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Tue Mar 15 16:26:56 UTC 2011

Hi Folks,

I thought I'd give the Fedora Bug Zappers Team a punt ;) I have worked
in IT on the
development side of things with a Microsoft Partner for 13 years, I
have recently -
in the past two years, installed Fedora and I think it may be time to
contribute to
the project, where possible.

So, let me introduce myself: My name is Lee Williams, I'm 33 years old
and live in
the West Midlands UK. My first contact with Linux was approximately 4
years when
I installed Ubuntu on an older machine to "try my hand" at Linux - I
fell in love
then but didn't have time to get aquainted properly so it fell by the
way side until
a couple of years ago when a episode of windows death led me to
investigate distro's
again, at that point I decided on Fedora - and here I am.

I'm really a noob in the 'nix world but can bring some
support/development experience
to the table but any pointers to get me going would be well received.

I have been involved with some teams at Fedora Project prior but I
feel that as I have
learnt before by working in support / first line that the Bug Zappers
is a better way
for me to learn, I get knowledge and get to help at the same time.

My contact details are below, if you do care to contact me feel free.


Lee Williams

Contact Details:

IRC: willy_1977 registered on
Skype: leewilliams1977
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