tool to migrate changesets between several version control systems

New package: taipeifonts-1.2-13.fc15
             Traditional Chinese Bitmap fonts

New package: tangerine-fonts-1.000-2.fc15
             Tangerine is a calligraphy font inspired by many italic chancery hands

New package: tango-0.99.9-21.20101012svn5569.fc15
             The Developer's Library for D

New package: tango-icon-theme-0.8.90-4.fc15
             Icons from Tango Project

New package: tango-icon-theme-extras-0.1.0-5.fc15
             Extra Icons from the Tango Project

New package: tangogps-0.99.4-3.fc15
             GTK+ mapping and GPS application

New package: taoframework-2.1.0-2.fc15
             Multimedia bindings for Mono

New package: taskcoach-1.2.6-2.fc15
             Your friendly task manager

New package: tasque-0.1.9-5.fc15
             A simple task management app (TODO list) for the Linux Desktop

New package: taxipilot-0.9.2-11.fc15
             Game where you pilot a taxi in space

New package: tbcload-1.4-11.20061030cvs.fc15
             Tcl bytecode loader

New package: tcd-utils-20080820-5.fc15
             TCD (Tide Constituent Database) Utils

New package: tcl-html-8.5.7-3.fc15
             Tcl/Tk manual in html format

New package: tcl-pgtcl-1.8.0-2.fc15
             A Tcl client library for PostgreSQL

New package: tcl-snack-2.2.10-14.fc15
             Sound toolkit

New package: tcl-tcludp-1.0.8-4.fc15
             Tcl extension for UDP support

New package: tcl-tclvfs-20080503-5.fc15
             Tcl extension for Virtual Filesystem support

New package: tcl-tclxml-3.2-7.fc15
             XML parsing library for the Tcl scripting language

New package: tcl-thread-2.6.5-9.fc15
             Tcl Thread extension

New package: tcl-tileqt-0.4-0.7.b1.fc15
             QT widget support for Tile Toolkit

New package: tcl-tkpng-0.9-5.fc15
             Tcl/Tk support for PNG

New package: tcl-trf-2.1.4-2.fc15
             Tcl extension providing "transformer" commands

New package: tcl-zlib-2.0.1-0.6.svn40.fc15
             Tcl extension for zlib support

New package: tclchecker-1.4-9.20061030cvs.fc15
             Tcl syntax checker

New package: tclcompiler-1.5-10.20061030cvs.fc15
             Tcl bytecode compiler

New package: tcldebugger-1.4-11.20061030cvs.fc15
             Tcl debugging library

New package: tclhttpd-3.5.1-22.fc15
             Extensible Web+Application server written in Tcl

New package: tcllib-1.11.1-4.fc15
             The standard Tcl library

New package: tclparser-1.4-8.20061030cvs.fc15
             Tcl syntax parser

New package: tclpro-1.5.0-15.20061030cvs.fc15
             Development and debugging tools for Tcl applications

New package: tclsoap-1.6.7-8.fc15
             Tcl commands for SOAP remote procedure calls

New package: tcltls-1.6-7.fc15
             OpenSSL extension for Tcl

New package: tclx-8.4.0-16.fc15
             Extensions for Tcl and Tk

New package: tcpdump-4.1.1-2.fc15
             A network traffic monitoring tool

New package: tcpflow-0.21-9.fc15
             Network traffic recorder

New package: tcpick-0.2.1-18.fc15
             A tcp stream sniffer, tracker and capturer

New package: tcping-1.3.5-4.fc15
             Check of TCP connection to a given IP/Port

New package: tcpjunk-2.9.03-2.fc15
             TCP protocols testing tool

New package: tcpreen-1.4.4-2.fc15
             A TCP/IP re-engineering and monitoring program

New package: tcpreplay-3.4.4-2.fc15
             Replay captured network traffic

New package: tcptraceroute-1.5-0.9.beta7.fc15
             A traceroute implementation using TCP packets

New package: tcputils-0.6.2-7.fc15
             Utilities for TCP programming in shell-scripts

New package: tcpxtract-1.0.1-12.fc15
             Tool for extracting files from network traffic

New package: tdom-0.8.2-7.fc15
             DOM parser for Tcl

New package: teal-1_40b-5.fc15
             Verification Utility and Connection Library

New package: teamgit-0.0.9-5.20090205.fc15
             Visual tool for Git

New package: techtalk-pse-1.0.1-2.fc15
             Presentation software designed for technical people

New package: teckit-2.5.1-5.fc15
             Conversion library and mapping compiler

New package: tecnoballz-0.92-10.fc15
             A Brick Busting game

New package: teg-0.11.2-25.fc15
             Turn based strategy game

New package: telepathy-filesystem-0.0.2-2.fc15
             Telepathy filesystem layout

New package: telepathy-salut-0.4.0-2.fc15
             Link-local XMPP telepathy connection manager

New package: telepathy-sofiasip-0.7.1-2.fc15
             SIP connection manager for Telepathy

New package: telepathy-stream-engine-0.5.11-3.fc15
             Telepathy client to handle media streaming

New package: telescope-server-0-0.7.20070315.fc15
             Opensource Telescope control servers to interface with stellarium

New package: tempest-0-0.11.20081027.fc15
             Tempest OpenGL screensaver

New package: tennix-1.0-6.fc15
             A simple tennis game

New package: terminator-0.95-3.fc15
             Store and run multiple GNOME terminals in one window

New package: teseq-1.0.0-6.fc15
             An utility for rendering terminal typescripts human-readable

New package: tesseract-3.00-2.fc15
             Raw OCR Engine

New package: tesseract-langpack-3.00-2
             Langpacks for tesseract

New package: testoob-1.13-10.fc15
             Advanced unit testing framework for Python

New package: tetex-IEEEtran-1.7.1-4.fc15
             Official LaTeX class for IEEE transactions journals and conferences

New package: tetex-dvipost-1.1-12.fc15
             LaTeX post filter command to support change bars and overstrike mode

New package: tetex-elsevier-0.1.20090917-3.fc15
             Elsevier LaTeX style files and documentation

New package: tetex-tex4ht-1.0.2008_09_16_1413-4.fc15
             Translates TeX and LaTeX into HTML or XML+MathML

New package: tetrinetx-1.13.16-7.fc15
             The GNU TetriNET server

New package: tex-fonts-hebrew-0.1-15.fc15
             Culmus Hebrew fonts support for LaTeX

New package: tex-musixtex-0.114-9.fc15
             Sophisticated music typesetting

New package: tex-simplecv-1.6-9.fc15
             A simple latex class for writing curricula vitae

New package: texi2html-1.82-6.fc15
             A highly customizable texinfo to HTML and other formats translator

New package: texinfo-4.13a-15.fc15
             Tools needed to create Texinfo format documentation files

New package: texlive-texmf-errata-2007-8.fc15
             Errata for texlive-texmf

New package: the-board-0.1.3-2.fc15
             A space for placing daily records in your GNOME desktop

