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Thu Jun 2 14:03:02 UTC 2011

2011/6/2 Vitezslav Humpa <vhumpa at>

> Hey folks,
> At last Fedora QA meeting John Dulaney had a proposal concerning the issue
> of similar application names we use around Fedora desktops.
> For example: surely sometimes you had both GNOME and XFCE installed and
> went for menus to open - say a terminal. The environment would use the same
> icon and a same name for both gnome-terminal and xfce-terminal, which
> resulted in you opening the other app than desired, perhaps (thanks to
> Murphy's laws :) ) more often than the desired one. More examples of this
> are "Software updates"/"Software update"(just within GNOME), "System
> Monitor" for both gnome-system-monitor and ksysguard, some "system-config-*"
> utilities vs. GNOME control panel applets and more.
> This is a call for having a discussion on trying to establish some
> compromise - on what to put as a name in the desktop[1] file for
> corresponding applications around different Fedora desktops as well as among
> applications inside each of those. The goal is simply to avoid people being
> unable to recognize specific applications around the desktop menus etc.,
> which we could reach simply by rethinking the "name" fields in the *.desktop
> files of such applications.
> The way KDE application launcher handles this also provides nice example
> for a design solution to this problem. They use a "Generic" (e.g. Terminal)
> field to describe the application primarily and have the name of the actual
> binary (e.g. Konsole) present in small letters when the generic name is not
> unique. For gnome-shell, in it's current in-high-development state,
> proposing a design like this may also be good idea. Other than that - at
> least handling this by making a renaming compromise among the desktop
> environments would be very nice.
> We were thinking on expanding the release criteria to have one to deal with
> this issue, but for sure we need to discuss this first.
> Thus - thoughts? :) (Might be a good idea in having the conversation joined
> in one list we are all subscribed - perhaps test or desktop?)
> Thanks!

maybe if, when positioning mouse cursor over the icon, a popup (or bubble or
whatever it's name) containig the real name (gnome-terminal, ksysguard, etc)
will show up, all confusion will be gone.
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