Fedora 15 - yum update on March 19th

Kjartan Maraas kmaraas at gnome.org
Mon Mar 21 11:52:13 UTC 2011

lø., 19.03.2011 kl. 17.29 -0600, skrev Petrus de Calguarium:
> cornel panceac wrote:
> > it started by first not rebooting (in a decent timeframe). i disabled
> > akmods, md monitor and abrtd, which all failed, and i'll see what changes
> > after the very long reboot occurs.
> How to fix it? I didn't wait 7 minutes and not getting X is not desirable for 
> me. I switched back to F14 for the time being.

I fixed it here by reverting to the previous version of rsyslog.


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