New package: thebridge-1.06-6.fc15
             ILink/EchoLink compatible conference bridge

New package: thewidgetfactory-0.2.1-11.fc15
             A tool for previewing GTK widgets

New package: thttpd-2.25b-24.fc15
             Tiny, turbo, throttleable lightweight http server

New package: thunar-archive-plugin-0.3.0-2.fc15
             Archive plugin for the Thunar file manager

New package: thunar-media-tags-plugin-0.1.2-9.fc15
             Media Tags plugin for the Thunar file manager

New package: thunar-volman-0.6.0-2.fc15
             Automatic management of removable drives and media for the Thunar file manager

New package: tibetan-machine-uni-fonts-1.901-7.fc15
             Tibetan Machine Uni font for Tibetan, Dzongkha and Ladakhi

New package: tideEditor-1.4.1-6.fc15
             Editor for Tide Constituent Database (TCD) files

New package: tidy-0.99.0-21.20091203.fc15
             Utility to clean up and pretty print HTML/XHTML/XML

New package: tidyp-1.02-4.fc15
             Clean up and pretty-print HTML/XHTML/XML

New package: timespan-2.1-5.fc15
             A tool that performs date-based time calculations

New package: timidity++-2.13.2-23.fc15
             A software wavetable MIDI synthesizer

New package: tin-1.8.3-8.fc15
             Basic Internet news reader

New package: tintwizard-0.3.4-3.fc15
             A GUI wizard which generates config files for tint2 panels

New package: tinyfugue-5.0-0.14.b8.fc15
             A MU* client

New package: tinyproxy-1.8.2-2.fc15
             A small, efficient HTTP/SSL proxy daemon

New package: tinyxml-2.6.1-2.fc15
             A simple, small, C++ XML parser

New package: tiobench-0.3.3-10.2
             Threaded I/O benchmark

New package: tiquit-2.5.1-4.fc15
             A PHP5-compatible help desk incident tracking/knowledgebase system

New package: tiresias-fonts-1.0-9.fc15
             Low vision fonts

New package: tix-8.4.3-6.fc15
             A set of extension widgets for Tk

New package: tkcon-2.5-5.fc15
             Tcl GUI console

New package: tkcvs-8.2.2-2.fc15
             TkCVS and TkDiff

New package: tkdnd-1.0a2-15.fc15
             Tk extension that adds native drag & drop capabilities

New package: tkgate-2.0-11.beta10.fc15
             An event driven digital circuit simulator

New package: tklib-0.5-5.fc15
             Collection of widgets and other packages for Tk

New package: tktable-2.9-14.fc15
             Table/matrix widget extension to Tcl/Tk

New package: tktray-1.3.9-2.fc15
             System Tray Icon Support for Tk on X11

New package: tlock-1.5-3.fc15
             Terminal lock

New package: tlomt-junction-fonts-2.0-5.fc15
             A humanist sans serif font

New package: tlomt-orbitron-fonts-1.000-3.fc15
             Geometric sans-serif typeface

New package: tlomt-sniglet-fonts-1.000-3.fc15
             A rounded, sans-serif font useful for headlines

New package: tmda-1.1.12-5.fc14
             Tagged Message Delivery Agent

New package: tmispell-voikko-0.7.1-4.fc15
             An Ispell compatible front-end for spell-checking modules

New package: tn5250-0.17.4-4.fc15
             5250 Telnet protocol and Terminal

New package: tolua++-1.0.93-2.fc15
             A tool to integrate C/C++ code with Lua

New package: tomcat-native-1.1.20-2.fc15
             Tomcat native library

New package: tomcat5-5.5.31-3.fc15
             Apache Servlet/JSP Engine, RI for Servlet 2.4/JSP 2.0 API

New package: tomoe-0.6.0-19.fc15
             Handwritten input system for Japanese and Chinese

New package: tomoe-gtk-0.6.0-13.fc15
             Gtk library for tomoe for Japanese and Chinese handwritten input

New package: tong-1.0-14.fc15
             A mixture of two classic games

New package: topgit-0.9-0.4.gitd279e292.fc15
             A different patch queue manager

New package: torch-3.1-4.fc15
             Torch is a simple machine-learning library

New package: torcs-1.3.1-4.fc15
             The Open Racing Car Simulator

New package: torcs-data-1.3.1-3
             The Open Racing Car Simulator data files

New package: torsmo-0.18-12.fc15
             TyopoytaORvelo System MOnitor

New package: touchcal-0.40-2.fc15
             Calibration utility for touch screens

New package: tqsllib-2.0-10.fc15
             The TrustedQSL library

New package: trac-accountmanager-plugin-0.3-0.3.20101206svn9591.fc15
             Trac plugin for account registration and management

New package: trac-bazaar-plugin-0.4.2-2.fc15
             Bazaar plugin for Trac

New package: trac-customfieldadmin-plugin-0.2.5-0.2.svn9652.fc15
             Expose ticket custom fields via the web admin interface

New package: trac-git-plugin-
             GIT version control plugin for Trac

New package: trac-iniadmin-plugin-0.2-2.20101209svn9652.fc15
             Expose all TracIni options using the Trac 0.11 config option API

New package: trac-mercurial-plugin-
             Mercurial plugin for Trac

New package: trac-monotone-plugin-0.0.14-7.20100327mtnda420c80.fc15
             Monotone version control plugin for Trac

New package: trac-peerreview-plugin-0.11-4.svn5357.fc15
             Framework for realtime code review within Trac

New package: trac-privateticketsplugin-2.0.2-0.5.svn5073.fc15
             Trac extension to allow users to view only related tickets

New package: trac-ticketdelete-plugin-2.0-2.20101209svn6926.fc15
             Remove tickets and ticket changes from Trac

New package: trac-tickettemplate-plugin-0.7-0.2.svn8364.fc15
             Allow for ticket templating

New package: trac-tracnav-plugin-4.1-5.fc15
             Navigation Bar for Trac

New package: traceroute-2.0.17-2.fc15
             Traces the route taken by packets over an IPv4/IPv6 network

New package: trackballs-1.1.4-14.fc15
             Steer a marble ball through a labyrinth

New package: trackballs-music-1.4-3.fc15
             In-game music for Trackballs

New package: trafshow-5.2.3-7.fc15
             A tool for real-time network traffic visualization

New package: transbot-0.2-8.fc15
             Small irc bot designed to translate between languages in irc channels

New package: transfig-3.2.5d-2.fc15
             Utility for converting FIG files (made by xfig) to other formats

New package: transifex-0.9.1-1.fc15
             A system for distributed translation submissions

New package: translation-filter-1.0-3.fc15
             A l10n file filter

New package: trash-cli-0.11.3-0.4.r315.fc15
             Command line interface to the freedesktop.org trashcan

New package: tre-0.8.0-3.fc15
             POSIX compatible regexp library with approximate matching

New package: treecc-0.3.8-8.fc15
             Tree Compiler Compiler

New package: tremulous-1.2.0-0.2.beta1.fc15
             First Person Shooter game based on the Quake 3 engine

