New BugZapper Introduction

DG dangets at
Fri Mar 4 01:44:19 UTC 2011

Hey guys,

I am excited to join this group of bug-squashers, and I hope that I
will be able to contribute back to this project of which I have used
so much.

A little about myself:  I currently work full-time programming in
various projects, mostly with data analysis but sometimes down to
interfacing with hardware.  I program mostly in Python, am comfortable
in C, but have dabbled and have done the tutorials in many languages.
I am also a graduate student at Boise State University, going for a
Masters in CS.

I would promote myself as fairly bright, but I am a bit timid with
jumping into community projects.  This is something that I would like
to change, but I am a bit lost on how to get started, so if someone
would mentor me I will try my best to contribute all that I can.

Thank you and I look forward to contributing.

Danny G

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