F15 Activities panel search bar text gets partially hidden

Adam Williamson awilliam at redhat.com
Sat Mar 12 07:28:35 UTC 2011

On Sat, 2011-03-12 at 11:52 +0530, Pratyush Sahay wrote:
> Hello,
> i recently tested the F15 Alpha Live. 
> The positive effects of systemd are way too apparent ! tested 2 more
> distros recently and found F15 boot WAY TOO fast compared to the
> others..
> Two  issues i found were in the Activities panel :
> 1)The text in the search bar (saying : Search your computer) gets
> partially hidden on the lower side, especially characters like
> 'y','g','p', etc.. There seems a need to provide a little upward
> offset to the text in the search bar. I found a screenshot of Gnome3
> beta online.. The same search bar in Gnome3 doesnt seem face the same
> issue. refer the links below, of the screenshots of F15 alpha and
> Gnome3 beta for more info.
> Screenshot of F15 Alpha Activites panel : http://goo.gl/hKtNV
> Screenshot of Gnome3 beta i found on net :  http://goo.gl/EGpHc

I don't see this bug in current F15; please do a system update and see
if you still hit it.

> 2) The "install to hard drive" icon is missing (i think this is
> already in bugzilla) , also.. many of the text below the icons are
> partial.. they just says "Install to H..." (for install to hard
> drive) , "Operating..." (for operating system upgrade) , "Software
> L..." (this i dont remember) , "Software U..." (for software update),
> etc... Refer the 1st link (f F15 screenshot) given above..

it's not so much 'missing' as 'GNOME doesn't do that any more', and yes,
it's already being discussed in Bugzilla -
https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=680876 .

As for the second, when the text is too long that will happen, but it
looks like in your test it's getting cut off much too short; again, I
don't see this in current F15, so please do a system update and try
again. If you're using live images to test, please check with the latest


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