New package: tremulous-data-1.2.0-0.2.beta1.fc15
             Data files for tremulous the FPS game

New package: trilead-ssh2-213-8.fc15
             SSH-2 protocol implementation in pure Java

New package: tripwire-
             IDS (Intrusion Detection System)

New package: trophy-1.1.5-7.fc15
             Car racing game with special features

New package: trustedqsl-1.11-8.fc15
             TrustedQSL ham-radio applications

New package: tse3-0.3.1-7.fc15
             MIDI Sequencer Engine

New package: tslib-1.0-3.fc15
             Touchscreen Access Library

New package: ttcp-1.12-20.fc12
             A tool for testing TCP connections

New package: ttf2pt1-3.4.4-10.fc15
             TrueType to Adobe Type 1 font converter

New package: ttmkfdir-3.0.9-33.fc15
             Utility to create fonts.scale files for truetype fonts

New package: ttywatch-0.14-14.fc15
             Log output of arbitrarily many devices

New package: tucan-0.3.10-0.2.alpha.fc15
             Manager for downloads and uploads at hosting sites

New package: tucnak2-2.31-1.fc13
             VHF contest logging program

New package: tudu-0.7-3.fc15
             A simple, command line interface to do list application

New package: tulrich-tuffy-fonts-1.1-5.fc15
             Generic sans font

New package: tuna-0.9.1-3.fc15
             Application tuning GUI & command line utility

New package: tunctl-1.5-5.fc15
             Create and remove virtual network interfaces

New package: tunneler-1.1.1-7.fc15
             Clone of legendary Tunneler game

New package: turba-2.3.5-2.fc15
             The Horde contact management application

New package: tuxcmd-0.6.70-2.fc15
             Tux Commander: file manager with 2 panels side by side using GTK2

New package: tuxguitar-1.2-4.fc15
             A multitrack tablature editor and player written in Java-SWT

New package: tuxmath-1.8.0-2.fc15
             Educational math tutor for children

New package: tuxpaint-0.9.21-5.fc15
             Drawing program designed for young children

New package: tuxpaint-stamps-2009.06.28-2.fc15
             Extra stamp files for tuxpaint

New package: tuxpuck-0.8.2-9.fc15
             3D Shufflepuck Pong Game

New package: tuxtype2-1.8.1-3.fc15
             Tux Typing, an educational typing tutor for children

New package: tvtime-1.0.2-17.fc15
             A high quality TV viewer

New package: tweepy-1.7.1-3.fc14
             Twitter library for python

New package: twlog-2.7-4.fc15
             Records basic ham radio log information

New package: txmpp-0.0.2-3.fc14
             A C++ XMPP library

New package: txt2man-1.5.6-1.fc15
             Convert flat ASCII text to man page format

New package: txt2regex-0.8-4.fc15
             Regular expression wizard that converts human sentences to regexes

New package: txt2rss-0.1-7.fc15
             Convert from txt to rss

New package: txt2tags-2.5-9.fc15
             Summary: Converts text files to HTML, XHTML, LaTeX, and other formats

New package: typemade-josefinsansstd-light-fonts-1.000-4.fc15
             A latin font that is geometric, elegant, and kind of vintage

New package: typepad-motion-1.1.3-3.fc15
             A microblogging application for building online communities

New package: typespeed-0.6.5-4.fc15
             Test your typing speed and get your fingers' CPS

New package: tyrion-0.1.0-1.fc15
             A daemon that allows for the asynchronous running of remote processes

New package: tzclock-2.7.7-2.fc15
             GTK+ graphical Clock displaying the time around the world

New package: uClibc-0.9.32-0.2.rc2.fc15
             C library for embedded Linux

New package: uberftp-2.6-2.fc15
             GridFTP-enabled ftp client

New package: ubuntu-title-fonts-002.000-3.fc15
             A titling decorative font to create the lettering of the Ubuntu logo

New package: ucarp-1.5.2-2.fc15
             Common Address Redundancy Protocol (CARP) for Unix

New package: ucblogo-6.0-8.fc15
             An interpreter for the Logo programming language

New package: ucl-1.03-11.fc15
             Portable lossless data compression library

New package: ucs-miscfixed-fonts-0.3-6.fc15
             Selected set of bitmap fonts

New package: ucview-0.33-2.fc15
             Image and video capture application using unicap toolkit

New package: ucviewer-0.1-0.3.20101019svn4.fc15
             A tool for browsing Unicode tables

New package: udftools-1.0.0b3-13.fc15
             Linux UDF Filesystem userspace utilities

New package: udis86-1.7-4.fc15
             A disassembler library for x86 and x86-64

New package: udns-0.0.9-6.fc15
             DNS resolver library for both synchronous and asynchronous DNS queries

New package: udpcast-20071228-8.fc15
             UDP broadcast file distribution and installation

New package: udunits2-2.1.19-2.fc15
             A library for manipulating units of physical quantities

New package: ufiformat-0.9.8-2.fc15
             Disk formatting utility for USB floppy devices

New package: uisp-20050207-8.fc15
             Universal In-System Programmer for Atmel AVR and 8051

New package: ularn-1.5p4-16.fc15
             Simple roguelike game

New package: umit-1.0-0.5.RC.fc15
             Nmap front-end

New package: uml_utilities-20070815-7.fc15
             Utilities for user-mode linux kernel

New package: umlgraph-5.4-2.fc15
             Automated Drawing of UML Diagrams

New package: un-core-fonts-1.0.2-0.16.080608.fc15
             Un Core family of Korean TrueType fonts

New package: un-extra-fonts-1.0.2-0.13.080608.fc15
             Un Extra family of Korean TrueType fonts

New package: unalz-0.65-3.fc15
             Decompression utility

New package: unclutter-8-4.fc15
             Hide mouse cursor when idle

New package: unhide-1.0-6.fc15.20100201
             Tool to find hidden processes and TCP/UDP ports from rootkits

New package: uniconvertor-1.1.4-4.fc15
             Universal vector graphics translator

New package: unicornscan-0.4.7-3.fc15
             Scalable, accurate, flexible and efficient network probing

New package: unison213-2.13.16-15.fc12
             Multi-master File synchronization tool

New package: unison227-2.27.57-13.fc12
             Multi-master File synchronization tool

New package: units-1.88-3.fc15
             A utility for converting amounts from one unit to another

New package: unittest-0.50-62.6.fc15.1
             C++ Unit Test Framework

New package: unixODBC-2.2.14-13.fc15
             A complete ODBC driver manager for Linux

New package: unixcw-2.3-5.fc15
             Shared library for Morse programs

New package: unoconv-0.4-4.fc15
             Tool to convert between any document format supported by LibreOffice

New package: unpaper-0.3-5.fc15
             Post-processing of scanned and photocopied book pages

New package: unrtf-0.21.1-2.fc15
             RTF (Rich Text Format) to other formats converter

