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#158: Proposed Test Day - l10n/i18n test day
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Comment (by igor):

 Replying to [comment:27 rhe]:
 > Hi Igor,
 > L10n desktop test day is coming tomorrow, I noticed
 the example of a test result] is a link to the template page. Do you want
 testers directly post their results to your template page? I think it's
 better to create another result page based on the template, so I created
 [https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/QA:Fedora_15_l10n_Results_2011-03-08] with
 a few adjustments, feel free to change it. Besides, some packages have no
 steps(ie. issue command), should we add another way to test them? And for
 the column 'built status', what is this supposed to be? Do we need this
 column in the result page? Please don't forget to send out the
 announcement when you are satisfied with them. Thanks.:)

 What I had in mind for this was that translations teams could use the
 template to create a new page and link that page into the Test Day page. I
 came up with this approach because I thought that just one result page
 could be confusing since we will have results for several languages.
 Probably I should have documented it better. Since we already have result
 on your page due to timezones differences we can keep using it, no
 problem. I'll just add a language tag information to the header so new
 testers can add this information.

 Those few packages who have no steps are usually hard to deploy packages.
 For instance smoon, the smolt server, which there are no straightforward
 way to test. We definitively need to come up with a way to test those
 packages for next releases test days but ask translators to set up a whole
 environment certainly is not a good idea. Although not optimal for the
 test day, translators can still review the .PO file.

 That column "build status" was something I kept from the first template
 made by Noriko. I guess she wanted to keep track of packaging status by
 that time. For the test days I really don't see much use for this column
 so I can remove it from the results page you have created.

 I'll send the test day announcement shortly.

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