faced 4 issues with F15 nighty compose 20110311.07.iso

Adam Williamson awilliam at redhat.com
Tue Mar 15 19:38:46 UTC 2011

On Sat, 2011-03-12 at 19:31 +0530, Pratyush Sahay wrote:
> Hello all,
> Faced 4 issues with the latest nightly compose 20110311.07.iso during
> Live cd test:
> 1) Clicking Automatically Log-in for the 1st time results in no
> response.the mouse arrow changes to wait and nothing happens beyond
> this.to log-in, everytime had to kill X- (ctrl+alt+backspace), click
> on automatically log-in again, and then only did it respond. Rebooted
> twice and faced same thing (failure to log-in for the 1st time)
> again..

Yeah, gdm's handling of auto-login appears to be buggy ATM. Actually
gdm's just buggy in general. I'm not sure if we have a report for this
specific bug, but I think Ray knows about it.

> 2) The user-switch panel doesnt have options "restart" , or "shut
> down".. refer the screenshot :
> http://goo.gl/r9XZG

This is intentional. If you hold down Alt, a 'Shut Down' option appears
in place of suspend. Restart is considered unnecessary as a general
purpose option, at present, as near as I can tell; I've been yelled at
by the desktop team for saying this, but no-one seems to be
re-implementing it, and when I ask what the real story is, no-one seems
to tell me. So AIUI, it's not there, on purpose, and this is not going
to change. If you need to reboot because you installed updates,
PackageKit is supposed to handle that. If you want to reboot to another
OS, I think there was talk of some kind of special case for handling
that, but it doesn't seem like it's being implemented. Beyond that, all
you can do at present is log out and reboot from gdm, use the 'Shut
Down' option and power back on manually, or run 'reboot' at a console
(which doesn't shut down quite as cleanly).

> 3) Clicking on LOG-OUT in the user-switch panel in Live user mode
> results in the error : "execution of gnome-session-quit failed :
> command not found " at the bottom of the screen.. refer the
> screenshot :
> http://goo.gl/qee9k

I think this one deserves a bug report, not sure what against, though -
go with gnome-shell for now.

> 4) Since log-out isnt working, i tried Switch-user to goto gdm and
> then clicked restart.. but, the system hangs beyond this with a 2-line
> message regarding systemd.

What's the message?
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