New package: unshield-0.6-3.fc15
             Install InstallShield applications on a Pocket PC

New package: unuran-1.8.0-2.fc15
             Universal Non-Uniform Random number generator

New package: unzip-6.0-4.fc15
             A utility for unpacking zip files

New package: unzoo-4.4-6.fc15
             ZOO archive extractor

New package: up-imapproxy-1.2.7-2.fc15
             University of Pittsburgh IMAP Proxy

New package: uperf-1.0.3-0.4.beta.fc15
             Network performance tool with modelling and replay support

New package: upnp-inspector-0.2.2-4.fc15
             UPnP Device and Service analyzer

New package: uprof-0.3-0.2.20110115gita6832f7a.fc15
             Profiling toolkit

New package: upslug2-0.0-0.6.20071107.svn39.fc15
             Firmware update utility for the nslu2

New package: upx-3.07-2.fc15
             Ultimate Packer for eXecutables

New package: uqm-0.6.2-12.fc15
             The Ur-Quan Masters, a port of the classic game Star Control II

New package: uread-0-0.6.20081006.fc15
             Utilities for unformatted fortran files

New package: uriparser-0.7.5-4.fc15
             URI parsing library - RFC 3986

New package: urlview-0.9-8.fc15
             URL extractor/launcher

New package: urw-fonts-2.4-10.fc15
             Free versions of the 35 standard PostScript fonts.

New package: usbmon-5.4-5.fc15
             A basic front-end to usbmon

New package: usbview-1.1-5.fc15
             USB topology and device viewer

New package: userspace-rcu-0.4.1-2.fc15
             RCU (read-copy-update) implementation in user space

New package: ustr-1.0.4-9.fc12
             String library, very low memory overhead, simple to import

New package: utrac-0.3.0-14.fc15
             Universal Text Recognizer and Converter

New package: uucp-1.07-25.fc15
             A set of utilities for operations between systems

New package: uudeview-0.5.20-20.fc15
             Applications for uuencoding, uudecoding, ...

New package: uxlaunch-0.56-6.fc15
             A small and quick interface to start the Moblin Desktop

New package: v8-
             JavaScript Engine

New package: vacation-
             Automatic mail answering program

New package: valknut-0.4.9-4.fc15
             Valknut is a QT Direct Connect client

New package: vanessa_adt-0.0.7-7.fc15
             Library of Abstract Data Types

New package: vanessa_logger-0.0.8-6.fc15
             Generic logging layer

New package: varconf-0.6.6-2.fc15
             Configuration library used by WorldForge clients

New package: varnish-2.1.5-2.fc15
             High-performance HTTP accelerator

New package: vaspview-1.05-5.fc15
             VASP Data Viewer

New package: vavoom-1.30-6.fc15
             Enhanced Doom, Heretic, Hexen and Strife source port

New package: vbetool-1.2.2-1.fc12
             Run real-mode video BIOS code to alter hardware state

New package: vbindiff-3.0-0.5.beta4.fc15
             Visual binary diff

New package: vblade-14-7.fc15
             Virtual EtherDrive (R) blade daemon

New package: vconfig-1.9-9.fc15
             Linux 802.1q VLAN configuration utility

New package: vdccm-0.10.1-6.fc12
             Serial connection daemon for Pocket PC devices

New package: vdpauinfo-0.0.6-3.fc15
             Tool to query the capabilities of a VDPAU implementation

New package: vdr-1.6.0-40.fc15
             Video Disk Recorder

New package: vdr-epgsearch-0.9.25-0.7.beta21.fc15
             Powerful schedules menu replacement plugin for VDR

New package: vdr-femon-1.6.7-5.fc15
             DVB frontend status monitor plugin for VDR

New package: vdr-osdteletext-0.9.0-2.fc15
             OSD teletext plugin for VDR

New package: vdr-remote-0.4.0-11.fc15
             Extended remote control plugin for VDR

New package: vdr-skins-20110221-1.fc15
             Collection of OSD skins for VDR

New package: vdr-skinsoppalusikka-1.6.5-2.fc15
             The "Soppalusikka" skin for VDR

New package: vdr-sudoku-0.3.5-3.fc15
             Sudoku plugin for VDR

New package: vdr-text2skin-1.3.1-3.fc15
             OSD skin plugin for VDR

New package: vdr-ttxtsubs-0.0.9-5.fc15
             Teletext subtitles plugin for VDR

New package: vdr-wapd-0.9-10.patch1.fc15
             WAP remote control interface for VDR

New package: vdrsymbol-fonts-20100612-1.fc15
             VDR symbol fonts

New package: vecmath-0-3.20090922cvs.fc15
             The 3D vector math Java package, javax.vecmath

New package: vecmath1.2-1.14-6.fc15
             Free version of vecmath from the Java3D 1.2 specification

New package: verilator-3.805-2.fc15
             A fast simulator for synthesizable Verilog

New package: vgabios-0.6c-3.fc15
             LGPL implementation of a vga video bios

New package: vhd2vl-2.3-1.fc14
             VHDL to Verilog translator

New package: vhostmd-0.4-12.fc15
             Virtualization host metrics daemon

New package: vhybridize-0.5.9-6.fc15
             Virtual Hybridization command line tools

New package: viewmtn-0.10-7.20100308mtn0030ad67.fc15
             Web interface for Monotone version control system

New package: viewnior-1.1-2.fc15
             Elegant image viewer

New package: vifm-0.5-5.fc15
             Lightweight file manager with vi like key-bindings

New package: vile-9.8e-1.fc15
             VI Like Emacs

New package: vim-latex-1.8.23-2.20101027.r1112.fc15
             Tools to view, edit and compile LaTeX documents in Vim

New package: vim-perl-tt2-0.1.3-3.fc15
             Syntax highlighting for the Template-Toolkit

New package: vim-vimoutliner-0.3.4-14.fc15
             Script for building an outline editor on top of Vim

New package: virt-top-1.0.5-2.fc15
             Utility like top(1) for displaying virtualization stats

New package: vkeybd-0.1.17a-12.fc15
             Virtual MIDI keyboard

New package: vldocking-2.1.5-2.fc15
             A Java ™ docking system for JFC Swing applications

New package: vlock-1.3-30.fc15
             A program which locks one or more virtual consoles

New package: vnc-ltsp-config-4.0-8.fc15
             Easy Enabler of VNC remote LTSP desktops

New package: vnc-reflector-1.2.4-8.fc15
             A specialized, multiplexing vnc proxy server

New package: vodovod-1.10r19-7.fc15
             A pipe connecting game

New package: vollkorn-fonts-1.008-5.fc15
             A serif latin font with good readability

New package: volpack-1.0c7-4.fc15
             Portable library for fast volume rendering

New package: vorbis-tools-1.4.0-3.fc15
             The Vorbis General Audio Compression Codec tools

New package: vorbisgain-0.36-7.fc15
             Adds tags to Ogg Vorbis files to adjust the volume

