Proposed must-have Features for Nitrate compared with Wiki

Andrew Ross anross at
Mon Mar 14 20:23:58 UTC 2011

> > Sorry ,I am not clear about the necessity of import result form
> > another test run,is it mean those test run very similar, so why make
> > a
> > new run?Do you explain some more detail about this feature's
> > scenario ?
> >
> Okay, take F15 Alpha candidate for example. When RC1 is available, its
> test run is created for testing, if it has some blocker bugs which
> don't
> meet release criteria, RC2 with the fixes would be posted for testing.
> A
> new test run would be created and the test cases are the same as RC1
> run. But for some cases that we assume the fixes won't affect, on
> wiki,
> we moved their RC1 results which are supposed to be unchanged directly
> to the RC2 run, see the example pages[!]. This way, for RC2 run, we
> have
> both new tested and moved results, and the cases are intact for each
> run.
> [!]

Hi Hurry,

In this use case are you assuming that there would be no regression bugs between RC1 and RC2? 



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