Bruno Wolff III bruno at
Wed Mar 9 17:55:41 UTC 2011

On Wed, Mar 09, 2011 at 11:08:53 -0600,
  John Watzke <watzkej at> wrote:
>    Take a look at the Bodhi page for this package:
>    GDM was accidentally released without the accountsservice package
> update.  If you've already gotten GDM, you can either try to downgrade or
> use the link on the Bodhi package page to manually download accountsservice
> and update it which will fix the problem.  Chris fixed the problem and
> attached accountsservice to the push but it won't be until late tonight,
> perhaps twelve hours from now, that the package will make its way out to all
> of the mirrors.

Thanks for the update. I had already done a downgrade as a wrok around, but
knowing the root cause is helpful. I can grab the new account service right
away and test things again.

It isn't a good idea to include authentication tokens in links you email
to the public. Hopefully that token is restricted to the IP address you
were using at the time. Just in case, I suggest closing that session.

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