New package: vorbisspi-1.0.3-3.fc15
             Java Service Provider Interface for the OGG Vorbis audio format

New package: vtkdata-5.6.1-2
             Example data file for VTK

New package: vtun-3.0.1-10.fc15
             Virtual tunnel over TCP/IP networks

New package: w3c-libwww-5.4.1-0.19.20060206cvs.fc15
             HTTP library of common code

New package: wacomexpresskeys-0.4.2-4.fc15
             Wacom ExpressKeys and Touch Strips configuration utility

New package: wallpaperd-0.2.0-3.fc15
             Background setter supporting random images and per-workspace images

New package: wammu-0.30.1-4.fc15
             Mobile Phone Manager - Gammu GUI

New package: wannier90-1.2-3.fc15
             Maximally-localised Wannier functions

New package: wastesedge-0.3.4-0.16.fc15
             Official game package for Adonthell

New package: watchdog-5.9-2.fc15
             Software and/or Hardware watchdog daemon

New package: wavbreaker-0.10-5.fc15
             Tool for splitting .wav files

New package: wavextract-1.0.0-6.fc15
             Program for extracting embedded audio data from JPEG images

New package: wavpack-4.60.1-2.fc15
             A completely open audiocodec

New package: wb_builder-1.0.3-3.fc15
             Wishbone Bus Builder

New package: wbxml2-0.9.2-17.fc15
             Library and tools to parse, encode and handle WBXML documents

New package: wdfs-1.4.2-10.fc15
             WebDAV File System

New package: webacula-5.0.3-2.fc15
             Web interface of a Bacula backup system

New package: webattery-1.2-7.fc15
             Command to display battery status

New package: webcpp-0.8.4-5.fc15
             Convert C++ code to HTML

New package: weka-3.6.2-5.fc15
             Waikato Environment for Knowledge Analysis

New package: weplab-0.1.5-7.fc15
             Analyzing WEP encryption security on wireless networks

New package: werken-xpath-0.9.4-6.beta.12.4.fc15
             XPath implementation using JDOM

New package: wf-0.41-5.fc15
             Simple word frequency counter

New package: wfut-1.1.0-9.fc15
             Software updater tool for WorldForge applications

New package: wget-1.12-3.fc15
             A utility for retrieving files using the HTTP or FTP protocols

New package: whaawmp-
             Lightweight Media Player

New package: whatmask-1.2-8.fc15
             Convert between different netmask types and show information

New package: whereami-1.0-3.fc15
             Displays work location

New package: which-2.20-2.fc15
             Displays where a particular program in your path is located

New package: whohas-0.24-3.fc15
             Command line tool for query package lists

New package: whysynth-dssi-20100922-3.fc15
             DSSI software synthesizer plugin

New package: wifi-radar-2.0.s08-2.fc15
             A utility for managing WiFi profiles

New package: wiggle-0.8-2.fc15
             A tool for applying patches with conflicts

New package: wiiuse-0.12-5.fc15
             The wiiuse library is used to access and control multiple Nintendo Wiimotes

New package: wildmidi-
             Softsynth midi player

New package: wine-docs-1.2-1.fc14
             Documentation for wine

New package: wings-1.2-4.fc15
             3D Subdivision Modeler

New package: winpdb-1.4.8-2.fc15
             An advanced python debugger

New package: winwrangler-0.2.4-2.fc15
             Small desktop daemon to perform advanced window manipulations

New package: wipe-0.21-5.fc15
             Secure file erasing tool

New package: wireless-tools-29-6.1.fc15
             Wireless ethernet configuration tools

New package: wise2-2.2.0-8.fc15
             Tools for comparison of biopolymers

New package: wklej-0.1.7-3.fc15
             A wklej.org submitter

New package: wlassistant-0.5.7-13.fc15
             Wireless network management tool

New package: wmCalClock-1.25-14.fc15
             A Calendar clock with antialiased text

New package: wmSun-1.03-4.fc15
             Rise/Set time of Sun in a dockapp

New package: wmacpi-2.2-0.7.rc1.fc15
             Dockapp for laptop acpi/apm information

New package: wmapmload-0.3.4-11.fc15
             Wmapmload monitors your apm status in an lcd display fashion

New package: wmbinclock-0.5-2.fc15
             Dockapp which shows the actual system time as binary clock

New package: wmblob-1.0.3-3.fc15
             Dockapp which shows funny moving `blobs'

New package: wmfire-1.2.3-4.fc15
             A WindowMaker dock app that displays cpu, memory or network load as flames

New package: wmfrog-0.3.1-2.fc15
             A weather application, it shows the weather in a graphical way

New package: wmweather+-2.11-3.fc15
             Weather status dockapp

New package: wmx-7-8.fc15
             A really simple window manager for X

New package: woff-0.20091126-3.fc15
             Encoding and Decoding for Web Open Font Format(Woff)

New package: woffTools-0.1-0.3.684svn.fc15
             Tool for manipulating and examining WOFF files

New package: wol-0.7.1-5.fc15
             Wake On Lan client

New package: woodardworks-laconic-fonts-001.001-5.fc15
             An artistic and minimal sans-serif font family

New package: wordgroupz-0.3.1-4.fc15
             A vocabulary building application

New package: wordnet-3.0-15.fc15
             A lexical database for the English language

New package: wordpress-plugin-defaults-2.1-2.fc15
             Wordpress blog defaults plugin for WordPress

New package: words-3.0-17.fc15
             A dictionary of English words for the /usr/share/dict directory

New package: wordtrans-1.1-0.9.pre13.fc12
             Multi Language Word Translator for Linux

New package: wordwarvi-0.25-4.fc15
             Side-scrolling shoot 'em up '80s style arcade game

New package: wordxtr-0.1.0-5.fc15
             Create hunspell dictionary from given plain text input data files

New package: worminator-data-3.0R2.1-7.fc15
             Data for worminator the game

New package: wqy-bitmap-fonts-1.0.0-0.2.rc1.fc15
             WenQuanYi Bitmap Chinese Fonts

New package: wqy-microhei-fonts-0.2.0-0.7.beta.fc15
             Compact Chinese fonts derived from Droid

New package: wqy-unibit-fonts-1.1.0-8.fc15
             WenQuanYi Unibit Bitmap Font

New package: wqy-zenhei-fonts-0.9.46-2.fc15
             WenQuanYi Zen Hei CJK Font

New package: wraplinux-1.6-4.fc15
             Utility to wrap a Linux kernel and initrd into an ELF or NBI file

New package: ws-jaxme-0.5.1-7.fc15
             Open source implementation of JAXB

New package: wsdl4j-1.6.2-2.fc15
             Web Services Description Language Toolkit for Java

New package: wsdlpull-1.23-4.fc15
             C++ Web Services client library

New package: wtop-0.6.1-4.fc15
             Top for Webserver

New package: wuja-0.0.8-9.fc15
             Gnome desktop applet for integration with Google Calendar

