liveusb-creator Digest, Vol 30, Issue 1 hal needs to be added as a dependency for a liveusb-creator -3.9.3-2.fc15 (noarch) install in f15 gnome3-shell

"Jóhann B. Guðmundsson" johannbg at
Thu Mar 24 15:51:45 UTC 2011

On 03/24/2011 01:24 PM, Patrick O'Callaghan wrote:
> Please don't reply to digests as it messes up threading. Most mail
> clients (including Thunderbird) can reply to the individual message
> within the digest

Given that some people are incapable/unfamiliar with "Dont reply to 
digest" rule is there a possibly for us to take some preemptive measures 
from that happening like having the reply to nobody or keeping the 
maximum message size smaller than the digest size or perhaps disable the 
ability to recive digest from the test list?

Add a link on [1] asking people to read [2] before subscribing?

By the way who is our list moderator?



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