[Fedora QA] #203: Create test case for boot-to-graphical-environment

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#203: Create test case for boot-to-graphical-environment
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Comment (by jlaska):

 I like it, thanks for drafting!

 The only suggestion I would make involves the setup.  It's a bit too much
 for a single test, imo.  If you want to test both graphical and text-mode
 startup, I'd recommend splitting the test into separate tests for
 graphical and text-mode startup.

 > After the text installation and firstboot, the boot process should leave
 you at a console with a working login prompt. If it does not, test whether
 you can at least access a working login prompt by switching to a different
 virtual terminal, with Ctrl+Alt+F2, Ctrl+Alt+F3 etc.

 In the expected results, you have some additional test instructions.  I
 wonder if those should appear in the 'how to test', instead?  However,
 perhaps that would make more sense if the test is broken into two
 (graphical, text-mode).

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