New package: wv-1.2.9-2.fc15
             MSWord 6/7/8/9 binary file format to HTML converter

New package: wvdial-1.61-4.fc15
             A heuristic autodialer for PPP connections

New package: wvs-data-0.0.20020219-6
             World Vector Shoreline data

New package: wxGlade-0.6.3tip20100625-3.fc15
             A wxWidgets/wxPython/wxPerl GUI designer

New package: wxMaxima-0.8.7-1.fc15
             Graphical user interface for Maxima

New package: wxapt-1.3-6.fc15
             Console application for decoding and saving weather images

New package: wyrd-1.4.5-2.fc15
             A ncurses frontend for the calendar application remind

New package: x11-ssh-askpass-
             A passphrase dialog for X and not only for OpenSSH

New package: x11vnc-0.9.12-18.fc15
             VNC server for the current X11 session

New package: x3270-3.3.10ga4-2.fc15
             An X Window System based IBM 3278/3279 terminal emulator

New package: xa-2.3.5-5.fc15
             6502/65816 cross-assembler

New package: xaos-3.5-2.fc15
             A fast, portable real-time interactive fractal zoomer

New package: xapian-bindings-1.2.4-2.fc15
             Bindings for the Xapian Probabilistic Information Retrieval Library

New package: xapian-core-1.2.4-2.fc15
             The Xapian Probabilistic Information Retrieval Library

New package: xar-1.5.2-7.fc15
             The eXtensible ARchiver

New package: xarchon-0.50-11.fc15
             Arcade board game

New package: xautolock-2.2-9.fc15
             Launches a program when your X session has been idle

New package: xautomation-1.03-4.fc15
             Tools to automate tasks in X, even detecting on screen images

New package: xavante-2.2.1-2.fc15
             Lua Web Server with WSAPI support

New package: xbacklight-1.1.2-2.fc15
             Adjust backlight brightness using RandR

New package: xbae-4.60.4-13.fc15
             Motif matrix, caption and text input widgets

New package: xbase-3.1.2-2.fc15
             XBase compatible database library

New package: xbiso-0.6.1-6.fc15
             ISO extraction utility for xdvdfs images

New package: xblas-1.0.248-3.fc15
             Extra Precise Basic Linear Algebra Subroutines

New package: xblast-data-2.10.0-7.fc15
             Data files for the game xblast

New package: xbsql-0.11-16.fc15
             A SQL wrapper for xbase

New package: xcalc-1.0.3-6.fc15
             Scientific Calculator X11 Client

New package: xcalib-0.8-8.fc15
             Tiny monitor calibration loader for X.org

New package: xcb-proto-1.6-3.fc15
             XCB protocol descriptions

New package: xcb-util-0.3.6-2.fc15
             Convenience libraries sitting on top of libxcb

New package: xcf-pixbuf-loader-0.0.1-6.8af913d1.fc15
             XCF (GIMP) image loader for GTK+ applications

New package: xcftools-1.0.7-2.fc15
             Command-line tools for extracting information from XCF files

New package: xchat-ruby-1.2-9.fc15
             An X-Chat plugin providing scripting functionality with Ruby

New package: xcircuit-3.6.164-2.fc15
             Electronic circuit schematic drawing program

New package: xclip-0.12-2.fc15
             Command line clipboard grabber

New package: xcompmgr-1.1.5-2.fc15
             X11 composite manager

New package: xconvers-0.8.3-9.fc15
             Ham radio convers client similar to IRC for X/GTK

New package: xdelta-3.0.0-2.fc15
             A binary file delta generator

New package: xdemorse-1.3-7.fc15
             GTK based application for decoding and displaying Morse code signals

New package: xdesktopwaves-1.3-13.fc15
             Simulation of water waves on the X Window System desktop

New package: xdg-user-dirs-0.14-1.fc15
             Handles user special directories

New package: xdg-user-dirs-gtk-0.8-6.fc15
             Gnome integration of special directories

New package: xdialog-2.3.1-6.fc15
             X11 drop in replacement for cdialog

New package: xdms-1.3.2-8.fc15
             Extracts Amiga DMS archives

New package: xdoclet-1.2.3-12.4.fc15
             XDoclet Attribute Orientated Programming Framework

New package: xdotool-2.20101012.3049-2.fc15
             Fake keyboard/mouse input

New package: xdrawchem-1.9.9-15.fc15
             2D chemical structures drawing tool

New package: xdvik-22.84.14-9.fc15
             An X viewer for DVI files

New package: xdvipdfmx-0.4-6.fc15
             An extended version of DVIPDFMx with support for XeTeX output

New package: xerces-c27-2.7.0-9.fc15
             Validating XML Parser

New package: xerces-j2-2.11.0-3.fc15
             Java XML parser

New package: xesam-glib-0.5.0-5.fc15
             A GObject library for dealing with Xesam services

New package: xesam-tools-0.6.1-6.fc15
             A toolkit for Xesam compliant services

New package: xfbib-0.0.2-4.fc15
             Lightweight BibTeX editor for the Xfce desktop environment

New package: xfce4-appfinder-4.8.0-2.fc15
             Appfinder for the Xfce4 Desktop Environment

New package: xfce4-battery-plugin-1.0.0-2.fc15
             Battery monitor for the Xfce panel

New package: xfce4-clipman-plugin-1.1.3-4.fc15
             Clipboard manager plugin for the Xfce panel

New package: xfce4-cpugraph-plugin-1.0.1-3.fc15
             CPU monitor for the Xfce panel

New package: xfce4-datetime-plugin-0.6.1-7.fc15
             Date/time plugin for the Xfce panel

New package: xfce4-dev-tools-4.8.0-2.fc15
             Xfce developer tools

New package: xfce4-dict-0.6.0-4.fc15
             A Dictionary Client for the Xfce desktop environment

New package: xfce4-eyes-plugin-4.4.1-3.fc15
             Eyes for the Xfce panel

New package: xfce4-fsguard-plugin-1.0.0-3.fc15
             Filesystem-Guard plugin for the Xfce panel

New package: xfce4-icon-theme-4.4.3-5.fc15
             Icons for Xfce

New package: xfce4-modemlights-plugin-
             Modemlights for the Xfce panel

New package: xfce4-mount-plugin-0.5.5-6.fc15
             Mount/unmount utility for the Xfce panel

New package: xfce4-netload-plugin-1.0.0-3.fc15
             Network-load monitor for the Xfce panel

New package: xfce4-quicklauncher-plugin-1.9.4-9.fc15
             Quicklauncher plugin for the Xfce panel

New package: xfce4-screenshooter-1.7.9-4.fc15
             Screenshot utility for the Xfce desktop

New package: xfce4-systemload-plugin-1.0.0-2.fc15
             Systemload monitor for the Xfce panel

New package: xfce4-taskmanager-1.0.0-2.fc15
             Taskmanager for the Xfce desktop environment

New package: xfce4-time-out-plugin-1.0.0-2.fc15
             Xfce panel plugin for taking breaks from the computer

