F-15 Alpha + Updates

Michael Schwendt mschwendt at gmail.com
Sat Mar 12 12:01:56 UTC 2011

Fresh install of F-15 Alpha, updated after first login, then a reboot.

GNOME Shell has changed. Now I'm confused even further. For example:

* I installed Claws Mail. It is listed in "Applications". I add it to
Favorites. How do I start it? Clicking its icon moves the Shell back
to an empty blue curtain-wall style screen. Where is Claws Mail? Let's
search for it:

* I move the mouse into the upper left corner. At the far right, something
becomes visible. A new overview of Activities or virtual desktops? I need to
throw the mouse from the very left to the very right to open the border.
There's a thumbnail of an empty desktop and another one with a tiny Claws Mail.
Clicking on it moves me back to an empty desktop.

* Let's return to the "Activities" screen. It shows a small window of Claws
Mail on the desktop. Clicking it maximizes Claws Mail. Ah, finally!

It isn't supposed to be inconvenient like this, is it?

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