Install to Hard Drive option in User Switch Panel not responding + issues with tty1 tty3 and tty5

Pratyush Sahay pratyush.a.sahay at
Sun Mar 20 08:54:30 UTC 2011

Hello all,

Tried the Nightly Compose of 18-3-2011 (i686 Live Media)
The "Install To Hard Drive" option in the User Switch Panel doesnt respond.
But, the "Install To Hard Drive" option in Favourites Menu works fine and
initiates Anaconda.

Also, in Live user mode:
tty1 (ctrl+Alt+F1) is showing a gray colored box around the text till the
log-in prompt ;
tty3 (ctrl+Alt+F3) and tty5 (ctrl+Alt+F5) is showing lots of text till the
log-in prompt.
However, this issue doesnt show up in fallback mode (tried in Virtualbox)


Pratyush Sahay
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