F15 Activities panel search bar text gets partially hidden

Pratyush Sahay pratyush.a.sahay at gmail.com
Sat Mar 12 06:22:35 UTC 2011


i recently tested the F15 Alpha Live.
The positive effects of systemd are way too apparent ! tested 2 more distros
recently and found F15 boot WAY TOO fast compared to the others..

Two  issues i found were in the Activities panel :

1)The text in the search bar (saying : Search your computer) gets partially
hidden on the lower side, especially characters like 'y','g','p', etc..
There seems a need to provide a little upward offset to the text in the
search bar. I found a screenshot of Gnome3 beta online.. The same search bar
in Gnome3 doesnt seem face the same issue. refer the links below, of the
screenshots of F15 alpha and Gnome3 beta for more info.

Screenshot of F15 Alpha Activites panel : http://goo.gl/hKtNV
Screenshot of Gnome3 beta i found on net :  http://goo.gl/EGpHc

2) The "install to hard drive" icon is missing (i think this is already in
bugzilla) , also.. many of the text below the icons are partial.. they just
says "Install to H..." (for install to hard drive) , "Operating..." (for
operating system upgrade) , "Software L..." (this i dont remember) ,
"Software U..." (for software update), etc... Refer the 1st link (f F15
screenshot) given above..

Pratyush Sahay
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