Speech Recognition Software Being Tested For Fedora 15?

John Watzke watzkej at gmail.com
Tue Mar 15 21:40:20 UTC 2011

> Fedora offers cmusphinx and pocketsphinx. I was asking whether they are
> being tested for Fedora 15 because I want to learn about the packages
> and software capabilities and perhaps make use of them for my own
> purposes -- I'm deaf and have an interest in the software, but no
> expertise with it whatsoever. I got a big jolt yesterday when one of my
> own customers demonstrated Dragon Naturally Speaking software to me.
> Now, I'm interested in voice-to-text processing for sure!
   Not really related to Fedora itself... but if you really like Dragon, it
apparently works through Wine.  There are apparently some issues with it
under Wine but you could certainly give that a try.  I don't think any of
the Linux speech packages are anywhere close to what Dragon can do.
However, that's a good opportunity to help your favourite package out.

   -- John Watzke
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