xdg-open with gnome shell

Mathieu Bouffard mbouffard at fedoraproject.org
Thu Jun 2 18:39:41 UTC 2011

On 06/02/2011 02:25 PM, Adam Pribyl wrote:
> Does anybody know what is a replacement for
> gnome-default-applications-properties, or how the setup of xdg-open
> should work under gnome shell?
> For me
> $ xdg-open Pictures/
> which: no gnome-default-applications-properties in ..
> xdg is looking for gnome-default-applications-properties binary, which is
> missing in gnome-shell and it fallbacks to KDE apps. Therefore I have
> many KDE apps autostarted in gnome instead (e.g. dolphin instead
> nautilus for the Picture case).
> I did not found a bug about it, so it looks like this is working for
> everybody, but me?
> Thanks
> Adam Pribyl

Did you set your preferred applications in system settings -> system 
info -> Default applications? (new spot since gnome-shell) If you did 
and it really ignores that then it's safe to say that it should be filed 
as a bug.

Mathieu Bouffard <mbouffard fedoraproject org>

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