optimizing systemd, was: f15 no longer starts

Petrus de Calguarium pgueckel at gmail.com
Mon Mar 21 23:24:11 UTC 2011

Adam Williamson wrote:

> updates is inactive for Branched releases, but that's because there's no
> need for it; as there's no frozen 'master' tree, packages simply go
> straight from updates-testing in the main 'release' repo (which I tend
> to refer to as dist-f15, although technically that's just a koji tag).
> So for final releases there's three repos:
> 'release'
> updates
> updates-testing
> 'release' is frozen and never changes; updates go to updates-testing
> first and updates when they're stable.
> For Branched releases there are only two active repos:
> 'release'
> updates-testing
> updates go into updates-testing first and then straight to 'release'
> when they're approved. There's no need for a third place.

Thanks, I understand implicitly. However, what got me into trouble was the 
update that automatically changed my rawhide installation into f15 alpha and 
enabled updates-testing while doing so. Updates-testing should not have been 
enabled across the board and by default. Users should have had to make that 
choice explicitly.

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