Release criteria updates: genericizing!

James Laska jlaska at
Thu Jun 23 14:46:42 UTC 2011

Greetings testers,

I've been playing with some ideas on how to allow secondary
architectures to leverage the primary release criteria.  I have some
ideas/challenges that I'll send to the list for feedback later.
However, in preparation for those ideas/concerns, I'd like to propose
several changes to the release criteria.

The proposed changes are intended to make the existing criteria slightly
more generic, without losing their meaning.  Additionally, I've made a
few other minor changes and added a few questions.  Please take a few
minutes to review the proposed changes (highlighted in red at the links
below).  If nothing alarming surfaces during review, I'll proceed with
operation genericize [1] early next week.


[1] Kudos to Adam for coining this gem!
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