F15 Alpha will not start after my last yum update

Petrus de Calguarium pgueckel at gmail.com
Sun Mar 20 03:09:36 UTC 2011

Dennis Appelon Nielsen wrote:

> Hi All
> I just updated my Fedora 15 Alpha, after that It will no longer start
> the gnome-shell, the last thing I see is a error regarding the
> NetworkManager. Any ideas or suggestions to what I can do to get around
> this problem, I even tried to reinstall the system, but stupid as I can
> be I added the Test repo doing installation, and then it would not start
> again.
> Any help would be appreciated

Be patient, it might take 30 minutes for your system to boot!

All your partitions will likely be mounted as ro, so you will likely get all 
kinds of errors about the system not being able to read all of the 
configuration files. Click them away, open konsole and run for all of your 
mounted partitions:

sudo mount -o remount,defaults /
sudo mount -o remount,defaults /home

Then, sudo yum downgrade ryslog

Reboot and all should be ok. Just don't upgrade to ryslog-5.7.9-1.

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