New package: xfce4-verve-plugin-1.0.0-2.fc15
             Comfortable command line plugin for the Xfce panel

New package: xfce4-wavelan-plugin-0.5.6-3.fc15
             WaveLAN plugin for the Xfce panel

New package: xfce4-weather-plugin-0.7.4-2.fc15
             Weather plugin for the Xfce panel

New package: xfce4-websearch-plugin-0.1.1-0.14.20070428svn2704.fc15
             Websearch plugin from the XFCE panel

New package: xfce4-xfswitch-plugin-0.0.1-3.fc15
             User switching plugin for the Xfce4 Panel

New package: xferstats-2.16-21.fc15
             Compiles information about file transfers from logfiles

New package: xfhell-1.9-5.fc15
             GTK based Ham Radio application for the Hellschreiber communications mode

New package: xfig-3.2.5-26.b.fc15
             An X Window System tool for drawing basic vector graphics

New package: xfmpc-0.2.0-3.fc15
             A MPD client for the Xfce desktop environment

New package: xforms-1.0.93-2.fc15
             XForms toolkit library

New package: xfprint-4.6.0-6.fc15
             Print dialog and printer manager for Xfce 4

New package: xfwm4-4.8.1-2.fc15
             Next generation window manager for Xfce

New package: xfwm4-theme-nodoka-0.2-2.fc15
             Nodoka theme for xfwm4

New package: xfwm4-themes-4.6.0-3.fc15
             Additional themes for xfwm4

New package: xgalaxy-2.0.34-15.fc15
             Arcade game: shoot down the space ships attacking the planet

New package: xgrav-1.2.0-9.fc15
             A simple physics simulation for a large number of particles

New package: xgrep-0.07-4.fc15
             A grep-like utility for XML files

New package: xgridfit-2.2-6.a.20100725cvs.fc15
             Font hinting tool

New package: xgridloc-0.9-12.fc15
             A GTK+ application for the calculation of Maidenhead QRA Locators

New package: xhotkeys-
             Hotkeys for the X-Window

New package: xhtml1-dtds-1.0-20020801.6
             XHTML 1.0 document type definitions

New package: xhtml2fo-style-xsl-20051222-5.fc15
             Antenna House, Inc. XHTML to XSL:FO stylesheets

New package: xine-plugin-1.0.2-4.fc15
             Mozilla/Netscape compatible media plugin

New package: xiphos-3.1.4-8.fc15
             Bible study and research tool

New package: xjavadoc-1.1-10.fc15
             JavaDoc engine that is fast and more suited for XDoclet

New package: xjparse-1.0-6.fc15
             Wrapper for the Xerces XML Schema validator

New package: xkeycaps-2.46-10.fc15.3
             Graphical front end to xmodmap

New package: xlhtml-0.5-12.fc15
             Excel 95/97 and PowerPoint to HTML converter

New package: xmbdfed-4.7-8.fc15
             Bitmap Font Editor

New package: xml-commons-apis12-1.2.04-5.fc15
             JAXP 1.2, DOM 2, SAX 2.0.1, SAX2-ext 1.0 apis

New package: xml-commons-resolver-1.2-7.fc15
             Resolver subproject of xml-commons

New package: xml-stylebook-1.0-0.8.b3_xalan2.svn313293.fc15
             Apache XML Stylebook

New package: xml-writer-0.2-3.fc15
             Java filter class designed to work with SAX2

New package: xmlbeans-2.4.0-7.fc15
             XML-Java binding tool

New package: xmldb-api-0.1-0.5.20011111cvs.2.fc15
             XML:DB API for Java

New package: xmlenc-0.52-8.fc15
             Light-weight XML output library for Java

New package: xmlrpc-2.0.1-10.fc15
             Java XML-RPC implementation

New package: xmlrpc-epi-0.54.1-3.fc15
             An implementation of the XML-RPC protocol in C

New package: xmlrpc3-3.1.3-5.fc15
             Java XML-RPC implementation

New package: xmltex-20020625-17.fc15
             Namespace-aware XML parser written in TeX

New package: xmltoman-0.4-4.fc15
             Scripts for converting XML to roff or HTML

New package: xmltool-3.3-2.fc15
             Tool to manage XML documents through a Fluent Interface

New package: xmlunit-1.3-4.fc15
             Provides classes to do asserts on xml

New package: xmms-acme-0.4.3-12
             XMMS plugin to use special multimedia keys in GNOME or through acme

New package: xmms-adplug-1.2-10.fc15
             An XMMS plugin for AdLib (OPL2) music built on AdPlug

New package: xmms-arts-0.7.1-10
             X MultiMedia System output plugin for the aRts sound system

New package: xmms-crossfade-0.3.12-5
             Audio crossfade plugin for XMMS

New package: xmms-flac-1.2.1-2.fc15
             XMMS plugin needed to play FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec) files

New package: xmms-lirc-1.4-15
             X MultiMedia System control plugin to use infrared devices

New package: xmms-musepack-1.2-9.fc15
             X MultiMedia System input plugin to play musepack (mpc) files

New package: xmms-pulse-0.9.4-9.fc15
             XMMS output plugin for the PulseAudio sound server

New package: xmms-scrobbler-0.4.0-9.fc15
             Audioscrobbler plugin for XMMS

New package: xmms-skins-1.2.10-23
             Skins for the X MultiMedia System

New package: xmms-speex-0.9.1-16
             X MultiMedia System input plugin to play speex files

New package: xmmsctrl-1.8-7.fc15
             Command line control utility for xmms

New package: xmountains-2.8-2.fc15
             A fractal terrain generator

New package: xnoise-plugins-core-0.1.12-2.fc15
             Core plugins for xnoise

New package: xom-1.0-6.6.fc15
             XML Pull Parser

New package: xoo-0.7-13.fc15
             Xoo is a graphical wrapper around xnest

New package: xorg-sgml-doctools-1.5-2.fc15
             X.Org SGML documentation generation tools

New package: xorg-x11-apps-7.6-2.fc15
             X.Org X11 applications

New package: xorg-x11-docs-1.3-7.fc15
             X.Org X11 documentation

New package: xorg-x11-drivers-7.4-2.fc15
             X.Org X11 driver installation package

New package: xorg-x11-drv-neomagic-1.2.5-2.fc15
             Xorg X11 neomagic video driver

New package: xorg-x11-font-utils-7.5-6.fc15
             X.Org X11 font utilities

New package: xorg-x11-fonts-7.5-3.fc15
             X.Org X11 fonts

New package: xorg-x11-resutils-7.5-2.fc15
             X.Org X11 X resource utilities

New package: xorg-x11-utils-7.5-2.fc15
             X.Org X11 X client utilities

New package: xorg-x11-xtrans-devel-1.2.6-2.fc15
             X.Org X11 developmental X transport library

New package: xosd-2.2.14-14.fc15
             On-screen display library for X

New package: xosview-1.8.3-18.20080301cvs.fc15
             An X Window System utility for monitoring system resources

