Who are QA?

Jóhann B. Guðmundsson johannbg at gmail.com
Sat Mar 19 07:32:48 UTC 2011

> I assume QA = quality assurance.  In the business where I came from, QA 
> was NOT in the decision making management chain.  It was a staff 
> function that advised.  That said, QA could, and did, report on whether 
> software or a hardware/software deliverable was sufficiently error free 
> per a QA plan in order to be released to the customer.  They also served 
> as the judge of whether or not a project was ready for the next step. 
> They could be over-ridden by line management, but it was rare and in 
> order for the company to keep its engineering certifications, QA 
> functioned in a specific and well understood way per the standards 
> prescribed by the certifying agencies.
> All that said, it would be good if there was a "wiring" diagram that 
> shows the relationships of the various entities in Fedora and how they 
> relate to each other. 

That's a good point.

>  Even so, the way QA is functioning within Fedora 
> appears, to me, to be moving in the direction the way most professional 
> QA organizations function.

Well I was not wondering what QA was but more in line with who and by
who I mean who possess the power to decide anything for the QA community
and where can I find that information.

For example..

I am a group within the community If I need to get an input from
Triagers/Reporters/AutoQA/etc.. Where can find the list of people I
should get in contact with/ping for input.

Who should be spoken to if you need a deciding vote from the QA
Community. Who should you contact? Where can I find that list?.

Well you cant since we have not voted/created/nominated group of
individuals to handle that authority. 

Red Hat has at least two QA individual that were hired to work in the
Fedora QA community in general James and Adam ( which holds a more
recently created position by Red Hat). 

What was listed in their job description we have no clue and as is with
any corporate entity they answer to higher authority which drew their
job description in ink in the first place. 

Do the positions they are currently full filling automatically grant the
deciding power over the QA community?

If it does would not that make us more of a workforce then a community.
( referring to shaun's blog post [1] )



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