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> Hi
>  has a brief
> descriptions, references and a FAQ based on questions I see on the
> forums and other places.
> It will be part of the Fedora 15 release notes.   Let me know if you any
> end user questions not answered here.    Is there any other major
> changes in Fedora 15 that requires more documentation?  The one that I
> intend to add more info to the release notes is for biosdevname aka
> consistent network device naming.
> Rahul
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In the 'What about themes ?' section there is some issue.

Make a link to a git repo with a theme changer tool will not help the user
very much [1].
And a link to a mail there contains a link to an upstream bugzilla report
with patches against some upstream source git repo, is not very helpful too
The link to some blogs about gnome-shell themes are outdated, this is NOT
themes for lastest version of gnome-shell, but for the version currently in
F14 (2.31.x)
[3],[4] is themes there is for the current version of gnome shell.

[1] :
[2] :
[3] :
[4] :

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