[Sugar-devel] 0.92 Activity Testing

Thomas C Gilliard satellit at bendbroadband.com
Fri Mar 11 21:50:24 UTC 2011

Art Hunkins wrote:
> I notice that all recent activity releases indicate compatibility with 
> 0.92 Sugar.
> How can that be true if 0.92 is not yet released?
> I'd like to test my activities, and have assumed that maybe the latest 
> nightly releases represent 0.92 (??). I also note that the "rawhide" 
> folder in the nightly repository is unpopulated.
> I create my Sugars (SoaS) via the Live USB Creator, and the latest 
> Windows version (3.10.0) does not work with these nightly releases 
> (Live Creator only seems to handle final releases). Is there some 
> other .iso (e.g., rawhide) that represents 0.92 that I can install on 
> a USB stick with Live USB Creator?
> Confused.....
here is transcript of a successful install I did today booted from a dd 
created USB to a 320GB external USB Drive.

#fedora-test-day IRC freenode  (03/11/2011)
<satellit_> dd if=Fedora-15-AlphaRC2-i686-Live-Desktop.iso of=/dev/sdg 
boots 2 GB USB on ACER ASPIRE ONE in gnome3 with wireless
<satellit_> adamw; jlaska: doing test install to external USB 320GB HD 
from gnome3 test x86_64 booted USB in ACER ASPIRE ONE (atom N450)  
boots; firstboot; smolt;login gnome3...works
<jlaska> satellit_: you've got a streak of luck going :)
<satellit_> booted from 320GB USB drive..... nice netbook installer
<satellit_> why does dd work so well?
<vbraun> ./topic Why does dd work so well?
<satellit_> this was the x86-64 .iso dd to USB did not expect it to boot 
N450 atom...
* satellit_ i removed ACER internal HD physically to avoid accidentally 
involving it in anaconda writes
<satellit_> installing Xchat from Add/Remove Software  worked
* satellit-gn3 (~sugar at xxxx.bendbroadband.com) has joined #fedora-test-day
<satellit-gn3> here is the gnome3 install
<satellit-gn3> it is in the proper activites internet menu
<satellit-gn3> xchat
<satellit-gn3> will try updates now
* satellit-gn3 has quit (Client Quit)
<satellit_> 147 updates shown
<satellit_> selenix denial..pop up continues to Downloading packages
* lewis41 has quit (Quit: Leaving)
<satellit_> installing: 
<satellit_> finished. All software is up to date.. try restart for boot 
test...here is hoping
<satellit_> log out shutdown no menu item for shutdown?
<satellit_> fedora ("f") on reboot
<satellit_> gdm login; gnome3 IT Works....: )

* You are now known as satellit_afk
* satellit-gn3 (~sugar at xxxx.bendbroadband.com) has joined #fedora-test-day
    (logged in from USB Hard Drive gnome3 desltop with installed Xchat)

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> Art Hunkins
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