Dan dcarruth2 at
Wed Mar 9 07:26:24 UTC 2011

I'm using the 32-bit  gnome-2.91.91 and I'm not having any problem with 
the gdm and loging in has user. I know that doesn't help much, but it 
works here.

Dan Carruthers

Rob Healey wrote:
> To those of you who have not updated to gnome-2.91.91:
> I would exclude the gdm package as it would not allow me to log back 
> into my computer either as normal or root user!
> The update will continue without the gdm package!
> If you can get it to work, would you please post back so that I may do so?
> -- 
> Sincerely yours,
> Rob G. Healey
> "Always surround yourself with people that inspire you to
> greatness!"

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