Proposed special F15 schedule meeting

Dennis Gilmore dennis at
Wed Mar 23 19:19:26 UTC 2011

On Wednesday, March 23, 2011 02:16:13 PM Adam Williamson wrote:
> Hey, all. I'd like to propose a special F15 schedule meeting for later
> today or tomorrow; we'd need representation from QA and releng at a
> minimum, ideally also devel and fpl and rbergeron.
> FESCo voted today to ship NetworkManager 0.9 with a compatibility
> fallback for the 0.8 API so knetworkmanager can continue to use that.
> Work on this fallback API is continuing and planned to land, along with
> the matching knetworkmanager, on Friday.
> QA believes this is late enough that there is no longer any chance of
> hitting the current schedule for Beta (and hence Final) and would like
> to propose a one-week slip of the current schedule at this time, instead
> of waiting for the go/no-go meeting. That would mean we compose a TC1 on
> 2011-03-29 (instead of current, already missed 2011-03-22 date), RC on
> 2011-04-07 (instead of 2011-03-31), Go/No-Go on 2011-04-13 (instead of
> 2011-04-06) and Beta should go out on 2011-04-26 (instead of
> 2011-04-19). Of course everything for Final gets bumped a week as well.
> Can interested parties, particularly those mentioned in the first
> paragraph, please let us know their availability so we can set up a
> meeting? thanks.

Let me know when ill be there

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