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"Andre Robatino" <robatino at fedoraproject.org> 

>>Antonio Olivares <olivares14031 <at> yahoo.com> writes: 

>> Dear folks, 
>> I took the plunge to Gnome 3 and although I am playing around, I wish to add 
some of the old functionality like 
>> there was before, i.e, add a starting up script, in the old way one would open 
gnome session and add the 
>> program/script to run at bootup, now the same cannot be applied. 
>> I want to add GKrellM system monitor. ATM I use a terminal and type 
>> $ gkrellm & 
>> or run it from the applications(System ->> GKrellM), but I want to see if it 
can run without me typing it in? 

>But my impression from reading is that the developers decided that people should 
be able to use suspend/hibernate to avoid ever having to log out. Of course this 
fails to consider a few "corner cases" such as dual boot, kernel updates, 
non-working suspend/hibernate, power outages without a UPS or that last longer 
than the UPS's capacity, etc. If this impression is wrong, someone please 
correct me - in the rare cases I've seen anyone else ask this question, they 
never got an answer which suggests there currently isn't one. 

It is available. At logout press <Alt> for additional selections. 
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