Nightly live composes in koji

Kevin Fenzi kevin at
Sat Mar 26 21:34:46 UTC 2011


I've moved over to doing the nightly live media composes in koji
instead of running them in serial on one build machine. 


* Composes will finish in ~30min or so for all spins instead of taking
  all day on the one compose machine. 

* They are scratch builds, so koji will keep them around for 2 weeks
  (or less if that changes). This allows you to go back and look at
  older ones anytime you like, including logs and sizes. 

* This is the same env that will be used to produce official live
  media, so we are more closely testing what we are making. 


* It's now harder to tell when media are growing over time. Perhaps
  someone could look at some reporting here to let us just pull the
  size from the jobs out to graph trends? 

* It's harder for us to test something like a new livecd-tools or
  other packages that are not yet in branched stable.

You can find a list of the builds and links to their koji task pages

Or older ones at

Please do test things out and let me know if anyone runs into any
issues that would require us to go back to the old way. ;) 


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