NetworkManager flaps ethernet connection when ipv6 is present.

Steven Haigh netwiz at
Mon Mar 21 02:40:41 UTC 2011

Hi all,

It seems NetworkManager has an issue with handling ipv6 and as a result 
it drops the entire network config (ipv4 & ipv6) repeatedly.

I have bugged this here:

I see hundreds of entries in /var/log/messages as such:
Mar 21 08:53:25 wopr NetworkManager[1027]: <error> [1300658005.596660] 
[nm-device.c:628] activation_source_schedule(): activation stage already 
Mar 21 08:53:25 wopr NetworkManager[1027]: <info> Activation (em1) Stage 
4 of 5 (IP6 Configure Get) scheduled...

This will cycle forever.

Has anyone else seen this by chance?

Steven Haigh

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