New package: xpad-4.0-7.fc15
             Sticky notepad for GTK+2

New package: xpaint-
             An X Window System image editing or paint program

New package: xpdf-3.02-16.fc15
             A PDF file viewer for the X Window System

New package: xpenguins-2.2-3
             Cute little penguins that walk along the tops of your windows

New package: xpilot-ng-4.7.2-20.fc15
             Multiplayer space arcade game

New package: xplanet-1.2.2-1.fc15
             Render a planetary image into an X window

New package: xpp2-2.1.10-9.3.fc15
             XML Pull Parser

New package: xpp3-
             XML Pull Parser

New package: xprobe2-0.3-15.fc15
             Xprobe2 is an active operating system fingerprinting tool

New package: xpsk31-1.2-6.fc14
             GTK+ graphical version of lpsk31 for Ham Radio

New package: xqc-1.0-0.3.20101120svn7.fc15
             C/C++ API for interfacing with XQuery processors

New package: xrdp-0.5.0-0.14.fc15
             Open source remote desktop protocol (RDP) server

New package: xrestop-0.4-8.fc15
             X Resource Monitor

New package: xsc-1.5-6.fc15
             A clone of the old vector graphics video game Star Castle

New package: xscope-1.3-2.fc15
             X Window Protocol Viewer

New package: xscorch-0.2.1-0.6.pre2.fc15
             A Scorched Earth clone

New package: xsettingsd-0-0.2.20091208git7804894.fc15
             Provides settings to X11 clients via the XSETTINGS specification

New package: xskat-4.0.0-6.fc15
             The card game Skat

New package: xstar-2.2.0-6.fc15
             Program that simulates the movement of stars

New package: xstream-1.3.1-2.fc15
             Java XML serialization library

New package: xsupplicant-2.2.0-3.fc15
             Open Source Implementation of IEEE 802.1x

New package: xsynth-dssi-0.9.4-3.fc15
             Classic-analog style software synthesizer

New package: xteddy-2.0.1-6.fc15
             Tool to sit around silently, look cute, and make you smile

New package: xvarstar-0.9-8.fc15
             Astronomical program used for searching GCVS

New package: xvkbd-3.2-3.fc15
             Virtual Keyboard for X Window System

New package: xwota-0.4-11.fc15
             Who's On the Air Database interface

New package: xwrits-2.24-7.fc15
             Reminds you take wrist breaks

New package: xwxapt-2.0-2.beta.fc15
             GTK+ graphical application for decoding and saving weather images

New package: xxdiff-3.2-14.fc15
             Graphical file and directories comparator and merge tool

New package: xzgv-0.9.1-3.fc15
             Picture viewer

New package: yaboot-1.3.14-27.fc12
             Linux bootloader for Power Macintosh "New World" computers

New package: yacpi-3.0.1-14.fc15
             Yet Another Configuration and Power Interface

New package: yadex-1.7.0-18.fc15
             Doom level editor

New package: yafc-1.1.1-14.fc15
             Yet Another FTP/SFTP Client

New package: yanone-kaffeesatz-fonts-20100514-2.fc15
             Yanone Kaffeesatz decorative fonts

New package: yanone-tagesschrift-fonts-20050524-4.fc15
             A serif decorative latin font

New package: yasm-1.1.0-2.fc15
             Modular Assembler

New package: yaws-1.89-4.fc15
             Web server for dynamic content written in Erlang

New package: yecht-0.0.2-5.fc15
             A YAML processor based on Syck

New package: yersinia-0.7.1-6.fc15
             Network protocols tester and attacker

New package: ykclient-2.3-3.fc15
             Yubikey management library and client

New package: yofrankie-bge-1.1b-4.20100605svn
             3D Game with characters from Big Buck Bunny movie

New package: ytalk-3.3.0-18.fc15
             A chat program for multiple users

New package: ytnef-2.6-6.fc15
             Yerase's TNEF Stream Reader

New package: yubikey-ksm-1.5-4.fc15
             The YubiKey Key Storage Module

New package: yubikey-val-2.7-3.fc15
             The YubiKey Validation Server

New package: yum-arch-2.2.2-11.fc15
             Extract headers from rpm in a old yum repository

New package: yum-cron-0.9.2-3.fc15
             Files needed to run yum updates as a cron job

New package: yum-updatesd-0.9-4.fc15
             Update notification daemon

New package: yum-utils-1.1.30-2.fc15
             Utilities based around the yum package manager

New package: yydebug-1.1.0-6.fc15
             Supports tracing and animation for a Java-based parser generated by jay

New package: z88dk-1.9-3.fc15
             A Z80 cross compiler

New package: zaf-0-0.4.20080714svn.fc15
             South Africa hyphenation rules

New package: zapplet-0.1-8.fc15
             Zenoss Tray Applet

New package: zaz-1.0.0-2.fc15
             A puzzle game where the player has to arrange balls in triplets

New package: zbar-0.10-8.fc15
             Bar code reader

New package: zd1211-firmware-1.4-5.fc15
             Firmware for wireless devices based on zd1211 chipset

New package: zerofree-1.0.1-8.fc15
             Utility to force unused ext2 inodes and blocks to zero

New package: zfs-fuse-0.6.9-8.20100709git.fc15
             ZFS ported to Linux FUSE

New package: zfstream-20041202-7.fc15
             Library for reading and writing compressed and non-compressed files

New package: zhcon-0.2.6-17.fc15
             A fast Linux Console Chinese System that supports framebuffer

New package: zhu3d-4.2.2-3.fc15
             Interactive OpenGL-based mathematical function viewer

New package: zidrav-1.2.0-8.fc15
             Zorba's Incredible Data Repairer And Verifier

New package: zikula-1.2.3-2.fc15
             Zikula is a free open source Web Application Framework

New package: zikula-module-News-2.4.1-4.fc15
             Manages news articles on your Zikula site

New package: zile-2.3.21-2.fc15
             Zile Is Lossy Emacs

New package: zip-3.0-3.fc15
             A file compression and packaging utility compatible with PKZIP

New package: zisofs-tools-1.0.8-6.fc15
             Utilities for creating compressed CD-ROM filesystems

New package: zita-convolver-2.0.0-3.fc15
             Convolution engine library

New package: zita-resampler-0.1.1-4.fc15
             Fast, high-quality sample rate conversion library

New package: zn_poly-0.9-5.fc15
             C library for polynomial arithmetic

New package: zsh-4.3.11-2.fc15
             Powerful interactive shell

New package: zvbi-0.2.33-6.fc15
             Raw VBI, Teletext and Closed Caption decoding library

New package: zyx-liveinstaller-0.2.4-3.fc15
             Install a running LiveOS rebootlessly

New package: zziplib-0.13.59-2.fc15
             Lightweight library to easily extract data from zip files

New package: zzuf-0.13-2.fc15
             Transparent application input fuzzer

Added Packages: 4833
Removed Packages: 0
Modified Packages: 0

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