Proposed must-have Features for Nitrate compared with Wiki

He Rui rhe at
Wed Mar 9 10:06:53 UTC 2011


Now let's continue the discussion[1] about TCMS management. After the
feature comparison between wiki and nitrate, the features which are
supported in current wiki, but not in nitrate have been identified[2].
Among these, I priorized some of them as Must-have features, which were
summarized as below[3]:

1. History rollback -
User can view history versions and undo changes.

2. History comparison -
Different versions can compare with each other.

3. Description part in test case -
Currently there's no 'Description' part for test case format on Nitrate,
should we add this part or use 'Setup' part instead?

4. Grouping cases (by media) -
Need a way to separate the cases to different groups in one test run.
How can we achieve this in Nitrate?

5. Documents in test result page(Run) - 
There's only a little space called 'Note' for documentation on Nitrate
and it doesn't support syntax. should we ask for more spaces with syntax
supported for test runs like test days?

6. Moving test results -
Moving previous results from a test run to another. AFAIK, there's no
way to copy some of one test run results to another.

7. Result type -
Nitrate doesn't have 'warn' but has 'error' result status. Modify it to

8. Multiple contributions for each case -
Support multiple test results for one case run.

9. Authorities for pages -
Pages on wiki with different namespaces can have different permissions,
so hopefully pages on Nitrate can also have diff permissions.

10. Supporting anonymous user read-write access -
Anonymous have read-write access for specified test runs.

11. Page protection -
Protect certain plans/cases

12. License the content -
License the contents the same with wiki

13. Upstream project community -
Monitoring it and actively discussing topics in nitrate-devel@, as well
as file/share bugs/requirements in bugzilla

14. Test day page(run) creation - 
In Nitrate each test run are built based on its test plan. Therefore,
test day plan and its cases are needed before creating a test day run.
Should we change our test day process(adding test plan and its cases) or
should we change Nitrate to support creating test runs without test

15. Test cases priority -
Nitrate now has P1, P2, P3..., modify them to Alpha, Beta, and Final?

16. Each case with different platforms -
Better support two platform results(i386 and x86_64) submitting for each
case run 

Welcome to discuss the above features and provide feedback/suggestion.
If there's any important feature missed, or this reminds you the
advantages of other tcms tools etc, feel free to talk.




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